1. I like that the first date, tonight, was with Laura. I really like Laura. I’ve liked her ever since the first cocktail party, and I think Matty finds her charming as well.

    • Laura is very relax. Not seductive like Elora. Also sometimes Laura is very sweet and quite pretty. Sometimes not so.

    • Yes I thought they clicked well and I liked that even though she was nervous she wasn’t trying too hard and was quite natural. I thought it was weird they didn’t show her returning to the mansion.

  2. From memory in season 1 Anna got the second or third date (it’s never the person who gets the first date) and it was pretty obvious he had a preference for her from the beginning so it would not surprise me if he ends up with Laura.

  3. Laura has a natural look and does not dress like a 15yo who only shops at Supre. Several girls in tonight’s Ep I have never seen before!

    • That’s what I was thinking too Juz, I call them the invisible bachelorettes and there were several who could have been interchanged to not receive a rose. I’d put money on that Elise should be thankful to Leah, I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice girl but am equally sure she got the sympathy rose. I could spot zero chemistry between Matty and her. Producer’s rose definitely for Leah this week, Matty wasn’t taken in by her act for a second.

      • Agree. I bet he saw through Leah’s BS.
        Why weren’t all of the girls at the rose ceremony tonight? I didn’t see Laura, Tara, Farter, that mean brunette….

      • Daisy, i FFwded through alot of it the episode but I assumed part of going on the group date was that one of them (from the group date) would be sent home. Because we never saw Laura return to the mansion either did we?

        • It’s the first time we ever had a rose ceremony without all of the group. Even when they break a leg, they hobble in to get their rose. And you can be sure, it’s only a really harsh Bachelor who refuses a woman on crutches. I said crUtches.

    • I get the feeling Leah probably shoplifts at $upre.

      Medieval or Mediocre. Makes no difference to Ch 10.

        • What would a medieval funeral director wear?

          Today I was forced to watch an encore of this (that I’d already seen), expecting a Survivor encore…..Osher introduced Matty to the girls with ~ “Here’s Matty” and it sounded just like “Here’s Johnny” from The Shining.

  4. I usually only watch The Bachelor for the cat fights Etc, this season I’m liking the actual Bachelor too! Matty J is great to watch!
    I like Laura, wouldn’t surprise me if she is the chosen one!

      • He beats all the Baches, Jaybee, Even the US ones. He’s the most natural, has a sense of humour, hasn’t removed his shirt every 5 seconds (although some of you might wish he had) and isn’t great at everything. Well so far he has been useless at everything, but that is even more endearing.

  5. I don’t want it to be Laura. I want it to be like a murder/mystery where the clues are there but it is really hard to work out. I want to be surprised.

    • Yes, Bobi, too much love too soon, I hope Laura’s a bit of a Marion Grasby. She could be crushed at the death for ratings. A romantic ruse.

      I want the surprise and intrigue, too. Laura could get a dirty street pie and it’s over.

      Personally, I’d choose the policewoman.

      I wouldn’t even give Leah a shower rose.

    • I know I am just being picky but Laura needs more colour in her eyes. They look colourless. But that will be forgiven and forgotten if she has a good personality.

  6. I kinda got the feeling that Matty wasn’t too convinced by Leah’s act. And there may very well have been a lot of talk (about life in the wo-mansion) that Matty heard, that didn’t make the episode.

    Besides, Leah, do you really want to start a potentially life-long relationship with somebody by lying about, oh, every part of yourself? I’m fairly new to relationships, obviously, but that doesn’t seem very healthy.

    As an aside, the rose ceremony with everybody wearing their medieval finery? This show is difficult to take very seriously at the best of times anyway, but seeing Matty handing out roses in his finest knicker-bockers, I mean, I just could not even.

    The gymnast was perky and friendly, but I really didn’t see much chemistry between her and Matty (Matty seemed more nervous around her, than anything else), so I think all’s well that ends well.

    • True re the gymnast but there’s half a dozen other girls that could easily have been her interchange.
      DItto about starting a relationship based on lies but I think all will agree with me that Leah is not there to start a relationship.

    • Not that I am at all convinced Leah or one of the other craizies gets the final rose, but if they did the other girls should be happy they aren’t with someone who values those traits in a partner…

      • Values those traits, maybe, maybe not. Easy deceived if he buys it, yes. But I think Matt would be familiar with the Bach formula of there being one main villain ( we have 2 this year). He would have easily worked out who they are, but they get the producer’s rose until at least mid way. First they throw off the chaff and expendibles. The cat fighting builds up. The girls then are in a quandary: do we tell Bach and risk him throwing us out for tattling. Then sometimes the Bach does throw out the tell-tale, other times he thanks her and throws out the biatch. Then moves on to find true love. Except in the US Ben and Courtney series where he refused to believe the dibber dobbers and chose the queen of all biathches.
        The producers have given us a variation because we have Georgia bitch and Leah bitch. Another difference that Aussie seems to do is throw in a weirdo; eg dog wash girl one season, weird girl that did cartwheels in Alex’s lot, and this year’s farter. I like that we get not one but 2 lead villains and a farter.

      • I think the bad behaviour from Leah and Jen are all manufactured and scripted. Ch 10 always overdo things. When Keira got a lot of SM discussion last year, they up the nastiness this year.

        I thought I saw Leah asking Simone if she is alright in the catch a pig game. If they hated each other so much, I wouldn’t be bother asking.

        So Leah and Jen will be kept on the show for a bit longer. Producers instructions. Matty has bo choice but to follow instructions.

        • Yep, scripted Littlepetal. Maybe then, if the Bach knows the nastiness is scripted, he still could see something likeable in the “villains”. But scripted for sure. Some villains are so awful (who was that dreadful ham-eating contestant on a US series?) that you know that even horrible people wouldn’t act like that on camera.
          I wonder if the villains get paid more.
          I wonder if they choose their own clothes or if producers say, “wear this cheesy lacy black reveal-all”, “wear these bum-flashers”.

        • I heard someone who auditioned with Leah and Simone on the radio this morning – they aren’t surprised by Leah’s behaviour.
          Although I still think the crazies are kept under producer instructions (and for some of the crazy behaviour to also be under producer instructions) – I’m sure there are a few others Matty is happy to let go first… Matty probably only actually likes a few of them anyways.

  7. I don’t have a favourite girl yet. I like Alix for personality. But Matty might go for a prettier girl. Maybe not. Remember that good looking Russian girl last year. she had the charm of a dolly peg.
    Last year I think I was the only one who wanted Alex to win, but because I thought they were suited and she wanted it the most.

    • I still think Alex motive was for fame rather than love for Ritchie. She achieved that. She even got a job with a radio station.

      • Reports are that its all over, red rover ….
        based on the lack of publicity surrounding them, which has to tell you something about their relationship itself.

        • Yes. Just after The Bachelor finished, both of them were busy flaunting their photos on SM, got invited to events etc etc. Reality set in. Ritchie got to work and he cant get work in Melbourne. Alex is not going to much to Perth. She is busy flaunting herself on SM.

          They want to be like Tim and Anna but they are not.

  8. Even this is probably staged, but if I was Bach and someone butted in while I was chatting privately, I would consider them rude and possibly one of the nasties.
    But then again, the butt-ins are so much a part of every series that the producers must be setting it up.
    Butting in makes them seem rude and pushy. And if it’s a butt-in with a leg lift……

    • I had captions on and muted for the leg lift. I didn’t know it was breaking of wind until I read it here and had mistakenly thought she was imitating a dog urinating.

      Either way , it’s disappointing.

      Love Will Tear Us A Fart.

  9. Almost choke when Jen said she oozes sex appeal! To me she is more of a slut.

    Elora on the othe hand always have a seductive look.

    • I laughed when on the project she said she’d been described as “the type of girl you marry not date” I nearly choked on my ice cream.

  10. I’m surprised he kissed a second but I think he couldn’t have said no without seriously damaging her feelings.

    • Yeah, she looked like she really wanted to kiss him, and Matty was just too sweet to say no. It didn’t look like he was as much into it, as Cobie was.

    • I think he will get rid of Cobie as soon as he can do so politely.
      She seems a bit vulnerable to me so I bet it’s in that middle group where he says, it’s not you, it’s me.

      • Not sure if the nasty girls didn’t peg Colby right last night. The kind of pathetic image might be an act. She had no problems digging in her heels. To interrupt one girl after 3 minutes but then refuse to be interrupted isn’t what a a wilting violet would do. Also she had enough guts to go on the Bachelor, so she might not be the timid girly afterall.

        The ‘nice girls’ defending her might say ore about them than it does her.

        But that’s just one theory.

      • Yes. Just yes.
        Put in that light, I think you are so very right and Cobie can go home immediately. Even before every other bitchy publicity seeking wannabe. And given the amount of airtime she’s getting, I suspect that time is not far off.

  11. Stephanie (who I’m sure I hadn’t seen before last night) is a little on the rough side. She of the “game on molls” and ending sentences with ‘ay’.

    • Matty is easy to please. He is saying, “She’s nice” about all of them. Farter could fart for him and say, “I really want to kiss you now”.

    • I think Flo might be the prettiest. Beautiful eyes. I have a lithmus test for beauty. Imagine the girl bald, and if she is still good looking…..
      Flo passes the bald test easily. But on the first night I noticed a huge paunch, 3 or 4 months pregnant size. If she has a personality, you can forgive a paunch.
      Watching Alix atm. I love her natural fun loving personality.

  12. I’m over Cobie, (not because she interrupted, they all do that) but she is soooooo needy. But good on Nanny, Alix and Laura for defending her against the coalition of mean girls and Leah just outright lied when she said Cobie said “I don’t care” she actually said “I’m okay with that”. I rewound to check (I really need to get a life).

      • I did think that the argument split the girls into two very definite camps, didn’t it? On one side, Tara, Alix and Laura (and Lisa interviewed saying that she liked Laura standing up for Cobie), on the other were the girls you’d cross the street to avoid.

        • You are so right, wingsong. The other camp are all chosen to make up the numbers. Matty will pick one from the sane girls

  13. Geez! Jen is a piece of work: Laura shouldn’t have an opinion but clearly Jen thinks she’s entitled to have one herself with equal lack of witnessing anything.

    • They’ve totally amped up the bitchiness this season. Usually there’s one ‘villain’ but until last year it wasn’t as in your face. It ramped up a notch last year and they’ve just gone totally overboard with it this year.

  14. I thought the Dutch lesson during the cocktail party was actually kind of cute (and so help me, my first thought … echoed almost immediately by the Bachelorettes … was that he *did* look like an adult, sexy Harry Potter).

    But all that drama with Cobie, and my eyes glazed over. It was hilarious watching Jen tell Laura that she didn’t know what happened and wasn’t there, so she wasn’t allowed to defend Cobie, yet Jen doesn’t know what happened and wasn’t there either. Go figure.

    I do agree that Cobie is coming across a little needy. And although I liked her at first, is anyone else tiring of Simone? All she ever seems to do is complain at the other girls doing stuff.

    • I’m over Simone, too, have been for a few days. The complaining and the zit on her chin are wearing on me.

      Whether Lyin’ Leah is much better, Matty seems to be keeping the rough and bitchy units. He even kept the femme fartale. Jealous Jen, too. Fail.

      Cobie~ the helium and now the infantile poetry, mentioned the ex. Run.

  15. I’d be really surprised if Cobie makes the final few. It really seemed to me she got a ‘sympathy’ pash on the date because Matty is too nice to have hurt her feelings. He also seemed a little confused by her need to tell him why she didn’t kiss him in the game.
    Windsong and BDD I’m totally with you re Simone, whinging wears thin very quickly. Though I must admit I hadn’t noticed the zit.

    • No, I haven’t noticed her chin, either. I liked her the first couple of episodes, and if she’d stopped then, it would’ve been fine … but she just keeps on complaining about *everyone*. I feel like it’s reached the point where it’s now a deal-breaker.

      • I am also so over with Simone. Even on the outside she is still complaining. There are some topless photos of Simone on the Daily Mail. One moment she was proud of it. Next she is complaining about the comments on SM.
        If you are proud of your body and want to go topless then dont complain. I think she will be the next to go.
        So the rumour about Matty not happy with this lot of bachelorettes could be true

      • Cobie should ever stand side on. She is just passable from the front.If Leah wasn’t mean she would be pretty and looks like that celeb Imogen someone who was in the spotlight a few years back, but unfortunately Leah’s personality is colouring her looks.

  16. Imo, Matty’s not keeping the bitchy girls, he’s just taking the easiest path first.
    It would be hard to get rid of people he has actually spoken to. And he’s a nice guy, so good luck to him further down the line.

  17. Got to the final 4 or 5 last night and I barely knew any of their names!!
    Have never been a fan of Simone, so well and truly over her.
    I’m also not a fan of Cobie – i fear we have a Stage 5 Clinger on our hands! However go, Lisa, Laura and Tara for coming to her defense.
    I did laugh how Leah came back and changed Cobies words to make her sound alot worse! Jen “doesn’t like drama” but happily engages in it! Hilarious! I can see why we are missing date card delivery etc, too much “drama” to air!

    • We can’t complain that there isn’t enough cat fighting. But I love the way Matty is cruising through his dates without a clue like a new born baby.

    • oh, I’m not complaining, its pretty much why i watch, i ‘m just merely commenting that they must have alot more cat fighting footage to work with this year!

      • Oh no. My comment wasn’t aimed at you Erin. Damn social media and it’s misconstructions.
        It was just a way of phrasing. My comment was general and I wasn’t even reading the comments in order so I hadn’t written that after reading your comment. I hope I cleared that up. I like your comments.

      • Don’t worry Daisy, there was never an issue – we are all good – but i did want to clear up my comment incase it wasn’t clear.
        I get in trouble with texting and other social media too and then sometimes i read comments too quick which makes me mis understand what they are trying to say – which if i had re-read yours properly i can see what you were saying! haha!
        I like your comments too!

        • Major wars have broken out over social media misconstructions. Too bad we can’t see each other laughing and making silly faces.

          Face book is deadly for that.

        • I have spent many a minute, writing and re-writing messages to make sure they are taken the right way! Emojis can help a little!

  18. Agree that Ch 10 always over do it. Which is why I’ve avoided Survivour even though I have watched nearly all the US versions and the Aussie one last year.
    Watching the Australian season last year was an exercise in frustration and futility: all the machinations behind the scenes, building people up and ignoring others, manipulating the game etc meant that I just dont believe the show has any integrity. Once it loses that then I’d prefer to watch something else.

  19. Agree Bolders. Once Survivor allowed one team to cherry pick the best, strongest players last year, it was all downhill from there.
    Oh, I wonder if they have stopped doing “drum roll…evictee” They may have listened to complaints on that because I haven’t noticed it. You know, how the host tried to create suspense and the orchestra built to crescendo which was a give away as to who was out.

    • I did notice the music the other night during one of the challenges but the votes have been pretty tight so far so haven’t noticed it during tribal council – yet!

  20. Bitchy bachelorettes won’t be getting VIP treatment in real world.

    Look like this year Bachelorettes will not be getting their 15 secs of fame.

  21. So Leah and Simone were seen partying together. Those scenes where they were fighting or hating each other were all fake.

  22. He’s still adorable, but I have broken up with Matty, if anyone else wants him. The deal breaker was when he stated one of his notable traits as habitually late.

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