1. Flo is a bloody champion. I don’t know if she’s for Matty but she is great fun to watch.
    I believe Laura is handling it all but Cobie is so jealous and really not psychologically up to this show.

    • “I don’t care about the view because I’m shitting myself,” says Flo. Love it! And I also love that she says she doesn’t even know him and that he has to be worthy of her. No way would I ever jump from a building!

  2. Oh Matty. Everybody knows that you throw a girl off the edge of a building on the *second* date, not the first.

    Meanwhile, Jen and Liz on a date together? Can it be a gladiator fight? No? Awww.

  3. The look on the girls faces when Jen came back by herself, were hilarious!
    Liz dug her own grave basically saying she didn’t want a family to a guy that is so clucky he almost has ovaries! Although I kinda got the feeling she maybe didn’t really like him anyways.

    • I think Liz is just being honest even knowing saying those things will mean she could be sent home

  4. Jen watched last year and knew bringing up the nephew would clinch it. She’s like Alex from last year she’ll do anything to win but there’s no way she will or they wouldn’t have portrayed her in such a negative light.

    • I still don’t know who half the contestants are. There’s a blonde woman in a light-coloured dress there at the cocktail party, and I swear, I’ve never seen her before in my life.

  5. Okay, Sian, what the hell was that all about? I DON’T LIKE HIM I DON’T LIKE HIM I DON’T LIKE HIM oh it’s not about you Matty.

    • Let me womansplain for you WIndsong: “I don’t like HIM NOT NOTiCING ME. Why won’t he pick me?” is what she’s really saying, so she thinks I’ll just throw a fit and hope to extend my stay because I know it’s me going.

  6. Sian is another drama queen. She knew the process in The Bachelor. Matty only has limited time to spend with each girl. And if he is keen on someone he also want more time with that person to see whether there are both on the same page

  7. I noticed it wasn’t like he told her how much he wanted her to stay either!
    If he really liked her that would have come out of his mouth immediately. Not to mention the fact that it would appear they have basically had no time together.

    • Yes. I thought we were going into the ad. I wasnt concentrating. Ch 10 again have no respect for their viewers.

    • Yes I think he wanted to but also didn’t want to be cruel after she chucked a wobbly. But it is crystal clear he’s not that into her so it’s actually crueller to keep her.

  8. This scenario has happened before, in US versions. The girl gets wounded because she feels the possibility of rejection so wants to “drop him before he drops her” but then thinks maybe she has a chance so decides to stay. We don’t need to be Dr Ruth to know that Matty saying, “it’s up to you” is a clear sign of indifference. At least Sian got a kiss tonight: the kiss of death you get for being needy and emotional.
    I agree with everyone who wanted Jen to go. She’s too insincere. She’s just a filler. You can tell Matt doesn’t like her.
    When I try and think who stands out, for me it’s kind of coming up Lara and Lisa, because I like their manner. Flo has great eyes but I find Lara has grace, and Lisa was natural.
    As for Matty, he is so nice looking. Too bad about his lack of punctuality. That’s a deal breaker.
    Oh…and do the girls really pull those ugly disdainful faces while waiting for a rose?

    • Agree Daisy, if he really liked her, he would have made more of an effort to chat to her by now and would have really encouraged her to stay. Should of got rid of her right there and then.
      Def wanted Jen gone but I can see why he sent Liz home, i don’t think Jen will be far behind anyways. Even her glee when Liz had left rather than her, seemed more like she was happy that she won the battle rather than happy to have more time with Matty.
      Laura and Lisa are front runners for me. Flo reminds me of Olena from last season.
      Lol – The ugly disdainful faces are because apparently the rose ceremony alone can take hours, and it can be 10+ minutes between each rose being given out – thats how they get the ugly faces – when the girls think the cameras aren’t watching!

      • Interesting, Erin.
        Yes, Flo reminds me a bit of Olena too.
        I also thought Jen’s chat to Matt seemed like a prepared spiel for a job interview, rather than a natural expression. Beats me. I would have no trouble saying, “Matty you are gorgeous and I will die if you don’t marry me. I will have as many babies as you like, whenever you want tem (too much?). But don’t forget, I have dropped him for being habitually late.

          • Yes that’s what I was thinking LP. Flo is bluntly honest like Olena but she has a cheeky sense of fun that Olena didn’t have and that makes Flo fun to watch.

          • She has a personality, but I can see What Erin means. There is a certain…. call it strength…but it’s like a calculating hardness. Not as much as Olena but it’s there. It could be a good thing. Neither are silly billies.

      • Yes Jen is definitely about winning and getting air time and Matty is just a means to that. I suspect Sian realised that lack of Matty time also meant lack of air-time and hence the hissy fit which put her centre stage.

    • The promos have Matty claiming he’s “not a puppet that will be told what to do.”~ in regard to the “to be continued’.

      I agree Matty’s not a puppet~ he’s more of a Ken doll.

  9. If Sian had just gone through the process and got dumped with grace, she could have left with more dignity than, “I don’t like him anyway”, “It’s not you, it’s the process”. Tough tatt girl thought she would have had more of a look in than she got.

  10. I was so mad when it came up saying To Be Continued. Good way to annoy the viewers!
    Sian should just go, he’s not interested in her, and why wasn’t the secret garden with Laura shown? They could have said anything in private such as “Don’t worry Laura, you are the one for me” for all we know. Then she came out with a rose which we didn’t see him give her.
    The American Bachelorette has just finished so I can concentrate more on this one now.

      • Maybe they did have an intimate conversation or not so intimate conversation and Matty doesnt want her to stress out with the Rose ceremony

    • Agree, Wingsong. At least now we are seeing some fun girls. Tara is not acting and just natural with Matty. NOT like Jen or Leah.

    • Me too. I have enjoyed her all along, but I was predicting narrators never win. Matt was last year’s narrator.
      But seeing Tara on the one on one, she is gorgeous. Not the prettiest but the combo of personality and looks: she’s lovely.

      • She was sooo loud in the kitchen! And said “arse” way too much. But I liked”on the couch” Tara, after she had settled down

  11. Tara’s great value to watch but like Flo I think she’s not meant for Matty but I hope he keeps her round for a bit. Having said that, Matty has some bogan tats and Tara’s on the bogan side so maybe. I think Flo could probably do better.

    • Yes. Matty said initially that he wont be kissing too much.

      ‘Matty J’ Johnson revealed that he was very selective when it came to kissing on the show.
      Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the 30-year-old also said that there were dates where there wasn’t any lip locking action. REALLY? So far 3 kisses in 4 dates.

      • I need to correct myself. Matty has kissed 4 girls in 5 dates. Very soon he will break Blake record of kissing 7 girls

  12. Matty is coming across as a bit of a tool.
    I am also not interested in jumping out of a plane. Shame on this show for playing on Simones fears.

    No man is worth this !

      • I have to agree here. It’s like, if a guy is going to test me by asking me to do something that far out of my comfort zone? Let’s just be friends, okay big guy?

    • HE was very good telling her she didn’t have to and it wasn’t like he was then telling the camera how unhappy he would be if she didn’t do it.
      Good on her for facing that fear! But I hope she didn’t feel TOO pressured!

    • Some sort of aerial jump on a group date is integral to every Bach series, and the person who freaks out the most always gets the special little after time.
      Gawd knows how I ever got any boyfriends because I have never had to jump from a plane or off a cliff.

  13. Is this The Biggest Loser? Conquer your fear.

    If Simone doesnt jump, does that mean she wont get a rose. Neither would I want a man who doesnt respect my fear.

    • He’s not looking for love he’s in it for the $200 thou and the chance to tick things off his bucket list.

  14. I wouldnt jump either. Matty is not worth it. Also at the end of the day, you may not be the chosen one.

    But if by jumping I can save some one life, then I may do it.

  15. Elise never looks the same in two shots running. I think she’s a set of triplets and the other two are going to be the intruders.

    Okay, I don’t really think that but how good would that be as a twist.
    But she’s just guaranteed herself another week in the house.

    • I liked her idea for him to get to know her a little better. And she was a Hockeyroo, that’s so cool. She’s suddenly far more interesting than anybody else at these cocktail parties.

      • I had completely forgotten she existed. She seems lovely. And who doesn’t love dressing up like a taco at Christmas! And how different did midwife Steph look!

    • I am heartily sick of Jen and if she was capable of self-reflection (which I’m pretty sure she’s not) she’d realise she got the consolation prize single date and hence really isn’t even in the running.

  16. I noticed this year the girls were allowed to plan what they want to do with the Bachelor at the Cocktail Party. Like Flo with the blackboard and Elise with fishing

  17. This year the show is all about the bitchiness of the girls. Every promo is about the cat fight instead of about the dates. Where is the love???

    Whereas with the Bachelorette, the guys are just so happy and get along very well.

    • There’s still a few “filler” girls. I quite like Michelle but I’m pretty sure she’s not in the running.

      • Not to mentions gels with “filler” of various kinds…

        Michelle the copper is my fav but Matty’s not switched on.

    • Daisy I noticed that too.
      Maybe they served the cocktails that evening with a whole banana instead of an umbrella.

      Plus snort on Matty’s statement that he is not a puppet: right, so it was entirely your idea to have Jen and Lliz on the double date.

  18. Anyone want to hazard a guess on the final four? Laura, Lisa, Tara (that kiss was pretty sudden) and ….Flo? I think Laura looks like the front runner.

    The girls seemed to genuinely like the farter girl. Maybe because they knew she had no chance. She needs finishing school.

    • Yep, agree with your final four Daisy. I have read that Matty said the chosen one was a slow burn, he wasn’t sure at first, which makes me think Tara is well in the mix. Then there another he thought was gorgeous but they didn’t have the spark (i think thats Elora or could also be Lisa).
      Did anyone notice farter girls’ eye make up last night? it was very panda eyes.

        • Agreed. Elora seems nice enough, but she’s kind of aloof and distant. I think he’s enchanted by her beauty, and she is a very beautiful person, but she doesn’t seem to have chemistry with *anybody*, let alone Matty.

          • To me Elora is someone you want to have a fling or someone you can show off as your girlfriend but not someone you want to marry or bring home to your family. She is like Olena from last season

    • There is also a rumour that he was forced to reshoot scenes with other contestants to ‘fake chemistry’ because his feelings were so obvious for 1 particular bachelorette.

      Maybe that is why the kiss with Tara is so sudden.

    • I don’t disagree with your four, Daisy. Definitely Laura and Lisa, and I think Tara and Flo he’s also had some decent chemistry with. I don’t see the rest of them lasting that long. Heck, I think some of them (Simone, Leah or Jen) are only still there because he has to eliminate one-at-a-time as opposed to a mass dismissal (which would massively shorten the episode count).

      And there’s still the impossibility of intruders.

  19. I read two blogs this morning (the best part of RTv) on that episode: one writer loved Tara, the other was indifferent. I must admit, I did like the sound of Tara. Maybe she’s a sleeper.

  20. This year the show has been heavily edited. Tara mentioned she has been to the secret garden before her single date but it was not shown.

    It is not easy to see the interection between Matty and the girls if they are edited out.

  21. Something about Simone really annoys me but I’m not sure what. She’s not as ‘polished’ as some of the other girls – she looks like she needs to give her face a good scrub. Plus almost every time she is on screen she is complaining about the other women which makes her sound young and bratty. OTOH making her jump out of a plane when she was in high panic mode was awful. Osher basically said at the beginning “Matty will only like you if you jump.” Um, no, if she doesn’t want to jump she shouldn’t have to and shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it, ffs.

    Promo looks great for next week.

    • I would love someone to stand up and say: “Look, I have an honest fear about this. You guys go do it and I’ll have some coffees waiting for you when you land.” Just be mature. I read an article that said her then boyfriend “paid” for her boobs. Which certainly gives the impression she leads a sugar daddy-girlfriend type existence.

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