Bold and the Beautiful August chat

Over to TBATB correspondent Daisy for what’s been happening with the Forresters:
It’s a good time for a new B&B thread. Old stories are closing and new ones are beginning. The mystery of “Who shot Quinn”, has been solved, and in spite of the many suspects and possibilities, it was Deacon, who is now back in the slammer. Will they ask him, “Where have you been?” since he is an escapee; the one no one ever looked for, it seems. We have a new villain Sheila, possibly to take over from Katy so that she can go back to playing a wishy-washy victim. Quidge are heating up again, with lust blossoming to love. Will Ridge lose interest now that the L word has been used? Afterall, their passion has been built on a foundation of mutual despising. On the subject of Quidge, Charleee has dropped the ball. Whatever happened to the hanky with the lipstick? And why doesn’t Charleee have any cop friends who could have done a DNA check?
There is a new twist in the Avant plot line, and it’s about time. As we all predicted from the moment she agreed to carry a child for Maya and Rickk, Nicole now wants her baby back, so the loving bond between sisters is now going to turn into some major soap brawling, and bawling. Sides will be taken as the Forresters waste office hours discussing the ins and outs of the Maya-Rick-Nicole triangle. Quadrangle if you include Zende.
Brooke and Bill are honeymooners now and begin their new life together. I will give that a couple of weeks. Wyatt has finally accepted his receding hairline and agreed to wear a bit of a rug. Liam and Stephie are going well, especially as Liam is happy to listen to her bitch about Sally Spectra. Sally has gone straight, but I bet Sol isn’t. Why no gays in this show? Oh yeah, Caroline’s invisible mums. Gays are covered.
Coco is as riveting as wilted spinach. Her roles are mainly filler ATM. Sally and Thomas are going great guns, with Thomas giving her, and her business makeovers she hadn’t requested. Did she even notice his control?
I will leave it there, as a caffรฉ lattรฉ awaits me. I look forward to the chats we will have as Eric finds he’s been cucked, and Sheila turns her venom on her rival, Quinn.



  1. Thanks, daisy.

    Maya and Rick aren’t happy campers. Nicole’s not signing and Mr Avant has stuck his nose in, too.

    • Sisters hey. I know how they feel. I got home once to find my sister had been using my eye-shadow. It was tense for awhile but eventually I forgave her. Let’s hope Nicole and Maya can work it out too. Perhaps Sarsha can go surrogate for Nicole and Zende. She would want to do it the old fashioned way though.

      I love how Rick is using the butter her up method, and both are pretending not to realize where this is heading. I am just waiting for Papa Avant to stick his nose in.

      • Rick’s trying to butter up Zende and prophesies that he’ll have “two or three” kids with Nicole. That won’t be happening.

  2. What was once, “No pressure Nicole”, is now, “Hurry up”.

    Ooops, Coconut is already blabbing. That was the shortest kept secret conversation ever.

  3. Why aren’t Rick and Maya having a go at Carter for his crap legal work. Carter just waltzes in without hanging his head between his jonglees.

  4. Thomas is shirtless for the whole episode. “Chiselled superhero” time.

    Nicole isn’t signing,despite massive efforts from Rick and Zende. Cos’ little Lizzie called her “Mama”. This is going to be milked. Mr Avant doesn’t want her to sign.

    • Thomas looks like a carrot. He really needs to stop tanning and working out. Those muscles are seriously ugly. Thomas is going to have to install a gym at Specs because writers can’t keep using the heatwave excuse to show off his pecs.
      And there is the new name for Thomas; Spec’s pecs.

    • Zende should have used a gun to “persuade”Nicole, since they are forgivable to use on B&B. Nicole has been miserable since way before all of this Paris stuff happened, now Zende is rubbing salt into the wounds. Great “designing” from him.

      RJ isn’t shaving yet but up to his neck in adult issues. Dr Phil warns about doing that to kids all the time.

      • Bloody Zende saying they would have to give up their comfy life if Nicole kept the baby. Woolif was initially team Maya until I reminded him how she and Rick had manipulated and guilt tripped Nicole into surrogacy with all their, saint Nicole talk.

  5. More topless Thomas.

    Nicole is holding out and started a big feud with Rick, Maya, Zende and Mr Avant all insulting each other. To Mr Avant the clerical error is a cosmic mistake. Much shouting and blaming.

    Maya’s look at the end ott.

  6. I can’t understand Thomas falling so much for Sally – to me she looks dirty and scruffy. Must be the hair it doesnt match the complexion!. We redheads have very pale skin and not black eyebrows๐Ÿ˜€

    • The steamy heatwave scenes are no Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. More like stray cats in an alley.
      Not feeling it with Thomas or Sally. He looks pudgy and overbloated with muscle.

  7. Kindly Eric has given Katie a job at Forrester’s ~ in marketing. Quinn’s livid but not showing it.
    Sheila runs into Brooke at the local snake pit. Then Charlie and Pam walk in and start blabbing about Quidge. Sheila hears it all.

    Trouble ahead.

    • Pam and Charlee aren’t good at whispering in public places. Or does Sheila have bionic ears. She sure has a bionis glare.
      Charlee and Pam would be great at Chinese whispers. You can hear them all the way at the end of the line.

  8. Sheila’s upgraded her bionic glare for the finale today. Eric of course was a fool to let her in the door .

    Wyatt and Katie could be getting it on soon.

    Liam and Steffy are having some down time. Rivetting conversation.

    • You’ll see Sheila aim her bionic glare at the portrait of Quinn over the Forrester hearth. After all those murder attempts, Sheila now just wants what’s best for Eric. People can change in LA.

      Tequila makes it all okay between Quidge. Friends.

  9. Yep, a real snooze fest.
    Eric said it was inappropriate for Sheila to turn up to question his marriage. More like scary, especially with her two glass eyes. Oh oh. “don’t touch me”. Oooooh. I just saw the end. It’s the haunting hour. I think Sheila really died in prison and this is her spooky ghost.

  10. If yesterday’s episode was terrible……..

    Mr Avant is ruling the roost. More big ideas from Katie.

  11. Bloody hell. So Rick, Maya, Zende and the mum all rush over to see Nicole to stop the Dad from pressuring her. Isn’t that 4 ร— the pressure? Reminds me of Lee in last years Survivor. Stop pressuring what’s her name. Only I am allowed to do that.

    Katy is on the phone to Wyatt right now, hoping to suck Wyatt’s brain some more. She should remove his rug first.

  12. A feast of bad acting in store. Tissues ready, daisy.

    It’s a message from the heavens.Will Nicole sign?

  13. What a lot of baaaaad acting – overdone by Katie and Wyatt. Wont be long before they visit Bill’s love cupboard.

  14. I was greatly moved by Nicole’s tears. She drew on her acting classes to look concerned. But with tears. Now that should have been an opportunity for some great acting, and anyone who watches Dr Phil knows, they would have been shouting over the top of each other, not taking turns for their lines.
    The trick to manipulating Nicole is to treat her like a noble saint. And very cunning of Maya to take Lizzie out of the room so Nicole wouldn’t feel the pull of motherhood.

    Haaa haaa. The writers ran out of partners for Katy and Wipes. Now is that shades of Oedipus, or Salome who danced for her step father, and asked for John the Baptiste’s head on a plate. Or just shades of beige. Forresters need an update on their sexual harrassment policy because I don’t think little Arjay is supposed to be using his position to hit on little Coconut. In fact there are a few positions that have been abused.
    Speaking of…..aaaaah! Harry! Get off Maggie! (I am not kidding). God, I am going to have to stop watching B&B with the doglets in the room. It’s giving them ideas. “Not in MY loungeroom, thankyou very much”. No more bones for you two.

  15. Just keep hand feeding Eric champagne and caviar and he’ll never cotton on. Don’t let him near the piano, either or reminisce about Monte Carlo.

    Katie’s a total fraud , using Wyatt and basking in the compliments. Will is probably cheating his way through boarding school.

    If the febrile Forresters got dogs they’d know in advance when Sheila is going to drop in and drop bombshells she’s eavesdropped at the pub and embellished. I expect her to pull a seduction routine on confidential Charlie , too.

    Sheila’s not fond of that portrait over the mantel. Revolving portrait, that is.

  16. “Answer me, Charlie!”

    Riotous entertainment. Worst calendar shoot of all time. Katie’s taken all the credit for it. Sally and Thomas spy on it…..who knows why

  17. Eric’s been told the Quidge news and broken an expensive glass. Sheila ‘s blabbed already.

    Spectra v Forrester feud upcoming again.

    • You’d think Charlie would be on duty at the fashion shoot but no…. up to no good with Sheila.

      Why no bare chested Thomas at the fashoff? Fail.

      Steffi knows FC will get flogged at the Monte Carlo gig.

  18. Pam took Cherrrrlee’s balls ages ago, and now he needs them. Can’t even say Sheila has got him by the balls because they are long gone.
    But wait, Pam said he is willing to don a pair of tights. Well that would prove if he had balls or not.

    • You deserve all the love you can find in this world, Eric…..but you’re going to need a Scotch in a plastic glass next time.Best go cool off in that outdoor shower that started this whole mess.

    • The Forresters seem unaware of current social problems, since they never watch TV or read. Steffi has over 100,000 followers online and yet not one is a deranged stalker( in LA) type who could just waltz into FC and steal her underwear, for example.

      No watch dogs? What are they thinkin’ ?

      Charlie’s a major liability.

        • Pam has a dog called “Tiny”, Doberman, I think. He’d produce large droppings, I’m sure.

          Slept through today’s epeisode but I woke at the end, angry Eric was trying to throw Sheila out the door when Quidge walk in. Had the mute on, can’t help with the dialogue.

          Bit of RJ and Coco, plus Thomas and Sally gibbering among some terrible decor.

  19. Yep, Coconut and Arjay would have put you back to sleep. Blaah blaah, blaah.
    Terrible, hammy acting and stupid faces from Sally.
    We had fashoff, but Eric and Sheila were having a steely glareoff. Eric spent 30 minutes telling Sheila to get out. She didn’t budge, and he didn’t call security to have her thrown out. Oh. That would be Charlee.
    Quinn and Ridge kept repeating the same lines. They need to sit tight. Eric won’t believe the rumours. Now, where’s that winch to get Sheila out of the house?

    Better you had your sleep, Dave.

  20. BTW Arjay, buying tiny string bikinis for the cadets to wear probably constitutes sexual harrassment when you are the boss’s son. Little Arjay knows his sleaze.

    • RJ won’t be buying any bikinis for a while. Don’t take selfies , text and drive , you teenage fools.

      Eric’s been hit by a ton of betrayal bricks. Great acting from Quinn. They were just “moments” . Sheila won’t leave and throws in her two bob’s worth.

      ” Mortified”.

      We see Brooke in a bikini , canoodling with Dollar Bill.

  21. Sheila had front row seats for the big reveal.

    And Bill had the dress circle.

    So glad I don’t date. You would get selfie wrist.

  22. Forgiving Eric, the “most forgiving person Sheila knows” (a few days ago) doesn’t even get all the infornation or take time to process it before telling Quinn it’s over.

    Sheila doesn’t need tbeir permission to be part of their lives. She must have her own keys to the house…or perhaps Charlie gave her a set.

  23. Eric was punching above his weight with Quinn. Now Sheila can pounce on her mouse. And Cheeerlleee can congratulate himself for helping. I hope Pam dumps him…or else takes him for a country drive on a winding road and takes selfies and texts.

  24. I think Quinn is going to be dumped,while Eric will fall for that vulture Sheila because she’s the only one who told him about the “affair”. Someone clean up the glass that Eric smashed ,please.

    Ridge and Brooke will bond again over little Arjay’s tragedy.

    Yes. Charlie’s up to his neck in this mess.

    • Ahhh, good attention to detail on the broken glass, BDD.
      Will little Coconut own up to her crime? Yes, Ridge and Quinn will bond, but does that spell then end of Quidge.
      Forgiving Eric is in the clutches of a villain who is going to make Quinn look like a little lamb.

  25. C’mon Eric. What’s a few clandestine kisses between your wife and son to “the most forgiving man in the world”. He’s an 80 year old with a young, beautiful, sexy wife who has her own set of s&m gear; a few kisses is a small price to pay.
    The guillotine is going to fall on Coconut and Cherrrlee”.

    • Surprised they didn’t walk in on Sheila busy changing the portrait over the mantel already.

      I thought Eric could have been upstairs , in bed with Sheila for a minute.

    • Iggy’s having a dried pig’s foot. He got/caught a piece of roast chicken for entree.

      No fun being a Spectra. Where’s Grams? She’ll lighten things up.

      LA Detective would love a scone.

  26. I missed a couple of episodes so missed the crash. They seem too young to be driving fancy cars but then RJ is almost running the company now so he’s probably about 25!

  27. Charlie’s being blackmailed by Sheila. He’s been offered filthy lucre, too and looks like he ‘ll fall for the cash incentive.

    Grams is back, interfering.

    Eric and Sheila have just crossed like ships in the night. You old fool , Eric.

  28. Grams has plan. Nooooooo. Has no one learned their lesson?

    Can’t Eric afford a better hotel than where Sheila is staying? Seriously?

    And Caroline, who moved to NY, blames Sally for not seeing enough of Thomas.

    And all of Thomas’s drawing equipment would belong to Forrester Creations. Spectra could barely afford a sharpener.

    • What’s the bet Sheila starts fooling with Eric’s meds?

      Sheila tried to poison him once before, so he gives her the keys to the mansion and sends her to get his meds. So decent and forgiving.

      Don’t break that suitcase Eric, and drink from a glass, please. Fallen on hard times in LA. Lover to loser in the twinkle of an eye.

      “Don’t touch me like that!!!!” Bad move, Quinn. Sheila’s still mad from looking at the portrait.

  29. Couldn’t Eric hear that scary music when he bumped into Sheila. It was ” Do do, do do scary”. But stupid Eric must be deaf.

    Why don’t the Forresters call in their head of security to find Eric? ๐Ÿ˜„

    Spoiler alert: Bill may, or may not wear a gstring at the fashoff flashoff.

    • Sheila’s going to be unavailable for a while, then.

      Steffi shot her. I guess she survives….for her old forgiving goat Eric.

      Forresters and guns don’t mix well.

        • You did. Right at the end, Steffi shot Sheila because she thought Sheila was reaching for a gun. (Quinn said she thought Sheila had a gun in her bag). Just like an LA cowboy movie, but worse.

          Eric and Liam watched it all happen.

          Sheila was probably reaching for Eric’s prescription but things got out of hand. Next thing Sheila’s been shot and on the floor. Fade to black.

          • Judge Judy admonishes, “So you thought it would be a good idea to take a knive(gun) to his place?”
            We had no idea Sheila was going to get shot. Now they will feel 2x obliged; once for the false arrest and now for losing the use of her arm. She will be moved into Eric’s house for care. Like Misery but in reverse.

  30. Eric is settling in for a good dose of Stockholm syndrome. Stephie was looking hot. She was a better shot with a tyre iron than a hand gun.
    Black-eyed Sheila is out to hurt the Forresters, but did she step on a black cat, break a mirror and walk under a ladder first?

    • Thanks , daisy. Slept through today’s episode. Will try to catch it in the morning.

      I take it Sheila’s just been winged by that bullet.

      • She’s tougher than Daniel Boone. (Didn’t he cut his teeth on a da da da da….I forget that song). Anyhow, if Sheila got shot in the stomache, she would take a shot of whiskey, bite on a rubber hose and remove the bullet herself. Liam would go for the needle and thread.
        Now Sheila is more forgiving than Eric.

  31. This programme is so boring and predictable – but we all watch! Sheila has really got her feet under the table now, Eric will probably take her home to recuperate!
    Where’s Lt Baker in all of this, I mean he’s always there, the only cop in LA. Just like Neighbours – only one cop and one doctor!!

  32. I haven’t seen the show for two days due to sleep and visitors wanting to go for walks.

    The suspense in LA is killing me.

    I hope Eric’s okay.

  33. Well Dave you haven’t missed much. Boring, except at the end of yesterday’s episode Bill told Thomas that Caroline is dying – all this to make him drop Sally. What a bastard of a man.

  34. Yep, boring. It was a lot of recap where they told each other what had been happening, even though they were all there. And then, for some reason, the Forresters all had to be together, most of them anyway, in one of the work rooms.
    Katy took more praise for Wyatt’s work. Sol got reprimanded by Thomas for poor work, “We are better than that now”. No mention of why Sol was jamming clothes in the box or why he was packing it in Sally’s office.
    And yeah, Bill tells Thomas Carlone has cancer. But what if he jinxes Caroline with those ominous words?
    What Sara said…”You missed nothing. And Eric is still in plot segway. Sheila kissed him on Thursday. And that was about as palatable as Grams showing her bottom.

  35. Now I’ve caught up, I saw the Friday encore this morning. I did miss the kiss that obviously will push Eric over the edge.

    Bill will rock Thomas’s world with that performance. That reptile wants his skyscraper real bad.

    Grams’ Euro travelling tips were fun.

    • Time for Spectra to send Grams and stupid Darla to the Paris branch where we don’t have to see them. The pretty girl who plays Darla got stitched up by producers. Is that because it’s a show about fashion?
      Sometimes I think, ” Bloody hell, I could do this show”, but then because of my age, I would have to play Pam…or worse…Grams.Or Sheila. Bwaaa aaa aaah. I wouldn’t mind playing Sheila but they would have to give me black contact lenses.
      I wouldn’t like kissing Eric though.

      • It’d probably be Charlie for my audition. Not quite old or forgiving enough for Eric yet. Portrait of Rolling Stones over my mantel. Just one thing in common with Eric….can’t play good piano. Not right for the role.

        Bill hit the Scotch before coward punching Thomas with the Caroline news . He should have poured one for Thomas. Tightwad.

        • You should go for Ridge so all the “most beautiful women in the world” can meet you in the steam room, or outdoor shower.

    • He sunk even lower than the other day. We’ll see what Caroline is made of.

      More kissing with Eric and his vampire.

  36. Eric had his pensioner old man tracksuit on.
    Sheila slithering around him like the opportunist she is.
    Bill being a malovelent manipulating bastard.
    Thomas being clueless!

    • Thomas is a natural at looking clueless. He’s off to NYC.

      Things not looking good for Spectra in Monte Carlo. What can Grams do?

      • Surely Caroline will find out! I did see the kiss i missed when they showed a bit of a recap – Sheila thinks she’s in

        • Bill told Caroline what he had to do to put the wind up Thomas, so she knows. Probably a mistake , Bill.

          That’s kiss number two for Sheila and Track Suit Eric as far as I know. He says the past can’t happen again….but……

          • Dave, you know it’s true love when you wear your track suit. As for Thomas, I am just staggered that he didn’t rush into Spencer publications with his shirt off.

            “A cancer so rare it doesn’t even have a name”. Red flag there Thomas. I expect Grams will tell Thomas that Sally is dying from a brain tumour.

    • “Slithering”. Yes. Well described, Lola. ๐Ÿ Sheila has dress circle seats again. She can’t say, “I wish I could be a fly on the wall”, because she is there for all the drama. Funny position for someone who is supposed to have been deadly to the Forresters.

    • American Traffic authority asked B&B to do an anti texting plug. I get the impression that stubborn Arjay and empty headed Coconut haven’t learnt their lesson.

  37. Sheila and Eric sit down to dinner. Poisoned Sea Bass. Poor Eric in his track suit eating take away with plastic fork.

    The noose of evil is tightening. Will Quinn save him?

    Sheila has an intimidating glower that she honed in jail.

    • “Would you like to join me for dinner?”
      “Oh no, I just wanted to bring it for you”.
      “No really. Join me”.
      “Oh ok”.
      And look. Enough for two people.
      Then Sheila ltells Eric what a good person she is, which is exactly what an evil person would say.

  38. Writers are scratching for dates for Katy, and Arjay was taken, so the stepson will do. She hasn’t dated Liam yet.
    Katy should have waited for Eric. The jury is out where he will land after he comes out of his prescription drug induced coma, that I expect Sheila to drop him into.

  39. Katie’s playing hard to get with Wyatt but now she thinks Zende and Maya are having an affair. Big night out at the disco, except for stick in the mud Nicole.

    • That made me feel sick yesterday. As did Sally crying on the beach.

      We forgot too that Quinn had a fantasy about Eric at the piano and champagne flowing.

  40. In Monaco, everyone is kissing everyone. Except Nicole, who has no pulse but who will be falling into Rick’s arms soon enough.
    Now that Katie has seen Maya and Zende share an innocent kiss, what will she do? Will she make it her mission to get them to come clean?
    Brooke’s radar is off, walking in on Katie and Wyatt all hot and heavy in a closet and not sensing passion.

  41. Someone is kissing someone and Katie is on it. A great sticky beak neighbour to have.
    Wait until she stops furtively kissing Wipes in cargo to discover that Maya and Zende are sharing a bed. Did no one think it was strange that Maya and Zende went off to share a bed for a nap?

  42. And Sheila already has portrait ready to go above fireplace, unaware that Eric has forgiven Quinn. How thick is Charlee, he’ll be in bed with Sheila next๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    • Sheila won’t be happy to find out that the old goat has taken Quinn back.

      Charlie can’t even see the wedding hints on Pam’s vision board. Charlie’s job could be on the line.

      Katie and Wyatt…. yuck.

  43. Wipes learned his kissing technique from Bachelor Matty; swoop.
    Eric had us all fooled…until we heard rrrrrip.
    This is when Sheila will up the ante. Cherleee’s visits to her hotel room might become more frequent. In good Sheila form Cherleee stayed when Sheila said, “Leave”.
    I didn’t know Pam had a vision board. I went to a teacher’s pd where they talked about vision boarding and I was thinking, “What a load of crap”. I often think that at pds.

  44. Just realised this post is tagged August. Geez, my TBATB correspondent is getting super slack with updates ….. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. Eric’s so happy , he’s playing piano again. Snog city.

    Sheila is immediately in tears when she found out the old goat has taken Quinn back. Eric has two women fighting over him.

  46. Eric would be the most popular man at the retirement village, tickling those ivories. ๐Ÿ˜
    New thread has been sent.

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