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I’ve been dipping in and out of Marco Pierre White’s Hell’s Kitchen Australia.
While parts of it are excruciating, I like it more now that some of them are doing actual cooking. The younger lads even seem to have learnt how to chop herbs properly.
Is anyone else still watching?
On Monday it was 16th in the ratings. Survivor was 14th and The Block was third. (If you ever want to know what the latest ratings are, tvtonight.com.au always has them here.



    • I just don’t understand (as a new convert to the Survivor cult, I am very evangelical). It’s a cracker of a show! I really like it a lot better than last year, which I did enjoy!

  1. Back at Hell’s Kitchen…I am still watching. It is better now that there is some learning and cooking being done. I always enjoy seeing Marco demonstrating techniques and giving reasoned critiques of dishes, rather than pandering to the nearest cute little female. Marco is much more patient and supportive than I thought he would be in this scenario.

    Unfortunately, there had to be some theatrics, fake or not, in the mix. Issa and the customer who fancied him was cringeworthy tv. Pettifleur’s tantrum when she was eliminated was unpleasant to watch. Sexist sleazebag Oldfield makes my skin crawl. But my pick for most disliked in this show is definitely that obtuse, easily-offended, spoiled, annoying personification of a blonde joke, Sam Frost. What a nimrod. Again, mute button is my friend when she opens her mouth.

    So I’m tuning in, still more to see Marco than for any other reason. The series is improving, but the bar was pretty low at the start.

  2. Before I was not a fan of Marco but I like how he just go about his business. He is fair.
    I am surprise that Big Willy is doing well. Sam Frost as usual is feisty.

  3. Willy and Gaz seem a good team. You can tell Lincoln really wants to do well. Sam needs to learn that the middle of service is not the time to get narky about something – save it until after service

  4. I’m still watching it too. I’m finding it quite entertaining. Judging by the ratings I think it will go the same way as Zumbo. Doubt there will be a second season.

  5. Can anyone tell me who the customer in the white suit is who was on Sunday’s episode? He and his partner were first in the door, and then the camera focused on him several times. I think he is from some tv show, but I can’t place him and it’s bugging me.

    Debra is starting to annoy me. She is being bossy and pushy, and seems to think she knows everything before Marco teaches it. She doesn’t listen and therefore stuffs up whatever she is doing, the risotto being a good example. Her story of having made risotto once while in labour didn’t help at all.

    Sam double-dipped with her tasting spoon. Ick.

  6. Sorry Von. Cant help you with that guy. Is he the guy who said he is a pescatarian. First he complained about the fish than the tart. Then he have the beef and said is was good.

    David and Betty from MKR were the diners as well

    • I felt so sorry for Issa last night. Sam was so sweet to help him even though he was on the other team.

  7. Last nights pasta challenge was hilarious.
    I wonder if Marco’s that rude to customers in his restaurant as he’s been to some of the people who have complained about some of the dishes. He was very rude to that lady last night.
    I felt sorry for Sam tonight. That stupid oven didn’t seem to be working & everyone was screaming for the fish & it just wasn’t cooking.
    I couldn’t believe the red team won.
    I don’t like David much, but he was gracious when he left, unlike that Pettifleur was last week. She was very rude & ungracious.

  8. I am finding Lincoln the most annoying little s**t – the way he gives a high pitched laugh ever time someone says something he doesn’t like is so passive agressive. At least Sam says what she thinks, even if she’s wrong.

  9. Yes. And Lincoln was just using his charm to try to get the diners to give red team a better review.

    I was surprise that I like Willy and Gary. I really hope they get to the end.

    • They are both embracing the show wholeheartedly. Enjoying it much more now we actually see them doing prep in kitchen. Even though it was excruciating watching them take 20 mins to make meatball mince

      • LP, I am tired of Lincoln full stop. And Debra, who needs to stop getting off on Marco’s demonstrations and actually listen to what he is saying, so she can avoid stuffing up dishes and saying “I am so, so sorry.” time after time. She passive-aggressively calls out everyone else’s mistakes, but seems unable to see her own. And I’m really tired of Sam, hope she goes next.

        The show is getting a bit silly now. Issa doesn’t know how to use a vegetable peeler? At times some of them seem to be learning, but then, as with the broken ice cream glasses, they all flit around like headless chooks, wondering if a dish went out, where ingredients are, who is doing what. It’s tiresome. Only Marco retains any dignity.

  10. Oh my God, Issa was hilarious. He was absolutely hopeless peeling the potatoes & then just dumps the spices on them.
    I would not know one fish from another so would not have known which fish was used. They all look & taste the same to me. Smoked paprika has a very strong & distinct taste. I’m surprised they all got that wrong.

    • Tonight’s episode was soooo looong! Even Marco seems fond of Issa but the team will certainly be faster without him. Couldn’t they just keep him on as a waiter?

      • Yeah they’ve dumped it on Sunday night so seem to have had a double episode. I was shocked when I checked the guide & saw it went till 10. Next week is the same.

        • Yes, Tue is double episodes. Suddenly we are in The Final Week. Too much Sam Frost and Issa (but he is hilarious).

  11. “they all flit around like headless chooks, wondering if a dish went out, where ingredients are, who is doing what. It’s tiresome.”
    I agree – it is like the old saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth’. There ends up being too many on the pass, each of them trying to outdoor another.

    • Yes, all hopeless at any independent thought. I wonder if they had to dumb down some of the “recreate this dish” dishes as the bar was so low

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