Hell’s Kitchen Australia starts Sun

Marco is back on our screens tomorrow at 7pm, so it’s directly up against The Block. And no doubt it will take a further bite out of Survivir’s audience.
The second ep airs tomorrow at 7.30pm.
Will anyone be reduced to tears under his steely gaze?
I would prefer another season of Celebrity MasterChef, as at least most of the contestants on that had half a clue about cooking, whereas ex-Bachelorette, the over exposed Sam Frost, admits she was approached because can’t even handle toast.
Here are the so-called celebs:
Willie Mason: Outspoken NRL forward
Jess Fox: Canoeist and London 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist
Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle: British reality star of Geordie Shore
Candice Warner: Former Ironwoman, wife of Australian Cricket Vice Captain, David Warner.
Issa Schultz: The Chase Australia’s Supernerd
Debra Lawrance: Beloved television actress, Home and Away
Sam Frost Reality star and radio host
Lincoln Lewis: Logie winning film and television actor, Home and Away
Pettifleur Berenger: Real Housewife of Melbourne, property developer, author
David Oldfield Former deputy leader, One Nation Party



  1. This show will be a train wreck because they all cant cook. Its not about cooking ( latest MC is also not about cooking).

    I will watch to see how bad they are.

    • We lasted a couple of minutes while waiting for Survivor. Bad move.
      worse even than I expected.

  2. You’re braver than me, Littlepetal. I, for one, will be passing on this one.

    Maybe handling toast requires a sliver of personality? No wonder Sam Frost lucked out.

    • I dont watch Survivors or the Block. Just like to see how these so call celebrities cope with Marco.
      I read somewhere that the most of the meals were already prepared and the celebs just do the finishing touches. No way they can cook a 3 course meals

  3. Why are they doing Celebrity Hell’s Kitchen instead of just a regular Hell’s Kitchen with professional chefs? Do they think they will get better ratings having “celebs” supposedly do the cooking?

  4. Some of those egg dishes were shocking, Marco didn’t even taste them. One looked like a horror movie, another looked like a crime scene.

  5. I didn’t watch. Ironically I would have tuned in if it was a bunch of no names. D grade has-been/wannabes who can’t cook do not interest me. 50k really? I’ll stick to flipping between Block and Survivor.

    • That makes me sad.

      But imagine the viewer drop-off for the next couple of episodes. It’ll be interesting to see how well they rate next week.

  6. I watched the last fifteen minutes. Expressing disappointment proves that I care, according to MPW. The hell it does.

    Where’s my remote ? Where’s my remote? Where’s my remote?

    I watched The Block ….it wasn’t that great, either. Those ratings are illusory, Scotty.

  7. And these contestants want to learn how to cook!

    I guessed I see where this show is going. Every week they start to cook a bit more and at the end they can actually cook the 3 course meal from scratch.

    • Ch 7 aren’t learning much, because they’re screening encores against Dr.Phil. I’d like to watch it sometime……

  8. Oh Lordy – fast forwarding through it now. Fair enough that the Chase guy who does not eat eggs does not know how to do it, but what is the excuse of the rest of them? What were their families thinking when they were growing up! As expected, Debra Lawrence is the only proper grownup among them. So disappointing that in the service challenge everything was premade – they just had to reheat sauces and sprinkle nuts on the dessert.

  9. When the diners said the dishes were good or tasty, the celebs were so chuffed but they didnt cook the dishes. Like the dessert. They just add in the berries.

  10. Since I only have FTA tv, and am not interested in The Block or The Bachelor, I am finding this at least watchable. The first ep was dreadful, with interminable introductions and everyone, including me, wondering who the hell most of these people are. None of them can cook and Debra Lawrence is the most “normal”, but I’m watching so I can see MPW. I’ll put up with some crap to see him.

    What will make me stop tuning in are some of the contestants. The Warner woman has a massive chip on her shoulder and thinks Marco doesn’t like her. Sam Frost is astoundingly dumb. David Oldfield has always impressed me as a smarmy, know-it-all idiot, and he has done nothing to dispel that impression. After the detestable Josh and butter-wouldn’t-melt Tamara, I won’t sit through a season of annoying jerks. Even for Marco.

    • Von, the show is so bad that you cant stop watching. Pettifleur is so annoying as well. Only Debra is normal. Issac or whatever his name is, has so little confidence in himself.
      MPW must be paid alot to endure this torture!!!

      • I can’t stand that pettifleur. I was hoping she’d go home last night, but the other one served up raw chicken so there was no way she wasn’t getting eliminated.
        Just seeing it on my TV screen without being able to touch or taste it, I thought it was chicken & capsicum with turmeric spice. It looked bright yellow like turmeric is.

    • Is anyone else starting to figure out the reason that Sam had two high-profile relationships, and both times, the guy broke up with her?

      I mean, it’s a thought to ponder.

        • I only started watching Bachie after that season. And I see she is now on Home and Away. She is horrendously over exposed

          • She did it to herself. First she was the victim when dumped by Blake. I actually like her initially. But to make sure she is in the media, she started giving our private info like she and Sasha made love in the open to defy the minders when Sasha was the chosen one and before it was aired.
            Then it got worse whe she was on the radio. Sasha rang up once a week. They talked about their personal life etc. Then she got a meltdown when she got negative feedback to her radio show. She was bad on the radio. She just hmm and ah and couldn’t interview guest that were on tne show.

            Now she is still the victim because she hinted that Sasha was to be blame for her break up but Sasha was the one that got her through her depression.

            She needs to keep her personal life private to avoid the trolls. If you want to be active on SM, you need to take the good and the bad

  11. I like Sam on this show. She understands what it all about, and plays accordingly. I never really liked that Bachelor boyfriend of hers so … 🤷‍♂️. And haven’t we always said the long distance relationships never work out. Why they persist in trying, IDK.
    I wonder whether Mr Warners wife has RBF. Me, too. But raw chicken will always send you home.
    I don’t know that I can watch this show again. But The Block and Survivor are irritatingly awful as well. My life is over.

  12. I sure enjoyed MPW asking Pettifleur how she was feeling before the someone’s going home cook off.

    “Crapping my pants”, said Pettifleur
    “How vulgar” replies MPW with the grimmest look.

  13. It was excruciating yet fascinating to watch three grown women attempt to cook a single skewer of chicken, spring onion and curry powder in 15 mins. It did surprise me MPW used olive oil and not veg oil to cook an”Asian” dish. Guess it’s the French way.

    • For Marco to say there is only 1 spice in the meat is wrong. Madras curry powder is a combination of spices. Anyway, it doesnt matter. The celebs will have no clue.

  14. I thought it was hilarious when that guy said the sauce tasted like battery acid & MPW said to ask him when was the last time he ate battery acid.

  15. If anyone wants to recreate the dishes from the show the recipes for the egg and mushroom tart and blueberry cheesecake are in the new Aldi catalogue. Unlike on the show, some cooking may actually be required

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