1. Matt is boring.
    Bringing in the families a bit too early.
    Elise and Matt have nil chemistry.
    Simone’s mother is gorgeous looking.

      • I like Elise, she’s pretty down to Earth and I think she’ll be fine post bachelor. (But I still really wish the twist had been that she was triplets).

        • Elise was down to earth/nice and tonight she was pretty too. At this stage all the girls are ok looking so it’s just a matter of who is genuinely nice…and “chemistry”. Colbie is a lot too twee for my liking. Poomvey, if you like.
          How about how they are all so emotional about seeing their parents. Most people I know would be rolling their eyes and saying things like, “Oh my God, I hope my mother doesn’t embarrass me”. But theseppl all have perfect parents.

    • The families of four bunny boilers to boot.

      Matty is starting to get boring. He assured us he wasn’t a puppet. He must be a robot then.

      • No puppet? Who’s idea was the camel and the fat belly dancer with a stomache and back like unbaked dough. She was scarier than the snake.
        I apologize all you ladies with midriffs like unbaked cookie dough…but you probably wouldn’t flash it on tv.

  2. I wish they would ban the use of “game on molls” it’s a really ugly saying – but then I guess it does fit Jen’s persona.

  3. Tara screaming,
    “Oh my god, oh my gawd, oh my gawd.”
    My poor ears..
    . . . and the lame belly dancing. Embarrassing date.

    • I love Turkish food, but really loathe belly dancing – it’s bad enough when you’re at a restaurant and the subject you to watching it but to be forced to try it urgh!

      • Turkish food is the best thing ever. I went to a middle eastern restaurant last year with some friends of mine, and had the nicest, yummiest food. I even tried this special Lebanese drink, and I was hesitant at first because I’d never tried it before, but it was like a Turkish delight but with crushed ice, and oh my gosh, it was so cool and sweet and refreshing.

        Now I’m hungry.

  4. Jen’s mother definitely didn’t teach her, “if you can’t say anything nice …..” more like she finished with “say the cattiest thing you can think of”.

    I really hope they’ve got the psychologist on hand for when Cobie is ditched, the crestfallen look on her face when she didn’t get the alone time spoke volumes.

  5. Jen thinks she was on Masterchef. It is not about the cooking. She thinks she should get the special time wirh Matty because her dish was the best. She just doesnt get it

  6. The amount of hot air Matty is talking , he and Elise should go on a balloon ride.

    Matty was guilt tripped by her father , Dr.Phil, to get some one on one with Elise.

    It’s a guilt and sympathy rose.

    Matty needs to ask that cop Michelle on a date but she might bust him for under aged drinking and loitering, he’s that juvenile.

  7. Jen constantly talking about winning and how good she is, has barely mentioned anything about his good qualities and wanting to get to know him better too!

    • So true, she’s so fab (according to her) I’m surprised she thinks he’s good enough for her. Of course once he ditches her I’m sure she’ll mention tht.

    • He is constantly telling her that there is a certain side to her personality that he likes – however him constantly having to remind her to show that side, should ring alarm bells for them both.

  8. Jen – “I feel like I’ve just arrived here in the competition” which cues the super dramatic music.

    That doesn’t seem ominous at all.

    Gosh, Jen’s like a Bond villain, really, isn’t she?

  9. Cant stand the way Jen speaks about herself. She keeps saying sheis a good catch, she is good at this and that. Self boasting is no good.

    BTW I read she was dating Jake Ellis (from Georgia Love series) before this

  10. I’m sure I threw up a bit in my mouth when Jen said that Matty was intimidated by such a strong woman. Tickets on herself much?
    And when she said “I just don’t see Tara as a frontrunner, I just don’t her with Matt” (paraphrasing there), very perceptive coming from the person who hasn’t had a single date.

  11. So he not only kept Simone and Cobie but also Elora, while ditching the cool cop Michelle?

    Damn it, Matty. What the hell?

    Plus, his break-up speeches need work, because I’m almost positive he’s given that same speech to at least half a dozen other girls.

    • Is that bad judgement or what. Michelle got the first impression rose and didnt even get a single date.

      I think those wirhout single dates will be booted out from now on. They are Jen, Simone and Elise (but I think she gets one tomorrow night)

    • Is Matty after collecting a harem of psychos, I wonder?

      That is a massive Matty fail sending hot Michelle home.

      • I mean, Simone seems fine enough now that Leah is in the dust. But Elora puzzles me, and I’m genuinely concerned for Matty’s safety around Cobie.

        • I’m not a fan of Simone. She’s whiny. BTW, I don’t mind the girls being a bit sexy and putting out the bait to catch a fish, but Simone’s boobs had nowhere to hide at the family dinner.

  12. I got all excited that Elora was going home!
    Sad to see Michelle leave.
    Predict Elise for single date tomorrow night (based on blond hair in preview!)
    And excited to see more shit down down!

  13. Jen is just so full of herself. If you are such a good catch, you shouldnt be on the show. There shouls be men lining up for you

    • I imagine there would be men (and women, come to think of it) lining up to get restraining orders filed on Jen, sure.

    • What a stupid idea the camel was, but at least the costume people had Matty dressed in low crotch pants. No chance of camel toe.

  14. I think Matty knows what he’s doing. He’s already made up his mind.
    Fundamentally he’s a nice guy. I think he’s decided that he may as well keep the bitches and send the nice girls home because it would be awful to lead the nice girls on.

    • Good theory Bobi. It’s also no accidennt that the majority of to camera airtime is going to Jen. I am thinking she was paid more to be the drama. As fat as Bach villains go, I think she is doing well. Better than Keira. She’s a plant and Matt probably knows that.

      • No, she is not a plant. That will be demeaning. She is a top gal and can do anything. She can be the gal directing the show, doing the make up, costume and script for Matty! Matty is blind not to see the wonderful qualities of me me Jen

      • I couldn’t be paid enough to make me behave that badly, so if your theory is correct it still says something about her character (or lack thereof).

        • Oh me….I would play Quinn or Brooke, but I haven’t the evil glare to play Sheila. I would play Freddie Kruger for $100 000. Bwaa aah aaah.
          But rtv and sm is scarier.

          • Oh yes, if I was an actress I would probably delight in playing the villain but I’d have difficulty if the villainous character I was supposed to play was me – even for $100 000.

      • I noticed that Jen has quite large glasses of wine. Perhaps she’s on an as much as she can drink payment deal. It must be thirsty work being a bitch for Ch 10.

  15. I am a little bit over all here girls slamming Matty because he is not interested in them – as if that was not a remote possibility.

  16. Everytime I look at Cobie I think of Laura Dern, so I can’t dislike her all that much. I’d put my money on Tara and Laura being the final two – making Tara the unfortunate ‘Nikki’ of this year. But she’d be a great Bachelorette if they were to go in that direction next year.

    I’m disappointed Michelle wasn’t even considered for a single date before being booted, especially when he has kept Succubus Elora and the little girl with no chemistry dingbat Simone. Laura really reminds me too much of Georgia – her look, jokes and mannerisms and even her tone of voice are very similar.

    • I can’t always see it, but sometimes, yeah, Laura seems really really similar to Georgia. I’d say that gives her a definite edge.

  17. Nice to see Elise get the single date, unfortunate that her Dad kinda had to goad Matty into it. She seems great!

  18. Simone is so whiny and Jen is so catty – ditch them both and soon. Jen builds herself up and seems to find it so easy to attack the other women on a personal level. Not just in the dictionary under resting bitch face but also the definition of bullying.

  19. Kisses another girl ,Elise.
    Elise’s constant laughing and grinning got on my nerves during that date.
    He’s kissed 7 girls so far!

  20. I think I’m back on team Elise.
    I think she is just shy which does make it a bit awkward but I am exactly the same so I can sympathise.

  21. I have a theory (and no it’s not about dinosaurs for all you Monty Python fans), I don’t think Laura will win. I read somewhere that Jen tweeted/instagrammed a picture of Matty and Laura’s date saying how cute they looked together and big headlines “Did Jen just reveal the winner?” but from what we’ve seen of Jen she was more likely to have posted that photo just to rub it in if Laura didn’t win (dissing both Laura and the eventual winner in one tweet).
    Not as good as my “Elyse is triplets theory” but probably more likely.

  22. Ha ha. Started raining at the beach. Matty is not having much luck with the weather.

    I think Tara has a good chance of winning.
    Jen will shoot herself in the foot by dobbing in on Lisa.
    More throwing under the bus!

  23. Here they go again, throwing each other under buses. Will somebody think of the poor bus driver?

    Meanwhile, isn’t it funny how Jen will do whatever she feels like, lie about it afterwards (Jen, there’s evidence on tape, on a nationally-broadcast TV show, of you saying those things about Lisa), but then blame everybody else for the shitstorm that follows? My gosh, I can’t stand her.

    And did anyone else gain a lot of respect for Tara, for admitting that she figured out early on that Jen just wasn’t a very nice person?

  24. Oh thank goodness. Does anyone want to join me in a round of, “Ding dong, the witch is dead”?

    “Some of the girls are just here to tear down others because they’re intimidated,” says Jen. Jen, sweety, YOU ARE THAT GIRL. YOU ARE THE GIRL WHO DOES THAT.

    And so, she leaves the mansion swearing that she deserves better. Yes, Jen, I’m quite confident in saying that all of Australia hopes you get exactly what you deserve.

    • I was cracking up laughing at the tearful “I’m just so sick of mean girls” you can run but you can’t hide from yourself.

  25. As if you can walk out of the mansion and hop into a taxi.

    Good riddance she is gone. When she got her own medicine, she called that bullying

      • You didn’t see her team of slaves just off-camera with the rest of her luggage. They couldn’t keep up with her as she stormed out of the mansion dramatically, so she’s probably gonna cut their rations.

        • Yes. They need hours to pack her stuff into the suitcases. Might as well send them to her by courier the next day 😂😂

  26. We are into Episode 10. Most of the episodes were on Leah and Jen and not on the developing love story. What a waste of time.

    • Very true LP. Thou If what you said a few weeks ago (it has been pretty obvious who is number one all along) is true, then all this drama has probably been a godsend for producers.

    • We didnt get to see the outcome of the conversation with Lisa. Did Matty believe Lisa?

      Also Jen knew she will not get a rose and cant face the fact that she will be dumped.

      • Yes when she realised the other women were onto her it suddenly dawned that Matty sees right through her too. (Plus I think she’d been stewing over the fact that her desserts didn’t win her a single date).

        • Or she realized she wasn’t going to win, so she dropped him before he dropped her. She went out on a low note, with mascara smudged and in a huff. Embarrassing. Dibber dobbing to get ahead just doesn’t work.
          But someone should tell Matt Simone’s hair and boobs are fake. 😆
          Most if not all of the girls didn’t know who the Bach would be but saw a chance to be on telly and took it. And why wouldn’t you if you hoped to crack into a lucrative media career.
          They probably figure that if they like the guy, it’s a bonus.

      • Jen is also claiming that Flo backed her up on what Lisa said about Matty trying to improve his social media profile. We never saw that either.

  27. Has any other bachelor / bachelorette strung girls along for this long – I mean I know that is basically the premise of the show, but seriously, Lisa and Cobie basically haven’t been seen since their single dates, now he is on 2nd dates before even getting thru all the first dates…

  28. “I’m so over these bitches!”

    Has Jen got a wine cask in that little suitcase?

    Less Simoan, Ch 10.

  29. So Judgy- McJudgeface (aka Jen) is allowed to:
    – decide who suits/is best for Matty
    – repeatedly say awful personal things about the others
    – outright lie about what she said to Matty
    – lie in other instances
    – generally be a nasty piece of work
    and justify it on the basis of just ‘looking out for Matty’ and being honest (when will they work out that HONESTY and RUDENESS are NOT SYNONYMS!).
    but when it is politely suggested that she should perhaps have spoken to Lisa first we get the mother of tearful tantrums that she’s being bullied. Call me hard-hearted but by her tears, I was unmoved.

    • Yeah, ditto.

      I hate – absolutely hate – people who run to somebody and immediately say, “Oh so-and-so said this about you and they’re so mean and now we have to hate them together!” It’s just such high school bullshit. Jen spent a significant amount of time monologuing about how she hates this immature crap, but she was the one who was doing it all! i can’t believe people like her have such a lack of self awareness. I have zero sympathy for her and hope we never have to suffer through her presence on television ever, ever again.

    • Funny how they all seem to find love, and how the new guy is absolutely fabulous, and, in case anyone missed the point, absolutely fine with their ‘personality’ because they are loved for who they are.
      The After interviews are getting a little repetitive.

  30. Boy, I didn’t see that coming. No really. I didn’t see that coming. I am trying to think if a dibber-dobber has ever won Bachette. It usually goes badly. If she thought it was bad getting confronted from the girls in the house, Jen is going to find the sm backlash brutal.
    Even if Jen hadn’t been mean, I thought she lacked a natural sparkle. Simone next. Bleached hair, fake boobs.

  31. Mattie has become very robotic…PLUS I think he had his ears pinned back. I saw some photos of him when he was a kid in ok magazine. He he he he he

  32. Actually that’s true. He was more lively, funny and spontaneous as a contestant. It must be more pressure in the hot seat. It would be interesting to see if it affected Tara to be the Bachette. I’m not looking at spoilers so I have no clue who wins.

  33. Jen will be milking her 15 secs of fame in the media round. She is a sore loser. Now she will bad mouth everyone on the show except for a few similar to her.

    Previously, the rejected bachelorettes were not as nasty as those on this series.

  34. Getting your ears pinned back is not a big deal, it’s the same as getting braces .

    The major problem with this years Bachelor is the fact that Matty has an obvious preference to some girls, so the others are feeling rejected. I would too.

      • He’s kissed seven of them for the benefit of the viewers’ suspense and intrigue but he sure ain’t no puppet.

        Matty’s visually reminding me of David Campbell quite a lot.

  35. I am not surprise if Lisa made that comment. When 22 girls turned up in the mansion, they didnt know who the Bachelor is. Once the filming started, there will be some girls who wont gel with Matty and they knew he is not for them. But they are not allowed to walk out. They just have to carrying on with the show. No guy is god that all women will want to fall in love with. Also you need more than 3 months to get to know someone.
    Most of the girls are on the show for exposure. Jen is not different

    • I wouldn’t blame Lisa in the slightest if she did feel that way about Matty and openly said it. Whether it’s true or not
      I do have a problem with Jen going to Matty with that info, just to create drama for her own entertainment. And even more so how she tried to justify it to herself that it was an ok thing to do (I do get editing has a lot to do with it but she hasn’t exactly tried to play it down in her after show press).
      I do wonder if Matty had really zeroed in on one girl by now though. I mean if he had, it wouldn’t be that hard to ditch the ones he wasn’t interested in.

      • Of course. Anyone who thinks they are in love with him after one date is either lying or stupid. Even more ridiculous (let me say it like Judge Judy….RIDICULOUS) when that one date was weeks ago and staged.

      • Jen’s just a hypocrite. If Lisa did say it firstly, Jen was eavesdropping and secondly we have no context (because she was eavesdropping) it could have been in the context of “Matty’s here to raise his profile, just like the rest of us”. Jen says she went on the show aiming to be the best villain ever, it follows then that she was there to raise her profile as villains get lots of airtime and never win.

  36. Jake Ellis has slamed Jen for calling Matty a douche. He also said he was not an ex boyfriend of Jen. They did have some dates.
    Jen is only 27 years old but she always come across as if she is in her thirties.

    • “Some” dates?
      I wonder if that’s guy-speak for “sleeping with someone whenever I feel like it, but don’t tell her I’m not serious or she might find someone else”.

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