1. I’m almost willing to put money on Keith and dan finding ‘a big serious problem’ at Ronnie and Georgias to force them to be still doing stuff ‘last minute’, in the next few weeks.

  2. The Wombat has reproduced. A little marsupial with a hat.

    Wombad. Wombat looks like a fish out of water sitting at a computer with bush hat on.

  3. Whimsy is tonight’s word.

    Team Insta
    With the mezzaine, the room feels like a mini apartment. However, the room has been stripped of its heritage elements. It feels underwhelming and looks bland. Score 8.5, 7, 7.5= 23

    • Weird – I sort of agreed with the judges. The balcony thing was too high and too bulky, wasting space. It was a good idea but there were much better ways to do it. And it did look bland, and I thought the “downstairs” part was cramped because of the bulk of the stairs.

  4. Sticks and Wombat.

    The wallpaper obviously wasn’t hung by Walter so the judges feel free to slate it. Darren does the obligatory climb on the wall. They note the bed is sturdily constructed. Shaynna notes the bunk needs a two way switch. Score 8.5,8.5,8.5=25.5

  5. The Footys
    Tampering with the architect’s plans and placing the children’s bedroom in the laundry was slammed this week. The bedroom was too tiny. Apart from that flaw, the room is very sweet. Score 7.5, 6.5, 8 =22

  6. The Tortoises
    Strapped for cash, we see a desperate run to Kmart. The wallpaperer is a magician. Cue Walter. The room is styled such that it is hard to interpret the age of the child it is intended for. It shows both restraint and sophistication. They need a lock on the bathroom door and a better paint job. Score 8.5,9,9.5=27

  7. Again I don’t think these teams think about people actually living in these houses, day-to-day.
    The skylights? Useless if u like to sleep in a darkroom and what happens in summer when it’s daylight trying to put the kids to bed?
    Clint and Hannah’s wardrobe I thought was quite small for Tweens and older.
    Sticks and wombat, had next to no storage and is that climbing wall really safe? Shayna, had a point about the switch Etc near the bunks.
    Not sure about the balcony, personally, but each to their own.
    Ronnie and Georgia actually know how to future proof rooms and very practical as well. They deserved the win in my eyes.

    • Totally agree. Apart from G&R all those rooms need to be redone.
      The skylights are now overdone as the judges over praised them in the first week.

        • Didn’t someone build a climbing wall on House Rules and get slammed for not having a safety mat? I’d be really worried about that high bunk bed – broken arms aplenty. Grey may be timeless but I’m not in to the “sweet ballerina look”. I really liked the jungle animal puzzle in the frame idea – was that one of her Kmart buys?

        • Let’s not forget how close these homes are together, hence not much natural light streaming in at the side. Has anyone noticed air cond ducts in the ceilings yet?😰

        • I think u might be right about the climbing wall on house rules Juz. I’m sure it’s been slammed on The Block before too.
          I have to say although I’m still not a fan, the ceiling paper did look better than I thought it would. And the sweet ballerina look is easily taken away by removing those accessories. Much easier to modify that room to personal tastes than removing the balcony or built in bunks.
          R&G appear to be building with the buyer in mind and happen to be winning over the judges too. The other teams look like they are building / designing trying to win rooms, then figure out who their buyer is later.
          Windsong, I noticed air cond in Jason and Sarah’s above the wardrobe. I’ve seen them in the other houses too.

    • I agree. The skylights in those bedrooms need motorized skylight shades. If they can’t be closed off somehow then they shouldn’t be in the bedrooms.

      Was surprised that there wasn’t a mat next to the climbing wall. Judges concerned about the sliding glass door but no comments about that wall or the high bunk bed. Instead of commenting about safety concerns Darren climbs the wall.

  8. The Tools WINNERS
    How beautiful is this?asks Neale upn entering the rooms. The ceiling is magnificant. Shaynna adds, this is the bedroom memories are made off. It is also the best children’s room she has ever seen. From Darren it is 100% whimsy. Score 9.5,9.5,10=29. They also elect to take a point off Tortoises score next week.

    • The judges made a big deal about the wallpaper on the ceiling of RG’s kid’s room as if this is something different and unique but there’s nothing new or creative about that. Wonder if other teams will now start wallpapering the ceilings since the judges’ comments, IMO, were OTT regarding this.

  9. OK, here we go. Everyone except Ronnie and Georgia supposedly, are team players, group hug, let’s all chip in and get each other’s jobs done, kind of folk.(This closeness will end in tears for sure). However Channel 9 finds this boring, no action TV viewing, so let’s create drama and have tonight’s room winner take one point from whomever they choose, and tell us who it will be right then and there. How transparent is Channel 9 hey? Let’s put a target on R & Gs back and watch the drama unfold – TV Gold for Ch 9.

  10. the styling is a bit weird – no bedroom had a mirror in it. Are you supposed to get dressed then run around trying to see your reflection in a window?

  11. OMG. Is Jason not the laziest contestant on the Block. Keith just had to shame him to connect the toilet as they have been using a bucket.

  12. Clearly the producers think Jason is useless. They did not include Jason in the meeting. Basically, they have spent $112k and can’t finish. They shouldn’t spent on plumbing. They are paying their builder $72hr when they should be paying $45hr.

    • I get not helping other team with painting etc (thou i suspect its not that they don’t want to help other teams but more they don’t want the other teams to see that they are doing). However, definitely a bit on the nose to not allow the teams to do some work in their backyards. Just because you haven’t thought that far ahead doesn’t mean they shouldn’t allow other teams to do so. With how early R&G manage to finish their rooms, they must be doing some forward planning.
      I have to say Josh probably didn’t present it well, he could have suggested that they all be allowed to do some work on their backyards.

  13. I do not like Ronnie and Georgia, they are coming across as real big assholes, but I really like their rooms so for (except for the bathroom, the tap for the bathroom is in the worst position and it just waits for a little kid’s head to run in). The girl’s room was super pretty. I also liked that they did not do an ensuite with the guest bedroom like 3 other couples. It might sound great first, but it is just a huge waste of money. At least the Tortoises were smart and made it usable from to bedrooms.
    You do not need all those superfancy gadgets to win rooms or the auction. I suppose it is smarter to save money as you can and spend it on the big ticket items like a pool and a fancy kitchen.

    EDIT: R&G remind me of the twins, assholes too, but in the end they had their buyer on their mind and it paid off. You do not need to be likeable to wind rooms and the auction. Just do a good job with the house.

  14. I totally get is a competition and R&G are playing hard but don’t they all get re: pool gate, that they could ask for permission to start early too, and then they would all have the opportunity and time to work on the backyard?

    • Yep, I’ve just figured that out as well.
      Interestng that Hannah and Clint also didn’t want them to get the advantage…

      • It was interesting (particularly as they have the sweet non threatening edit). Think they are trying to buy themselves some time as it has dawned on them they can plan ahead.

    • If you want to appeal to the masses you have to deaign based on current trends.
      For how quickly they need to execute, I really don’t blame them for copying Pinterest and / or instagram etc and really isn’t that how everyone gets their ideas and inspiration.

  15. i know they are allowed to plan ahead… what are the rules regarding shopping and having things made offsite ahead of time I wonder?

    • It must be mutable. Dee complained that it was very difficult to get floor stock furniture to fit a space within a week but Caro was ordering tiles in advance and Georgia had pre-ordered the ‘ceiling’ wallpaper.

    • Plus R&G have ordered a pool, that is presumably going to stay off site until it is needed, surely that is no different to having concrete poured in the back yard, in this instance?
      As I have said before, with how early they are able to finish rooms (and it would appear they are keeping a good budget) they must be doing ALOT of preplanning.

  16. Is Georgia all right? What’s with the aggressive way she responds to everything ? And that stupid bobbing of the head last night with her legs kicking this way and that during the strata meeting was just absurd.
    I like to see a strong woman but she’s a one-tone-tessa.

  17. Tonight’s episode consisted of the challenge of redoing a Ronald McDonald House Room and the Alice Walkabout.

    Josh and Elyse win the Macca’s challenge. The Tortoises fail to finish. Don’t even make it out the carpark. Prize is $5k and a bonus point. Georgia thought she had it in the bag as her sister had leukemia when she was 5.

    Alice awards the midway prize to Clint and Hannah.

    Ronnie is of the belief that there are no other chippies in Victoria so rings his mate in WA to fly over to complete the external cladding the next day. Georgia loses it over the cost of the airfares. Obviously Jetstar is not a sponsor.

    • Thanks, Maz. Now I need only tune in halfway through the show on Sunday – once I watch Survivor, of course.

  18. Good that Jason and Sarah went back and finished but their effort was pretty pathetic really. Sarah didn’t appear to have any urgency about finding the car.
    I still don’t like R&G but I will agree with Georgia here, surely here were trades in Melbourne they could have used.

    • To be fair i don’t think Josh and Elyse painted the whole room either.
      However this really highlighted how slow Sarah and Jason work, I’m kinda hoping they get heavily penalised in some other way eventually.

      • Then all the teams should have been penalised for not painting. They had six hours to paint and it is not like the teams had to fetch the paint.

        At what point did the casting director think, we have a reno show with impossible deadlines, let’s cast a couple who haven’t finish their own ten year reno, financially irresponsible and are fine using a bucket. Did it not trigger any alarm bells???

        • The casting director thought it would create more drama and thereby improve the ratings. The casting director as well as other powers that be and cast members (host, hostess, judges, etc) should be replaced.

  19. Why didn’t Sarah just get into a taxi and head to R/Mc house, instead if moseying along, taking an hour to find the car?!! I am so glad to see no other couple helped them when they stayed back to complete their room.

    • Now you say that, I’ve noticed none of the teams really helping them, back at their Block house either, glad they aren’t because they will start to rely on the help too.

  20. Very sad with how Jason and Sarah left that room. There should have been some kind of penalty for what they did or actually what they didn’t do. At least they came back and finished the room.

    Ronnie is an a$$.

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