1. I don’t know about anybody else, but I am LOVING Henry, right now. I don’t know if he’ll end up winning (because it’s far too early. There’s still an army of people to get through first), but I kinda hope he does.

    So, his move to oust Jarrad works, and somehow, everybody’s blaming Annelise (as opposed to Locky, who’s loyalty to Henry was actually the spanner in the works). Then, the cookie army (I love how that’s still a thing) steals all the jam … and the morning after, somehow, Annelise gets the blame for it, and Henry goes them even further into blaming Annelise at the challenge. Oh, and then he wins immunity … after pretending to find the hidden immunity idol that he already had, to consolidate his friendship with Jericho.

    I think Henry’s weakness is that he’s a bit cocky, but so far, he’s running this show. As a viewer, I am loving his game, right now.

    I also laughed tonight when Luke reacted (to knowing that Annelise tried to vote him out) exactly the way I said he would, last night. Heh.

  2. Henry is cocky but Luke but compared to Luke he’s totally humble. Locky’s not smart enough to go up against Henry so for now he is better to stick with him. I still don’t understand why Henry lied about being a yoga teacher but then again Tara thought hiding that she was a barrel racer gave her an advantage. Honestly, these people!
    Michelle has such an unpleasant manner, I would find it difficult to spend 2 minutes around her.

    • I feel I would have to have a firm mantra about Michelle to not take her out. Something like “everyone will hate her. Keep her to the end. It’s not just you. Everyone will hate her”.
      But I know I’d stuff up and waste time getting rid of her because she’s too damned horrible.

  3. Jarrad actually is the runner up in my book. If you’re not actually going to win, first person on the jury is the best position because you get to spend the rest of the time eating food, bathing, sleeping in a bed etc but you still get a say in the outcome of the game. But then I’m all about comfort.

  4. Another lovely tribal council. Poor Annalise. However you spelt her name, it just wasn’t meant to be. Ziggy’s plan is obviously to ditch somebody she didn’t trust, and she’d rather keep Locky and Henry around so that the others will target them (over her. Not a bad strategy. We know how amazing Ziggy is).

    Can Ziggy still use her save-herself powers, or is that it for the super idol (and it’s out of the game now)? Because Henry got pretty much everything he wanted tonight. An untrustworthy player and her idol, both gone, and Ziggy’s power is again weakened.

    Luke is still hovering there in the background, but I think they may have figured out how to control him (“Luke, that player tried to vote you out last night.” “LET’S GET HIM!”).

    I liked Annelise’s final thoughts. It is a very strong ten. Sure, Michelle and Tara are there, but they’re both such perfect goats that I don’t think we’re gonna be seeing them leave any time soon. Everyone else (Tess, Sarah, Henry, Luke, sneaky little Jericho, even Locky to an extent) is committed to playing the game, and it’s making for great viewing.

    Provided nothing too dramatic happens, I’m assuming tomorrow night’s evictee is going to be Tess or Peter, which would be a shame because I like both of them (particularly Tess). Unless Henry takes the chance to oust an immunity-less Ziggy? He’s got to at least be entertaining the idea.

    • I really like Tess too. And thinking back to Annaleise’s first eviction/non-eviction, Ziggy has never trusted her. I wonder what footage we didn’t see from back then.

  5. Looking at the Top 10, there are quite a few I would be really pissed off if they won. Luke (currently really pissing me off), Michelle (always pissing me off), Tara (has consistently been annoying and poorly spoken), Locky (because he’s dumb and easily led) and Jericho (because I can’t get past the cookie army).

    • I have come around to Jericho because I think he might be playing a stronger – unrelated to cookies- game than I previously gave him credit for. But I’m with you for the rest!

  6. I’m so glad you guys like tess because I really like her too, and I’m so glad Tarzan saved her. I don’t get why Ziggy was smiling so much after getting rid of Annalise and trickingvtess and peter. I think I’ve missed a few important episodes.

    • I’m in the dark about that too Jazzman. I think there must have been more tension than we knew of before Annaleise was evicted/sent to Asaga.

      • Annelise was a big part of Locky’s original alliance. So I wonder if that had anything to do with her falling out of favour with the Summer-towel tribe? After all, once they thought they’d gotten rid of Tara, they immediately went after Annelise without pausing to take a breath. So yeah, maybe there’s a lot more to that situation than we learned.

        • But Ziggy is in with Locky now, so why should she dislike Annaliese for that? I guess she just didn’t agree with Tess and Peter accepting A back so easily but then they needed numbers so why wouldn’t they? urgh

  7. My personal favourite spelling? Anna-lease.
    Thank you Tara for not giving me a moment’s doubt or the slightest need to re-consider my opinion of you.

  8. Holy god, what a waste of a sopper Idol!
    I concur with just about every comment above on each remaining contestant…especially TarA and Michelle…
    I love this blog….Thanks Juz xx

  9. How pissed off must Annaleise be? I would be spewing if I was her. Having an immunity idol thinking you’re safe & someone has an idol that overrides it. And she gets the blame for eating the jam. It’s funny how they all assumed it was one person. Didn’t it occur to them it might be more than 1 person? And what happened to all those people who were going to vote for Locky?

  10. It was a great tribal. I honestly did not think Ziggy would play it. The ads seem to show everyone targeting Henry, which means it can’t be him. Tessa is the biggest threat but with her alliance now so weak she may not be the target.

    • I just wonder who Henry goes after tomorrow night. Tessa and Petey are non-factors, but the ex-blue tribe might just stick to voting down tribal lines, at least for the time being. But I think Henry has to at least be considering going after Ziggy. And Sarah and Luke have both been quiet for a little while now.

      • I think Ziggy will be high on the hit list. It might be worth while getting Tessa and Peter as two numbers to achieve it.

  11. The jam thing reminded me of Sandra eating all the sugar and blaming JT just to set Michaela off. How could everyone think it was Anneleise? Have they not met Luke?

    • Do they really think that she would do something like that? It just doesn’t seem in her nature and it seems real ‘Mean Boys’ of them to target her like that.

    • Maybe they were all just looking for an excuse. They seemed very quick to jump on the suggestion that Annaleise was the culprit. It seemed that the boys had to merely hint, and then the rumour took off like wildfire – beyond their expectations.

  12. OK, I’ll admit it. I am sucked back in and that was a great episode. Funny how they talk about alliances. It’s not really an alliance when it changes daily.

    • And you know, I think I’d be tempted to buy it off him.

      I don’t imagine he’ll win, because I can see his confidence getting the best of him and leaving him vulnerable to a blindside, but whatever’s doing, at the moment, it’s definitely working.

  13. Initially I thought Jericho wasn’t fooled by the fake idol chase, but it seems that he was taken in completely and couldn’t believe his own bad luck that he couldn’t find what Henry “found” so easily.

    I feel like a lot of them are underestimating Jericho. Calling him baby-face and treating him like he must be an innocent child. I’m no fan of his any more, as his underhandedness is starting to feel creepy – because it is really, really effective.

  14. Jayblossom, Henry stated earlier that the reason he chose the cover identity of yoga instructor was so the others would think he was really zen and easy going (cos that’s the stereotype of yoga in his head apparently), not the ultra player he actually is.

    Interestingly, he kicked Sam off because she was spreading suspicions about his yoga story but even though I’m pretty sure Anna-lease (!) shared those thoughts, we haven’t heard anything more about it.

    Ziggy did two things last tribal: she showed she betrayed her so called alliance in a VERY public way (seems once Jarrad left so did her loyalty) and saving Cocky Locky may well come back to bite her because he could likely win immunity at a time when she herself needs it.

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