Australian Survivor, Mon, Sept 11

Monday night Survivor chat. Will someone actually go home tonight? Will we ever find out if Odette is playing a supremely fliexible under-the radar game or if she’s a goat?
And, remember, next week we get THREE nights of Survivor: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.



  1. I don’t think merge will be tonight (I’m happy to be proven wrong), but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t Sunday night’s episode. I think the blue tribe has to win tonight (or else Sarah’s going home, that’s if she can’t get everyone to realise they have to oust Luke!).

    • I love how Tara is currently living in that lovely middle ground of not being smart enough to play her own game, but not being smart enough to be easily manipulated by the other players. Tara’s thought process seems to go no deeper than, “This is what I’m doing, the end.” At the very least, she could be the spanner in Luke’s plans.

  2. Stupid twist, suddenly Odette is at risk and we’re at risk of being stuck with Luke and Sara for longer. Jericho did really well at the challenge but he’s getting super annoying as well.

    • Yeah, I’m not quite sure why Sarah has suddenly turned on Odette aside from saving her own skin, but it’d be far better in the long-run if she turned on Luke. I guess she’s convinced everyone that Odette will be a swing-vote come merge.

      Still kinda hoping Luke goes.

  3. Stupid move!
    FFS Jericho stop talking about your army – there are four of you, (no one trustworthy) and you’re about to merge with a much bigger tribe.
    And stupid bloody Michele at the end talking about making the merge – yeah, through luck rather than strategy.

  4. So ultimately, the tribe blindsided Odette because she *didn’t* really fit into anybody’s alliance and they all saw her as a potential threat come merge.

    Farewell, Odette. We hardly knew you, but you got a pretty classy exit, and for that, we salute you.

    Meanwhile, totally called it. Merge on Sunday. Henry has somehow scraped through to the tribal merge. Now, things get *nuts*.

  5. I’m sooo relieved it was Odette purely because she was the winner pick on Sportsbet. Last year it was Kristie and it was assumed someone had leaked it. I had been trying to avoid betting odds but some idiots posted it on the offical Survivor AU Fbook page. So for weeks I have been trying to figure out how Odette wins – and, yay, doesn’t!

  6. Also, not smart of Ziggy to do so well in that rope challenge. DO not Demonstrate what a physical threat you are right before the merge.

  7. If producers and editors knew that Odette was going halfway through the game, why fuck all air time until the last 2 episodes? She must’ve been almost silent during camp! I’m dumbfounded at the fact that she is gone and morons like Annaleise, Michelle and Sarah are still there.

    They’re all stuffed come the merge. At least from now on it becomes a completely different game. All the alpha’s will be out to destroy each other.

    • Yeah, but that means the Lukes and Henrys and Lockys will be too busy turning on each other to worry about the Michelles and Taras who can now skate through undetected.

    • Michelle is a good chance now to go far. She is not a physical threat and even though people like Jarrad know she can be trouble, the targets will be on Henry, Locky, Luke and Ziggy. Sarah could well have her own posse of Tara, Annaleise and Michelle.

      • Agreed. This is the point where the misfits band together a la Sarah, Michelle etc. I just would’ve liked to have seen Odette enter into the larger community to a situation where she has to start trusting certain groups rather than just hanging back and playing as a number. Unfortunately we saw so little of her that I’m confused as to whether she had an extremely good poker face and had a huge move up her sleeve, or she played it too cool and just didn’t really want to be there. I wonder if her gameplay would have been any different had she been on the other tribe?

        That’s what I said, Wind. The alpha’s (L, L and H) will just find a way to decimate each other, with Luke I’d say probably first. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Michelle and even Tara are there for quite a long game.

      • That is EXACTLY my problem with Michelle. She has been damn lucky to get where she is and there are way bigger targets in the firing line, so she is exactly the kind of goat to tether at the end. My problem is that she is NO Kirstie, with some challenge skills, but she is casting herself in that light. YUCK YUCK YUCK.
        I would be gunning hard for Luke, Ziggy, Sarah and Henry. Locky, not so much as I think he is not smart. There will be challenges which he can’t win on strength so he will be fairly easy to pick off. But Henry and Ziggy are great at all aspects, so much greater threats.

        • I find Michelle’s whole manner offputting, Imuch preferred the days when she got little to no air time. So while I think you’ve all predicted correctly, I’m not happy about it. There is one big difference between Michelle and Kristie is that she didn’t make enemies and wasn’t overt in playing the game.

  8. Is Jarrad injured? His tribemates basically told him he should sit out the immunity challenge and he agreed immediately. Otherwise makes no sense to put Locky in – big guys always flounder in that type of challenge

    • They figured his endurance and stamina would get him through. I guess they all underestimated how taxing the conditions were.

  9. Ziggy was amazing in that challenge. Mental and physical strength.
    Lucky she’s got an idol with Thanks from her team winning immunity and sending her out for the super idol.

    Wish Tara was sent home as per tribal vote a couple of weeks ago. She just annoys me big time. Accuses Sarah of flipping. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Odette didn’t play the game just coasted along. Time for her to go and she was a bit dull to watch if I can be honest.

  10. They’re having some strange team challenges this season. Some of them are usually individual challenges. But now Ziggy & Jericho have put a target on their backs. No one will want to go up against them in the final challenge.
    And finally they merge next week.

    • Yeah, I think Ziggy is up there with the three alpha males as a target, and I wonder if all the less-capable players start banding together to take them out. Or if everybody’s separate tribal alliances will stay strong going forward?

  11. Odette must be one of the few players who are eliminated for being both “a threat” and “doesn’t know how to play Survivor so she is no threat” simultaneously.
    Personally I think she was holding her cards back, and probably did it too far into the game.

    Getting very disappointed with Jericho as he keeps setting up big moves and then reneging on them.

  12. Enjoying everyone’s comments. To answer the question “Will we ever find out if Odette is playing a supremely fliexible under-the radar game or if she’s a goat?”, I plump for goat.

    You can make up the numbers and vote with the majority up to a point, but to win you have to have a good enough social game to realise what’s happening and enough mongrel in ya when they come gunning and Odette never showed us any mettle. Unlike Michelle (whose earnest humorlessness when she performs her assassinations I loathe) who turned the tables on poor 20-years-going-onto-16-year-old-schoolboy-virgin Ben. During that Tribal Council Michelle did remind me of Kristie in the way she marshalled her argument but when Ben had to dig deep: he’s got nuthin’. I feel the same way with Odette.

    However, Kristie took out Phoebe and slunk back into the shadows; Michelle first showed her colours during the Tribal when she laid out Henry’s plan of trying to control both teams (which Jacqui his so-called partner didn’t even realise) and I wondered whether Michelle piped up out of ego to show how smart she was – why show your true conniving abilities to
    put a target on your back unnecessarily.

    I think you have to earn the win and much as I cannot stand Michelle she has scrambled hard, as has Sarah, who knew her head was on the chopping block and threw up Odette’s name first – and it paid off. I thought Jericho was going to vote her out, but maybe her saying she knows what’s going to happen after merge (based on feelers she put out at the Italian feast) as well as her previous cultivation of relationships swung in her favour. That was not an accident.

    • I don’t mind Sarah and I think she is playing like a real alpha female in a stick thin body. The modelling world must have taught her to claw her way to the top, while saying, “Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave”. I mean, how is she not out after the mutiny fiasco.

      I’d rather see someone earn their place than have it handed to them, overbetter players, by the producers.

      • I think Sarah is playing a great game. She has the social stuff completely under control – I’m wondering though if her habit of playing both sides will be her undoing. It only needs a clued in player like Tess or Henry to expose her.

    • I agree about Sarah. I’m really enjoying her game, and I think she’s doing a pretty good job. After all, her alliance collapsed out from under her, but she got everybody back inside fast enough to get them to vote for Odette and save herself. She’s also, so far, the only player to figure out the danger that Luke poses, and stay one step ahead of him.

      Michelle, for contrast, is being carried along and bares her fangs when she needs to save herself, but Sarah seems to be actually playing the game very well, and I like that. I always liked Tess, but I’m finding myself cheering for Sarah more and more.

  13. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the other players after the merge. In particular, I thought Tessa was amazing at the start to turn the votes to save herself, but she has had almost no edit since. I want to see her get moving.

    From the last episode it seems that there may be three alliances starting from merge – Asunder (if they stick together), and then Summertowel divided into two, slightly unequal groups. But seriously, I am expecting all those alliances to splinter and new ones to form quite quickly.

  14. I had better be careful at pottery because, like Sarah, I have been playing “both sides”. My non commital laughing it off is taken for agreement. So without meaning to, I have joined two alliances. I guess I am the “swing vote”.
    I had a giggle today and said, “Loosen up or you’ll lose your creative flow”. 😂😂😂
    If thefe is a twist, then I might be evicted on the roll of the producer’s dice.

  15. Michelle is such a bitch. She’s right it was in Tessa’s best interest to share the letters but Michelle said it in such a catty way.

    • I know, I couldn’t believe she actually said that. Like, okay, obviously, but actually stating it like that?

      I think with Michelle there’s very little filter. If she thinks something, she says it. I’m not sure that’s such a great thing for “Survivor”.

      • Yes, as well as lacking a filter I think that she is not very bright (but thinks she is) that too is not an advantage for Survivor.

  16. Old “crazy eyes” lochie. With his beard.
    Also why have I not known till now Jericho was an air hostess. I can’t unsee it

    • Jericho is a very strange little fellow. He seems to be existing on an entirely different plane (no pun intended) than the other contestants.

  17. Do you know what really bothers me Michelle besides everything about you? That bloody green bikini top. That wouldn’t even look good in the real world. Much nicer when you throw the singlet on

  18. Wow didn’t see that coming. Yes, tesss it had to be Michelle with her chiselled jaw and masculine features.
    Jarrod wasn’t a big player though was he. Good luck with your life j-rod or as auto correct just corrected j-rid!

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