1. Tessa did a radio interview with a local station, this morning, and she said something that stuck with me. She said that she felt her one, single mistake? Was not managing Luke enough. Luke’s fine when he’s got a bone to chase or a toy to play with. If you can keep him on track, then he’ll do what other people want him to. But Tess said that the second you lose track of Luke, he’ll go rogue. Which I thought was an interesting observation, because that’s the impression I get from watching.

    Anyway, my gosh, Michelle is irritating. Sweety, you’ve been flipping into and out of alliances for the last 40 days, now. You do not have the right to lecture other people on the merits of loyalty.

      • She was so, so angry I was thinking it had to be act! If you are mad at someone on Survivor you should never tell them to their face

    • It’s Survivor, short for Connivor. Anyone who gets on their high horse and starts whining about morality is going to look like a hypocrite, or a pious fool for going on a show that requires them to be sneaky and dishonest. It’s like playing Monopoly but not wanting to be money and land hungry.

      • There’s been a few religious people on the US version who have struggled with the lying & deceit they’ve had to do as it goes against their nature & beliefs. But you just have to remember it’s a game & normal rules don’t apply.

        • The first thing to remember playing “Survivor” is that the golden rule is not, “Do to people as you would have them do to you.”

          The golden rule is, “Do to people *before* they do to you.”

        • Jericho doesn’t seem to be having any trouble setting his faith aside, and lying and deceiving with the best of them.

  2. Hilarious that Tara was the one who was desperate for KFC and was the one who lost it for her team.
    I’d be much more excited about fresh fruit or veg if I hadn’t had any for weeks.

    • Yeah, KFC tends to do bad things to my stomach. I would’ve asked for Maccas or a nice Sub or something, I think :).

    • Has anyone here mentioned Tara’s weight loss yet? Pretty good. Lochie told her she looked good when they merged. The teams merged.

      • Lol Daisy – there were people on Facebook complaining about them spooning. It’s cold out there! I reckon all the preservatives in the KFC would mess with their bodies. I would have had some chicken, then peeled the coating off to have more chicken, then eaten heaps of salad. Was good to see the classic log roll challenge. I did love JLap’s bemusement watching the charades. Videos of various contestants being jellyfish will haunt them for years

        • I notice it seems to be cold this year. They are often wearing jackets & it has rained a lot. I thought Samoa was warm all year round. Didn’t realise it got cold there. Was this filmed at the same time of year as last years season? I don’t remember them being cold & it hardly rained at all.

      • A spoon with Tara is a wooden spoon.

        Stranded on an island, $8 Coles chicken is better than Kentucky Fail Chicken.

        Tara, Michelle , I can’t believe they’re still here. Tara’s thighs merged but hadn’t noticed any weight loss

  3. I think it was Jazzman who first pointed out the aesthetic felony that is Michelle’s green bikini top, it only gets uglier the dirtier it gets.
    And such a surprise that Tara didn’t perform better in the immunity challenge.

      • I actually have no idea what barrel racing is. Maybe when she leaves & is doing interviews they will ask her. Tess wasn’t on Studio 10 or the Project yesterday. Are they no longer going on these shows when they leave?

      • Tess has moved to London since filming the show, thou I would have thought she would still have to fulfil media requirements.

        • I found this : Barrel racing is a rodeo event in which a horse and rider attempt to complete a cloverleaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time. Though both boys and girls compete at the youth level and men compete in some amateur venues and jackpots, in collegiate and professional ranks, it is primarily a rodeo event for women. It combines the horse’s athletic ability and the horsemanship skills of a rider in order to safely and successfully…etc

          How rivetting is that? Awesome.

          I can’t see Tara on anything more than a rocking horse, myself. Pity the horse that has to carry her.

  4. Michelle: “I didn’t take that exclusion personally! And that’s the totally the reason I’ve spent the last two days wanting revenge against Sarah. Because it’s not personal.”

  5. I’ve been quite disdainful of Jericho in the past, however I’m starting to think he’s more astute than he appears. I thinl he should get the credit for psyching Ziggy into playing her idol.

    • And his comment about not diving into a rip after somebody, because he’ll just drown with them? I have a feeling that was directed at Sarah all along.

      I’m still mad at them for not knifing Michelle. WHAT’S IT GOING TO TAKE, CASTAWAYS?!?

    • Ziggy has really wasted all he idol leverage. They shld gun for her next because ofher tbreat at challenges.
      Has Ziggy got a personality?

  6. Damn it, my three favourite contestants, all ousted within three nights.

    But when JLap said there were, “7 great players left!”, I couldn’t help but say out loud, “Closer to five and a half, Jonathon, but okay.”

  7. Tara basically stepped off the log in the challenge. She may not be good at winning but she is also not good at trying. Weirdly, on some level she actually irritates me way less now that she’s shed some weight. I don’t know why because she has had the same attitude all game. Some sort of psychological level response I guess…?

    Michelle is an annoying ferret – burrowing in where she’s not wanted. The longer she stays in the game the bigger her head gets because she thinks she’s a champion.

    Ziggy is just… she’s hard to read.

    • Michelle’s thrown her lot in with the ex-Summer-towels, which makes me curious because, does she think she’s sitting on top of that ladder?

    • Spot on about Tara not trying Stacey. One would think a ‘barrel racer’ would have some sort of competitive spirit. Her lack of effort in challenges is just reflection of her lack of effort in other aspects of the game, I think that’s why I find her so annoying. It doesn’t help that she reminds me of one of my worst flatmates ever (both in personality and appearance).
      Good call re Michelle also.

      • That’s true they’ve been focussing more on Michelle – the viewers would mutiny if there was both of them all the time.

      • My take is that Michelle is so, so awful that Tara just looks mildly irritating by contrast. It doesn’t feel like Tara is actually malicious, so that helps. I thought she was very funny when she tongue-in-cheek proclaimed she was the third one who looked like Ziggy and Sarah before the challenge.

  8. Sarah’s jury villa video was pretty non-eventful. Tess and Henry both interview wanting to talk to her about their respective votes and what happened, but they don’t really show us anything beyond Sarah eating and freshening up.

    She only lost about 2 kilos, which is interesting, but she was tiny and skinny to begin with (so she didn’t have much to lose), and she admitted to probably eating more than her share of the rice.

  9. Those charades were hilarious. Didn’t have a clue what half of them were doing. Some acted like monkeys but there wasn’t a monkey one there. One of the pictures looked like a penguin, but none of them did the penguin waddle.
    I’d be hopeless at the log roll, I don’t have very good balance. I’d fall off straight away.
    Someone was telling Ziggy to play her idol for Michelle. Why the hell would she do that? In the end neither of them needed it.

    • Peter told her to play it for Michelle, because he knew that Ziggy’s name wouldn’t come up and MIchelle was on their side now, I think Ziggy was just spooked by what happened to Henry.

  10. Wow Ziggy. What a waste. Are we crediting Jerry for getting into her psyche?
    Interesting Comments from Henry that she is not good at strategy.
    I think Michelle is useless but supremely annoying, so I would have loved to see her and her rubbish commentaries in the rancid green bra get snuffed out,
    But Sarah was Definitely harder to beat and way better at the game.so they picked the right one!

    • The ones that did better, helped by visually describing the shape of the animal as well as their action.
      Also I wonder how much time they had to talk about it before hand. If they could, i would have come up with certain signals for hard to describe animals.

      • Yeah they seemed to get better as they came up with standard actions for the animals, Tara just stuffed it up with not knowing/paying attention to the gecko one.

        • Yes, it seemed to me that it was pretty obvious (easy to say when you know) but Sara used the exact same motion and Luke got it besides there were no other animals that would have been climbing up a wall.

    • Pretty much. Of everybody there, I’d want to be sitting next to Michelle, in front of any jury panel.

      All you’d have to do is point out that she was useless in challenges, constantly flipped into and out of alliances from start to finish, was in love with the sound of her own voice, took things personally while declaring that she wasn’t, took credit for everyone else’s moves, and frankly? She just wasn’t a very nice person to be around.

      Not to mention, I feel like Michelle would be terrible on the jury, because she’d just be angry that you voted her off.

  11. Tonight Mastermind Tara is going to try and betray Locky, according to the promos. Watching the encore now, not many people I like left.

    The goats are leading the goats. Something’s got to blow.

    • It’s hard to care once the producers meddle. Even harder after Henry and AK got out. I might have gone for Sarah.
      Jericho : weasel Luke: King Julien Michelle: the office bitch
      Ziggy: too dum, no personality and throws away idols and super powers
      Tara: the whiner Lochie: dumb but probably top of my list now

      • LOLing at “Michelle: the office bitch”.

        Locky isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but his social game is pretty good (he’s gotten this far), and he’s physically strong enough to go on an immunity rampage from this point on.

    • Seems strange seeing that she and Locky can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Wonder if they have an agreement to follow the game to the end and then start a relationship.

  12. Locky just liked something I wrote about him on the Australian Survivor FB page.

    I’m feeling surprisingly chuffed about it.

  13. I’ve come round to liking Luke again. He was very quiet last night, seemed happy to sit back and let Michelle shovel all the blame onto Sarah. Even though he would annoy me silly in real life, at this point I think he is most deserving to win. My emotional favourite (having lost all my real ones) is now Locky. Ziggy would be OK but she needs to show something more from now on.

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