Australian Survivor – Sun, Sep 3

There’s some kind of swappy not-a-merge thing happening tonight on Australian Survivor, because we had a promo of JLap saying: “Drop your buffs.”
This could be good news for Odette, who’s on the outs at Teal, and Zen Hen, who’s too much of a threat for AK/Tess/Jarrad and co. over at pink.
And, tonight, we’ll see Ziggy’s return from her quest to find the super idol. AK may be planning a blindside to get the idol out of the game, but the shuffle could stay his hand.



  1. From the ads, AK and Tara wind up back on the same tribe (the blue tribe). So it looks like a mild swap, or maybe a slight reshuffle? But I’d be surprised if one of those two people wasn’t going home, tonight.

    Thusly, if he’s extremely lucky, Henry might just make it through the end of the week without having his torch extinguished.

  2. Yes Tara, we’re all surprised (and hugely disappointed) that you’re still here. And yes Tara, it is obvious you don’t run or swim etc.

  3. Luke and Tara are so obnoxious.
    I’ll also include Michelle and Sarah in that group.

    Tara remains useless in the challenges. Get rid of her AK.
    That tribe swap made no sense to me and Ziggy finding the super idol is not fair to the other tribe members that won immunity.

  4. When are the others going to twig that Tara doesn’t even try in challenges and just relies on the others to put in the effort needed.
    Good for Peter that he brought it home for his new tribe.

  5. So after a minor tribe shuffle …

    Ben and Michelle wind up on the same team, and that team immediately loses the next challenge.

    Oh, but I’m actually kind of excited that Peter and Jericho wound up on the same tribe. I’m imagining cute make-out sessions on the beach watching the sunset, and other silly things, heheh.

  6. Michelle is another one with no insight into herself. She was never really at the top in pink and was on the bottom for a significant chunk of the series so far.

  7. As irritating as AK is, gosh, I’ll give him props for figuring out the blue team’s power structure within a matter of minutes. He even figured out that Luke’s in charge and has Jericho as one of his minions (which I don’t think that any of Luke’s own team-mates have figured out).

    And wasn’t it fun watching Tara squirm as AK worked his magic? Even if everybody ended up seeing straight through him.

    • This! I was still finding him very irritating last night, but the way he was able to figure out the alliances was very impressive!

  8. I wasn’t an AK fan to start with but watching him try to get along with people and Tara with her down mouth, whinging and looking like she’d been sucking on a lemon – gee, I wonder which one would be more pleasant to have around. At least he’s trying and not relying on luck – I really hope Luke isn’t successful at getting him out. Luke’s “stirring the pot” has gotten old really fast.

  9. Oooh, was AK just really clever setting up Tara to be the first to fail and therefore putting a target on her if they lose?
    If he was it may have backfired.

  10. Locky is the man! Those biceps!
    Tara useless in the challenge once again. Why target the strongest guy, if the blue team focussed on Ziggy it would have weakened the team but Locky was always going to outlast. He’s a beast.
    For the love of God send Tara home .
    You are spot on Jayblossom, Luke’s stirring the pot is tiresome. I can’t stand Luke.

    • I was super impressed by Locky’s resilience, there. I mean, he even said that he’d outlast whoever they threw against him … and he did. Damn.

  11. AK kind of proved his worth during the immunity challenge, though, by immediately telling his new tribe-mates exactly what his old tribe-mates were about to do (and they did exactly what he said they’d do).

    Meanwhile, Tara was in a challenge where the whole point of the challenge was standing still and not moving … and she still failed. Really, Tara?

  12. I know we all hate Tara for being lazy and generally quite annoying, but gosh, the entire segment of plotting and scheming before Tribal Council? I couldn’t stop myself from shouting at the screen, “Just get rid of Luke already!” I think they really need to. A madman is running the asylum, basically, and IIRC only Sarah has realised it.

    • And his little lapdog/sidekick Jericho, you really can’t tell where his head is at. What happened to world domination by cookie ?

    • They don’t seem to see Luke and “Jerry” as a couple, but for the purposes of the game, they seem to be acting as one!

  13. Are these people stupid? Or what? And that smug look on Tara’s face, listen love it has nothing to do with your game play.

    • I really thought Tara imagined that the comment from JLap (about big moves exposing the big movers) was directed at her. Good god. She had a smug look on her face that I wanted to whack so hard….

  14. AK did not deserve to go. The producers made a mistake there with putting him into the other tribe.
    AK was interesting to watch, Luke and Tara need to be voted out soon please.

    • Tara, I’d like to see go next because she’s smug and annoying, but I really think the best thing for the castaways is to get rid of Luke. He’s playing a great game, but that makes him really dangerous, and Sarah’s the only one who’s clued into it so far.

  15. So they did it. They knocked out the king. I was kind of hoping there’d be a twist and they’d actually eliminate Luke, but it wasn’t to be. I wonder if that’s gonna hurt them in the long run, though. AK is smart and at least he’s strong. Keeping Tara around is only going to make winning challenges that much harder.

    The tribe stuck with Luke’s original plan to oust AK while telling AK to vote for Tara. It was hard not to notice Tara’s look of joy while AK was getting his torch extinguished. But Sarah abstained from the vote, she voted for “Peter” while everyone else voted for AK. She must’ve known there was no danger of Pete going home, so I wonder why?

    • Odette must have known she was on the bottom so why not flip!? I would team up with AK. He is “in” with the other tribe and the actual merge can’t be too far off.

  16. Wow, Ziggy is some story teller. Some people bought it & some didn’t.
    Well that tribe swap was a bit of a let down. Not much changed.
    That challenge was crazy, those buckets looked HEAVY. You could see the strain on them trying to hold onto them.

    • And Ziggy looked like she would be in a great position with the suspicious AK gone. . . But the trailer makes it look like she blows her advantage and exposes her advantage to equally suspicious Henry.

  17. Waaaaaaaaah. Bloody Tara, who was booted out is still there, and had the cheek to be laughing. I was hoping for the host to say, “Off for a night at exile island and a tribe switch”. I mean why the hell did Tara get put back in the game. Really, that move was so unfair.
    Now to Luke. Why are they not targetting him. He is acting like King Louie (or whatever the Sacha Baron’Cohen critter was called) on Madagascar. An idiot with an over inflated sense of his own magnificence.
    I am pissed off thatAK is gone. It was a stupid move from Sarah and Odette.

    • I can’t get Odette going with Luke over AK. Luke is such a loose cannon that you could easily find yourself outed by his wild moves. Whereas AK is way easier to predict – it’s all about AK and his self interest…

  18. Woke up. Still annoyed AK was gone because it was only due to producer manipulation. Tara there, only due to producer manipulation. This is how they killed the game last year too.
    I am wondering what others on sm are thinking of a good player ousted and Tara unfairly kept in.

    • I’m still enjoying this season,and I think it’s been a good season so far but yeah, it’s been twenty-days so far and some of these people are definitely on my nerves.

  19. Tara makes a good goat. It’s so disappointing when they do these tribe swaps and only a few people change, but at least it’s not a repeat of last year’s travesty and the one-sided captain’ pick

    • Yeah, now that you mention it I can totally see Tara there at the final tribal council.

      The eliminated castaways: So why should we give you the money?
      Tara: I might not have been the strongest competitor, but at least I was nice!
      LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE: You weren’t even that nice!

      • And the whole viewing population – you were CRAP Tara! Delusional, lacking in talent, unable to read play, and just plain lucky to still be there. . .

          • And you tried to reinvent yourself as “just a stay at home mother” as an EXCUSE for your total ineptness after your “I’m a fricking barrel racer” gambit failed dismally as a competition tactic.
            (And FYI – most stay at home mothers that I know are about 50 million degrees more competent and a damn sight more pleasant and fun than you. Just sayin’.)

  20. Okay survivor fans – what is the strategy of Sarah writing down Peter? I am not sure how to read that. Interested in your opinions.

  21. I must like Tara because I am doing a Tara this morning; spat the dummy, held my breath, stomped my feet, slammmed a door, scowled, and screamed”Waaaaaaah. Bring back AK. I’m taking my bat and going home”. That girl was an ungracious loser AND an ungracious winner.

  22. Tara gets a lot of camera time for a contestant who adds nothing to the game and has already been sent packing. She’s sitting at TC like an entitled,smirking cane toad… a pest.

    Good luck to anyone buying Ch 10.

  23. Aside from Tara being easily *the* most annoying person out of all the campmates, the absolute worst thing about her is the constant fact that she thinks all of the gameplay are HER big moves. In her tiny peanut brain she thinks she is controlling the votes. She was like that in the last tribe too.
    “I’m pulling off the biggest move in the game yet!” Omg Tara you genius. Asunga and Summatar are under your rule.

    Even the contestants don’t know how to pronounce their own tribes names. Mispronunciation is a massive pet peeve of mine along with spelling/grammar. “Youse” is one of those words that make my brain hurt.

    • Tara seems to have forgotten she was voted out, except when she wants to blame AK for it. My fingers are crossed for Tara, Luke and Michelle for eviction, especially Tara and Luke. Luke is soooo cocky, with only a peabrain to back up his words.

    • Stacey, how about, “axed for asked”? How does anyone get axed out of asked?

      I love Judge Judy having to explain to her idiots the differenced between loaned and borrowed. ” I borrowed him $20″. No, you loaned him $20″.
      My dogs speak more correct English than some of JJ’s cast.

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