Australian Survivor, Sun, Sept 10

Michelle talked her way out of being booted last week, but will she be so lucky tonight if she winds up at tribal again? And will there be any fallout from Ziggy’s idol reveal?
Survivor is also on tomorrow night, but next week, we get a triple treat, with Ten playing it Sun, Mon AND Tues. Woo hoo!

How funny is this:

AK wore it best, but Luke wins versus Kent



      • Michelle would drive me bonkers but I give her credit for knowing she needs to deflect attention from herself and sussing out Henry’s idol clue fakeout with Jericho

  1. Right from the point where Tara picked up the club and held it upside-down, I just started laughing.

    I liked that the other team picked Pete to accompany them on the Italian feast reward. It seemed to be, well, he’s going home anyway, so we might as well do something nice for him.

  2. “I’m still dirty at Sarah for saying yes.”

    Well what was she supposed to say, Luke? “Although I’ve been living on rice and water for a month, no, I’m not interested in an awesome Italian feast.” They had garlic bread, Luke. What kind of monster denies the joys of garlic bread?

  3. Odette had good reason to be pissed off at Jericho, she was giving good advice for the puzzle and he was just all over the shop.

  4. I have to agree with Tara, because that entire segment of scheming and plotting was *exhausting* to watch.

    I really hope it’s Luke to go tonight.

  5. What the!
    Mutiny choice.
    I hate the way this season has interfered with the process of voting out each week.

    Producers manipulating the outcome.
    Asaga is finished as a tribe. Samatau will canabilise them.

  6. This is complete BS!!! US Survivor production leads competitors to the hidden idols, Oz just manipulate TC when their chosen one is about to be voted out. There is no competition when production decimates a tribe to what it perceives as a requirement for it’s, productions, survival. Fuck you producers, for treating us with complete contempt. You’ve lost a viewer.

        • Just ” you know the twists are preplanned”. But they didn’t specify if they are preplanned for a specific week. Anyway, I hate that they give themselves licence to meddle. That was a good show last night, and a good tribal, and I was waiting to see the outcome, hoping Luke would get the boot…..the anti climax. Some on fb liked the twist, but it seems most felt ripped off.

    • How was this different to the last US season where the producers eliminated a player without even a vote being held, because they didn’t like something he said? That was a much bigger travesty than a mere TC twist.

      • His politics weren’t “correct”. But I think Jonno was speaking for the group, saying, “Everyone hates you now”. Didn’t know that was in the Survivor rule book. If everyone hates your political pursuasion, you’re off.
        Better not be any Kim Jong Un supporters there.

        • You know I am not a fan of being told what to think or say according to a political agenda or the masses. I think ppl shd be able to disagree, even if you think they are wrong, but it is no longer about right or wrong. It is now the virtuous v the monsters. ๐Ÿ‘ผ
          That’s me being virtuous. ๐Ÿ˜™ But that’s just a theory, a game theory.
          Sorry too much gamer you tube from my grandson has stuck in my head.

        • Putting aside the politics of what happened then, what I didn’t like was the high-handed attitude of Jeff and the producers. With everything that had happened, there might have been good reasons to not eliminate a player who has just got everyone offside. Surely you might want to sit with them at finale – you would be guaranteed that no-one wants to give them the prize money. Not allowing the vote to go ahead meant that nobody could consider the tactic that might suit them best, and making them all agree verbally that they would have voted for him was just peer pressure.

          Anyway, rant over. I just wish they could see past the emotional issue and realise the impact on the game.

          • My problem is, it’s not how we learned to debate in high school. Each side had to listen to the other, and there was no name calling.

  7. Stupidly, we thought they’d learn something from last year but apparently not. I’m not over them manipulating it to keep Tara in and then they go and do this. Grrrrrr.

  8. This show’s going to go on forever. That’s 3 times no one got voted off.
    It’s always hilarious when they are blindfolded & someone has to guide them. They always bump into things
    I was so confused about who was getting voted off when they went to tribal council. then no one went.

  9. Bhhhhaaaahhh. Bloody cheating when producers interfere like that. I was so looking forward to see how they voted. I reckon it was going to be Luke. But producers manipulated the outcome AGAIN. That’s it. I am mutineering and snuffing my torch.
    Check out Survivor fb. Mostly unhappy viewers. Comments are mostly, “Let them play and stop interfering”.

  10. I got an immediate reply from fb production saying, “You know the twists are preplanned, right?”
    I said, “Preplan my not watching anymore”.

    • Pre~planned my Arsunga. Hard to feel compa$$ion for Ch 10 going broke when these appalling intrusions from the producers occur. I’m not watching to see these people hang around.

      I want a Tribal Council, not a concocted circus.

  11. Odette is legit walking blindfolded through the entire game not just that challenge. She has no game play what so ever and should’ve jumped at the chance at working with sarah.

    • I cannot figure Odette out at all. I was giving her credit for keeping her head down and not painting a target on her back by being seen to be awesome at challenges, smart and not getting involved in being on the wrong side of an alliance.
      But I am now thinking a little like you, Stirlssss – I am not at all sure it’s a strategic move. Does she really have no game play?

      • It’s so hard to tell because she gets little air time. But same was true for Kristie last year and look how that turned out

        • Kristie sprung to my mind too. I really like Odette, I’m on the side of clever rather than blind but I can understand why other people think she has no game play.

      • I’m inclined to think that she is playing smart rather than having no game play. When someone tries to manipulate her, she is very careful to be non-committal. Nobody seems to see her as a threat yet (which speaks to a good social game) but nobody views her as a goat either. I think she is walking a clever tightrope. The question will be – where will she slot in when the merge comes?

        • That was my first inclination as she seems very capable (always a good competitor, seems to get what to do quite quickly in challenges, etc). But i’m on the fence now and wondering whether she really is playing a strategic game at all.

  12. I’m a bit surprised by the angst here about the “twist”. I didn’t have any problem with it at all, especially as it is clear that merge will now happen before any further votes because the teams are too uneven. I don’t mind non-eliminations, and tribe switches are OK as long as they don’t skew the power artificially. I think at the moment there are lots of these things happening to start creating links/relationships before the merge.

    Have to say I think they are doing a fabulous job with the challenges this year. So inventive and varied. Interesting to note that Michelle’s hand shot up to sit out again.

    I thought it funny that Tara was so confused, when the confusion was all her fault because she forgot that they were not meant to be telling Jericho what the real plan was. Luke must have been banging his head (inside his head) when he joined that conversation when Tara had spilled the beans. I wonder how long it will be before Jericho realises that there was another plan, and he was going to be left out of it.

    The only downside of the TC was that we didn’t get rid of Sarah (boo hoo) but it wasn’t guaranteed anyway.

    My priority list to get rid of is now: Michelle, Sarah, Tara, followed by all the non-entity hangers-on. I don’t want to see the strong players eliminated because we will end up with a final three who will be competing on the basis of who did the most of the least.

    • They call it a “twist”. I call it cheating. I wasted an hour watching with my hopes up that King Julien would get the boot. And you know what Dr Phil says when an hour of your life is wasted.
      It was like buying tickets to see Rodriguez, lining up for an hour, only to find out it was Barry Manilow playing.

    • Agreed that the challenges this year have been really clever and inventive.

      I think it was nice to see Luke on the defensive for a change. He’s trying to run the show, at the moment, and it all started to get away from him last night. There’s too few people, too much cross-plotting, and like you said, Tara is not someone who can be manipulated.

  13. I agree the twist kinda subverts the entire point of the show, but actually, I’m with Fijane, I really didn’t take that much issue with it. We’ve seen far worse examples of producer interference, like most of the middle third of last season. But I do think that once per season is enough for twists like that. If they get trigger happy, it just ruins the flow of the season. As said… Let the contestants just play.

    But it was either Peter or Sarah, and I like both of them, so I’m kinda glad they got a stay of execution (although I don’t expect Sarah to stick around much longer, not thanks to crime boss Luke). Nobody realises the danger Luke poses. If they did, they’d be a lot more active in trying to knife him. I think that’s why Odette is hanging back at the moment.

    And like Fijane said, the merge has to be soon. It’s dominating the conversation at the moment, and with the current numbers, I’d be shocked if it wasn’t tonight or Sunday.

    • I see the twist as a “spectacular disappointment” After all, I’d just gutsed out an hour and a half of The Block expecting an uber lazy couple to be sent packing, and it didn’t happen ‘cos $cotty crowed a lot of morality then chickened out.
      I went to Survivor, thinking someone’s going to be snuffed out and got the Clayton’s mutiny. Thanks to Fijane and Juz for pointing out the insanity of calling that “mutiny” .

  14. I probably would have been fine with the twist last night but I’m still not over Tara and Annaleise getting to stay when they had been voted out. If you’re voted out you should be out.

    • Annalise wasn’t even voted out. It was Tara but they sent Annalise to keep her company. I’m guessing they knew she wouldn’t have coped on exile by herself…and with the camera crew.

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