1. Particularly sadistic twist on the typical Survivor auction. Luke gets to sit out … but gets one of every item on the menu. Damn. I’m kind of hoping they’ll let him save a doggy bag so he can feed some of the others later on, but I don’t think the show is known for being *that* charitable.

    • I was wondering if he didn’t like something if he could have given it to someone else or shared it. How ridiculous was that whole cheesecake. As if anyone could eat that. It was HUGE.

    • He had like a 6 course meal, there. After a month of living on rice and rainwater? Yeah, his stomach is not going to be happy with him after that.

    • After all that food he got at the auction, it rather stunned me that he still kept eating when they got to their luxury tent.
      Notice he was the first to reach for the pizza?

    • Luke has his fun moments, but I would’ve happily swapped with Sarah if it meant escaping from being stuck with Michelle in a tent for the night. She’s very loud, and a little too self-obsessed for my liking.

  2. Sarah’s anger at Tess seems somewhat out of proportion. She’s only been in the same tribe as Tess for a short time so her feeling entitled to the night away is bizarre to me.
    Aaah after the ad break it begins to make sense.

  3. Geez, Henry better have his ear to the ground. Alliance or not, forces are starting to gather against him. Clever of Sarah to take advantage of Tessa’s choice to fabricate angst, but then side with her. And she spilled the beans to Jericho about Henry’s idol. Oooh, this just got interesting.

    I don’t see Luke sticking with the champagne alliance, so I imagine he’ll take umbridge with being told what to do and will report back to Henry. But Tessa has nobody left to help her, and Michelle has no idea what she’s really doing, does she?

    • And yet – Locky’s paranoia ” play the idol” was totally deserved tonight’
      But I think Tessa is the best player now that Henry was blindsided. Wow.

  4. And during yet another challenge, the first two people to drop out are Michelle and Tara. At this point, if you made it a drinking game? People would need to go to hospital for alcohol poisoning.

    Bad luck for everyone (but Tessa) that Tessa won the immunity challenge. There’s a monkey wrench in the plans. If they don’t end up targeting Petey, then I reckon Henry’s number is up. Too many people are gunning for him, and his secret re: his idol is out.

    • No, because if he does it will be because Locky twigged that he should, he’s too cocky to realise his peril.
      Btw Windsong, I don’t think you can handle the excitement either – you are very SHOUTY tonight. (I don’t mean that in any manner but nicely – I just feel your excitement).

      • I was literally shouting at my TV screen, that entire tribal council.

        He got ousted and he still had an idol in his pocket. The shame.

        • Mr Juz never watches US Survivor but he’s getting sucked in to this one. I think the last few episodes have sealed it. He was also yelling on the TV and demanding I fast forward through the ads

          • Longest ad break of all time on First Dates tonight. Right at the end. Big fail for Ch 7 there. Ingrates.

            Got to see last half hour of $urvivor. Geez, Henry went as meekly as a Yoga Instructor. You gotta go Om, now.

            Locky tried to give him the drum, props for that.

            Michelle thinks she’s a big shot , like that Cocaine Ca$$ie.

    • Sooo good and how good is Tessa! Luke can be thinking he is King but Tess is super smart and is really good at challenges.

  5. Noooooooo!

    Damn it. Henry was one of my favourite castaways! He was playing such an awesome game … but I said it last night, didn’t I? His over-confidence made him particularly vulnerable to a blindside, and here we are. Even Locky realised what was going to happen (and if even Locky was cluey enough to realise something that you missed? Then you were in trouble).

    I’ll miss him, though. I really will. He played a very good game, and ultimately, I think they only knifed him because he was such an obvious threat.

    But on the other side of that … Tessa survives her third attempted assassination (winning the idol helped, but the point stands). At this point, I’m beginning to suspect that Tessa is unstoppable.

    Plus, like the preview asked … who steps into the vacuum? Ziggy might be able to jump ship, but Locky and Tara are once again all alone. Jericho and Sarah can step out of Henry’s shadow and begin taking control, and there’s the threat of Luke’s megalomania on the horizon that still needs to be dealt with.

    And the (half) million dollar question … who goes next?

    • Henry was a really good player and if he’d played his idol of his own volition I would have been impressed but the fact that he was so clueless regarding his impending doom tells me his cockiness would’ve gotten him in the end. If you’re going to be a puppet master you need toe be sure that you are working with puppets.

    • Me too Windsong. Henry was great, but it was good play. Hen got too cocky. 🐔🐓
      I will sure miss Henry. He was like the Messiah.

  6. Now that was a blindside.
    Lochy is not that stupid, he kept telling Henry to play his idol. He should have listened to the big fella.
    Michelle taking credit for it. She really is delusional. She is super annoying and such a passenger.

    • Have you noticed that every time there’s a new plan in motion, Michelle seems to think that it’s all because of her? Like, she claims credit for everything? And at this point, she’s flipped on her own alliance like four times.

      She’s really, really irritating. Which makes her the perfect goat. She’s done nothing to earn the money, and she’s the person I would want to be sitting next to at final tribal. I doubt anyone else really likes her, beyond a number, either.

      • Finally, somebody has explained the term goat, Thanks Windsong.
        Michelle over estimates everything with respect to herself, her intellect, her gameplay, her opinions ….
        Meanwhile, interesting that both factions of the blindside chose to keep Tara in the dark, despite her protestations she is a known flipper and whilst I think Michelle is not very bright, she does shine compared to Tara who is just out and out dumb.

        • Yeah, I’m sure Juz mentioned that earlier, but yeah. It’s Survivor lore, these days. The goat is somebody you take along with you, and you just keep feeding them and protecting them and fattening them up … purely because you intend on sacrificing them at just the right moment later on.

        • Tara flipped once at the start, and was labelled. She has never been able to live it down, despite the fact she has stayed loyal, while others have continuously flipped throughout the game. Not praising her for this, – I now think she is too scared to move away from the comfort of Locky and try anything.

          I think this is the least “alliancy” season I have ever watched. Only a few seem to be particularly loyal through successive votes, and unlike the US version, people seem very forgiving of flippers.

  7. Remember way back to the first few episodes, when Tessa was on the verge of going home multiple times … she has done so well

  8. Oh my God, Henry joins the illustrious club of people going home with an idol in his pocket. He was told to play it, but no he knew better.
    And lucky Luke, getting everyone’s action item.
    I didn’t realise when they played the rocks for that item that the loser didn’t get her money back.

  9. My favourite part – cause I am kind of sad that big player Henry tripped over his own hubris – was how many people claimed credit for his blindside!!
    Sarah, Michelle, Luke were all waving their hands. I wanted to shake Michelle so much and say “merely voting for the person evicted doesn’t make you the prime mover”. All credit from me to Tessa for getting them over the line. Kudos to Sarah and Jericho for sneakiness.

    • Yes and Tess kept quiet, it was really a Sarah and Tess combo that did it and how interesting that both were ginning for Henry before they knew the plans of the other.

      • A family member just watched all three eps together to catch up and I got to see snatches of the early eps, and I had forgotten (already!) that there were people gunning for Henry in both the previous votes. Both times he or Locky managed to deflect attention away.
        Seeing these again also made me realise how many challenges Tessa is starting to win – more than Ziggy.

  10. Tess also seems to attract a certain amount of luck, such as winning the night away. Her greatest asset is to be able to use whatever comes her way to sway others.

    I was very suspicious of her technique during the balance challenge. Her bow and ball hovered extremely close to her chest, and I am not convinced that it didn’t touch.

    Really going to miss Henry – my favourite. Hope he causes havoc on the jury.

    • It looked close to me too but I think there would have been accusations from the others if it had. I think Henry would have been keeping a close eye on her because he really didn’t want her to win.

      • We thought that too but agree that it would have been super closely monitored!! Tessa has showed very strong mental strength in some challenges.

    • Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, Henry was probably my favourite at this point as well. I’m gonna miss that dude. And nobody really figured out that he wasn’t actually a yoga instructor.

      Having said all that … The one thing I did take out of the episode was that it reminded of how much I like Tess. She’s smart and very tough, and she refuses to go out without a fight, an attitude that has kept her safe through multiple attempts to oust her.

  11. I was thinking that maybe Henry planned the Yoga Instructor line to also give him “alone time to be zen and laid back” – to cover for time spent feverishly hunting Idols that he won’t play. (oops. I’m letting go of him. . .it’s just taking a while)

  12. Henry’s jury villa episode was pretty interesting.

    He lost 9 kilos (from 91 down to 82, which is actually a significant chunk of his body weight), and his first thought when he finally looked in a mirror was, “I look like Jesus! Not a very good-looking Jesus. Sorry Australia.”

    He revealed to Annelise and Jarrad that he still had the idol, and while he was disappointed, he seemed in pretty good spirits about the whole thing. He led them in one final yoga class before revealing that he actually knows nothing at all about yoga, and that he’s a builder from Adelaide. His regret was that he felt like he tried to do *too* much, make too many alliances, manipulate too many people, which probably was his downfall in the end.

    We’ll miss you Henry. You were a champion. You should’ve listened to Locky, though.

    • Same. Between the Bachelorette and Survivor, my schedule is full. Glad the kids have now learnt to feed and water themselves.

      • I’m adding Judge Judy, Dr Phil ( when it’s not a rpt), First Dates, Bachette, afew good series; Preacher, Younger, a less good series; Glitch and pottery.
        I squeeze a life in around that. 🤣

        • I don’t watch all that much TV these days, to be honest.

          I don’t miss Bachelor/ette or Survivor, but that’s about it. I also catch “Have You Been Paying Attention?” just because I like to have a good laugh on a Monday. I’ll see what movies are on cable TV, and I’ll usually catch NRL games if I can (particularly this time of year when the finals are on), but no, I don’t think I watch that much at all.

          • So glad HYBPA is right after Survivor. I’ve always enjoyed it but forget when it’s not after a show I follow.

  13. I am sharing Foxtel and Stan with a girl from work yet all I seem to do is watch the current reality fave and then it’s re runs. I think I just like the chat and that I can bitch anonymously!
    Tessa is so fantastic and I have also been refraining from commenting on her beautiful hairstyles because all my comments do seem to be based on appearances, but oh well.
    Tara on the other hand. I think Tara would have stolen the jam if she had the chance

    • Yes I have Netflix and Foxtel but don’t watch a lot of either but stick with the Reality shows to chat about here.

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