1. I’m beginning to hope that Michelle does make it to the end and it’s because I find her so annoying. They say silver is the hardest medal and in Survivor if she makes it to the end she misses out on the “holiday time” in the jury villa and I can’t see any of the jury voting for her to win.

  2. I do like that Tara has finally figured out that Locky has been using her as a number from day dot.

    I’m kinda hoping that he wins immunity and it all blows up in her face, though.

    • So she’s twigged that Lochie would beat her at the jury council, but seriously who does she think she could beat.

      • She has the maternal, caring, “I kept my head down and didn’t really do anything too bad to anybody” thing going for her end-game. That could help her in front of a jury … but this jury is probably going to respect people who actually played the game and took risks, rather than conservative people who were being carried, so it’s hardly a sure thing for her if she makes it.

        • Surely her lack of trying (whilst being very trying) would count against her. Sure, I’d giver a chance against Michelle but anyone else not so much. The family man thing didn’t work out for Lee last year.

          • Yeah, he just ended up betraying too many people. But this season has seen alliances come and go on an episode-by-episode, hour-by-hour time-frame. Everyone has betrayed everyone else at least four times. I don’t think that’s going to be as much of a factor, for the jury, as it was last year. The jury is Henry and Sarah and Tessa and Jarrad, all people who enjoyed making big moves and playing the game, and I think they’ll respond well to that.

  3. So we’ve had the Cookie Army, and now Tara is slowly brewing a Lolly Army.

    This is not the season for diabetics, I’ll say that much.

  4. I’ve decided any strategy chat, where they all agreed to send a certain person home pretty much guarantees that person will win immunity!

  5. So naturally, Locky wins immunity on the day he was due to be ousted. It was hilarious seeing how disappointed Michelle and Tara were at the end. Like I said, Locky is the guy I can see going on an immunity rampage, at this point.

    Next question. Who are they getting rid of? Please say ‘Michelle’.

  6. No people, it’s not Ziggy or Luke. Why can’t you all just get rid of Michelle? You planned it, and then you all changed your mind! What’s the matter with you lot? Dehydration? Food deprivation? Too much sun? C’mon.

  7. Tara’s Yuuuge mistake was plotting to oust Locky before the immunity challenge, a trap for players who have left it until day 45 to make any sort of move.

    • I think it actually says good things about Locky’s social game that he’s made it this far, while playing Tara like a fiddle. And it took her 45 days to figure it out.

      And where he fails at that, he can just keep winning immunities to stay alive. He’s certainly capable of it.

  8. Look at that jury. That is a hairy, hairy jury. I feel like I’m looking at a shampoo commercial.

    Also, take note of the look of bored contempt on their faces whenever Michelle speaks. Hahahaha! Yeah, I want to be sitting next to Michelle at the end.

    Oh, and this is the second tribal council in a row where Jericho has subtly threatened to kill people. That is one sneaky little dude. Would you want to be sleeping in a poorly-constructed shack next to this guy, with half a million dollars on the line? Just something to consider.

    • I know they all have long hair & the guys hair are longer than the girls. Last year, can’t remember if it was the US or our version, there was a whole tribe all wearing glasses at tribal council. Don’t think I’ve seen so many people wearing glasses on Survivor before.

    • Didn’t you love the part where she totally revealed her game plan is to knife Ziggy and Locky as soon as she can?

      You go, Tara.

  9. So they took out the giant killer?

    I’m actually gonna miss him. And Jericho looked like he was close to tears right at the end, there. But you know, honestly? It had to be done. Even if he didn’t win a single immunity (and he hadn’t so far), he was too much of a thorn in everybody’s side.

    I also loved Luke’s parting words. “Where’s the food? I’m starving!”

    I think Michelle and Tara are going to go far (while the big name players continue knocking each other out), and I would be surprised if Michelle wasn’t on the final two (because *nobody* likes her). Ziggy and Locky have too much of a target on their back. If they don’t keep winning immunities, then they’re gone sometime next week. And I’m actually starting to think that Petey or Jericho might just sneak their way in right to the end.

    • I liked Luke more as he exited than ever during the competition, he was so good natured about it. I think he really was himself throughout.
      Jericho is really the only threat for challenges. Michelle and Tara both are hopeless physically and not smart enough to win any puzzle based challenge.
      Jericho is a strange little unit and it will be interesting to see how he go forward as an individual and not as Luke’s sidekick.

      • The Aussies are much more laid back & easy going when voted out than the Americans are. They tend to hold grudges more.

  10. I’m actually devo about that decision! Luke brightened up the show – him and all of his six personalities. I’ll miss the cookie army alliance. Out of everyone left I’d like to see Jericho or – dare I say it – Tara win.

    I’m sure no one would actually piss on Michelle if she were on fire.

  11. Tara, Peter and Michelle are such passengers in the game. The rest of the bigger players are too focused on taking other big players out and letting the passenger players who still make up the numbers pick them off, one by one.

  12. Luke certainly made for some interesting TV. I hope Ziggy is next. Guess that means I’m barracking for Jericho and, umm, Pete??

    • Luke explained the cookie plot to Henry and Sarah, and they both laughed about it all. Luke seemed in pretty good spirits, but I imagine the havoc he’ll cause at the final tribal council. That’ll be awesome.

  13. Oh shut up, Tara. That was not a “big move”. Simply turning on your own partner and getting your opponents to agree is an easy move. I hope she goes next just for claiming “big move”.

    • Same! It’s a teeny move. It’s the only move she’s made for 45 days after being practically comatose!
      And she totally miss-timed it to boot.
      Hope she gets jettisoned.
      I have no idea who I’m supporting now. At least the jury with all the big players will not be fooled by fake claims.

  14. Well I thought someone else may have a chance at immunity with that challenge, since it basically came down to luck. But Locky has a great memory. Who knew? I though they would have left the covers off once they took the item under it. Or weren’t they allowed to?
    So that fucked their plans to get rid of Locky. Thought they were finally going to get rid of Michelle, but no they voted for Luke.

    • The fact that Locky got back first gave him the advantage of watching and memorizing while the covers were upturned. Then it was equalized for the final round with Luke.

  15. The prediction of several weeks ago has come true. All the best and most interesting players are gone and we are left with the dross.

    I would like the elimination order from now on to be:
    Snake Michelle
    Smarmy Pete
    Sneaky Jericho
    …leaving the final three:
    Dumber-than-we-thought Tara
    Not-so-dumb-as-he-portrayed Locky, and
    Likeable-but-not-quite-in-the-loop Ziggy.
    From that point, either Locky or Ziggy as worthy winner (out of the three finalists, but definitely not out of the final 12).

    Unfortunately, while I have enjoyed this season, it has now deteriorated and I can’t see the final episodes being anything memorable.

    • Welcome to Connivor, where the brightest and best hardly ever win because they are the brightest and best, which = target.

  16. The only person I think is likeable there is Jericho – he’s taken over as my fave to win. He’s a sneaky and dangerous little dude and now he’s got a chip on his shoulder.

    There is something about Ziggy I don’t like – does she even know she is playing Survivor? I actually forget Pete is even there half the time he’s so quiet, but if Michelle makes the final 2 or 3 it will be a credit to her because she has fought tooth and nail to get there.

    Sarah looked beyond beautiful at tribal.

    • Does Ziggy even know she’s on tv? She and Pete have no personality. A final 3 with both of them would be fun to watch, especially if the third was the more dynamic motor mouth Michelle.
      Pete and Ziggy could dress up as beatniks and read 60s poetry in a coolkat club.
      “Life…..life is a knife…… and strife….life”

  17. Survivor is the revenge of the short poppies. I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Tara at final 3 bragging about how she pulled off big moves, when she shouldn’t rightfully be there.
    The only big moves she pulled off were in the jungle.

  18. I just read on TV Tonight that the final challenge is the same as last year. So if it’s between Tara, Michelle & anyone else, that person’s got it in the bag since Tara & Michelle will step off after 1 second. Can’t see them doing a Kristie from last year. Plus it’s at night this time.

  19. Is it possible that Ziggy is trying to emulate Kristie’s strategy?
    There is no way that Tara should win (as daisy said), it would be incredibly unfair since she was eliminated early on and played no active part in getting to stay. There is always going to be an element of luck but to be saved after you’ve been eliminated is ridiculous.

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