1. Let’s see if Sophie has the courage to defy the producers and actually eliminate some of the biggest weirdos channel 10 lumped her with. I’m looking at you, you three giant douches.

  2. Oh, and obviously, the most pressing question … did Jefferson ever actually wake up from his hangover, or are they still just letting him sleep it off?

  3. Jarrod is a nice guy. There’s not a lot of choice in this batch of bachelors. I’m not sure about Sam , he comes across as a bit immature.

    • I don’t one of them remotely attractive. Maybe a personality will come through. It should be Bachelorette, Dorks, Dudes and Dirtbags. Jarrod seems Decent, but not for me.

      • Yeah, there’s really not many appealing guys in the line-up, at least, what we’ve seen so far. Genuine good-looks seem to be a bit of a rarity, and taking into account some of their personalities or maturity levels … forget dating them, there’s only about 3 guys who I wouldn’t immediately run out of the room to escape from. It’s like, damn.

  4. Wow, Sophie didn’t waste much time there. I’m just glad the first kiss was with one of the few actual mature, decent guys.

    I refuse to take Uncle Sam seriously until he loses the mullet. I think that’s a fair call.

  5. Okay, so, Apollo’s costume for the photo-shoot has him wearing a loincloth and not much else.

    I’m gonna need a minute, here.

    Seriously, though, is it getting hot in here? *gulp*

  6. Sam is coming across as very possessive.
    James is stealing Sam’s thunder.

    I bet she is regretting giving Sam the double delight rose!

    • Jealousy is a really unattractive quality and I thought it was great that quiet unassuming James came out looking good. Not an easy feat in that garb.

  7. Wow, we’re seeing this whole other side of Uncle Sam. What a turnaround. I’m not sure I like this very much.

    OTOH, on the other end of the spectrum, Blake might be a douche, but by gosh, the man is an attractive one. Damn. That leafy g-string, yeah, that was, wow. I literally can’t even, right now, I just can’t.

  8. Hey, look, Jefferson finally woke up. I wonder if he’ll get trashed again tonight. Let’s keep an eye on the background, just in case.

  9. Wow, that is cattier and bitchier than Jen and Leah at their best (worst).

    I wanna shake some of these guys and say, boys, grow up a little.

    I do think Jarrod is coming on a little needy, though.

  10. Geez, men are competitive!
    This cocktail party is revving up all their engines.
    Too much testosterone in the room.

    Jarrod should play it cool.
    Blake is a douche.
    Jourdan on crutches! Hopefully he will be limping out soon.

  11. Sweet! Good choice Sophie. One douche down, two to go. High fives all around. Just, if Blake’s gonna keep the leafy g-string handy, can you maybe keep him around just a little bit longer? No reason. *whistles*

    I still don’t know who any of these guys are, although Jefferson will always be the drunk European, and the young guy with the blond curls is the one who can do a standing back-flip (that is the most amazing talent, to me).

    I’m growing increasingly disappointed in Uncle Sam, to be honest. I wanted him to be cool, but he has this jerk side to his personality, and I’m not a fan. Maybe Jayblossom is right and he’s the guy she ended up despising after a good first impression? C’mon Sam, there’s still time to salvage this, but you’ll have to work fast…

    • Oh I didn’t realise that. She apparently said that under 30 would be too young but she would hardly have asked for ID at the first cocktail party.

  12. The guys that are not the show ponies are coming across as the most appealing.
    i.e. -. Don’t open your mouth and put your foot in it.
    Slim pickings for Sophie.

  13. I really really really hate Blake. Every time he opens his mouth I just want to punch him. He is so fucking up himself.
    Jarrod was really sweet on their date. Like she said, some other blokes would have tried to push her into keeping going & put her down for being scared.
    Who comes up with the date ideas? Does Sophie or the Producers? They’re both scared of heights. They could both have chickened out. It’s not I’m a celebrity, they’re not going to starve if they don’t do it.

    • The thing with Blake is I’m not entirely sure it’s an act. With Jen and Leah they clearly knew that being as bitchy as possible would get them air time so played it up (though I think there was some innate cattiness in them) but Blake comes across as though he really believes he is all that and more.

  14. Hopefully that puts an end to a succession of thrill seeker dates. What the hell was up with Jourdan? Limping last night, then today crutches and at the ceremony a moon boot thingy. Did I fast forward through the explanation?

    • At the beginning they mentioned an injury on the basketball court but I thought the implication was it happened since arriving at the mansion. Does it have a basketball court? And that wouldn’t explain the now you see it, now you don’t nature of the limp at the cocktail party.

    • The first night cocktail party is actually filmed over a couple of nights so it is possible, for the injury to have happened during the day between filming of the cocktail party. But one of the guys commented on the limp suddenly appearing at the first cocktail party so very confused!

  15. Jarrod did come across as needy but seen in a different light he could have just been trying to cement the advantage the first date gave him. I thought there was a fair bit of projection coming out of Uncle Sam, so many things he said could apply to him also.
    Way too many boys and far too few men for her to choose from. And that’s not an age thing it’s a maturity thing. It’s funny too that the ones that have described themselves as ‘real men’ (Ryan, Jourdan and Blake) fall firmly into the douche bag! (Pun totally intended)

  16. It’s a shame. Sophie has a sense of humour …and she is sure going to need it. It’s raining men…but they are all lemons. Ep 2 and it’s all downhill from here.

  17. A douche is eliminated but Sam has stepped in to replace him as a member of the douche club. I don’t get why she gave him the double delight rose.
    Nice date with Jarrod but then he becomes very possessive and almost somewhat obsessed & needy.
    James seems cool headed and funny. He stood out in the group date. Blake is a narcissist and, hopefully, he will be eliminated sooner rather than later.
    As for Sophie’s bachelors, I am sure they could have come up with some better choices.

  18. I suspect that anyone with a bit of class wouldn’t be seen dead on a programme like that, hence the lot they’ve got. Winemaker ok but will ruin it for himself if he continues the way he’s going. Recaps say he’s got a permanently pink face. Oh dear.

  19. I kinda got Jarrod wanting to go up to Sophie after their date to say thank you etc, (but also understand the others were annoyed since time with Sophie is limited and he did already have a rose so it wasn’t like he wasn’t going to have another chance to see her) but forcing the jacket on her and giving the ugg boots present, tipped him over the edge for me.
    In media yesterday I heard Sophie comment that, some of the douches come good in the coming weeks because at the moment they aren’t being themselves. She also changed her mind about ‘The Chosen One’ at the last minute…

    • Just hope that they are all telling the truth at all these media rounds. Matty also said he only decided on the Chosen One at the very last stage. Now he said he knew from the start it was Laura.

  20. BoyJen (Sam) needs to tone it down.
    I mean we know Shine has given him a role to play, but sheesh, still needs to be based in some form of reality.

  21. I’m voting that there should be intruders! Not so youngish men either.
    I totally hate intruders but I think it’s Sophies only chance of finding love.
    Most of these guys are shockers!

  22. I know they raised the aged this season, but they really should’ve casted for even older men. As in up to 50. I can typically see some of these guys dating considerably younger. I don’t know, maybe just in my experience. Even my partner is older than these blokes and I’m 26.

  23. I also heard there will be intruders. Maybe after seeing the unappealing bachelors, Sophie has to insist on some older guys.

  24. That Ryan guy was in the show to raise his profile. He just started his own construction company. He also didnt hold back with his edit and blasted Ch
    10 on FB.

  25. The best comment I read on FB this week …

    “Apollo’s the magician right? Can he make Blake and Ryan disappear?”

    I LOLed.

    • I would be happy to see Apollo disappear, by putting his head up his bottom and going all the way. He is too loud and too much body building.

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