1. Jarrod: “I just can’t stand the idea of someone else going out with Sophie.”

    Uh, Jarrod, you realise what show you applied to be on, right?

  2. I’m loving that Sophie isn’t pretending that any of this is normal and that she was slightly embarrassed at the silliness of asking Luke if he would accept the rose.

    • Yep, I loved her facial expression when he turned away from her. Then she turned away from the kiss! She is being good at letting them know when she different from the idea they might have had about her in the past.

    • See, it’s funny. I was about to suggest that I’m officially down-grading Ryan from total douche to halfway douche. He does have a softer protective side, and the fact he confessed to not expressing himself made me feel for him as a person a little bit, but he’s still got that arrogant side which is very unappealing.

      But yeah, either way, I think Sophie will deep-six him tonight.

  3. The boys in the Mum’s car were generally so much more polite, not only talking about Sophie but just in how they interacted with a “driver”.

  4. At least Sam said sorry for being a jerk last episode, after Sophie called him out on his behaviour. That makes me think good things about both of them.

    I still want to like Sam, because I liked him the opening night, but I feel like it’s pretty classic behaviour. He’s nervous and out of his comfort zone … so he’s covering it with a wall of NOISE, so nobody notices. And I’m really cheering for him to grow out of it.

    • My feeling is that he shouldn’t have had to be prompted to apologise for the comments he made. He is really immature.
      I want to see more of James, he has a really cute smile.
      Wow 3 of 4 people we don’t even recognise to go home. And I realised tonight that Liam is actually named Bingham.

      • I know that Eden was the break-dancer and Jefferson was the drunk. The third guy? I couldn’t even tell you his name. Props to Mack for being a dark horse. He didn’t get much focus in the first episode, but his stocks are rising.

  5. Wow, three guys gone tonight.

    Does anyone else think that Sophie went to the producers and told them outright, “I get to eliminate three of these weirdos tonight, or I’m walking!”? Because I wouldn’t have blamed her at all.

    And Ryan survives? That actually was surprising. I guess Ryan’s gone, but there’s other guys she’d rather eliminate first, and he just needs to wait his turn. Jarrod, meanwhile, geez … hasn’t that gone south quickly? He’s turning into this year’s Elora. Dude, it’s not marriage after one day, and you knew you’d have to watch your girlfriend date 20 other people when you signed up to be on the Bachelorette, for goodness’ sake.

    And regardless of his behaviour and/or issues, I really wish Sam would lose that mullet. Can’t wait until he meets the family later on. That won’t be awkward at all.

    • I read his recaps religiously. Come to think of it, I think he’s the reason why I started to watch in the first place. Wickedly delightful.

  6. I gotta say, though. Luke really does look like George Clooney and Ryan Gosling had a son, and named him “Luke”. It’s bizarre.

    • Luke reminds me too much of Lee Carseldine from Survivor last year – plus the fact that he used to date Laura Byrne is just lame and a turn off.

      • Yes, he does look like Lee. Well noted, Stacey.

        I didn’t watch last night because we have grndkids here and I didn’t really care what order the creeps get sent home.

  7. I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this in another thread but what is with Sophie’s voice? It doesn’t even sound human let alone like a woman. And I am a fan of hers. The fags have got to go – they are obviously wrecking havoc on her voice box.

  8. This show is fully scripted. Nothing is real. Many of the guys were scouted to appear in the show. So call entrepreneur Blake may not be such a high flyer as he want us to believe.

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