1. At this point Luke and James are front runners but I’m beginning to think she actually ends up with one of the intruders.

  2. Remember Meghan and Tiffany from Richie’s Bach season? Well that’s JArrod and Sam, they are way more interested in each other than Sophie.

  3. I can’t believe that Ryan’s only 26. He’s got almost a full head of silver hair. He seriously looks like he’s in his 40s.

    • Yes I assumed he was one of the older ones. And send home anyone that says they hit things when they get frustrated!

  4. James does seem genuinely nice … but I’ve been wrong before.
    And I love that he would have been the last one the others would have picked to win the “manly” comp.

  5. James. Oh lord, James.

    Praise Heaven that we just finally have a contestant on this show who *isn’t* a total asshole.

    • I don’t know, I thought it gave Sam a bit of context. And he and seemed to have a good time, I mean, they were laughing the whole date long, and she did give him a rose at the end, so she obviously wants to spend more time with him.

      See, I don’t know. I know everyone turned off Sam after the photoshoot group date, but still I’ve got a soft spot for him (even with that atrocious hair), and I don’t know why. It’s like, I just want him to be better.

  6. I heard many of the guys were scouted to be on the show. So some will last longer even though Sophie might want to send them home.

    Ch 10 always dont know how to balance out the show. Once something is pulling in viewers they will go overboard the next year.

    • Too funny!
      My aim if I was on one of the shows (which I wouldn’t be) would be to exit the experience with my dignity intact. So far, few of this lot could say that.

    • According to promo 4 must go to accommodate the 4 intruders! Why bother to have those silly young ones on tne show and then get booted out en masse.

    • Sadly not – I’m working full-time at the moment, but James on news.com.au is hilarious. Guest recaps are welcome! Just email me

    • Thanks, BobI and Juz for suggestions on other places to read recaps. I wasn’t complaining, just wondering about the changes.

      Daisy, I might have been tempted to have a go, but I only have a tv set, and no way to record or rewind a show. Besides, if a show started to annoy me, I would likely just bitch about it – not very entertaining for others to read :).

      • Hi Von, my mind is blown that you don’t even have a VCR! This must mean you actually have a life, though! I am hoping to get back to doing some recaps eventually as the extra work I am doing will wind back in three weeks or so – probably just when everything is finishing!!

        • Well, Juz, then I won’t tell you that my tv screen is only 50cm wide, and I still listen to my music on a cd player. I’m not a total Luddite, but generally only upgrade or replace electrical goods when they stop working. I have been known to squeeze a one dollar coin until it cries little gold tears.

          • Von, I was so sad six years ago when I had to sell my car with a tape deck because it would not fit a pram
            In the boot. So many great mix tapes gone to waste!

          • Von, I was so sad six years ago when I had to see my car with a tape deck because it would not fit a pram
            In the boot. So many great mix tapes gone to waste!

          • Ha ha ha, I thought I was bad. I was just about the last to get a computer, mobile phone & digital recorder. When the extra channels started it was a couple of years before I had a device to watch them. Missed a few shows back then. Now I miss shows on foxtel & streaming services.

      • I reckon do it, if you want. You can do it off the cuff. It’s good to have dfferent inputs, and you won’t be the first person to have a ttv bitch. I was very biased when I did MAFS a while back. 😊😊😊

        • Thanks, Daisy, but getting older seems to have given me a shorter attention span and the tendency to have the fidgets while watching television. Maybe I’ll have a try if a show comes along that I can watch all the way through.

          Now I’m feeling all shy.

          • Ha ha, same here. Sometimes I doze a bit or I miss bits. I read recaps on the US sites for American dramas & there’ll be things I’ve missed or not picked up on.

        • Ah, Daisy, I love me a good bit of smartassery! That picture and your comment made me laugh until I snorted.

          My beater is very similar, but the handle is orange plastic. And I remember those bowls from my mother’s kitchen. If you had the strength to lift that bowl out of the cupboard, you had the strength to beat egg whites or whip cream with that beater.

          • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ha ha. No smartarsery. That’s straight from my kitchen. If it ain’t broke…..
            It’s like our very own Antique Roadshow thread. Hmmm. I wonder what other treasures I have. πŸ€”πŸ€”

  7. If 4 are going home, my bet will be on Harry, Brett, Ryan and Hayden.All under 30’s. Apollo may survive at the moment. Just for the eye candy.

  8. Well Sophie fooled them – said she was going to Mexico but ends up in Thailand. Jarrod spotted coming out of travel agent with Mexico brochure😁 Seems weird as he is not the chosen one – or perhaps he is. Apparently chosen one is still married hoping to reconcile with wife. What a mystery!

  9. Now I think all those paparazzi shots are actually meant to happen. Call it acting.

    Who goes to the travel agents for brochure? Most just do research online.

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