1. Might put it on now and watch some before I head out. No morning B&B so no shots of a shocked Liam, but I will get another chance. This is Liam’s chance to shine and show what he learned in acting school.

    • You’ll see poor horse lady draw a very short straw. First date and he’s already checking if his dogs can sleep in the bed. Asks to see her legs and tatts. Dickhead . Reckon he’ll get a second date?

  2. Yeah, I will pass on Brad, the Bumkin. Yes, I know it otherwise has a pee.

    Love my dogs but they don’t share my bed. Nor would Brad.

  3. Here come horse girl. She isn’t going to say she sleeps with them, is she?

    Oh my, she can do everything.

    • Horses can sleep standing up. So can Bumkin Brad. Is he hung like a horse?

      The couch potato and the crop duster. Unlikely.

  4. Daniel knows how to sling an insult, “You sound like a yobbo”.

    Rob can’t grow feelings. He thinks he can fly solo, but won’t knock back a fit girl. The smallest thing might turn him off. She might say the same thing. Boom boom.

    Jaime wore her boobs on the outside of her dress. But perhaps Rob has seen them before.

  5. Daniel explains his jokes to Alex. They are bad jokes, but shouldn’t need explaining. Daniel rings his mate to say he got Hot Chick. What if she has a bunion? That will be a deal breaker for Dealbreaker Daniel.

  6. Dino is spiritual and will brush a girls hair then set her free. He has learned the right jargon but it doesn’t substitute for chemistry. How many guys have died in a ditch thinking being romantic would win a girl’s heart. Even some stalkers.

  7. Last night was good. I learned that an “instagram model” is a model. Ffft. I’m a facebook model. Did anyone see the big bandages under Sarah’s hair. I am guessing some very badly done hair extensions but it looked more like she had suffered head injuries.
    Nick couldn’t stop talking, but paused to compliment the waitress. He was surprised that even Merryl Streep rejected him. Forgot his wallet. Dealbreakers all night.
    The Italians didn’t find love but had enough Nona stories for a role on Masterchef.

  8. Slllluuurrrrp. Deal breaker. I will use an old fashioned word/concept; poise. Whatever happened to the natural beauty of poise and grace. This girl can dismount a horse, but not a bar stool.

  9. Mark likes a girl who drinks beer. I hope he likes a girl who slurrps it through a straw. But he didn’t bat an eye lid as she slurrped her way through her drink.

  10. Surfer girl Mikkayla was lovely. The surfer sisters knew how to carry themselves on land as well as water.

  11. That was a good First Dates.One couple are, or were, still going strong. The hostie (with the eyes) was pretty. I think ‘truth or dare’ lady would be a mess after 8 tequilla slammers, and her leather dress would ride up.
    The screenwriter got the girl who confessed, or bragged, that she was dumb, but wasn’t bothered. Pink hair lady got the tall, big, creative guy she wanted, but he was struck dumb with disinterest. Only the correct way to say that now would be, “struck speech impaired”. She also mentioned his hair impairment so that might have put him off.
    I wouldn’t mind going on this show and ordering a fancy cocktail and a meal and tottering out in a too tight dress and too high heels to tell a guy we had no chemistry. Well, not really. I will wait for the rtv show; Nannies and Pops Go on the Town.
    BTW, there was another drink slurper last night. It was the girl who dates Adams. I would need to go to the checkout room immediately if that was me because I am pretty sure I have that sound thing. You know; the thing where you rip your ears off at any eating noises, and that includes plate scraping. I’m a very difficult woman. 😂 I apologize for any wrong typing. I am in the car with the morning s un in my eyes.

  12. Woolif and I are usually a day behind watching First Dates, but enjoying it.
    Good to see that nice couple; the dancer and the call centre manager getting on. The girl with the white hair and the guy who ate the salt bed for his lobsters, giggled pointlessly throughout the date. She looked like an old woman.
    The old guy who complimented his date on her maturity throughout dinner, but dumped her for being mature, was a dick. He had all the posing and posturing of a dick. But good episode.

    • The old dick asked the lady her age in the first five minutes.She should have gone there and then.

      • I was watching his brain go, “Say what you really think, minus 5years”. Or do you think he didn’t have that much tact?

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