1. We are watching Younger, on Stan. I usually don’t like series about people and their dating issues, but I love this. It’s really watchable. We are also still watching Preacher; not for the fainthearted, and is very sacreligious.
    We also just watched the first season of Glitch, which has borrowed ideas from the French series, The Returned.

  2. I’m still watching Outlander S2, after being slowed down waiting for DH to be happy to watch without the chance of children wandering in. Finally gave up on him, figuring if he really was hooked he would be keener to make time. I have two eps to go. So I am recording it from the TV.
    Otherwise, this is a ridiculously busy time with sport and school and only the barest minimum of TV being watched.

    • Well, just finished S2 last night, and I am loving every minute, except the final 15 seconds at the end. That scene looking back up to the stones was too melodramatic, and Claire never made such an instant decision, nor communicated it to Roger and Bree. In fact, much of the future storyline depends on Roger and Bree NOT knowing that Claire is planning to go back, so I will be interested to see how they get around that.

  3. Watched the first two episodes of Outlander S3. Excellent.
    Watched “Glitch” first season and it was good but then I did a marathon watch of season two and I was a bit disappointed.
    Also watching “Preacher”…agree with Daisy, very sacrilegious as well as being bizarre and season 2 not as good as season 1.

    Watched MC US…4 contestants remaining so there is a cook off with 3 challenges. With each challenge one person is saved and will go to the finale as one of the final 3. What a joke! First challenge they have to bake 3 filled profiteroles….LOL. I’ve skipped through the other episodes and the challenges are so much easier than AU. These contestants would not survive MC AU.

    Saw “It”. Not scary, IMO. Pennywise was silly. I found myself laughing and not just at parts that were supposed to be funny but also parts that were supposed to be scary. Maybe this was because I knew what to expect since I read the book and also saw the TV version, but the TV version was creepy and Tim Curry was perfect as Pennywise.

  4. Anybody watching Little Big Shots? We have been filling in the half hour with it before Survivor starts. Some segments are so funny I am laughing out loud, and others are very “meh”. Loving Shane Jacobsen (I have always been a fan) and his ability to work with kids is fantastic, and last night’s hula girls were great, as was the little spelling champion.

    What I don’t like is the hype, and the blaring music. Tone it down a little, people.

      • I don’t like precocious kids either, but the show seems to be a mixed bag. Some are fine, others I could quite happily live without watching. But the abilities of the kids are secondary to the fun that Shane has with them.
        I had written the show off, but it is not bad.

    • Lovely. Really. I have great expectations for this one.
      I have spent 2 days grid-ing up a painting. It is similar feeling to beating my head against a brick wall.

  5. Outlander episode 2 is up tonight on Netflix (thank god we get them basically at the same rate as they are shown in the US). First episode was brilliant though. Soooo, high hopes for the season. The cast is really, really good.
    We also have Poldark season 3 on French Netflix, but heard it was not as good as the first 2 seasons.

    Star Trek starts next Monday on Netflix as well. Sadly it gets a lot of hate already. Will still watch it and see how it develops. Judging by the trailers it is more focused on action, but trailers only show fractions of what will go on.

    • I’m looking forward to the new Star Trek. Hopefully it will be a good series. I’ve been binge watching Deep Space 9 and I didn’t like it the first time and don’t like it much the second time either. I don’t even remember most of the episodes whereas I do remember episodes from Original, Next Gen & Voyager.
      I liked Season 3 of Poldark.

    • If you are a Poldark book-reader, series 3 is a travesty, mainly in how they are now portraying Ross and Demelza. The other storylines are quite well-done, but Demelza has been ruined.
      However, I keep hearing non-readers say they like it, so maybe if you haven’t been exposed to the “real” characters, then you won’t mind.

      • I haven’t read the books but from what you wrote I assume they are not sticking to what was written and that Demelza’s reputation has been tarnished in the TV version.

  6. BTW…check out what my cleaner did to Woolif’s walk-in. It was a shambles before.
    It’s how I do ot, but it’s great having a cleaner with OCD.

  7. Bride still in progress. My unsteady hands are getting steadier. Some of the old girls at pottery are in the 80s and have incredibly steady hands.

      • I didn’t warm to the main character at all. But, that being said, every pilot of every Trek show so far didn’t get me hooked (TNG for example never got me hooked), DS9 grew on me and turned into my fave.

        The show overall was just a big meh. I do not mind the changes they made. Plus one has to realize it is 2017. Since the last show ended in 2005, the way TV shows are done, changed a lot. TNG started 30 years ago and the story telling changed. Today you have to orientate yourself on GoT and House of Cards. So clearly Star Trek needed to change as well.

        PS: They should really have set it up in the Kelvin timeline. That was their biggest mistake.

        • The look of the Klingons was “off” and bizarre. Their speech patterns and intonation were flat and robotic. I also did not like the main character (didn’t like her in “Walking Dead” either) and when it comes down to it I didn’t like any of the characters. Not believable that Sarek suddenly has a human ward, sort of Spock’s adopted sister. The overall storyline, acting and cinematography were bad. What was with all of the angled shots and the very dark scenes.

          Agree with you, Zhee, that it would probably make a bit more sense if it was set in the alternate timeline. That wouldn’t help the acting (or lack thereof) but it would explain the storyline especially the appearance of the Klingons.
          The pilots of the other series didn’t hook me but I hung in there and started to like the shows except for Enterprise. Was not a fan of DS9 but I recently decided to re-watch the episodes. Took me 3 seasons to start liking it.
          Very surprised to write this but I like “The Orville” although seems that it’s not sure if it is a parody/comedy or more “serious” sci-fi. Guess it’s a combination. It’s more Star Trek like than ST: Discovery.

          • It seems the first two are just setting the scene for what’s to come. Sad Michelle Yeoh was in it so little. Perhaps things will pick up when Lucius Malfoy is in the captain’s chair. They said the Klingon look is updated every few series but it was weird seeing them look so plasticky. And no hair!

  8. Out of curiosity, anyone know how to google image or use those sites that show stolen photos to do a Miss Cyber Marple on George Yang to see if his fb friend request is a scam?

    • Can’t help, daisy. Sorry. We’ve both seen enough Dr.Phil’s on these things. I’d feel like a fool directing you to his website. The biggest scam of all. Moose Advisor.

  9. Yep. Stolen pic fake fb I am guessing since “all we is time and understanding”.
    Thanks Dr Phil.
    Sorry, whoever the Chinese guy is for posting your stolen pic.

    This guy can’t read English because I told him no and he replied, “So please tell me more about yourself ok”.
    Tempted to say very rich, fat widow.

  10. The creepy thing is, it looks like a whole lot of photos have been stolen from this Chinese Australian guy. It’s too bloody easy.

  11. I almost want to give up – just heard someone say “should of went” instead of should have gone. Education today shocks me.

    • Sara, I teach and it horrifies me. Most teachers can’t use correct grammar and the worst of it is, they don’t even know it. When I am relief teaching, I usually throw in a lesson in pronouns, but it’s a losing battle.
      My pet peeve…”Her and her family are…….”. “Him and his brother have ……”.
      But yes, “could of, should of” always grate.

      • Sara, for a non-native speaker like me…. this is horrific to read or hear. 😉 We are concerned so much about using correct grammar and vocabulary and then reading something like that makes me wonder: How on earth can my grammar be better then theirs? :O

        • People who learn English overseas, as a secong language, are often taught grammar rules, whereas children in schools are usually not, or they are taught incorrectly, perhaps by teachers who missed grammar when the ed dept, in its wisdom, decided grammar was passé. I was just watching an American series where the writers tossed “I” and “me” incorrectly all over the place.

        • I learnt my grammar by learning foreign languages (not that I speak any particularly well). Grammar certainly wasn’t taught to me at school.

  12. Just read on another site that the next season of Fixer Upper will be the last!
    That just bombed an already downhill day. Not surprised though, as they are the sort of people who will let something go if it is adversely affecting their marriage or family.

    • Nooo. I love this show. Although I suppose there are only so many houses you can do before it becomes same old, same old.

      • I recently started watching season 4, she does a home with a more modern/industrial approach. Looks fantastic. Joanna can definitely do more than shabby chic. But it is what they are famous for so I guess fans might not like it too much and 5 years on TV are more than enough.

  13. I am still watching Younger. It’s trash but very I love it. I usually find American series of this genre boring but I love this series.

  14. I have finishec 4 seasons of Younger and last night I watched the entire series of Thirteen. Damn you STAN. ” Just one more episide”.

    • I am about to start Thirteen. I have heard it’s good.
      I am watching The Good Place. Love it 😍. But they only release one episode per week. And I am waiting for people to catch up so I can say Fork with confidence.

  15. I watched a few episodes of the GBBO today. I am surprised to say I still enjoyed it, although it feels sacreligious to say it, with Mary and the hosts gone. I had not heard who the new hosts were, so that was a nice surprise. The new judge reminds me of Maggie Beer, but she’s more direct.

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