Sophie’s almost here! Bachelorette starts tomorrow

Hooray! Sophie’s here! I’m hoping for a season with far less pashing on than Matty’s Bachelor season.
We get a 90-minute premiere tomorrow and tomorrow night 70 mins for the first date.

(Matty’s first date was with Elora, and we know who that turned out. Georgia Love’s first date was with Jake, the tall, dark, brooding chap. Sam Wood picked Sarah. Umm, was she the blonde one who made final three? Sam Frost chose Dave the plumber and Richie picked Nikki.)
Interview with Sophie here.
One of the contestants is professional polo player Bingham Fitz-Henry, 25. Do we think this is his real name?
The Bachelorette Australia screens on Ten, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7.30pm.



  1. Forget betting on which guy she picks. I’d like to bet on how long the relationship lasts once the cameras stop rolling. I don’t mean to sound cynical, but this is just going to be a very weird viewing experience. And I’m absolutely gonna be tuning in tomorrow night, so what do I know?

    • Difficult given she hasn’t the cream of the crop from which to choose. Why the hell have they given her twenty somethings who have little life experience?

  2. I can see Sophie falling in love with a professional polo player. At least her teeth won’t stand as much amongst all those horses.

  3. I heard an interview with Sophie this morning where she said she went in with full intentions to be chaste and then ended up kissing everyone. She said she felt the kiss was important as a yes/no.
    I like her – but then I used to like Matty.

  4. Juz, you will be disappointed. She kissed more than Matty. She admitted there is only one date without kissing. That poor guy will be gone pronto

    • It would take Steven Hawking to figure out how many gazillions of bacteria are being exchanged in these precious moments.

      Ch 10 celebrate the worst flu season of all time like this.

  5. Thank God the Bachelor is over and this version starts up again.

    Wonder why the Bachelorettes (Sam and Georgia) are so much more appealing and charming than their male counterparts? 3 of the 5 recent Bachelors have been complete duds in this respect. (I’m looking at you Blake, Richie, Matty)

    I was unsure about Sophie Monk at first but the more I read or hear about her, the more I’m starting to like her. Maybe it’s because she gives me a sense that she’s a 3-dimensional character… Fun, ditzy, (a bit) plastic, loud and embarrassing, yet in those pieces to camera, she laughs at herself and can be vulnerable.

  6. Hopefully Sophie is not a puppet (looking at you Matty)

    She did say she could send some home straight away. Some are there for the wrong reasons. But kept them for some fun. Hope she has some fun with them!!!

  7. There are only 3 or 4 worthy of my attention. Is it too soon for a poll?
    I have put my money on this one early : Jefferson (meh), 30 (better), with (we are guessing) a beautiful accent.
    I am a sucker for an Italian/Venezuelan type.

  8. I like the wine maker. Yummy !
    She also had good banter with the magician 🎩

    Blake – what an unfortunate name. Good gifts though !
    I think a lot of the men are too young for her.
    Ryan is way too aggressive.

  9. The music changed for James and Luke, they showed Jarrods background (also Blakes but he is a douche) and positive banter with Appollo. Those 4 will be in the last ones standing….

    • Believe it or not , it’s a real name for that kind of rose.

      I didn’t know and was just informed. How educational is this show?

  10. Wow, Ryan.

    How much self-awareness does this guy lack? I can’t imagine why he’s single.

    Sophie should definitely not give him a rose.

    She should, in fact, give him a restraining order. And quickly.

  11. Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    “Beautiful voice”, says Sophie. Her stalker has arrived in style.

  12. I’m only half-watching this, I confess. I’m kind of embarrassed by it all.

    And not even by Sophie.

    But where the hell did the production crew even *find* some of these jerks? What the hell were they thinking?

    Blake continues to ruin the name for the rest of the Bachelor franchise. Jourdan clearly needs psychological help, and as for Ryan? Seriously, Sophie. Restraining order. Get one right now.

  13. So guys in the running from the start …
    1. Apollo the absurdly-handsome magician. He’s hot. He knows magic. He could easily make my pants disappear.
    2. Jarrod the handsome vineyard owner. The guy owns a vineyard. Enough said.
    3. James the nervous financial planner. He was nervous not in a bad way, but in a kind of adorable way. And the lead on this show generally responds well to people who are as nervous as they are.
    4. Uncle Sam. Great personality, and sending his nephews in first was clearly a great move. He’s funny and quirky in a lovely, self-aware way. Just that hair-cut … it’s like he’s glued random strips of hair he’s found in the street to his scalp. I can’t understand it.

    Guys leaving soon.
    – Blake, douche 1.
    – Jourdan, douche 2.
    – Ryan, douche 3.

    • Agree with all of above Windsong. Just add in Luke as a contender.
      Apparently her code name for the guy is ‘uncle dave’ I hope they didn’t give away the chosen one on night one!

    • I mostly agree Windsong, the exception is Apollo, I think he’ll be kept in as the narrator and for aesthetic pleasure. Unless I didn’t see it properly I thought he’s only 2, way too young.

    • I have a limp that comes and goes depending on how tired I am. Having said that I am middle-aged and and it doesn’t come and go more than once in a single evening (once it comes it stays for the evening).
      He is a very odd character and I think they’ll need life jackets for the flood of tears when Sophie turfs him (given that he cried at the memory of being unjustly accused of cheating).

  14. Damn it, she kept all three of the douches! Sophie, c’mon, you gotta work with us here.

    And the guys she eliminated, poor … uh … oh, like it matters.

    Anyway. Next episode is the photoshoot group date, and all the guys get their shirts off. I’m okay with this.

  15. I’m pretty sure I heard/read that Sophie kept some of the ones she knew were dickheads just to mess with them. But really, bad manners should never be rewarded and on that basis alone she should have sent Ryan packing (not to mention her own personal safety).
    My biggest surprise is how much I enjoyed Sophie as the Bachelorette.

    • How they behave in the group dates probably tells her just as much if not more about them then she gets on single dates. Good to keep a douche or two and see how the guys she really likes, behave around them.

    • I’m really enjoying her too.

      Now that I’ve gotten past her strangely proportioned and somewhat immobile facial features, her self deprecating and rather insightful remarks have pretty much won me over.

      • Well, she’s admitted that the cosmetic work on her lips was a mistake. I don’t think we could disagree too much there.

        But LOL at her strangely immobile facial features. I had that exact same thought last night, that gale force winds couldn’t move her face. It was a little unsettling.

        • Good grief. That led me down the rabbit hole of googling lip augmentation to see if it was reversible, and some of those images are now seared on my brain.. ugh

  16. I have this weird feeling … and I hope I’m proven right as the season unfolds … that Uncle Sam is due for a makeover episode, where he visits a stylist and gets a hair-cut, and it turns out, he’s absolutely gorgeous without the odd hair. And Sophie’s just like, “… damn, man, you clean up good” or something.

    • A couple of “dudes” or should I say “duds” were laughing at Jourdain limping , while ‘roid rage Ryan wanted him removed spontuniously from proceedings when he started bawling.

      You can put monkeys in suits , but they are still monkeys.

  17. Loved Sophie’s humorous confessionals but that dress was not flattering – and she would look great in most outfits. But between her accent and Ryan’s spontan-uity I thought I’d flicked to
    Kath & Kim by accident. And sudden limp-weepy-impeccably dressed guy – is he, ummm, on the right show? I had to fast forward through some of the extra testosteroney moments.

  18. I don’t watch The Batchelor or Batchelorette, but I like Sophie so thought I’d watch this one. Don’t know half of their names but that Ryan was a rude prick. She was all set to give her speech & he just interrupts & drags her off to make sure she was in it for the right reason. Is he kidding? Who is he to judge. She should have told him to wait his turn. Then the others decided to go in too & he kicks them out. Who put him in charge?
    I missed the last half hour because I changed over to Doctor Doctor. Hopefully there’s an encore tomorrow.

    • I’m like you and don’t watch either of the programs but only watching because of Sophie. Too bad she couldn’t eliminate more than 2 in the beginning…dump Ryan, Jourdan and Blake….top 3 douches. Didn’t even see her interact with the 2 she dumped. They will probably have her keep the 3 douches around just for conflict and faux drama.

      • I thought it was too soon to get rid of anyone. How do you get to know anyone properly with such a big group?

  19. From tonight…Blake was dressed like a movie theatre usher. Sophie has always had a face that is pretty, but not pretty at the same time, but she has a great personality. I loved when she threw the mask in the bushes.
    But biggest take-away….it might be my age, but I found most of those guys loutish and really disrespectful. I would feel insulted if a guy thought he could treat me like a slag and be as rude as some of those guys, and I don’t just mean Tom Hanks the undie thrower. If I was Sophie I would be looking behind the louts to the guys who were polite. I love funny, but not loud. Too many 20 year olds acting like drunk 17 year olds.

  20. Was there anyone older than Sophie in the group?
    Too many 20 some year olds who are very immature. I can’t see her choosing any of them.

    • There was a list in one of the magazines. They seem to range from 24 to 37. They said only one was older than Sophie.

  21. This one episode was more exciting than any episode concerning the most recent season of the Bach. Sophie was a great choice for this – beautiful and self deprecating sense of humour. I don’t think she is going to suffer fools easily and I hope she really does find love here. She has enough personality to carry the show on her own and I think will have a lot of fun especially with the whole silly/theatrical side of things. Go Soph!

    Early fave is wine guy. He reminds me of Cam Cranley.

    • Not just self-depreciating. She didn’t mind taking a harmless swipe at the guys which was unexpected and funny. Also I liked when she said, “I want a man like you, Dad, but handsomer”. Although “handsomer” isn’t a word btw.

    • She said in a magazine she had found love. Whether it’s from the show or someone not related to it who knows.

  22. How prepared was Sam with the thermals?? Didn’t make for a romantic strip down for the undies run!
    I hope he gets a haircut too.
    I hope she can choose someone out of this crazy bunch!

  23. On Sophie’s lips and Brad Pitt’s make- over….seeing these old girls on studio 10 ( yes someone here drew me in to occasionally watching it) with their tight faces, makes me take comfort in my old face with its au natural sags and crinkles.
    Ladies, keep your lived-in faces. It’s like a good old leather chair that’s seen better days, compared to a vinyl knock-off.

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