The Bachelor Australia – Wed, Sep 13

We’re soooo close to the end. Who will Matty choose? Tonight, three become two. Who will he ditch? Elise? Tara? Laura?



  1. I don’t think he’s in love with Laura.
    Tandem jumping – not very romantic.

    I think they both loved the car more than being together, although he loves to snog them all !

  2. Laura loves Laura.
    She was very excited about looking at her own portrait.

    I didn’t believe her when she said that she was falling in love with him. I don’t think he believed her either.

  3. I read that together dates are the important ones, not ones like hang gliding where they are separated.
    And i dont like the way he stares!

  4. Five minutes into Elise’s date, he looks bored.
    Elise is so earnest.
    I think she’s friend zoned. They talk about their connection a lot.

      • Yeah, he had the “deer in the headlights” look when Marley, Flo’s friend called his bluff on several issues. Resting bastard face.

  5. Matty’s so awesome he drives with one hand on the steering wheel. Fail.

    I’d feel safer in the parachute, thanks.

    • I was thinking of Arjay and Coconut. At least he didn’t start texting, but one hand on the steering wheel? Matty, keep your eyes on the road an your hands upon the wheel.

  6. It just makes me long for Season 3, yes Sam Wood broke our hearts when he sent Heather home but it was obvious how he felt about Snez and he didn’t snog every single date.

  7. Tara and Matty suit each other.
    He always looks happy when he is with her and they both look like they enjoy each other’s company.
    She got the expensive date. Seaplane, yacht and private house.
    He also said he felt excited and tingly when he is with Tara.

  8. I wish Matty would learn to pronounce the word ‘her’ whichever girl he’s with he always talks about “When I’m with ‘er ……”. I’m pedantic I know but when it’s a word you’re going to be using often you should make an effort to get all of it out.

  9. So tomorrow night he’s found the woman and he’s going to “..tell ‘er”. I think Laura is toos strong willed to get the okay from the family.

  10. Looking at the finale dress, Laura won’t be the one. A very casual dress. But she can still wear all the rings on her fingers for the gypsy look

  11. Call me shallow but I can’t get over knowing that Matty has had his ears pinned. Ever since I found out, it’s all I can see.

  12. Meanwhile, I was at a bucks party tonight (we didn’t really do anything too wild. We’re all giant nerds, hehehe), so I missed it all completely.

    First he goes to the tree-top adventure course with Cobie and then he has a lovely steam engine trip with Elise. Man. I wish I was dating Matty, he gets to do such cool stuff.

    And he sent Tara home? Damn it Matthew.

    Oh well, it’s all over tomorrow night, thank goodness for that.

  13. Tara let it slip early in the day on radio that she was eliminated, and has said that she and Derek went on a date soon after.

    Are we really going to pretend poor Elise is even in with a chance tonight? This season was spoiled from the beginning. Laura has posted clues on instagram and they’ve been spotted coming/going to the same resorts. Laura wins, game over.

    • Laura seemed like the frontrunner all along. If Matty liked conservative type Georgia, he wouldn’t choose a little rager Tara. Laura just seemed like the sort a guy would choose.
      I agree Stacey. Not sure why Elise is there. She and Matty look like a package but I think Matty will go for looks.

      • I thought he and Elise have a lot in common. The editing is making Laura as the front runner. Elise can be quite pretty when dress up. Samw with Laura, sometimes very ordunary looking but sometimes very attractive.

        My feeling is Laura will be too dominant for Matty.

        • I am thinking he is keeping Elise for No. 2 so he can say they didn’t spend enough time together to fall in love. Plus she will no doubt handle rejection with grace and maturity. On paper they seem the most suited in terms of life goals but as we all know the Bachie does not work that way. Does it freak anyone else out when they dress Elise up in formal gear and plaster on the makeup? She looks like a different person!

          • I wondered if he let Tara go first because he could see she had fallen harder than Elise and didn’t want to drag out her suspense.

        • I think so too LP and I also think the sister is too possessive to let such an assertive woman into Matty’s life. Matty may pick Laura but I think the sister will push for Elise.

          • I don’t know. I’m not convinced that the sister thing isn’t overplayed for the show. Who marries their siblings choice? My sister and I didn’t share taste in guys. I wouldn’t even let her choose my clothes, let alone boyfriends.

  14. The worst part of all these are the trolls. They were giving it to Matty. Also saying nasty things on Laura and Elise instagram

    • I can’t fault Matty or the front runners. The only problem 4 me is the scripting which drains them of spontaneous conversation.

      • It would be great to see an “out takes” show. Years ago I watched the US reality show Joe Millionaire, about a labourer pretending to be rich. It was pretty much The Bachelor but a lot of the girls were gold diggers who really thought he was rich. He ended up picking the only size 14 contestant on the show. She never appeared to be in the running but after the show he said he was really attracted to her on their first date. They went horse riding in a forest and she had to duck behind a tree to wee.

          • I remember that the winner was constantly humiliated by the producers, who’d put out a rack of cocktail dresses for the women but they were all size 8. Google says 2003.

  15. I hope Elise wins, they have a lot in common. I read Matty and Laura made a pact that he would take her to the final 2 so she could promote herself and her jewellry line. She doesn’t look ready, Elise is natural and seems lovely, and has a nice family which makes things easier.

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