The Bachelor Australia – Wed, Sept 6

The end is nigh. Who do you reckon Matty will choose – and who will be the decoy AKA rejectee? And will she repeat Matty’s move of last year – back when he was still Matty J – and do the horrified knee bend when the “I’ve fallen in love with someone else” blow lands?



  1. I think it’ll come down to Flo and Laura. I see Tara and Elise going before them, while Cobie and Elora get their marching orders tonight and tomorrow night (and I imagine that security will have to escort both of them off the premises).

    I think Tara’s a bit too zany to helm her own Bachelorette series, and Elise just isn’t really interesting enough. That’s an awful thing to say, isn’t it?

  2. I’m just wondering how they’re going to do a hometown visit for Flo.
    The ad for hometown shows the families as being very sceptical regarding Matty. It will be interesting to see how he handles it, he’s been in this bubble with everyone telling him how wonderful he is and suddenly there are people who are questioning his fabulousness.

    • Matty has to endure some passe bogan rituals by the look of it.

      Don’t youse root me sister dickheads with backward baseball caps and beers in hand. Cringe.

      I remember Daddy Jock McBastard from last year.

  3. I actually like to see how Matty picks his final 2. As he was so devaststed when he was not the chosen one, he should not lead someone on until finale and not be chosen.

    It will be better to pick someone who is not so invested as the runner up. I think Flo is still very compose and has not fully fallen in love with Matty. If she get rejected, she will not be that devastated.

  4. They should have had a question “Who is the biggest bitch?” Elora definitely would have scored the six points. Did she forget Matty was there? Her behaviour was really unattractive in the first round of the game.

          • No. The stylists decide who wear what. Didnt Leah say she wanted to wear a certain dress but they let someone else wear it. Sometimes I rhink it is on purpose to make some of them look terrible

          • I heard that the stylists bring out the clothes but the contestants actually pick what they want to wear. There has been talk in the past about stylists trying to get some of the girls to things more appropriate to their body-types but not having much success.
            That would explain some of the shockers.

    • Biggest bitch is me now for pointing out Colbie’s chin and Elora’s thighs. She definitely needs more than an economy seat.

  5. The whole James Blunt date felt just a little obnoxious (“Quick, rush out and buy his new album!”) but I had to laugh when Elise interviewed to the camera and said, “Exclusively seeing James Blunt was so romantic!”

    Well, that’s at least one man in your life you can see exclusively…

  6. James Blunt selling his soul for a few shekels.
    Cue promotion of his new album on the next ad.

    Elise and Matty have zero chemistry. All the bachelorettes are as equally competitive and bitchy.
    Cobie is going. Just have that feeling. She goes nuts over the pink helmet. Screams OMG.
    Matt takes Cobie on a stupid date

    • The date was a dirty street pie version of Ninja Warrior. How much helium did Matty inhale before choosing that? We know he didn’t choose it but….anyway, fail.

  7. Tara’s facial expressions when talking about Elora’s vows cracked me up,
    Elora’s vows made me want to puke, it seemed very much “I’ll say anything to win.”

  8. Oh my gosh, I want to date Matty just so he’ll take me to that tree-based adventure park/obstacle course park, I’m guessing somewhere outside of Sydney. That looked incredible! I totally want to do that! *adds it to the list*

  9. Poor Cobie, she was pretty heartbroken.
    There’s something about this bachelor that’s a bit off. I just feel like he is acting, similar feeling to the bachelor that cannot be named.

    • Hahahahahaha…

      Oh dear. I shouldn’t have laughed at that, but I did. Taking her to an extreme sports park was probably not a smart idea. It’s why he waited until they were safely on the ground before breaking up with her.

  10. But there’s still a rose ceremony tonight as well? Was one heart-broken girl not enough to sate your appetite for misery, Matthew Johnson?

    Aka, Elora’s totally going home tonight.

  11. I had the feeling that Cobie had talked herself into thinking she was in love with him because she really wants to find a partner.

  12. It was like an old cowboy movie, the good-guy dressed in white victorious and the baddie dressed in black shot down.
    She looked really bitter in to camera piece.

    • Yeah, I noticed the contrast there on Flo in the white dress and Elora in the black dress. It was hard to miss. If there’s one thing channel 10’s production crews don’t do, it’s subtle.

    • Now I can spread the rumour. According to DM which can be wrong, Elora was so pissed off to be booted out she has a meltdown.

      She called Warner Bros [the production company], demanding that she had better get something out of this other than a broken heart,” reveals the insider.

      Elora then reportedly took a snapchat, filming her fiery revenge. “Then she put all the roses she dried out, her date cards she saved and the selfies from their first date in a bin and set it on fire. She sent the video with the caption: ‘F**k you Matty J’,” says the source.

      She even demanded Simone (Ormesher) fly up and keep her company for four days.

      • So maybe she was a bigger bunny-boiler than Cobie. But as I’ve said before I just think she’s not used to being turned down by men and doesn’t know how to handle it. It’s really sad for women that only judge themselves on their ability to attract men. Even for the most beautiful, youth is fleeting.

  13. Right at the end, Elora was surprising vulnerable, or maybe that was just her trying to hide apocalyptic-levels of anger. And actually, right when he needed to, Matty pulled out a really good break-up speech. I think ultimately they just weren’t that compatible. Elora seems very much a free spirit, while Matty wants the opposite, he wants to settle down. It’s just that Elora let the competition-aspect get to her, and she wanted to win. But it just wouldn’t have worked out in the long run between them, they wouldn’t have lasted.

    It was telling, though, that the other Bachelorettes seemed more devastated at her eviction than Matty did. I thought that was quite sweet, particularly Laura hugging her at the end.

    Well, down to the final four.

  14. But Elora still think it could have work with Matty. Elora thinks everyone will just do what she wants them to do because they all are head over heal in love with her. Its all about her. For once Matty made the right decision

  15. I think she totally glossed over the fact that Matty wants to settle down. She would have only wanted to do what she wanted to do (which sounds like travelling along over the place) and still not understood when it didn’t work out.

  16. The other rumour is that Matty did sleep with Elora in the overnight date. Maybe that was why she was so brave to pull him over at the cocktail party for a kiss.

    • I had read that rumour, must be a hard one to hear for the eventual winner. But it’s another mistake young women sometimes make, thinking once they’ve slept together it makes it a monogamous relationship, certainly a false assumption in Bachelor world.

      • Very true, JB. That could be why Elora was cray cray after being dumped.

        If it is true, I cant see Matty and the chosen one go the distance.

        I am actually very happy for Georgia Love to pick the right man. At least they both still seem to be happily in love. (Also dont have to deal with that nasty sis of his)

  17. Woh, just watching the games. Clearly Thunderthighs is cutting her own throat by being selfish, stubborn and disrespectful.

    • Could be editing?

      This show is so heavily scripted and edited that the producers just leading us on like a pack of sheeps.

      Even Matty is not looking good in this show. Actually he has lost a lot of credibility (due to editing). SM now say he is boring, no emotion, worst season ever etc etc.

      We saw the fun Marty on The Bachelorette. But here he is so wooden

      • Really starting to doubt Matty with Laura, just a vibe from him talking to her. The chosen one could soon be the frozen one.

        Wood, plastic, cardboard, stone~ Matty’s made of many things.

  18. Cobie: “I am nervous because I really, really want to kiss you, and I’m too scared”. Fake timid. Put on cutesy. Vom. Also the witchy chin….

    • I love Flo. She is very pretty but I think Matty is worried she may want to move back to Holland and he cant leave his sis and nephew behind!!!!

  19. I think either Laura or Elise will be Matty choice. If he wants a dominant woman (like his sis) it will be Laura. But Laura is more of a gypsy type, not sure Matty will like that. Also cant see Laura getting along with Matty’s sis.

    • haha – that was good!
      “Matty basically has to babysit Cobie for three hours so he takes her to some playground just to tire her out.”

      • Oh yeah, Erin. He did, didn’t he. He took her to the park. He should have bought her an ice cream and a lollypop. He had to send her home early because she had to be in bed by 7.00.

  20. I just read an article with Elora offering herself as the next Bachelorette. I don’t think there’s much chance of that, she wasn’t particularly interesting and if they had any intention of her being the bachelorette they would hve given her a nicer edit.

    • Plus she got a very mixed reaction from the public, lots loved her, but plently more don’t like her either.
      To be the next Bachelorette it needs to be someone Australia really loved.

    • No way I want Elora to be the next Bachelorette! She is so full of herself and thinks every man and his dog (sorry doggie) will fall for her. She just want her 15s of fame. She got that. Just move on

      • Surely the only contenders would be Tara and Flo. And because Flo’s family is overseas, and Tara’s mum is Debbie Newsome, it has to be Tara.

        • I think Tara is in with a chance if the response to Sophie Monk is good.
          I reckon they’ll want an Aussie which might rule out Flo, i really like Elise, but i think she might suffer from the same fate as Richie, ok in small doses, but not interesting enough for The Bachelorette. Laura could be a goer if she isn’t The Chosen One.

  21. I really must be old. “Staring at you naked in a hotel room in Las Vegas” in a horrible whiny voice is not my idea of music. Wonder how much channel 10 paid for that shocking performance.

  22. I don’t think Matty really wants any of these girls but he will pick one because that is in the script.
    And he is being paid a fortune.
    My prediction s that it will last as long as it takes to get into a marquee at the Melbourne Cup.

    • I agree with you. I think it is a blessing in disguise if you dont get chosen. I really hope none of the Final 4 has seriously fallen for Matty.
      None of them will last the distance. Matty got his fat paycheck but with damaged reputation. He wouldnt mind as he can find another partner easily,

  23. “I think my connection to Tara is different to my connection with the other women.”

    Uh-oh … sorry Tara, but I think the writing’s on the wall there.

  24. “I’m not scared of falling in love … I’m scared he won’t choose me.”

    Things like this make me wonder if these contestants know what show they’re on. I mean, it’s “The Bachelor”, ladies. Some things shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, you know?

  25. Tara is too close to her sisters, Matty’s sister won’t be okay with competition.
    I think Tara’s brother is right, if Matty really is in it for love he should now by now which one he’s going to pick.
    The longer this series goes on the more Matty seems to become “Stepford Matty”.

  26. “I couldn’t take you to Holland for obvious reasons…”

    Because there’s no way channel 10 has the budget for that, Flo. I mean, geez. They had to cancel “Offspring” just to afford all those tulips, there.

  27. Holy crap-muffins. Flo’s blonde friend? Someone get that woman a job with ASIO or as a police interrogator or something. Damn, she went straight for the jugular. Although it’s kind of interesting watching Matty squirm a bit, isn’t it?

  28. Ooooh! Matty did not like it when it wasn’t all about him at Flo’s home visit. But then probably liked it less when Marley got to work.

  29. “I think she really drilled him. But I know Matty can handle a good drilling.”

    Too … many … sex … jokes …

    Brain … on … overload …

    • Did you see when he was hugging Elise at the beach, before he met her family? Gee it look like he was copping a feel.

      • I missed that, but I wouldn’t put it past him. These hometown visits have done him no favours because he really doesn’t seem to have handled the families/friends not immediately thinking he was wonderful. And revelled in that Laura’s dog liked him.

        • Yeah, I guess he took the victory (that at least Laura’s dog liked him) since it was one of the few ones he managed to get.

          Dogs are hard to impress, though. My dog hates everyone (literally, everyone. She growls at me, and I feed her, so).

        • Didn’t he though? Watch those wandering hands, Matthew.

          I’ve started calling him Matthew now, I’m not sure what that’s about.

  30. The more I watch this show the more I want all of the girls to say “Actually, I can do better.”
    I know it’s the producers at work but I really hate the way they pressure the women to vow their undying devotion even though the bachelor is not able to until the end.

  31. Damn it, Matthew Johnson. If you break Laura’s heart, so help me, I will track down Elora and Cobie and give both of them your home address and phone number.

  32. Poor Flo. She barely even got a break-up speech. He didn’t even really explain to her why he was eliminating her, he just … let her go. The other girls were sadder to see her leave than the guy she’s been dating.

    You know, I’ve been hanging onto this belief in Matty J as a decent guy and trying to blame the nature of the franchise or the production side of things for his mis-steps … but he’s starting to lose me, just a little bit. For someone who knows what it’s like to be on the other side of the Rosatorium, he seems to be taking this very lightly. I don’t know why, but it almost seems like he’s not taking this as seriously as the Bachelorettes, and it’s leaving a poor taste in my mouth.

    As for Flo, you know, she’s one of those girls who’s probably better off without him, so all’s well that ends well, I think.

    • Every episode, Matty is losing more fans. Yes, you need to act a certain way according to scripts but you can be a gentleman in saying goodbyes to the final 4.
      If he is attracted to Laura right from the start, he is in a bit of a shock. He didnt like stubbornness and Laura is stubborn.

      Also it was a lie to say they have not met before the show.

      • I still like him, but I am ignoring the, “I need U2 open up crap”. I saw on Georgia that he has a personality.
        I wonder if Sophie will be refusing her lines.

  33. He could have walked Flo to the car.
    Poor form Matty J.

    I think he has the most chemistry with Tara and genuinely likes her. Laura to go next.
    Clue – one of the bachelorettes said he always seeks Tara out at every cocktail party.

    • I think Tara’s family was just too terrifying. I see Tara going next, and the final two being Elise and Laura. That’s my prediction.

        • I just hope we get a halfway decent break-up speech for the girls next week, as opposed to tonight’s, which was essentially, “See ya.”

      • I think Elise will be out next, but tonight I thought he and Elise loomed like a match. I think his top two are Laura and Tara, and Laura will be number 1.

    • There was probably more, that we weren’t shown. I think he knew that Florence wasn’t that into him, whereas he knew Elora and Cobie would be upset.
      It will be interestinb to hear Flo’s interviews.

      • Flo did say she could have fallen in love with him but they didnt have the time.

        He should have given her a better send off. Poor form on Matty.

        I still think he should have Flo as Final 2 as she wont be that devastated to miss out. He has been in their shoes before. The F2 will be so devastated if not chosen. Easier to let them go as F3

  34. He had said it wasn someone who was a slow burn, which sounds like Elise. He noticed Laura straight away. Unless he means Tara, because at first I thought she was a bit of a goose but she actually seems lovely. Was Laura wearing a purple satin nightie tonight for the hometown dinner with her grandparents? AND does Flo have an underboob tattoo?

    • Yes, I’m thinking Elise more and more. I wonder how well Laura would get on with the sister, she might be a bit too assertive.

    • Yes, I am thinking Elise more and more too, I think like Nikki last year, Laura is almost too obvious. Thou people say sportsbet is rarely wrong and they have Laura for the win.
      I have been reading a few comments on the type of date they have. Apparently if you go on an activity date, then its so there isn’t as much time for chat / getting up close and personal. Next week looks like Laura and Tara get the activity dates and Elise, gets the train ride which allows them to be much more up close and personal.

  35. Eye for detail. On the beach in that nice white dress, Laura was wearing a gstring. Then her dress slightly went in her bum crack. We call it hungry bum. Not what you want on telly.

  36. Not sure that I care who wins. How will Matty s sister cope with Tara’s brother, upstart that he is. How will they cope with Laura wearing only nighties and will Elise’s teeth dazzle them too much. I don’t think Matty is in to any of them. It must have been in the US series where the batchelor just couldn’t give the final rose to anyone – that was being honest.

  37. Based on the families, I would choose none of these girls. There was no need to be this rude (and that had nothing to do with editing). They should be ashamed but that would take a level of self-awareness. Bunch of bogans.
    Maybe next season they should vet the families too.

    • They were on their best behaviour for tv……..makes it even worse to imagine Xmas , get togethers etc. I thought Matty was going to get glassed at one stage.

      Matty wants to see the in laws only once a month, but that’s too often with these feral families.

  38. The hometowns are always the best/worst episodes of the series I think. All of the families are fakely made-up, having barbecues in their best outfits, awkwardly asking Matty for one on ones with oh so many candles and bouquets in the background. When women apply for the Bachie, are the families met during auditions? What if all family members are deceased? What if the special family is a 100 year old nana in a nursing home? They all seem to come from such TV perfect families.

    I know he picks Laura, thats fine. But I feel like my heart will be breaking when it’s Tara being told that it’s not her. That is going to be hard watching.

  39. Just hard to vote. All 3 girls are lovely in their own way.
    Laura has a stubborn steak. I dont think Matty will like that. I cant see the relationship lasting the distance.

    Tara is very down to earth and funny. But I just find her very loud. Small doses – perfect! Long term just too much.

    Elise is very sweet.Similar interests to Matty. Very smart girl too. She is a qualified physiotherapist but works in marketing.

    If Matty wants someone like her sis, pick Laura.

      • We thought we’d already seen the worst of Matty’s family. Turns out, nope! There’s still further depths to explore.

        I’m kinda over this season. I think it’s all just worn out its welcome. Pick someone, Matt, to date for a few months and then quietly break up with, so we can all get on with our lives.

  40. If the rumour that Matty gets turned down after proposal than he deserves it.

    Who on earth would propose (except Blake) only after a few dates?

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