1. Of course the judges rave about the Tortoises’ kitchen. It is “stunning and very functional”. Neale states that it is simply genius to have a shelf behind the oven.

    The judges mutter something about it been timeless. They like the study nook.

    The only flaw is the crap painting.
    9.5 9.5 9.5 28.5

  2. Upon entering the kitchen , the judges ooh and ahh about the amazing, beautiful inviting kitchen. Shaynna rabbits on about the layered feeling of the kitchen and the two ovens, two sinks, the two aardvarks, two elephants etc
    Then they discover their terrible secret: alcoholism.
    The fridge is TINY and people generally eat more than they drink.
    9 8 9 26

    • This kitchen is crap! Mostly because of that photo of their fridge facing the lounge, squashed in with that pointless storage area and 2 chairs crammed in at the end of the bench. Oh and the fridge.
      These 2 are dim.

      • They need to redo the kitchen. Some of the cabinetry and shelving can be removed and a larger refrigerator can be installed. Replace the cocktail area with a study nook. At least they knew the refrigerator would be a fail.

        • It is a failure of Freedom Kitchens. At what point would it not dawn on the designer that as a Block Kitchen the fridge may need to be a little bigger.

          Doesn’t help that Clint and Hannah must be heavy drinkers that everything that is not a bedroom/bathroom they have wanted to put a wine fridge in.

  3. The judges like the porcelain splashback and of course the size of the kitchen sink. The functionality of the kitchen is spot-on. However, they do not have a power plug for each of their appliances (but hey, most people don’t use all their appliances simultaneously) and overall they need more colour to lift the dining/kitchen.

    10 9 9 28

  4. Clearly Ceasrstone is a sponsor of the show as none of the judges are prepared to slag the contestants’ choice. The closest Shaynna gets is pointing out that two hero finishes cancel each other out.

    As a peace offering, the judges commend Sticks’ handiwork and compliment their ‘raw luxury’ style.
    9 8.5 9 26.5

  5. The judges feel that this kitchen is very, very special.
    Neale breaks out the Danish word ‘hygge’ or hyggelig (someone has binged on House Hunters International). Basically, their space feels very cosy.
    Shaynna believes they are now the front runners not Georgia and Ronnie (nasty comment).

    The judges can’t find anything to fault and the styling is perfection.

    10 10 10 30

    Looks like in the preview Jason is stirring up trouble to score the win by default.

    • This is the best layout. Love that they have no sink or cooktop on the island. Haaaaate sinks in islands, eeew. They still need a bigger more luxe couchy thing.
      Not keen on the silky curtains in any of these living areas. I love a billowy curtain but how quickly are these gonna get grotty.
      Glad this team beat R&G. G is a bad loser.

  6. Well there’s a surprise – S & J. receive glowing reports from the judges, and they beat S & Wombat to boot?! It’s amazing how a useless builder, having no money, a poor performing tiler, lack of execution with the painting, and having 2 extra days to work can make you a near winner! I am soooo glad Josh and Elyse spoke to camera about S & J, with their thoughts and observations, and it wasn’t just Ronnie. Can you believe that ingrate Jason? – now so it seems, stirring up trouble about what is possibly the hob’s installation compliance in Josh’s kitchen?

    • Jason is a tool. He needs to take care of his own place and not start issues with others’ installations. Also if there’s an issue then go to Josh before talking to anyone else. Where did he and Sarah get the $$ to add accessories and other design touches? Vouchers couldn’t have covered all of that.
      The fact they didn’t do anything last week was meaningless. He and his tool wife are just whiners and criers and they shouldn’t have been given any advantages. They get a week off to rest and recuperate and then an entire week to do the master suite and kitchen since they didn’t have to do the challenge. When it comes down to it they really didn’t need to do much in the kitchen except paint (and not much of that required) and style. Most of the work done by tradies and builder. It wasn’t fair, IMO.
      I liked JE’s kitchen but the refrigerator seemed like it was too far from the sink and the stovetop/oven. Most functional layout for kitchen is the “golden triangle” and the placement of refrigerator, sink & stovetop was not a triangle as far as I could tell.
      Was RG’s refrigerator in the butler’s pantry? I’m glad they didn’t win. They are sooooo arrogant.
      Sticks & Wombat were underscored.

      • No, Jason and Sarah deserve a very slow clap for successfully manipulating the producers for allowing them an extra week with trades thrown in.

        It is a game and they have played it well to the extent that their trades get the blame (which we think is slightly unfair as they didn’t seem to be a problem until the narrative shift that they were the victims).

        Ronnie’s problem is he played the game too aggressively and bluntly when the secret to success is to have had Georgia weeping that their children were on the other side of the continent and they couldn’t possibly lift a finger without producer intervention.

        • Tortoises/tools may be manipulative but powers that be allowed them to get away with BS to create more drama (faux drama). Of course, we knew that they would not be thrown off of The Block. They should have been penalized for their laziness and lack of effort.
          Tonight: results scandal due to JE’s cooktop. Wonder if they will be moved from 1st to 2nd. If they give the Tortoises/Tools the win, that will be over the top.
          Josh walks around with a level to check out RG’s living room and now Mr. Tortoise aka Mr. Tool brings a tape measure with him when checking out JE’s kitchen. More scripting.
          Stovetop not to code is a failure of the installers and Keith and his foreboy. Perhaps the producers knew about this but let it go to create additional drama.

  7. The kitchens all look way too small for the size of house (thou I always think The Block never has big enough living spaces). J&E really used the space the best.
    S&W have WAY too many textures / feature finishes that are clashing.
    H&C, too much focus on the drinking and I think designing for themselves and not thinking about a buyer in mind.
    I wish J&S would stop using those ugly radiator / heat pump things, they look terrible! Not that I think they deserve a win by an stretch, I can kinda see how he must be annoyed if rooms are unfinished but getting perfect scores.
    R&G also should have used the marble black splash or the texture on the cupboards not both. And the kitchen needs something on the wall where the clock is, like a big wall art or something.

    • I agree, they do appear very small for a five bedroom house. They are missing the “uber-lux” of the apartment builds, however, I prefer houses and I do like the old style ones (even though they don’t make up much of the build).

  8. OMG…what BS…they contrived to give S&J $10k by citing a compliance issue with Elise & Josh’s kitchen. Apparently, you can’t have a ceasarstone splashback within 200mm of an open flame. JE were 40mm short.

    Because they have a non compliant kitchen, the judges deduct 1/2 point each leaving them equal with JS. Rather than splitting the prize as what normally happens when there is a tie they give them $10K.

    Of course the other teams are filthy. JS were granted an extra two days last week and the non-compliant kitchen was not JE’s fault.

    Jason believes the prize money should have been stripped from JE and given to them. Sarah has “no idea” that the other teams are unhappy. They should have been kicked off.

    • OMG is right. Did you catch the smugness of Sarah??!! Vile creatures both of them.
      The judges deducting points is complete BS. J&S got to stay due to dodgey scoring and help from the others, and now they get this leg up. Scott Cam looked mighty pissed off at both of them too. He didn’t want a bar of them.
      I don’t like to wish failure on anyone, but you know, these two take the cake.

      • It was quite a performance when Sarah accused JE of been “greedy”. But again, you have to hand it to them. Well played.

        • That was BS. Gas probably not even connected and this was not JE’s error.
          Since they deducted points and there were two winners then each team should get $5000 and not $10,000 just like they did when GR and JE tied.
          The powers that be are being overly generous with the Tortoises/Tools. Very unfair to the other contestants.

  9. Well it is Buyers Advocate’s Week and Frank, Way too much botox Granville, and Nicole are back.

    Starting with House One:
    Frank loves the hydronic heating. Granville loves the kitchen which should deliver the $$$ come auction day. Nicole thinks the house lacks consistency. Cut to Jason and his mealy mouth complaining that he spent $160k on the bottom floor whereas he only spent $20k on the master. Boohoo.
    8 7.5 7.5 23 (Score order is Granville, Nicole and Frank)

    Hannah and Clint
    Nicole has flashbacks to Vonnie and Suzie with the assortment of bar fridges everywhere.
    Granville can’t get past the tiny fridge in the kitchen.
    Frank likes the selected period features.
    7 6.5 8 21.5

    Ronnie & Georgia
    RG have created a cohesive space. Judges are shocked by this as they are from WA. Their lighting creates a moody atmosphere.
    Granville thinks they need a study and Nicole believes she has a buyer from their house.
    8.5 8 9 25.5 WINNERS

    Sticks and Wombat
    House Four has an identity crisis. It feels too blokey. They need to keep it simple and soften it up.
    Granville & Nicole won’t show any buyers their house.
    7.5 6.5 6 20

    Josh and Elise
    Frank thinks they have the best living space on the Block.
    Granville thinks they have the best study which is a must for the professional buyer.
    Nicole believes the layout is spot on.
    9 8.5 7.5 25

    Now, the producers just need to contrive a circumstance to give SW & CH $10k.

  10. If smug Sarah can’t see that the whole winning $10,000 by default scenario wasn’t contrived by Ch 9 to give them yet another handout, she really is delusional.
    Well done Ch9, Scotty, Keith and all involved, on losing the very last morsel of credibility this show was hanging on a thread by. If it wasn’t such a set up in S & Js favour, why not simply tell J & E that 1 point will be deducted from next week’s score?
    Had the gas even been connected yet in J & Es hob? How many people actually have running water, electricity etc in their kitchens at reveal time? In the first few weeks of the show, the showers and toilets aren’t even connected are they? It’s all fixable, not punishable.

  11. Don’t they all get handed a loooong list of defects towards the end of the Block anyway? So they all have heaps of non-compliant things that need fixing and many many times I would consider rooms unfinished with dodgy door frames, sinks not attached to the bench, even a dodgy paint job that will need to be re-done is therefore not completed.

  12. Filler episode that will be concluded tomorrow.
    Tonight, CH throw away the leadlight door and manage to get their hair done.
    Jason complains that someone has nicked his plasterboard. To stir trouble, Keith takes Jason down to JE’s house to show where they should be at this point of the week. Jason wails it is an unfair comparison as JE have $50k more than him and Josh is effectively doing his day job. Josh labels Jason a “bitch”.

    This week’s challenge is the contestants create a YouFoodz meal that Kate & Hughesy will judge. Prize is $5k and a bonus point. Again, another useless challenge judged by Victorian celebrities.

    • And another pity win for S&J… They will also give them the overall win on Sunday night. I just do not get it, they reward their shitty attitude again.

      • Yep. What was annoying about Alice Walkabout was the emphasis on House 3 & House 4 not been faithful to the period features of a California Bungalow. RG were slammed for their Victorian archway and SW had to remove their arch. Yet, SJ were allowed a hallway that resembled a shopping centre with no references to been faithful to the period. Oh they did have an Art Deco ceiling mould randomly placed.

        Alice references the ‘educated buyer’. Alice, the ‘educated buyer’ would not be purchasing a Block property. #justsaying.

        You are either faithful to the period and the contestants are consistently judged on that or not. Not give money to the team that whines and bitches the most.

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