The Block – Sun, Sep 10 weekly chat

The Block room reveals are on tonight and, no doubt, there will be more whingeing from contestants who have brazenly broken noise restriction rules and expressed shock when fined for it.

Here’s the promo for Sunday? Surely the whole “you are off The Block” thing is just tricksy editing, although I would love it if Nine went through with it. Then they could get past contestants to take over, like Kyal and Kara. Heck, even Chantelle and Steve could budget better than these guys.



  1. You told us repeatedly (we assume during the audition process) that that your motto is to never give up. But we didn’t give up Jason retorts uttering the word “offensive”.
    But you did “NOTHING,” points out Scotty.
    Sarah mutters something about the children going to the UK as an excuse.

    Upon entering the room, Shaynna utters “wow” but not in a good way. Darren adds “WTF?” They were spectactularly not bothered and did absolutely nothing.

    They score triple zero.

    • Yep. And it looks like the other contestants pitch in to help them meet the deadline.

      Cop out. They should have been kicked off.

      • Yeah, Europe is totally terrorist infected. I see at least one terrorist every day! They have guns! Oh, no, wait. They are soldiers. Ooopsi, my mistake! Guess there are here to protect people.
        Amazing how people make up excuses for that couple. It is their own fault that they get humiliated. Clint was down as well with that bathroom disaster and kept on going. That’s the difference.
        Not feeling sorry for them at all. If their kids are going to the UK, I am sure it was with their parents’ permission…

      • If they are having mental health issues they should just leave of their own accord. They blew the budget early – their choice. As Shayna said, they didn’t even put anything in the room to indicate what their vision was. I get being worried that your kids are away from you but you let them go in the first place!

      • They were not bullied! Why do people always have to pull that word out?! They humiliated themselves by not finishing and not being able to budget and they knew it.

  2. Upon entering the room Shaynna observes sarcastically, “A completed room. What a relief.”
    The colour palette is on trend and the grafico print is amazing.
    It gives the room a romantic feel. Darren doesn’t believe the chandilier suits the room. It only serves to highlight how bad the painting is.
    Shaynna and Darren are excited by the wardrobe island. Neale can take or leave it . He hates open wardrobes.

    The ensuite is uncorked and Neale questions the choice of tapware.

    8.5, 8 ,8.5, =25

  3. The judges like the “very cool hallway”. Shaynna is blown away be the colour pallette.

    Shaynna loves the artwork of the girl turned away whereas Neale hates it.
    Darren loves the layout. They make a big drama about there not been powerpoints beside the bedhead (hence priming them for a lost).

    They love the dressing table in the walkin robe and the sense of luxury of the ensuite (with bath, shower, double vanity and novelty toilet).

    9.5, 9, 9.5,=28

    • I think the hallway was a waste of space and I really don’t think the wardrobe was as fabulous as Shayna made out. Too much pink and velvet for me.

    • Also not a fan of the tv in the wall, i think it comes out at a funny angle and wouldn’t actually be that comfortable to watch.

  4. Wombat has created a great space. They are caned for the lack of window covering. The styling is ordinary. Casual even. More suited to a guest bedroom than master suite.
    The judges comment on the very angry red of Wombat’s self portrait.
    Wombat has the best paintwork to date.
    The judges like the showerhead.
    8 8 8 = 24

    • Did anyone else notice at tools down, Wombat’s art was on the ground, standing up against the wall, yet when the judges came into the room to judge, the art work was hanging perfectly on the wall?😒

    • I liked their bedhead. And the style of their wardrobe – put that with the layout of Clint and Hannahs and I’d be happy! I liked this bathroom too.

  5. The judges love the light and the chandlier over the stairwell. The room feels grand and massive because there is no privacy. They advise JE to talk to their agent whether or not they should enclose the room.

    JE are the only couple to have double curtains.

    The artwork is not suited to the room.

    They have the best tile choice of the week and have been economic with their application. Darren also notes that they have achieved the same ‘amenity’ as RG but in less space.

    9.5 9.5 9.5 28.5

    PS. Josh’s dying grandpa doesn’t make him more likable or sympathetic.

    • Pink again…. I thought the judges would comment that there was too much furniture in the room. Agree that it needs a wall and door to the suite but I do like the nib wall finished with timber on top, that looks good.
      I like the bathroom too.
      The bench in the WIR needs to be a (dare I say it) soft pink or other colour that would complement the room more the black is a bit harsh i think.

  6. Too much pink and grey throughout The Block especially in RG’s place. WS’s master bedroom/ensuite was a relief from that color palette, but I really didn’t like any of the master suites that much. The wallpaper in HC’s suite was garish. The lounge type seating in JE’s room took up too much space and the room looked crowded. Did not like the lack of a door.
    It was nice of Jason & Sarah to help Wombat but they should have been working on their rooms instead. Instead they made no effort at all. Just excuses. They weren’t shamed or bullied. They were given an honest assessment of what they did during the week…absolutely nothing. People have completed rooms with worse things going on in their lives than children going overseas so Sarah’s comments about that are meaningless.

  7. Wombat can play sax without moving his claws.

    Drives with one paw on the wheel.

    What a legend.

    Wombat is a serial “youse” offender. A real wombat wouldn’t be that dumb.

  8. Arghhh….
    1. Hoping for fireworks, the producers call a Body Corporate that will allow the Tortoises to sit out this week’s challenge. Jason mistakes Ronnie’s consent (self interest) as generosity.
    2. Sticks names his son Lani
    3. Elyse is “stalked” by the paparazzi. Dons a pink wig and a groucho moustache…
    4. Bryce is back and is met with the usual aggro from the contestants (Josh).
    5. Clint and Hannah have busted their budget. Think they have $150 k left . Only have $72k.

  9. How is it Jason and Sarah had’t any money for trades last week due to lack of money, yet this week their house is swarming with tradies! What gives?😒

      • They bring in Ryan (Katrina and Amy’s carpenter) . Talk about hand holding.

        Now they slag off the sole tiler.

        Can’t stand Sarah’s piece to the camera where she bemoans how badly done by she has been with the trades.

    • Exactly Maz. We haven’t seen their builder for weeks, and now he turns up on our screens and has been thrown under a bus! So he’s to blame for Sarah’s previous overspend, and inability to stick to a budget, so he’s to blame for them giving up and not lifting a finger on their room last week, so he’s, well, simply the root of their misery. Oh, come on Ch 9 what do you take us for? Why wasn’t any of this said to camera by Dan and Keith last week? Why did Scotty get so angry and “offended” at S & J if the builder is to blame? Pathetic.

  10. Clint and Hannah’s obssession with wine continues. They “forget” to leave room for a real fridge. Current space allocated for fridge:

  11. So did they show the shortlist of couples that would have taken the Tortoises’ spot if Channel Nine had a backbone:
    1. Kyle & Kara
    2.Aiden & Jesse
    3.Lysandra & Alissa
    4.Kingi & Caro

    Is Jason really a plumber? Is so, I have a bridge to sell.

  12. Tonight was the Stayz Challenge with the remaining contestants divided into two teams. Ronnie,Clint, Hannah & Georgia (Team South) vs Wombat,Elyse, Sticks and Josh (Keeping it North). Each team needs to redo a bedroom and living area. With a lot padding, helicopters and skylarking, Team South Win. Probably not on styling but the fact that CH & RG’ s children live interstate and the secondary prize is time with the family.

  13. Elyse and Josh win Alice Walkabout scoring 9.5. They cleverly reorientated the stairs to the main bedroom to allow a larger butler’s pantry and the island faces the garden.

    Scotty dramatically cuts Hannah’s credit card informing them they are in worse condition than J&S.

    Speaking of J&S , they are still spending money like there is no tomorrow. (Interesting strategy if a replacement team is left with the remains of your budget). Fiddly herringbone tile floor and tiles to the ceiling. People, you can’t complain if the tiler is struggling to lay that in a tight timeframe. Large tiles are the economical choice.

    Sticks and Wombat have not spent enough (on flowers and cushions) apparently.

  14. Glad to see Scotty keeping an eye on the budget this season. But can’t believe how much the teams are spending!
    Smart move for S&W to continue to curtail spending – keep the extra funds for the fix up week. \
    J&S clearly have absolutely NO IDEA how budget with money OR time!

  15. So here’s the thing – a) Sarah and Jason win tonight (Sunday) the judges will grovel and over compensate with their compliments for S & J getting such a mammoth task completed. b). S & Js own incomplete home is the next “challenge” that everyone works on. Boom. There it is.😁

  16. Sorry Maz – new thread for tonight is up. Can’t believe they paid a tiler for herringbone when they are allegedly skint. Crazy

  17. Of course the judges rave about the Tortoises’ kitchen. It is “stunning and very functional”. Neale states that it is simply genius to have a shelf behind the oven.

    The judges mutter something about it been timeless. They like the study nook.

    The only flaw is the crap painting.
    9.5 9.5 9.5 28.5

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