US Survivor HHH starts tonight

Heroes v Healers v Hustlers screens 7.30pm tonight on Go but Nine usually puts it up online on 9Now about mid-arvo, if you’re keen. The episode only goes for 60 minutes, so compared to Aussie Survivor it’s blink and you’ll miss it.



  1. Love snarky Jeff’s shouted commentary regarding the tribe that did hopelessly at the start: “Still trying to figure out what show they are on!”

    • Me too! And did I miss something because I didn’t see the conversation (which must have been with the cowboy/marine) about Chrissie turning on Katrina.

    • Agreed. Like last year, I now find that the US version doesn’t show enough of the scramble so that I can understand what actually happens at TC. Having said that, the Aus version does still do a bit too much sometimes, mainly it seems when they need to fill in time.

      I have no idea why the people voted the way they did. I hope there is a lot of explanation next week.

  2. How funny that guy stripping off to prove he didn’t have an idol. That guy was obsessed. He needs to chill out.
    I don’t think much of that food they chucked overboard made it onto their raft.

    • Yes I would have been more interested in ensuring the team won fire. The food wouldn’t have been in good shape having been hurled overboard from that height and into salt water.

    • The team who couldn’t make the beach should have gone back to the boat and collected all the rest of the food, seeing they had no hope of getting the fire.

        • I thought they were doing that. Couldn’t see why they wouldn’t try to get the food/clue.
          Kind of useless super idol though. Why did the older women alliance break down?

          • I guess in hindsight the super idol would only be useful if the person with it was the one being voted out. If she had used it to save Katrina it would have outed her as someone playing the game hard and cast suspicion on her. No way people would have trusted her if she said: “So, I reached into my bag and this idol was just sitting there.” I read elsewhere a suggestion that the idol should have come with a note that said the name of the person gifting it. That would have been cool, because it could have helped set up a future alliance once they do a shuffle.

  3. I really liked the advantage in this episode. I was a bit surprised about the power of it, until I heard the conditions, which I thought were great. Then incredibly disappointed in the result. (Sorry to be obtuse, trying hard not to give away too much. I had intended to hold off watching till the Aus version was finished but the other TV options last night were non-existent).

  4. Like any good contestant, I made some snap judgements based on almost nothing last night.
    The guy trying to control the TC tribe last night (Alan) very quickly got me offside – seems very controlling and paranoid. Contrastingly, I liked the guy who did the ultimate to prove he didn’t have an idol (John/JP?)- not because of that, but he just seems a quality person. Thought I liked Chrissie, but not sure after TC.
    Dr Mike looks like he will be a useful person, despite the usual creation of a weedy image. The other Weed, Ryan, will probably go far – he reminds me of Pete on our season.
    Don’t think outspoken people Joe and Lauren will last long.
    Pity about the one who went home. I was a fan and I don’t think they did anything to deserve it, just plain bad luck.

    • I think voting her off is going to bite them in the arse. She is an Olympic swimmer, but I guess they didn’t know that. Pity the first challenge wasn’t a water one. Hated how they all disparagingly referred to them as the older mum squad..
      And that idiot whose pants kept falling down. I wanted to yank them up.

  5. The edit gave no clue why they voted Katrina off over the vomiting woman. I don’t even recall a snippet of conversation about her specifically. I loved how Ryan used the idol find to cement an alliance with surfer dude – but what an anticlimax. I guess when you are already in a weak position on your tribe, drawing attention to yourself with flashy play could bite you the following week.

  6. I like that the super idol wasn’t a super duper idol that almost guarranteed a free pass to the final three. I also liked the twist of being able to pass it to someone on another tribe. It would have been good if it came with acknowledgement of the donor. It fizzed out in the end but it’s use involved more strategy.
    It doesn’t bother me that there was .ess scrambling. It’s only introduction night.

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