1. It really pisses me off when I hear people like Tara carry on about how hard it has been without her family. People choose to go on the show, they do it for entirely selfish reasons, so don’t expect sympathy for how hard you find it being away from your young children. Being a mother is not about being cool, people often have to leave their children and have no other option but she chose to miss out on a chunk of her children’s young lives so shut the F**K up about how hard it has been.
    Michelle’s sister seems to see a different version of the one we’ve been shown.

      • Honestly, tonight, if Tara actually straps on a pair and goes through with her word to save Jericho? I will forgive her for everything she’s done for the last 50 episodes.

        I will, I promise. I mean, I can still hold her actions tomorrow night against her, but the enemy of my enemy, etc etc. C’mon Tara, save Jericho. Get rid of Michelle. We’ve all wanted it for weeks now, and you’re just as much a goat as she is.

        • I’m reluctantly handing credit to Tara. Is it possible she actually understands that coasting to the end will not get her a win? Jury people seemed to be seriously impressed she did that!

          • I love that she is considering her first ‘big move’ on day 51 and believes thinking about the end game on day 51 of 55 is going to win over this jury and add to her non-existent game play.

  2. Tara? You’re forgiven. I love you. You’re brilliant. Marry me.

    Okay, maybe not that last one. But I’m forgiving her for everything. What made it all the sweeter? The look of disdain on Michelle’s face as the votes kept getting tied.

    But I’m not going to lie, I actually was enjoying the look of frustration on Peter’s face as well. He got really smug, this episode. And I know I’m biased against Jericho, but it was nice watching that smile grow more forced as tribal council rolled on.

    C’mon Jericho. Make fire and beat Michelle at something, which in theory shouldn’t be that hard to do. I have faith in you.

    Love you Tara!

      • And how awful was Michelle at making fire? Like, she’s been living on that beach for 50 days, now. What exactly was she doing the whole time?

        • I saw a hilarious tweet from J lap saying
          “didn’t get to day 55 Mich but at least u saved your mani by not making fire at camp! And u won a FRIGGIN CAR!!! Well done! “

        • Michelle did f### all around camp. Not even washing that dirty green bra.
          If you can’t make a fire, you are not going to win Survivor.
          Go Jericho Go

        • On the jury villa video she had a list of things to do. Make final 3, well she didn’t make it. Win individual immunity, she managed that. And make fire. She laughed & said she should have paid more attention to that.

        • Do you NOT think that if chose to go on survivor the very very first thing you would do (before packing a rancid green bikini) is to LEARN HOW TO MAKE FIRE???
          If there is a chance that you would need it and that ONE skill would stand between you and $500k, go get yourself a flint and some coconut fibre and start learning!
          I would do that before I even got to the island and really? What else is there to do? Practice while you were there!

    • She comes across as totally self absorbed- strangely I liked her better right at the end as she left than I did all series.
      Peter was furious! Sucked in….

      • She seemed quite taken aback by even the thought that she was getting eliminated. Like, there was a real vibe of how dare they go after her? How annoyed was she on the beach when Jericho called her out on her secret plotting with Peter?

        It was about 50 days too late, but good riddance.


    Seriously, even if you skip the episode (and it’s the annoying family day at the beach episode, so you’re not missing much), that tribal council was worth watching.

    Good bye Michelle. I just didn’t like you.

  4. I’m glad Tara flipped this time. There’s no way she is going to win the final immunity challenge so she was probably sensible to throw in with Jericho to take her to the end. But credit to Jericho because he was a deadman walking when Peter won immunity.

    • Yeah. She probably thought that if Jericho goes tonight, then she can’t possibly win the next immunity challenge, which means she’s likely to go next (because nobody likes Michelle, so Pete would pick her, and Michelle would pick Pete over her because he’s been kind of useless).

      Throwing in with Jericho probably keeps her chances at least slightly higher. But I’m guessing tomorrow night? Jericho will want to oust Peter (because he can win against Michelle), and Peter will want to oust Jericho (because he can win against Tara).

  5. Can someone please just give Peter some food? I’m afraid he is going to snap like a twig every time he walks. Loved Jericho’s cheeky reaction at tribal and Tara’s “who me?”. Geez Michelle was in a right snit but, to her credit, I think she will still vote for Jeri if he makes final two.

    • Actually, you know the thing I most noticed during the family segment? Was just how skinny and, frankly, scarily-unhealthy the contestants looked, compared to their families (because the only other person they talk to is JLap, and they’re rarely in the same shot as him).

      Pete’s, like, skin and bone at this point. I almost hope they eliminate him tomorrow night, just so he can go and have something to eat.

  6. NSorry, but I think Tara is n idiot calling that “a big move”. If it had been Michelle that Pate nominated, Tara would have gone Jericho so she could claim shemade a big move. They all know that Jericho is the most popular. A “big” move, should be a smart move. I know most of you are happy because you like Jericho, but that did nothing to further Tara’s game. My God she is stupid.
    Tara saved the guy who is sure to win now. Duh.

    • I agree Daisy. It wasn’t a big move, it lost her any chance of winning (but improved her chance of a second place) but, dang it, I love her for it. Personally, I think she just wanted to see a fire challenge, and thought she might get some kudos for making things interesting.

    • I kind of disagree Daisy! I think for Tara – she of the TEENY move (i.e. not visible to anyone but herself) – it actually was a big move. I actually think to coast through to final three by writing down Jericho was the easy move. I am giving her credit for realising if she continued to take the path of least resistance she would indeed have made it to the end, but with zero chance of winning anyway. So hats off to her for trying something else and giving it a shot. Not that expecting Michelle to master fire would be a hard call – I was surprised it was as tense as it was!
      I am very hard pressed to imagine what kind of speech she will be able to pull together to convince anyone she has a right to the cash. But she is lucky that Tessa was flicked by Jericho!

    • Funny daisy, I was thinking she did it because she was trying to work out who would be the most likely to take her to the end ……. then I slapped my forehead and realised I had just given her credit for thinking. As I said earlier, credit to Jericho for getting her to flip.

  7. Tara might have been able to beat Michelle in the final three, but never Jericho. No wonder she couldn’t do the puzzle.

  8. That was a strange episode. They started straight away at the beach, no seeing them come back from tribal like they usually do.
    In the US version when the family visit only the person who wins a challenge & another person they pick gets time with their family. But this one there was no challenge & they all spent time with them. I thought they were all going back together but they all went to different places.
    Well good on Tara for not going along with Pete & Michelle. That fire challenge was nail biting, but thank God Jericho won. Yeah Michelle, you probably should have made fire a few times.

    • But with the US, they always do it a lot earlier, with about 7-8 people left. I wondered whether it was a cost-cutting measure to do it so late in the game.

      • Could be that or else just a determined approach to really make the Australian version “different” from the US ones.
        I’ve really enjoyed this season.. the challenges have been exciting to watch and 55-day format has really allowed characters to develop so viewers get a better sense of who the contestants are.

  9. I have never had so much of a downer on Tara as some of the others. She just seemed to me generally ordinary, with not much skill in the game, but not nasty or repellent. Michelle, however, just confirmed her awfulness last night. Every word out of her mouth was about “me, me, me” and how she was going to win. Even seeing her sister was all about telling her about how well she had done. And Peter strikes me as quite unstable, with a seeming overreaction to seeing his parents, and then the arrogance of thinking that winning immunity gave him ultimate power.

    I really couldn’t read how Tara was going to jump during TC, though. She does not have a poker face, but last night her facial expressions were manic. I seriously thought she was going to baulk at the last minute.

    • Yeah, Tara annoyed me in the beginning but she grew on me towards the end. I wasn’t sure either if she would stick to her guns & vote with Jeremy or chicken out.

    • Yeah, a few years ago on the US one one of the contestants apparently threatened one of the others if they voted for him he would turn the other jury members against him. Not sure if it’s true though.

  10. It was actually the better move for Tara to save Jericho. Michelle and Pete were close and at least she gets one round further, even if there’s little likelihood of her actually winning against him.
    On another note, props to Jericho for turning that around! Charismatic little devil, I thought he was a goner for sure.

    • I love that most of the Australian players want to win but don’t take it too seriously. There have been US Survivors where people are voted out, get to Ponderosa and no-one speaks to them because they are so bitter. It has been better in recent seasons, though.

    • Yes, I watched Jury Villa last night – Michelle was worried about going but they were all happy to see her, Sarah even told her, the jury thought she was the strongest player left.
      It actually wouldn’t shock me to see Tara win now…

    • Jericho has a habit of surviving when the circumstances are set against him. I’ll definitely be cheering him on tonight.

  11. Lochie looked like a fool at tribal last night , cheering on Tara for derailing Pete’s plan. I guess jury villa haven’t seen any tapes of the show. Tara is still my least liked. But she handed Jericho the prize money. She has no chance no matter who she is against.

    Don’t care who wins. I don’t have anyone I like. Slightly more Peter, but not enough to care.

    • I don’t really have a goat in this fight, either. Jerkicho shat on me when he sent Tessa home from the Jury.

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