Australian Survivor Monday

Who will join Luke and Henry and co at Ponderosa?
Anyone else suffering from Sunday Survivor withdrawals? Now Mr Juz is a Survivor convert I am twisting his arm to give Cagayan a go (one of my faves).

The blurb says: With alliances crumbling and paranoia setting in, all six castaways are determined to win individual immunity. In an explosive Tribal Council, one contestant holds the power, but who will they choose?
It’s expected the the finale will air not this Tuesday but the next.



  1. We know that Jericho has a dark, evil side to him. I imagine that now he’s out all on his lonesome, that there’s trouble brewing in Samoa tonight.

  2. Lots of talk of sending Locky home before the immunity challenge means locky is going to win the immunity challenge.

  3. Michelle’s bikini top is so bras n things circa 1996. I had one in pink and blue so putrid pastel green fits right on the palette

  4. Oh that’s right. Daylight savings in the southern states! Right. Don’t worry about spoilers, I will avoid reading the thread until the episode has aired, don’t mind me :).

  5. Well if Locky and Jericho go , then that’s it for me for survivor.
    Mediocre weak players winning Survivor does the game a disservice. Can you imagine the final three being insipid Pete, Tara and useless bitchy Michelle.

    • Who’d have thought I’d be wanting Jericho or Locky to win, if they go I won’t even bother watching the final.

      • I *want* Locky to survive to the end, but that assumes that he can just keep on winning immunities, and his luck has to give out at some point, right? He’s gotta win 3 more, and what are the odds?

        Now, I’ve actually forgotten. Does Locky still have an immunity idol? I know there was a few in play earlier in the season. Does he still have one? The promo seems to indicate that he does (which would really, really screw up Tara’s plans), but I don’t remember him finding one.

        • I’m hoping Locky has the nous to fake possession of an immunity idol in the hopes of deflecting votes to him!
          But possibly he has one- I’ve lost track a bit…

        • I’m pretty sure Locky doesn’t have an idol, wasn’t he trying to get Annalise to give him her idol, right before the tribal that she went home?

    • I told you Lola, Connivor is the revenge of the short poppies. It usually is frustrating watching the stronger, more likeable people get knifed while the weak and slimey go through. But once in a while…very occasionally…a hero makes it through by winning all the immunities.

    • It just shows how difficult casting for this show is. Last season (Aus) they were criticised heavily because almost none of the cast seemed to understand how to play. This season we have too many “players”, also a problem on the last US season. These people are nearly all ruthless, nobody takes offence because it is all “the game”.

      It seems to me that you need a delicate mix. Certainly you have to have people who understand how the game works, because they carry the narrative. But you also need people who make til-death-do-us-part alliances, who are mortally hurt when they are betrayed and who react with normal human revenge. You also need people who can’t control their mouths, who dob, and who don’t cope with the conditions.

      In addition, you need to put them under greater pressure and make conditions such that those who secure food and shelter have more currency than they currently do.

      • I actually prefer a level-headed jury (which going by the jury villa vids, seems to be the case so far) rather than an attack on the final 2 (or 3) just because the particular juror can’t accept that they were outwitted, outplayed and outlasted.
        I do agree that there needs to be more emphasis put back on the actual survival part of the game.

  6. Geez it’s hard to warm to the losers left…I was willing on Locky to win because I really don’t want the mediocre to feel they have performed a “big move” simply by writing down the name of the current best player.

  7. So naturally, Michelle and Tara are the first two castaways who fall out at the immunity challenge. Again. Seriously, how on Earth did either of them make final 6?

    Meanwhile, Locky continues to prove why your first priority, at merge, is to target the alpha male. Otherwise, he goes on an immunity rampage to get to the end while everybody knifes each other around him, which is exactly what’s happening. I hope it’s Michelle or Tara, mostly because I don’t like either of them, but they’re such perfect goats that I’m expecting one of them (probably Michelle) to stick around until the end.

  8. Damn it, Tara. Of course, the interesting thing is that the entire jury is well aware of what she did, it was pretty obvious that it rested on her.

    I did enjoy Ziggy’s vote for Michelle, pointing out (not in a catty way AT ALL) how generally weak and useless Michelle has been for the entire game.

    The only thing keeping Locky in the game is immunity challenges, at this point. I don’t know how long his luck can hold out. But for some reason, the picture in my head of the final two is Jericho and Michelle. Tara’s at the bottom of that alliance, and Locky’s gone as soon as he loses. And I just don’t want Peter to win, because he hasn’t really done a thing all season other than be a number for somebody.

    • Ziggy and Locky had to vote for Michelle because with the likelihood of drawing rocks, she would have been safe. At this stage, everyone wants to sit with Michelle at the end. Unlikely she will last in the final challenge though.

  9. Tara feeling sick at the thought of Locky winning ??????? Gee who’s more deserving someone who has been a gun at challenges or someone who was voted out weeks ago and is only still around because the producers interfered?

    • Totally! All my favourites are gone but I do acknowledge Lockie as a big competitor. Useless Tara and Michelle grate on me so much. Peter is too non eventful to deserve attention. Sneaky mass murderer Jericho is about the best. But ouch. What a collection for the end!

      • I loved that you called him “sneaky mass murderer Jericho”. At least we made it through a tribal council without a metaphor where somebody dies.

  10. I’m glad Tara was at least smart enough to not go to rocks. I am going for Jericho but I guess I begrudgingly have to give Locky cred for getting so far when he’s an obvious physical threat

    • I’m taking heart that my worst case scenario for the finale (Michelle versus Tara) is pretty much impossible, because it would require either of those castaways to win the final immunity challenge, and these two are so useless at challenges that they probably couldn’t find their own noses with a map and a flashlight.

      Unless Locky continues his rampage, I feel safe calling the final two as Jericho plus one of the above goats. I just think, Locky’s gonna miss one of them, and when he does, he’s gone. And Pete’s been little more than a number this whole time.

      • I think Locky will HAVE to miss one.
        Peter will be better than Michelle or Tara at any challenge. Surely?
        Part of me wants to see the pact of the incompetent and useless between Tara and Michelle, based on the thought process “let’s get rid of Pete and Jericho as they might get votes, but no one in their right mind will vote for (insert the other’s name) so I’ll be sitting pretty”.

  11. Jaysus, could it be more infuriating with who is left?
    Cant believe i want either Locky or Jericho to win…i scored an evening shift at work next Tuesday…normally i would beg/steal or borrow to,get out of this to watch finale…but now…meh!

  12. Bloody Jericho has a big mouth. Has to run to Locky to blab that Tara was targetting him.
    Wasn’t sure what Tara would do for a while there but in the end she flipped. The preview shows Locky having a go at her. Well it’s ok for him with his immunity necklace, he’s safe. If it went down to rocks she could have gone home so can’t really blame her.

  13. I know it’s a game of treachery but it’s so much worse when some people lie, and I am referring to Tara lying to Lochie, especially when she indignantly tells him, “I don’t like people calling me a liar”. I would even prefer Michelle to beat Tara.

    Oh and how about when Tara said, “Ziggy, Lochie and I, (she said me), are all tight knit”. Wah?

  14. Maybe it’s just my imagination but did Jericho throw that challenge? One minute he was looking very comfortable, the next he’d made a few sudden out of sync movements and didn’t look too disappointed to drop out. We’ve seen he does have stamina in previous challenges but he’s also got a good grasp of the game and knows if he gets immunity he’ll be the next target. Having said that I imagine that challenge would be quite difficult and all too easy to get a cramp or have a momentary lapse of concentration. ..esp with JLap’s goading…. ‘ it only takes a second to lose focus. Now the rains pelting and making that track slippery…how long can YOU last? oop there goes another.’

    Also hoping Locky wins at this point as the others have done very little. Jericho is a scheming little bastard but a lot of the time has coasted with Luke taking the ‘bullets’ so I think Locky has worked the hardest overall to fight to stay in the game.

    I enjoyed JLap questioning Tara as to where her loyalty lies and Tara saying, ‘I’m just trying to get the numbers through my head…’whilst rubbing her temple ‘you got a headache Tara?’
    ‘Nah I’m just…yeah bloody hell it ‘urts. So it’d be 3, 3 but shit hang on…Ziggy, Locky, meeeee…hang on who else is here. Wait wait, staard again. Me Locky Ziggy. ..’
    ‘Tara?’ ‘Shit, what I’m counting JLap…a bita quiet’.

    • LOL.

      Interesting thoughts about Jericho. I was also wondering why someone who was such a challenge beast earlier (in tribes) is now making himself quite invisible in challenges. Is he hiding behind Locky?

    • Hi Caloreee. Good to see you here. 😊😊😊😊I think that sometimes when you have to do that gravity thing, you can suddenly jinx yourself and lose momentum. I think Jericho is pretty confident that he isn’t in danger.

      • Aw thanks Daisy 😁 Great to b chatting with u guys.
        I don’t doubt it’d be a tough challenge, but a great one to watch. If it’s anything like hoola hooping I’d be gone. Yes Jericho is quite comfortable right now, so his shit stirring between Tara and Locky is simply for fun at this stage I’d say.

        P.s. how funny wld it be if the clue Locky has is that same hand me down his ol’ mate Henry gave Jericho πŸ˜‚ I dont think he’s got an idol but good on him for planting seeds of doubt.

  15. We finally saw a bit of the real (presumably) Pete at TC. Quite unpleasant.

    Imagine how different things might have been if Ziggy had played the superidol and her own with more effect. I would also have liked to see more idols in play toward the end. I don’t understand how the producers work it, but why are there so few idols around in the latter stages? Don’t they hide any more? Or do they not show us the searching unless someone finds something?

    • I think the idols have a natural expiry date at the final 5 (ala, tonight’s tribal council vote) which is to stop someone from using one to get to the finale 2. It is interesting that most of the idols were used well before this. I can’t even remember if Locky still has one, but by gosh, it’d be good for him if he could pull it out tonight.

    • I thought once someone used an idol they re-hid it but I didn’t know about expiry dates and I’m very new to this.

  16. From memory Locky doesn’t have an idol and never did…?

    I actually can’t stand anyone else left except for maybe Jericho. Locky is a paranoid meat head as far as I’m concerned. Glad Ziggy is no longer there.

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