Australian Survivor – Sun, Oct 8

The end is nigh!
Blurb says: After 50 testing days on the island of Samoa, the final four contestants go into the challenge, not for immunity but for an advantage: to eliminate a member of the jury at Tribal Council.

Oooh, this is interesting – who do you think each person would eliminate? If Jericho wins he might be best booting someone like Jarrad, as they never played on the same tribe. Michelle could eliminate Luke, because he would definitely vote for Jeri. And Tara … well, who is voting for Tara except Locky. Peter has a lot of friends on the jury and could well win, so he can just boot the guy who called him a goat: Locky.
The finale is Tuesday, followed by a reunion show.
Looks like tonight is a non-elimination episode as the blurb for tomorrow night refers to the “final four”.



  1. Blink and you’ll miss it,”Tara’s bulging bicep!”.
    Won’t be much of a challenge.
    Is it just me or does jlp sound extra Americano tonight?

    • Love that peg challenge! I thought Pete was going to win because he had a greater reach than Jericho. I wish one if the bigger contestants like Locky was still in the game because they would struggle in something so suited to a wiry build.

  2. Please forgive me but strange forces are making me support she of the atrocious green bikini, Michelle. Suddenly I don’t hate her so much.
    Also I missed Tara’s lolly jar somehow? No wonder she is still looking “healthy”

    • I’m still not on board – her voice over talking about her manicures and pedicures seemed like she was trying to make out her life was somehow glamorous. C’mon, really? We all know you’re a 33year old nanny, perfectly respectable but hardly aspirational.

        • I think both Michelle and Tara strike me as the sort of people that could win millions in lotto and be bankrupt within two years.

      • I will never be on board with Manky Green Bikini ‘I’ girl.
        Let the record state that if she wins I will be seriously annoyed.
        JB I have assumed she is some kind of overpaid nanny to the rich, which is why she has the ‘nails, pedicure, eastern suburbs rich’ ethic.

          • EXACTLY! all the entitlement.
            I cannot bear her commentary. It is full of self-absorbed comments ‘I’,’MY’, etc.
            I do prefer Tara over her, but to be honest, Pete is so useless I want him out ahead of even Manky Green Bra.

        • My annoyance boat sailed after Henry got out. After that I didn’t care. Tara can’t win. All the jury know she shouldn’t be there.

    • I flipped to Michelle when we had the final 4. My reasons; Tara shouldn’t be there. Shewas voted out. Nuff said. Jericho rode Luke’s coat tails for most of the season, and was slimeyg. Pete who? Also slimey.
      At least Michelle, as unpersonable as she is, fought hard and didn’t ride ride in a side car.

  3. First ad break and I’m already over it – was hoping to see a spoiler because at this stage my care factor is zero.

  4. Poor Tessa, she answered his question perfectly. And I was surprised he didn’t use one of his questions to ask Luke for advice!

    • I thought he played the questions super well – and chose exactly the right person.
      My hope is they can ditch Michelle and have Peter, Tara and Jericho at the final and Jericho can swoop up the votes.

    • Really good question and answer. Tara should (but probably won’t) realise that her chances of winning are well below 25%. I’m sure Tess isn’t the only one feeling that way about her and surely they would have talked at the jury villa about her lack of game play and that she should have been gone early on.

      • I repeat my previous comment. Tara won’t win because the jury know she shouldn’t be there. Plus letting Lochie carry her to the end, then knifing him was a bit like running for PM.

    • I think Jer had already decided to take her out, but her excellent answer made him pause and consider Jarrad instead.

      The questions were great, and designed (in very roundabout ways) to make them admit who they were thinking of. It worried me that Jarrad said that Jericho should be worried about someone else there. Would he really consider any of the other three more worthy, or was he just not able to think clearly. It was an answer that should have made Jer send him away.

      • Yeah, after that, I really thought Jericho would send Jarrad home. Tessa admitted that there’s someone she *wouldn’t* want to have the money, so I personally probably would’ve kept Tessa and ousted Jarrad.

  5. So what’s next on the telly schedule or is that it for the year?
    I’m watching wake in fright but I’m finding I don’t have patience for movies/drama anymore. Just easy tv I want,

      • I’m looking forward to Family Food fight, it looks interesting. I will definitely give it a go. I assume it will replace The Block when it finishes. I really enjoyed The Hotplate a few years back. A pity they only did 1 season.

  6. Way too much producer interference this year. Firstly, Tara still being around after she was voted out and now messing with the jury.
    I just burst out laughing at the challenge when Tara fell off, sums up her efforts in challenges totally.
    And suddenly Michelle is doing better in challenges – really makes you wonder.

  7. So of course Tara drops out of the challenge, before even the first stage of the challenge was over. Geez, Tara. It has been painful to watch you, it really has been.

    I don’t mind the twist of voting out a jury member, but I’m not sure it’s really much of an advantage. I mean, you can’t really know what the jury is thinking, can you? And you’ve gotta try and figure out who’s gonna be there at the final two, otherwise it’s useless anyway.

    • I agree, I liked it as a twist, but I would have liked to have an elimination as well. Unlike the Tara thing, it didn’t keep someone who shouldn’t be there.

  8. The challenge was very clever, I can see how Jericho’s size helped him.
    Kinda early to have the advantage, it will all be for nothing if he doesn’t make final 2.
    Jericho asked really good questions that gave him insightful answers.
    Sad for Tessa, come al this way and now don’t even get a chance to have a vote.

  9. Didn’t watch Survivor tonight. The last 4 don’t really interest me . All the good players are out. Hope Jericho wins as he is the least offensive. The Cookie Monster needs to beat the other three goats.

  10. Who do we think jurors will vote for? I think we can safely say Locky is the only one who would pick Tara.
    Tess would have voted for Pete so Jericho made the right move.
    Annaleise? Perhaps a Michelle vote? Not sure.
    Sarah and Luke will vote Jeri.
    Henry probably Jeri.
    Jarrad will vote Pete.
    Ziggy? Maybe Michelle. Not sure

    • I think Jericho will win because he played smarmy. If Lochie has any idea of how Tara turned on him, he probably won’t bote for her. I think he might be pi**ed. But I don’t know what they see at Jury villa.

      • The way Locky went out, it is quite possible that he will still think that Tara was loyal and that he failed to sway Michelle. Pity because his convincing of Michelle was one of the good plays of the season.

        Annaleise is a total mystery to me – I can’t even really remember her. The others I agree with, but I can’t for the life of me see why anyone would vote for Michelle. We also have to remember that two of the leftovers will also be on the jury. Hard to know who Pete would go for, I’m afraid Jer would think Michelle over the other two, Tara would probably go Jer, and Michelle would probably make her decision based on who she thinks engineered her exit (as we know revenge is her greatest motivator).

    • Its hard to pick, as they don’t appear to be a bitter jury, so I think they’ll vote for good gameplay rather than loyalty.
      And I think it will come down to how well they speak at final tribal – and own their game. I suspect each of them could be swayed. in Season 1 quite a few came in saying they were going to vote Lee, and changed to Kristie because Lee couldn’t back up his game.

  11. Although I am disappointed in how the season is ending, it’s only 2 episodes left, and I’m committed now, I might as well see it through to the end.

    I think, all the big players were too busy playing the game (ie, knifing each other one-by-one) so that the little players (ie, the goats) could just sit there in the background and watch the playing field slowly but surely clear itself for them. Still cheering for Jericho.

    Michelle’s irritating, Pete’s a goat, and even the jury thinks Tara was useless. Provided he can win that 3-to-2 immunity challenge, I’m thinking Jericho looks solid, at this point.

    • I am more worried about this 4-to-3 vote. Jericho showed last night (with his questions) how well he can talk to the jury. That must be raising alarm bells, as well as his immunity win. I think the other three might decide that he is too likely to win now and gang up on him.

  12. Well that was anti-climactic. Poor Tessa, must be feeling really ripped off.
    That challenge was crazy. It looked very uncomfortable.
    They actually had that twist in the US Survivor a couple of years ago.

    • I feel like a theme of this season is, poor Tessa, because she really has gotten screwed a whole bunch of times.

      • I really like Tessa and thought she played so well. So I’m not gloating that she got flicked from jury – I am applauding Jericho as i think he took out the biggest threat to him if he found himself against Pete in the finale.

    • Thanks Carole, I wondered if voting out a jury member was a first.

      Do you know if the peg challenge has been done before? I thought it was a great one to watch.

  13. As soon as I saw the peg challenge I thought this has Jericho’s name written all over it. Being small and light has it’s advantages in this game but he’s also flexible and has good endurance. I thought Pete might win as they removed more and more pegs as he could stretch further but Jericho had the ability to nestle within the few left so that saved him. Surpised at how well Michelle did and of course wondering if she simply didn’t even try in previous challenges to the domino one as she felt safe or to deliberately make herself look incapable of winning in order to sneak through.

    I don’t know how they cope with the glare for 55 days and no sunnies or hat. A lot of challenges have been in direct sun.

    I thought Jericho might vote out Jarrad based on their answers but it’s a gamble either way when you don’t know who the final two will be. Probably a smart choice to pick Tessa if Pete’s still there but I have a feeling it will be Jericho or Pete plus Michelle or Tara. Maybe after tonight Jericho might be on the chopping block as he revealed his wiles with those questions. Tara really is the ultimate goat to take to the end.

    Tonight was the first night the show really dragged for me. I know at the beginning I thought really? I was looking at the clock after 5 mins of listening to how far they’d all come. How proud they were, etc etc. Vom. How far you’ve been dragged as goats you mean? Then having to watch precious Michelle get her manicured hands dirty to get tips on how to make fire for the first time in 50 days as she might now need to be able to make it-revolting. Then 5 seconds later bossing Jericho around as to when to blow on it and Tara on gow many stucks to throw on as if she’d been maintaining it for the last 50 days. Girl, puh-lease.

  14. All the pontificating last night about winning the money really got on my nerves. Interesting that it only came out of the mouths of the undeserving.

    Like you, Calorie Loader, I am disappointed with the way the season is ending. But overall I think it has been a great season in terms of the production etc. They mostly listened to the criticisms of last season and corrected. The casting was a little over-corrected with too many “game players” as opposed to not enough last year. Very funny that there was huge outcry last year about three nights being too much, but then everyone wanted more Survivor when Ch 10 showed that they had nothing else for Tuesday nights!

    My only gripes re the production this year are 1. episodes should be no more than 1.25 hours, preferably 1 hr, remove all the duplication where we see the conversation and then the whole thing is repeated in confessional, and 2. refine the casting so that some people are more emotionally labile.

    • I agree Fijane that overall it’s been a thousand times better than last year. Great cast, innovative challenges. I didn’t mind that there were so many game players as it made it interesting to see how they’d outwit each other and after last year it was like finally people that get it!
      I’m looking forward to the reunion and hearing from people like Henry and A.K and even Lochie once he’s seen the complete footage of his bestie Tara.

      • I think it beats last year because of the cast. Other than that, they made the same mistakes; meddling, and the spoiler orchestra crescendos. I think (maybe I haven’t been paying attention and ff), Jonathan’s grammar has improved.

  15. I can’t believe I wrote I love Tara. I meant tessa of course.
    Family food fight looks like the kind of show I could watch

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