1. Very sweet moment between Locky and Jericho in the ocean. That was kinda lovely.

    Locky’s ploy to psych them out with a fake idol? Smart game-play. A little desperate, but hey, he doesn’t have a lot of options, and if it works and keeps him in the game?

    Meanwhile … did Michelle actually win something today? How did that happen?

  2. Lots of talk about goats (or, as Tara probably correctly calls them, the game’s sheep) tonight. I loved how Locky and Jericho were having a conversation about goats, and then the camera cuts to Michelle and Pete there on the beach.

    Pete talked about his ‘hidden’ moves, but as Pete himself pointed out later on, if nobody can see you doing something, that means you’re probably not doing anything. I thought it was ballsy of Locky to actually confirm that he thought Pete was the goat right there in front of the jury, but I think at this point, Locky’s going down swinging, so why not?

    I hope he pulls this off. On to the vote!

  3. I’ve just started watching and I’m not sure I can bother watching to the end. I think Tara is the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen but I think she and Michelle serve as a good example of how we perceive ourselves and how we are perceived by others can be diametric opposites. I.e. Tara and Michelle think they are “players”, making big moves and smarter than the rest whereas we the viewing audience see them as really dumb goats who have had some luck along the way.

    • That’s why it was so easy for Locky to convince Michelle that he wanted to sit beside her because he wants to beat “the best”. She was like a cat purring “yes, I am, aren’t I”.

  4. Damn it, I thought for sure Locky had enough to survive. He convinced Michelle, but Jericho turned back away from him right at the end. It’s a damn shame, because if he’d actually pulled that off? It would’ve been amazing.


    So we’re left with Jericho and three goats. Three guesses who I hope wins, and the first two don’t count.

    Meanwhile, it was JLap tonight who used the metaphor where someone dies. Gosh, this season has gotten really dark towards the end.

    • I’ve heard two out of the three goats bleating about the money already.

      Every time a goat gloats about it’s moves, I want to see them crash and burn.

    • I don’t think Jericho changed his mind at the last minute – I don’t think he ever intended anything else. That has been his pattern all the way through. He is quite clever at making people think that he is agreeing with them with no intention of following them.

  5. Yep definitely time for me to stop watching and hope Jericho wins. From your comment it seems Michelle won the car, I would have been happier if it had been Jericho simply because of how well he did in team challenges.

  6. In his jury villa video, Locky confesses that he had a rough day. He lost immunity, he broke his winning streak, he lost a car, and he lost half a million dollars … all by, like, two seconds (because it really was that close, right at the end).

    Goodbye Locky. I was really cheering for you. And you’ll always be the guy who lost his pants and who’s arse we all slapped when your tribe won immunity, that one day. Good times.

  7. I thought Locky was an arse but much of the season but in the last few episodes they’ve shown he is smarter than he appears. And he must be more charismatic in person. I wonder if Anneliese deliberately dropped the idol clue that Locky was passing off as his own.

  8. Love how Locky showed Tara the clue and immediately Tara was “oooh, he has an idol”. Whereas Pete and Jericho went: Nup. I’m backing Jericho but I think all except Tara have the gift of the gab for the jury talk. Pete and Michelle could both go the Kristie dark horse route of “I was on the outs but I survived, despite not being a physical threat etc”. Jericho could be at a disadvantage because not everyone in the jury knows him.

    • The difference between Michelle and Kristie (I really, really hope…) is that most of the jury liked Kristie, while still considering her ineffective. Michelle appears to have rubbed everyone up the wrong way at some point or other. That’s no guarantee but if you are choosing between two equally useless goats, then your personal liking is probably going to be the deciding factor.

      Then again, I have now watched a few seasons where I couldn’t believe the jury could be so stupid in awarding the cash to the most undeserving. Something about the name “Michelle” I wonder….

      • me too. Well, out of the limited choice on offer he is the most active and the least annoying. Hardly a ringing endorsement! I think he has the best shot at having the jury believe he is a player.

        BUT even though I know Michelle will do a knockout speech at jury I am optimistic that no-one will buy it. If Tara survives (and it will only because they are confident they can beat her, whether a goat in sheep’s clothing or not) she couldn’t possibly convince the likes of Henry, Tessa or even Annaliese that she is worthy.

        • If you watch the jury members whenever Michelle speaks, they all have this look of bored contempt on their faces. I can’t imagine that anyone likes her very much, for the same reason that we don’t like her very much. I would definitely be confident with her next to me, in front of the jury.

          It’ll be Tara or Michelle as the goat right at the end, but it won’t be both.

          • I think all of the jury members look a bit disgusted with the (as Stacey aptly called them) the leftovers. Watch a jury villa and you see all the good strategists and strong players.

  9. That challenge was a doozy. It could have gone to anyone. Every time someone looked like they had it, the tiles would stop. And the one that stopped right before the last tile. So close. Locky just missed out. Michelle picked the right immunity challenge to win. Winning a car too.
    So cheeky Locky didn’t have an idol after all.

    • It is a challenge that favours the light and nimble. Small feet are a big advantage. I suspected that a challenge like this would have to come soon. I was quite surprised that Locky did so well, even to the point of being the only one who managed a second go.

      • As soon as I saw the framework they had to step through I thought this isn’t going to end well for Locky and is going to favour Jericho Pete or Michelle. Locky was very lithe considering the task.

  10. Occasionally you get a Survivor series that is satisfying, where you can be happy about the final three. This isn’t one of them. Really, as long as Tara goes out next, that is the best I can hope for.
    Lochie was way off reading Tara. He seemed a bit of a block head to me. I watched Lochie at the villa to see if they showed him Tara gunning for him.

  11. After JLap reveals the car as a prize and they’re about to move onto the challenge Locky wants to show us how clued in he is ‘It’s a CAARRR!! It’s a NEW CAAARRR!!’
    ‘Dude we know, he removed the sheet minutes ago’…’yeah but it’s a Caaaaarrrrr’ Sharp boy that one. I’m not even kidding. I’d say he was the sharpest person left. So pretty gutted he’s gone, had an awful feeling his luck was gonna run out tonight and bestie Tara would be waiting with the machete. He was impressive in his fight until the end.

    It’s definitely gonna be a race to see who can pull off the biggest Steven Bradbury of all. Michelle bought straight into Locky’s spiel about her being a threat. Did she not realise she won this one as she didnt have the pressure Locky and others were feeling (knowing noone votes out a goat) and took her sweet time to set it up once everyone else’s collapsed. I still don’t think it would be easy but it didn’t require use of memory or endurance, willpower and strength as some of the other challenges did. A gloating goat-noone wants to listen to that.

    Tara was in fine form at tribal, completely missing the point as per usual, ‘I’ve bred goats..’ seriously? I can’t believe you’re drawing attention to yourself at this of all times! Not just a goat but a resuscitated goat slaughtered weeks ago. And all goat talk turns solely to Pete? What about the elephants called Tara and Michelle in the room?

    • Yeah, Pete was the “scapegoat”.

      The next TC could come down to a split goat. The Survivors are getting on each others’ goat.

  12. Well, we are left with three goats and a half (a kid?). I will watch to the end but expect to be disappointed.

    What did everyone think of the car prize? I didn’t like it, it seemed really illogical for a show that is meant to be based around hardship. Hope they don’t ever do anything like that again.

    • Having a car as a reward towards the end of the season used to happen all the time in the US seasons, but IIRC, there was some controversy about it at one point, so they stopped doing it.

    • Fijane I thought- this is going to suck for Locky who’s fought out challenge after challenge if some lucky goat slips through at the last minute to claim it. I think it should’ve been part of the final prize. However if it went to someone worthy I may think differently and be glad that person didn’t walk away with nothing if they lost at the end.

      • Also sad as I don’t think anyone was as excited as Locky about the prize beyond ‘I can flog this’.

      • Holden probably would have preferred Locky to win also, they would have driven us crazy with ads featuring him next year ….. somehow I can’t see them using Michelle.

    • I didn’t see the prize. It may as well have been a ute or trailer that can carry a few goats. Oh, what a feeling! Toygoata!

        • Ah thanks for that Dave, that’s gold! 😂 The likeness is uncanny. Appreciated all your goat humor, it makes watching this tragic ending to a show circling the drain worthwhile.

          • Thanks to both of you. Hope I didn’t goat too far. I better hoof it.

            Wish I had the skillz to photoshop a putrid green bikini top onto that beast’s torso.

          • Lol. No it’s perfect as is. We don’t want to humiliate the animal any further. Besides it would just eat it, so you’d need to organise a dissapearing / reappearing green bra on a loop and that would be more effort than all three goats have spent for 50 something days.

  13. The leftovers at the camp are all fairly useless bar Jericho, but I’m still glad Locky is gone. I never warmed to him but it was fun to watch his increasing paranoia throughout the game. I’m haphazard to acknowledge his ‘smarts’ to sway Michelle into voting his way though. Michelle throughout the show has always said “Locky is the good-looking manipulator that sweet talks people into doing what he wants” and then was dumb enough to fall for it right at the end. I feel like Michelle is one of those girls that typically the ‘Locky’s’ of the world treat this way. Even Tara was smart enough to not fall for it right at the end, so at this point I’d rather see Michelle go before Tara.

    • Solid effort Daisy 😂
      Yes the poor goat does not need side boob.
      What is it though, there’s some small detail missing…ah! I know, the bra is WAY too clean. It needs to be dragged through the mud and not get washed for 50 days. Really grind that dirt in…then we’ll have a doppelganger.

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