1. Surprise! Just when Sophie’s ready to pick her true love, the 12 actual contestants arrive in a limo, and the series begins properly!

    Wait, we’re not doing that? No? Crap.

  2. Free trip to Fiji – yippee says Soph.
    No economy for Sophie, business class all the way.

    Poor Jarrod his skin is not for the beach tropical holiday. Could he get any redder. I think I’m going for Jarrod.
    Stu is a player, spoilt entitled rich little boy.

  3. I know when I sign up to watching the Bach or Bach’ette I’m opting in for a bit of manufactured TV. But honestly both seasons this year expect us to suspend our disbelief to a ridiculous level. Especially when the winners of both (assuming Stu wins) knew the the Bach/ette before going on the show.

    • I really hate when people in the media gush they’ve never been this happy or in love before. It’s really insensitive if they have an ex out there somewhere thinking oh what was I, was what we had all fake.

  4. i’m hoping the tears are because she doesn’t like the idea of breaking his heart.
    The bits i didn’t mute, all i felt like i was hearing was what Jarrod thought Sophie wanted to hear.

    • Well, with channel ten’s budget cuts, we should be lucky they didn’t just wind up on the Gold Coast during Schoolie’s Week.

      I just can’t get past how much Stu-pid looks like KD Lang’s long-lost twin sister.

    • Thanks Erin, not really a spoiler as Stu was leaked as the winner before the show started (unless the spoiler is poor Jarrod he was her pick).
      Shows what a pathetic season it’s been that I couldn’t be bothered waiting until it was aired here).
      So Sophie starts by saying she wants someone who will put her first and love her for her and yet she chooses the same old sleazy type she’s always gone for. Jarrod might have been somewhat odd but he did actually meet her criteria.
      The body language experts tipped Stu to win but it won’t last …… they didn’t need body language experts they could have just asked us.

      • Sophie chooses the married man who had a vasectomy…yep that fits with what she wanted. LOL
        I didn’t believe anything that came out of Stu’s mouth. For all of Jarrod’s weirdness & obsessiveness at least he seemed sincere.

    • no no, poor Jarrod is devastated.
      i’m just not clear on the spoiler rules here!
      personally i think he is more alinged to her lifestyle and circles she mixes in so even if it doesn’t last i suspect they have a better shot than she would with jarrod.
      Ch 10 have GOT to do something about their confientiality agreements / stopping spoilers, because both seasons have been spoiled almost before they even began!

      • I see your point but Sophie said she was looking for someone not in “the life”. The odds were pretty low of her lasting with either.
        I think the spoiler rule of thumb is, if you really, really don’t want to know, don’t look (i.e. the onus is on the reader not the writer). But I do like the way you give a warning and then lots of spaces.

      • Yeah Erin, you’re all good! If I really don’t want spoilers, I train myself just to stay off social media. If I get spoiled, it’s my own fault.

        As for this series of the Bachelorette, I didn’t care enough. Like JayBlossom said, the rumours had existed before the season even started airing that she picked Stu (and there’s also rumours that they’ve already broken up).

        • The rumours were there but was wondering if it was just a red herring because Stu did not fit what she supposedly wanted. Obviously she wanted the same thing she has had in the past. Have read the rumours that they broke up and that she regretted her choice but then also read they got back together.

      • Erin, imo on spoilers, as a Westie, I think once it’s aired over east, then fine. If I don’t want to know, I don’t read the thread.
        Anyway, it’s all spoiled meat.

      • Ok good, thanks re spoilers, I feel the same as you all, if you don’t want to know, don’t read the thread, but that’s easy to say as a Melbourne girl who can happily trawl social media without being spoiled (assuming I’m watching live).

  5. I don’t think stu is the one Sophie. He is still a douchebag, I can’t believe his little “feelings” moment. Plus his eyebrows are definateliy over groomed.
    Poor jarrod😢

  6. Stu just keeps whinging about how hard everything is. Yawn. But then he hasn’t been this happy in twenty years. Fail.

      • Yep…wasn’t happy but stayed married for all of those years and had 4 “littles” with her. He’s full of it.

  7. Call me cynical but of course she would choose Stu. He might be still married, have 4 kids, had a vasectomy, etc…..but he does have a $500m pub empire!

    • I’m cynical too Jason, I think he’s still married because he didn’t have an airtight prenup and it’s the money (as well as the Catholic thing that BDD mentioned) that is holding up the divorce. This is of course based only on my own inferences rather than any inside knowledge.
      I also think the fact they had met before the show is very, very suss. THe cynic in me says both seasons winners this year were pre determined.

  8. Just watched Stu’s “love” confession and it’s preamble. Personally, it looked to me like he was either drunk or stoned and that’s what the bloodshot eyes were about rather than pure emotion. Probably wasn’t drunk or stoned …. just a really bad actor.

    • I never got the appeal of Sophie, and even in the finale, they were attempting to smother her with black eye make-up.

      I’m just glad it’s over for another year, to be honest.

      • I liked Sophie. Didn’t like her makeup. Didn’t like her botox. Thought MONK tattoed on her neck was the very definition of bogan.
        But her personality was rather endearing.

  9. Wow! Poor Jarrod indeed! He actually went a long way to redeem himself in his gracious exit. In Sophie’s (incredibly long-winded) dumping speech he clearly thought she was leading up to picking him (with reason at first). So I’m prepared to give him credit for (almost) keeping it together because I think he really did believe he was in love with her.

  10. What does the tatt on Sophie’s neck say? The camera Keeps cropping it out. I just fast forwarded through the episode to see if they went to any of the Fiji islands I know. Damn – had such high hopes for the season. No more celeb bachelorettes – it narrows the field of decent suitors too much

  11. She picked the guy who’s still married, has a passel of kids, and has had a vasectomy? And she wants to get married and have children asap? Well, all right then. Soph, I think you may have commitment issues, because this relationship was scuttled before it started.

    • I can’t help wondering how Sophie plans to have kids with Stu now. Sperm donor? Reversal? Adoption? Or be mother to his grown kids, with them going, “We hate you, you stole our Dad on tv and all of our friends at school are laughing at us”.

      • Stu said he has some sperms frozen. Sophie is not a young chick. So maybe IVF with a surrogate mum. Gee this is getting complicated. But also rumour that they have broken up!!!!!!

        • Thanks, Littlepetal. Yeah I think those frozen sperm will last longer than their romance. Don’t start thawing yet Stupour.

  12. Poor Jarrod, he really loved her. Sophie should have let him go much earlier as she must have known how intense and serious he was about her. True to form she has picked the same type of guy she said she didn’t want, she deserves everything she gets.
    I think she was already mixing in Stu’s circle before the show , maybe started dating him, and the show brought him in as an intruder. Not fair to the few genuine guys in there, everyone playing a part in their stupid production.
    Very disappointed in Sophie, should have known it wasn’t real.

    • Has she never watched TB? How does she not know about all the broken hearts? She said that she didn’t realize. Mind you I am sceptical about them actually, really being in love after a few dates.

    • So at the end of the season:
      Good guys in it for love: Jarrod, James
      In it for fame: Apollo, Luke, and a bunch of others I can’t remember
      Douchebags in it for fame: Stu, Blake, Sam, Ryan, Jourdan
      I have to admit, I had to look up those last two and in the process realised there was another group:
      Total nonentities: about 10 men some of whom I couldn’t remember even when I saw their photos.

      • I was feeling old and jaded and wondered if Apollo (who I had always liked) turned in the stunningly bad performance at the opera to make sure he was booted. I feel bad even thinking it, but he didn’t put a foot wrong throughout and then totally stuffed it. Maybe he thought Sophie was in danger of choosing him, maybe he thought finishing 3 was a good outcome. . . Or of course, maybe he was just 24 and speaking frankly!

        • In spite of his professions to camera, on that final date he was acting like a guy who wanted to say, “It’s not you, it’s me”.
          He clearly wanted the boot because he wasn’t saying anything. If she had booted Jarrod at that point, he would have still been sad, and Atlas would have handled the final eviction (because he doesn’t care), but those mean old producers know what makes better tv.

          • He did actually, didn’t he? That whole opera date, he looked like he was desperately looking for an escape hatch to get off the crashing plane, or whatever. It was really weird.

    • I was worried he might start trash talking her but he was very classy with that post. Well at least he didn’t lose her to Blake. That would have really grated. He did say to Stu if he had to lose her to someone he didn’t mind if it was him

  13. Jarrod has been very gracious in defeat. I smirked at him all season but tonight I felt for him.
    On another note how about the scene wear they show Sophie applying more mascara to her already extremely overly made up eyes with falsies. Brand placement, maybelline?

  14. Ooh-ooh, bet you’re wond’ring how I knew
    ‘Bout your plans to go with Stu
    With some other guy that you knew before
    Between the two of us guys, you know I love you more

    It took me by surprise I must say
    When I found out yesterday

    Ooh-ooh I heard it through the grapevine
    Not much longer would you be mine
    Ooh-ooh I heard it through the grapevine
    And I’m just about to lose my mind
    Sophie Sophie yeah

    I know a man ain’t supposed to cry
    But these tears I can’t hold inside
    Losin’ you would end my life you see
    ‘Cause you mean that much to me
    You could have told me yourself
    That you’re in love with Stu~pid’s wealth
    Instead I

    Heard it through the grapevine
    Not much longer would you be mine
    Oh I heard it through the grapevine
    And I’m just about to lose my mind
    Sophie, Sophie, yeah

  15. Honestly, I think the whole season descended into farce, but I don’t think I expected it not to. We got to the point where Sophie was calling Stu her, “soul mate”, and I was just, face-palm, change the channel, I’m out.

    Notice how the camera lingered on Jarrod after Sophie broke his heart and he stumbled off sobbing? They were probably waiting for him to collapse to the sand and curl up in the fetal position, hyperventilating, but alas, they let him keep at least some dignity. I suppose Jarrod’s mother will just quietly put a hit out on both of them.

    So ultimately, she went in wanting a normal guy, but like I thought right at the very beginning, she didn’t pick Dave the plumber from Gosford, she picked Stu the impossibly-rich playboy publican emperor with half a billion in the bank account. Who’s still married (and has been finalising his divorce for 4 years?).


    Remember how Sophie said she makes bad decisions when it comes to men?


    I think I’m not the right audience for this franchise. Sure, it’s fun to mock, but it just makes me too damn cynical. Or maybe I’m already there and the show’s helping? But I’m glad it’s over. A cast full of duds, teenagers and fame-hungry douchebags, frankly it was pretty embarrassing to watch, and that’s not even going into Blake (“I coward-punched someone, and I have an AVO meaning I can’t travel into NSW for the foreseeable future. MARRY ME SOPHIE I’M THE PERFECT CATCH!!!”). Eugh. I’m soooooo out.

    • Bang on, on all counts.

      You just said everything I was thinking, but much more eloquently. I’m really embarrassed that I even watched this farce now.

    • Watching him walking off down that long windy path crying, I really felt for him. It seemed to go on forever. Do they usually have such long path for the loser to walk on after being rejected? It seemed cruel & didn’t give him much dignity.

  16. Oh, and apparently Apollo’s already been confirmed as the next Bachelor. I read it on Facebook, so I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Apollo’s lights burn bright ….but is anybody really home? He seems quite dull and as Bachelor material, he’s already said he wants to travel and do magic for the next 4~5 years. He’d be a shithouse choice.

      How boring would a single date with Apollo get , as he invariably clams up when his feelings are put to the sword…or wand in his case.

      • I think Sophie’s jaw dropped when Atlas, I mean Apollo, told her her would be ready in 6 years. Tick, tick, tick Apollo….that’s Sophie’s clock.

    • I am officially over this one too (that now makes Masterchef, the Block, Kitchen Rules – oh, stop counting). Shows that I previously enjoyed have been ruined by stupid repetitions, appealing to imagined audience desires, and shameless milking of sponsors. Yuck.

  17. 😢😭😢😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😢😢 Waaaah. That’s the bit I always hate, and now I take back everything I said about Jarrod.
    Is The Bachelor the cruelest show on tv ? I think it probably is.
    Oh maybe the Today show.

    • When I’ve been forced to endure the Today show when waiting for an early Drs appointment I invariably request the return of the brain cells I lost in the waiting room.
      The Bach is cruel to the contestants, Today to the viewers (though this year’s seasons of Bach were fairly cruel to the audience as well).

  18. I know I haven’t watched much, but I didn’t see any sparks with Stu. And why does he look like one of the Wiggles.

    BTW, you always know the loser in Bach/Bachette because they always go first.
    I wonder how long they gave Sophie to wipe away her tears and fix her make-up after dropping Jarrod, before they sent Stupendous in. Obviously I ran short of Stu words.

    • You could have gone with Stup apparently it means a dive or plunge. It’s definitely downhill from here for Soph and Stup.

  19. On Social Media, many have changed their mind about Jarrod and he has earned more fans.
    He was really in love with Sophie and he walked away with grace even when he was hurting.

    • Yes. It was easy to do a 180° after seeing his hopes dashed to pieces. Whyyyyyeeee do I watch this show? I always feel twrrible for the loser. Still, Jarrod was being a bit unrealistic thinking Sophie Monk was going to don a pair of overalls and head out to the farm. Hey Dave, Scarlett Johanssen wants to give up Hollywood and move in with you and Iggy. 😁

    • He knows nothing about her – it’s dumb to declare himself in love while she’s still kissing other dudes

  20. I didn’t watch this show, but all you guys are comment gold. That is seriously good input when I can follow a program while never seeing it, and understand and appreciate the snark on the commentary. Or, you know, empathise with the ones genuinely interested in the outcome. I’m sure they’re some out there.

  21. This was the first season of The Bachelorette that I watched. Didn’t like Sam Frost and watching Georgia Love was like watching paint dry.
    I like Sophie Monk and hope she is happy with her choice.
    Favourite bachelor contestant- James
    Most intense bachelor- Jarrod (but hey he came with a winery, what’s not to love there)
    Douche bags – Ryan, Blake, Sam , the breakdancer, Jourdan.

    Favourite Bachelor season – Sam Wood and Snez
    Putting my plant out today in memory of Jarrod

    • I found Sam Frost unfathomably boring (and, as cruel as it sounds? I started to understand why Blake cut and run after their season. No surprise it didn’t last between her and Sasha), but I quite liked Georgia Love, I actually found her quite refreshing.

      But this season, I never warmed to Sophie much, and with maybe two exceptions, the dregs of society that made up the contestants didn’t make for good television.

  22. 15 weeks of watching Sophie and I am suddenly considering the benefits of Jarrod. Who’d of thunk it. The guy showed a dignity at the end that he clearly didn’t have all the way through the show.
    I still like Sophie. She was endlessly entertaining but they gave her very few options. Most of these guys were douchbags (here’s looking at yu, Stu).
    I can’t see them choosing Apollo as the next Bachelor. There’s not a lot of love for him in tv-watching land. Gogglebox is a fairly good indicator of how the world feels.
    Does the new Bachelor have to be one of the old Bachelors? Haven’t we already established that most of these guys are in it for 15 minutes of fame?

  23. Oh, poor Jarrod. He wasn’t one of my favourites early on but he did seem to be genuine & was devastated. If I hadn’t read in the magazines that she picked Stu I would have thought with that speech that she was about to pick him. But I had hoped she did pick Jarrod to stick it to the magazines for being wrong. According to them he’s already dumped her & she fled to Thailand. But last week they said he was begging her to take him back. Well she will have to pretend to have taken him back for 6 months or however long their contracted to be together for. It will be interesting to see their body language when they do all their promo together.
    If they have really broken up I wonder if she’ll do a Blake Garvey & go back to Jarrod saying she made a mistake.

    • In one of Jarrod interviews, he is all for Sophie and will have Sophie if her relationship with Stu doesnt work out.

      • That’s what I was waiting for him to say, ” Of well, if you change your mind, you know where I am”. I felt sorry for him at the end, but I always feel sorry for the losers. The camera always shows their heartbreak.

      • It’d be interesting if that did happen. I mean, everybody turned on Blake so quickly when he dumped Sam Frost and hooked up with Louise (and then that didn’t last either). I wonder what the public perception will be if Sophie dumps Stu and runs back to Jarrod?

        Stu always struck me as so slimy. But as much as I want to say that Jarrod was the better option, I think he was possessive and clingy, and just as bad an option, but for different reasons.

        • Well according to the magazines it was he who dumped her so people will understand more if she then hooks up with Jarrod.

  24. Stu’s BS was nauseating.
    Sophie probably loves Stu’s $$$$ and Stu loves Sophie’s media presence and that he can be part of that circle.
    Her family never asked Stu when he was planning on getting a divorce.
    I don’t usually watch The Bachelor or Bachelorette but watched because of Sophie and now wish I hadn’t bothered watching this farce.

  25. She’s going to have a big problem getting pregnant – they are talking about frozen sperm, vasectomy reversal and ivf.

  26. Stu is the master of bullshit and knew what buttons to push to get Sophie to like him.
    For her sake I hope he is more substance than bought style.
    Jarrod will always take her back. His feelings were genuine and he got the crazy stalker edit similar to Alex. But for some reason, Alex came across as very fake wanting her 15 minutes of fame and as soon as Richie chose Alex over Nicky, I knew it wouldn’t last more than 6 months.

  27. I think for the longevity of the program, could we please have genuine contestants that haven’t met in real life before and also no media leaks on who the winner is 2 weeks into the competition.
    Just a suggestion. Shine/Channel 10 – otherwise the viewing audience will start to leave in droves.
    Also better matches for the chosen bachelor/Bachelorette, not just tools who want their 15 minutes and bring the so called drama. Believe it or not, audiences like to see genuine normal people find their match. And that includes creative and quirky contestants too.

    • Definitely, Lola.Tedious, repetitive production, scripting and inauthenticity is why I gave up MKR and MC. But then, I watch The Bold and the Beautiful. Thing is, they don’t pretend to be real. Hell, they don’t even pretend to be actors.

    • I couldn’t believe that Jarrod was being discussed on ABC24 this morning. Bad as it was, people were talking about it.

      • LOL, ABC think they are high brow news. Were they slumming it?
        Jarrod sure landed on his feet. He needs to quickly cash in while he can.
        Let’s see. Don’t wine (Don’t whine). Vintage this is not Blake’s pee.

  28. A couple of things I just read in my newsfeed.

    Last night, both Sophie/Stu and Jarrod were staying in the same hotel somewhere in Sydney for promotional work, and Jarrod apparently was in the room next door to theirs. At one point, he actually sent a text to them, “I can hear you.” Not creepy at all.

    Also, Sophie’s pot plant didn’t grow either, apparently, but her assistant replaced it when a healthy version while nobody was looking.

    These ridiculous people.

    • Jarrod denied about sending the text.

      Actually it is poor form for the producers to have Jarrod staying on the same floor.

      They really treat Jarrod badly (milking the extra long walk on the beach) and surprise surprise the public now changed their opinion about home.

  29. I was still half hoping we’d be like the US Bachie season where the guy told both women he didn’t love either of them.

    • I like US because they have an after the rose ceremony where all the truth and the claws come out. Miaow, it’s fun. All gets revealed. 🤤😖😨😜😭😢😄😂😍😗 and 😣

      • That’s my favourite part after the rose show, wish they would do it here. And I’m pretty sure in one season of the US Bachelor with the final two they actually did the winner first, and the loser second, just to confuse us thinking we knew who had won the final rose.

  30. I have just watched Sophie’s and Stu-ie on The Project. That relationship is so not real.
    He came across as the doofus we have come to know, and she came across as truly uncomfortable.

    • So true Bobi, Jarrod came across much better in his interview. And Sophie and Stu will be hard pressed to last 6 months.

    • I’m not sure about the status of the relationship, but I watched the clip of them on the Project on the Project’s website, and my gosh. Sophie looks really uncomfortable sitting next to him. It’s like, the one emotion you can see on her face is a desperate need to escape, you know? She might be proclaiming loudly that she’s happy, but I don’t know if I believe her.

      She also said that breaking Jarrod’s heart was the worst thing she’d ever done.

      Really? That wasn’t either Madden brother? Anyway.

    • The hesitation and the fact they had to look at each other when asked if they were still together, did not bode well.
      I know they aren’t teenagers, so they don’t need to be all over each other but they definitely did not look not look comfortable with each other at all!
      Sounds like the trip to Thailand was to heal a broken heart after all.

    • I watched that, they both seemed uncomfortable when the panel were talking more about Jarrod and his feelings rather than Sophie and Stu’s great love affair!

  31. I saw their interview on the project :
    Firstly , confirmed to me why I don’t watch that crap show and their disengenious taking heads- pander to the audience much?

    Secondly there was some weird vibes from Sophie and Stu- he’s a joker who was being dismissed and talked over by the panel and she was reiterating how in love. she was . Like the good actress she is.
    What I don’t understand is Stu’d response to the question of whether Jarrod sent the text that he could hear them: Jarrid said no but Stu said yes.
    I think Jarrod is drinking the production cool aid –

  32. Heard a radio interview this morning with Sam Wood, chatting about how amazing Snez is (they had the first Bachie baby a few weeks ago). He was so relaxed and natural. They need another Bachie like him

    • I remember with Sam Wood sesaon, he was an unknown and the viewers were quite harsh about him being not good looking enough.

      He was sincere in his quest for love.

      • It’s one of the few things I never got past with Sophie. For all this talk about what a real Aussie gal she was, her lips were more plastic than real, and her face was weirdly immobile. Gale force winds wouldn’t cause an expression on her face. It just makes the whole thing farcical.

    • If I was Sam I, too, would take every single opportunity to extract revenge. Blake’s behaviour was the ultimate douchbag move and was unforgivable. I wish I was a nicer person but I am so with her and her “anger” issues.

  33. And right there is why I don’t like Sam Frost. Home and away casting must be desperate to give her a contract. I wish she would stay at home and go far away from our TV please.

    The Project is getting a lot of flak over the Sophie and Stu interview. Can’t stand that panel show. Never watch it, pack of smart a$ses.

    • I’m a fan.
      Im a bit meh with Carrie (and I really don’t like Mishele Laurie) but I like Waleed (and I used to love Charlie Pickering) and I like most of the guest panelists …… You see how this goes? How good The Panel is depends on who’s on the panel. It is a day by day proposition. I mostly tune in and I can tune out.

      • Maybe Charlie Pickering was OK, but for the most part, I thought their panelists act like big ego, frat brats. Then again…I am trying to think of a panel I have liked. Wait yes there was one….I think one year one of the music judge panels got it right.

      • I don’t mind The Panel but I am not a regular watcher. Peter Helliar is not my cup of tea. I think the show does reach an audience who might otherwise not take an interest in current events, and they do use words of more than one syllable and promote some charitable causes. I’d rather people watch it than A Current Affair, say. But each to their own.

    • Yeah, I tried to give her season of “The Bachelorette” a chance, but she was so phenomenally boring, and devoid of any and all personality. I remember giving up, I just couldn’t watch it.

      But I don’t consider it a him/versus/her thing, because Blake Garvey acted pretty deplorably in the first place.

    • As for the Project, meh. I used to watch it, but I think far too often, it’s just political editorial disguised as light journalism. And fair enough, but sometimes, it’s just too much to take.

      • But it’s not fair enough unless they disclose their bias – they should just say they shill for the labour greens and F off.

    • I watch a few times a week, as an alternative to other news options. I like that they change up the panelists all the time.
      I think when the issue is very controversial, they often go into an interview with a preconceived idea of the person (they are interviewing), and don’t given the interviewee a chance to explain themselves, their opinions and perhaps an opportunity to allow the audience to get a good understanding of the interviewees stance on the issue.
      I listen to Meshel Laurie on the radio each morning, this morning, she said she knows Sophie really well, but has never met Stu. She reckons, Stu might have had a few drinks before going on live tv and that Sophie definitely wasn’t her usual upbeat self.

      • Dave Hughes is on The Project this week. There’s my reason not to watch it. Do I give a shit that he’s lost some weight?

        Same with Steve Price whenever he’s on. Fifi Box, ditto. Ch 10 is not going to run out of dickheads anytime soon.

        When it’s bad , it’s appalling.

        Agree with Erin,sometimes it can be great because they change the panelists like Carrie changes the colour of her hair. Every dog has it’s day.

  34. Whenever I tune in to Studio10 ( ttvers put me onto that), Ita Butt Rose is always being sensible. I like her. Perhaps it’s my age. I think we should all still be saying please, and wearing stockings and gloves. Well maybe just saying please and holding our knives and forks correctly and knowing which pronouns to use.
    Why is there not an Ita Butt Rose emo for me to add?

  35. So what panel did I notice Georgia Love on today? Was it Studio10. Did she last with her pick, orwasshe just futhering her media career, or both. Still, you can’t blame them. It’s probably good work if you can get it.

    • Since finishing The Bachelorette last year, Georgia Love couldnt get a permanent gig or job. She was just a filler for Ch 10 shows when someone is away.

      Just read that she is finally doing Ch 10 news in Melbourne (what she was good at).

  36. So tonight, Sophie and Stu will be guest hosts on “Have You Been Paying Attention?” (alongside Anthony Callea. Yay, three of my least favourite people).

    The great thing is that both Ed and Marty IIRC will be on. Ed has no patience for Bachelor shenanigans and Marty just mocks the whole thing mercilessly. So not only will it be interesting to see if Sophie and Stu’s body language is still as awful as it was on the Project last week … but I’m hoping Ed and Marty tear both of them to *shreds*.

    • Yes, I really enjoyed HYBPA last night, Sophie and Stu did cop it, but in a nice way and Sophie gave it back to them!

    • I enjoyed this segment enormously. I agree with Erin that was good -hearted but very, very funny.
      I couldn’t decide who was funnier – Sam or Kitty.
      Was Marty on last night? If he was, then I have become successful at tuning him out. Marty is not my cup of tea.

      • No, it wasn’t Marty, I was misremembering. It was Wil Anderson (who I can only take in small doses, but he wasn’t bad last night).

        I love that they really did stick it to Sophie and Stu. An audience member posted onto the show’s FB page that the Bachelorette segment took about 20 minutes to actually film, because the contestants just wouldn’t stop joking about it.

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