Bachelorette Straya penultimate episode

Tonight, three will become one. Surely Jarrad gets the flick? She can’t take him anywhere tropical because his skin will burst into flames. Will Channel 10 borrow one of Stu’s boats to get to wherever it is? They are cash strapped, after all.
What’s next for Soph? I’m a Celeb?



  1. I don’t hate Jarrod, but he kind of looks like an extra from buffy the vampire slayer. Something about his nose and the widows peak?

  2. I think they are preparing Apollo to be the next Bachelor.

    Still cant see the connection between Sophie and Apollo. Very unnatural

    • Apollo is too young to be the next Bachelor. Even when he was talking about getting married it was ….. Oh yeah I really want to get married …… in about 4 years…….. 4- 6 years… Apollo is not ready to settle down, he is only 24 after all.

    • Notice there was a really weird edit cut, right before he admitted that he didn’t want to get married for a few years? I’d love to hear the unedited conversation there.

    • Stu used Sophie as a human shield when the dugong jumped out of the water, so yep dugong is definitely the best option.

      • I don’t know. Sophie being clearly terrified of the least-threatening animal in the whole entire Universe was kind of a surreal (and slightly embarrassing) moment.

  3. This is the part of the season where it always gets too ridiculous for words.

    “I need to follow my heart, but my head is so confused.” I know right? You’ve gone on three dates with these boys and spent half an hour on alternating weeks with each of them. WHICH ONE SHOULD YOU MARRY!? IT’S SO CONFUSING!

      • I just kind of roll my eyes a bit, to be honest. Taking “The Bachelor” franchise seriously isn’t something I like to do anyway (given the success rate the various couples have all had. I hope Matty and Laura last the distance), and when the show starts taking itself too seriously, I just can’t. I just can’t.

    • Yes one minute it’s a complete conundrum (as it would be having known them for such a short period under abnormal circumstances) however the very next it’s ‘I’ve fallen head over heels’. Total head $?@* for viewers if ever I’ve seen one.

    • There was a very obvious connection between Sam and Snez, Tim picked Anna pretty quickly too but most of the time it is just a bunch of people looking for their 15 minutes.
      When I read the article on Juz linked to about Blake it kept describing him as a “reality star” and I’m thinking more like “reality wannabe”.

  4. If Stu was really concerned about his children he shouldn’t have gone on the programme. How embarrassing for his girls at school.
    Apollo far too immature. Jarrod – well she’ll have to live on the farm, with his mad mother a close and interfering neighbour.
    Very disappointing ending really.

  5. Stu is really slimy, I wouldn’t trust him for a second. The whole …. I’m getting divorced sometime soon along with all the other vague answers. He also put her i a position to tell him how wonderful he is without reciprocating (doesn’t he know it’s the Bach’ette – it’s supposed to be the other way round). I could see a future of her constantly having to flatter him and stroke his ego and him dishing out crumbs of affection.

    • Just watching the encore, slimy Stu averted his eyes very quickly when Sophie asked him the divorce question. Yeah, “very soon” sounds hollow after four years separated.

  6. So disappointed in Apollo – it seems like all the others he just wanted exposure. He’s already talking about being the next Bachelor and I just read that he is releasing his debut single this week.

    • They are all the same. Apollo has launched his website. Releasing his single. The true Apollo came out. He is like the others, taking advantage of Sophie’s fame to build his own profile.

      Poor Jarrod will be dumped by Sophie for Stu. I think Jarrod is sincere with his feelings for Sophie.

      • Jarrod is going to cry enough tears to water the vineyard for the next ten years.

        I think he’s sincere , too~ in a psychotic kind of way. Maybe he rolled out the “L” word a little early.

        Plenty of dirt out there about Stu and the family on the internet.

        • From the get go, Jarrod was a dag, but not in a good way. I disliked him from day 1, and he hasn’t grown on me.
          Stu is married. He should deal with his sh*t before chasing women on national television.

          • I read that Stu’s father wouldn’t divorce his alcoholic wife and that the family are Catholics , could be an annulment from the Vatican required. More complicated than a Bold And Beautiful storyline.

            This is what entertainment is all about ~ a bland botoxed pokie baron , married guy , with four kids and a vasectomy getting the chocolates.

            Sophie blasphemes somewhat. That won’t go well with Catholics. (I was one once)

  7. Oh dear, Sophie didn’t stand a chance with her selection. It’s like shopping for biscuits in a supermarket where there are no choc coated or Kingstons.

  8. I really hope Apollo is not the next Bachelor. Yes, he is mature but he is not ready to settle down. Defeat the purpose of the show.

    • If Apollo is the next Bachelor, then I’m offically out. He’s jus too young and not that interesting.
      You heard it here first.

      • Looks like it is locked in for Apollo to be the next Bach. They even lower down the age for applicants to the next Bachelor!

        If he is the Bach, you will see early 20’s women being silly, bit*chy etc trying to get 15 secs of fame and for the Bach gaining more exposure.

        • Since Sophie was given a selection of age inappropriate dickheads, why match ages of females for Apollo? Is that fair? It shows Sophie got a raw deal.
          And I agree, not Apollo, please. “Oh yeah, here’s a good idea. Choose a guy who got tongue tied and nervous and couldn’t tell Sophie how he felt”. Or was the talk of nerves baloney and he just couldn’t say anything because he wasn’t interested. To be real, Sophie iseems nice, but she’s how old? And then they are seeing all that make-up up close. It couldn’t have been pretty.

    • Yeah, I really hope this season ends with Sophie thinking, “screw this noise, I’m outta here” and picking neither of them.

  9. Are we really going to believe that the final two standing are Stage Five Clinger and Not Yet Divorced & Neutered??

    Good grief. What a choice.

  10. Has anyone heard Jarrod and / or Stu doing the media rounds this morning?
    I reckon Jarrod wouldn’t be very good at hiding his feelings about the situation!

  11. Sophie had no choice from day one, although I haven’t watched consistently. Bald guy seemed normal if a girl is up for no hair.

  12. Is it weird that the only reason I want to watch, tonight, is to see Jarrod have a total breakdown on national television when she picks Stu instead of him?

    Like, his blankie reduced him to a hysterical crying fit. I want to see what he does if (although the odds are more in Stu’s favour, horrifyingly enough) she breaks his heart.

    But I think both her options are bad, here. Man, this season has sucked.

    • Ice water running through your veins Windsong! (just kidding)
      You’re so right it has been a dismal season.

  13. I think in one of the us series someone did decide not to pick anyone for the final rose. Sophie continues to make bad choices.

  14. Apollo more or less said on Studio 10 this morning that he wants to be the next Bachelor. He was far too young for Sophie.
    Stu is not right for her, He has too much baggage and is not sincere about his feelings for Sophie.
    I have liked Jarrod from day one , he really seems to love her, and Sophie knows it. I think he would do anything for her and would make a good husband and father so she would be mad not to choose him!

    • Pandy, I agree with you regarding Jarrod. Right from the start, once they locked in Stu as the intruder, he was going to be the last one standing. The producers have to make Jarrod looks so bad and also to make sure he is the final 2 to make the viewers accept Stu as the chosen one.

      Really full manipulation on the show. They dont care if Jarrod is being hang out to dry

    • A number of the ejected Bachelors have said that, with Jarrod, what you see is what you get. Apparently he really is that weird. No editing required.
      If Sophie wants to be adored, her choice should be Jarrod. But then again she would have to sleep with him.

      • Bluggh.

        But maybe not. If he is so adoring, he might just snuggle under the blankie. BTW, Littlepetal, hanging them out to dry is what it’s all about. Take for instance making them wear onesies. GROWN MEN! Well sort of. I would have called barleez then and there.

  15. From the moment dorky Jarrod got Sophie to take off her shoes and stand in grapes, I thought, “Strike. Thank goodness, Bluey ain’t no cow farmer”

    Well if I was Alf Steward I would have said it like that.

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