• I know LP, where do they find these delusional people. I’m just watching the date with him and thinking how arrogant for him to offer to help her in the industry yeah mate if you had any connections you wouldn’t be on the Bachelorette.

      • He HAS to be the douche she was talking about as she supposedly had a good impression of him on the first night.

        Had a feeling she’d ditch him as soon as she’d begrudgingly carried out her obligatory double delight rose dates.

        • As I said before; Worzel Gummidge. For those who son’t know, he’s a scarecrow with straw for hair. Sophie might need SpecSavers.

  1. Someone on FB suggested that Apollo would make an amazing Bachelor if Sophie doesn’t pick him, which she probably won’t because he’s half her age. I can’t say I disagree with that assessment, honestly.

  2. Apollo is a great guy but so far when they become The Bachelor, it all changed. I dont want that to hsppen with Apollo

  3. Okay, I won’t normally ask this, but can somebody watching in NSW or VIC totally spoil me, about which guy it is who Sophie tells, “Get out” during the rose ceremony, and why?

    Although if it’s Blake, you don’t really need to tell me why, I’ll probably figure that one out on my own.

      Sophie had 4 roses to give out. James, Stu and jarrod (and Apollo) had roses and with one left they were asked to leave the room. She then unceremoniously told AJ the final rose wasn’t for him. Leaving Blake and Sam fighting for the one rose. She asked Sam if she was seeing the real him, He tried to tell her he was. Blake put on the charm and ended up with the rose.

  4. Turns out Sam is a music producer, voice over artist and actor. Sounds like he just admitted to Sophie he is there for his own personal gain rather than for Sophie!

    • Yes, all off his own back too! Doesn’t even ‘try’ to get roles. No agent as they’re too busy trying to dodge him.

  5. That Sam is another tool. He thinks whoever is with him is a lucky gal.

    Didnt we hear about his Tinder dates? 😅😅

  6. I don’t love that dress. It’s like a piece of plastic that broke when it was stretched in all the wrong places. And it makes her look cheap.

  7. Sam’s a bullshit artist. Thirty melodies indeed. He’s a fool.

    If he said one melody harmonised thirty ways, it would be believable.

    • I don’t watch, Dave, but I did notice those lashes in the promos. It looks as though at least three sets of falsies are in play there. Props to Sophie for still being able to open her eyes

    • What a let down. So my question is how can she just so coldly dump AK (okay fair enough there was no spark) but then give the 2 biggest dickheads the show has ever seen the chance to plead their case?

    • I bleeping know Dave. How feral from those guys asked to leave the Rose Ceremony: they just started swearing their heads off because of course, unless you’re swearing how is anyone going to know you’re stressed?
      Ceremony indeed.

  8. Oh my gosh, this bloody pot plant. This hasn’t at all been the most irritating thing to happen on Australian television this year, and I’m even including Karl Stefanovic in that.

  9. Damn it Sam, you were supposed to be this season’s redemption arc, and you would’ve gotten a make-over and a hair-cut and it would’ve been good.

    I hate this show, and I hate all these stupid people.

    Actually I’m glad this season is going by so quickly. There’s only like five guys left. I’m just about done with this franchise, this year, I think.

    • Windsong? Do we need to stage an intervention? I think you’re a little too invested in the outcome. I’m thinking your reaction is ever so slightly Jarrodesque.

      … as always posted with my tongue firmly in my cheek and with no desire to hurt your feelings.

      • 😉

        Yeah, but I’m not a millionaire who owns (his family’s) a winery.

        If I did, you’d totally all be invited around to drink wine and watch bad TV with me. Gosh, think of it. We’d all be the next season of GoggleBox. That would be amazing television, right there.

  10. I felt sorry for AJ, he didn’t deserve that send off, all the attention was on Sam and Blake . I still like Jarrod, don’t know why. Apollo would be good as the next Bachelor if Sophie doesn’t choose him at the end.

    • She just dismissed him and that was that. Didn’t seem like she ever tried to find out anything about him. I was hoping she sent the others away and then after her talk with Blake and Sam would eliminate both of them. At least one of them is gone.

      • Maybe Sophie isn’t a fan of the bowling ball. Now don’t get mad, I am married to one, but it was bait n switch because he had a head full of long wringlets when we met. But then again, I was 45 kgs……and that was just the boobs.

      • The fact that he threw the spelling challenge just to remain ‘in’ with the guys in the house may not have escaped her notice. He never seemed very interested in her, another one in the boys club. Blake to Sam and vice versa before the rose ceremony, ‘My man’. ffs that is exactly what you will both end up with at this rate.

    • Yeah I felt bad for him too. She didn’t really give him much of a chance. She didn’t go on a date with him or have one on one time with him. Unless we didn’t see it.

  11. You know, I started feeling sorry for AJ, but funny coincidence. A friend of mine on Facebook (a girl I went to school with) said she is actually friends with AJ’s ex. AJ is the father of this woman’s children, and she has not-pleasant things to say about him. Small world.

  12. I can’t even watch anymore. Just idly scanning your comments, which is way more amusing than paying any attention to the show!

    • Same for me. I enjoyed the first couple of weeks but this middle part always drags. I’ll start watching again when it’s down to the nitty gritty.

  13. Who do we believe? Sam or Sophie? Of course not Sam!!!

    Sam said they kissed at their first date but not shown. Now Sophie set the record straight.

    SOPHIE Monk has launched a furious tirade against ex-Bachelorette suitor Sam over his claims they had a secret pash, revealing that he had made her “really uncomfortable” during the series.

    Actually he is the douche that Sophie was referring to.


  14. Who do we believe? Sam or Sophie? Of course not Sam!!!

    Sam said they kissed at their first date but not shown. Now Sophie set the record straight.

    SOPHIE Monk has launched a furious tirade against ex-Bachelorette suitor Sam over his claims they had a secret pash, revealing that he had made her “really uncomfortable” during the series.

    Actually he is the douche that Sophie was referring to.


    • Sorry for the double post. Sammy boy declined to be on The Project after being caught lying. Sophie denied that they kiss. She also said some were on the show hoping to be The Bachelor next year. Looking at you, Blake.

      • If that is so Blake has judged it totally incorrectly, Australia didn’t stop loveing the Bachette rejects until after they became the Bachelor.

    • I cannot trust anyone who is so delusional as to think we won’t pick up on the world’s most unpleasant combover. . . I reckon Trump looks less desperate than Sam.

  15. Seems Stu gave Blake a job looking after a pub development but withdrew offer when he realised that Blake is not qualified and is not an entrepreneur after all😂

    • I am going to give him brownie points for being trusting. I like people who think the best of people. In what world did Blake think that he wouldn’t get caught out lying on national tv. Doofus.

  16. Just watching an encore. Grown men (supposedly) in stupid onesies, beer bottle in hand, arguing about who p***ed in a pot plant. Am I watching a boy’s high school camp? Year 8.

  17. Oh Daisy, I decided to do some chores instead – they are a pathetic bunch, I’m afraid it doesn’t say much for Sophie if she chooses one of them – although she’s had very bad taste in the past!

  18. How much notice was Sam given for his date with Sophie? Usually the host guy brings in an envelope with someone’s name on it & tells them they have 20 mins or whatever. He didn’t make any effort to dress nicely & was wearing that stupid cap. He looked so scruffy & Sophie was dressed nice. If he can’t be bothered making an effort no wonder she dumped him.

      • Success of vasectomy reversal varies and the longer it has been since the vasectomy the less chance of the reversal succeeding.
        Seems like he doesn’t want any more kids and this is something Sophie wants. Even though she would get an instant family if she chose him I believe she wants to have her own children.

    • Still married, vasectomy. Stu’s got a shitload of baggage. I can see this literally going down the tubes.

      • Well the rumours are that they have split and that’s before he’s even been named (officially) as her pick.
        If she wants her own kids she should pick someone who hasn’t already bred more than there fair share (he’s already got 4 for goodness sake).

      • If I have invested all this time in the show and only to have them split before the finale even airs I will be very annoyed!

  19. So the two best options (James and Apollo) are the first two out, yeah, eharmony’s great at determining good matches. I have a friend who met her gorgeous husband on eharmony but she went through a lot of eharmony duds before she met him.

  20. Wait a second on this one … she kept Douchebag #1, and she kept “My ex-girlfriends are locked in a cellar underneath my family’s winery”, but she eliminated James?

    Sophie, I think all that plastic in your lips has gotten to your brain. I’m out. Oh, and forgive me engaging my inner bitchy side, but that dress she was wearing looked like there had been an industrial accident at the sequin factory.

  21. Okay, so here is my new theory, she is going to keep Blake until the final 2. That way whoever she chooses (Stu) will look like a much better option and she won’t be vilified for breaking the heart of the lovely James.

    • But if she breaks the heart of Apollo?

      There will be riots in the streets.

      Actually, in the preview, it looks like Apollo’s badass grandmother reads Sophie the riot act, which would be hilarious. But I would assume that Apollo gets eliminated tomorrow night for that reason. Never mess with granny.

    • Yes, i thought of this last night too, let the nice guys who you like but not enough to be with, go early, and then keep a douche right until the end.

  22. Imagine having Stu and Apollo as final 2. One is 44 years old with 4 kids. The other is 24 years old and dont want kids.
    Its a joke. Even though Apollo is a lovely man, he is just not suitable for Sophie. For a short term relationship, it will work. Who is going to bring the dough home to support both of them?

  23. Stu thinks it’s nice having ‘someone’, likes being married (to his ex) and settled (with his ex and their kids) and is still pining after her. After admitting he’s basically still bessoted by her and now desperate to find anyone else after 4 years of dissapontment hoping she’ll take him back I was just waiting for the ‘you’ll do’.

    Blake…aka fake and flake. Sometimes I’m waiting for the part where it turns out Blake is just mocking himself (i.e. It’s only a matter of time before she falls in love with me) and he says bahahaha gotcha! …but it never comes.

    The kids took to him as they recognised him as one of their own (a goat u drag to the end). No you’re right, I’m sorry. That is so incredibly unfair to those beautiful goats. I’m wondering if he’s kept on as producer’s choice because the family is equally vile.

  24. Stu seems somewhat gushing and star struck – if he is the chosen one it won’t last. Fancy letting James go and keeping Apollo who is far too young. . Please don’t end up with Blake – so insincere, just wants to put Sophie down on his list of conquests! Looking forward to seeing all those bogan grannies.

    • No. Why wouldn’t they want to give him air time. He’s a donkey. Has he forgotten he’s on tv? He’s an angry cry baby. TV gold.

  25. Blake snuck in a comment last night that went something like, “She will soon be in love with me”. And I heard him say something like, “I know how to make a girl feel special”.
    He’s confident. 😙
    IMO he’s trying to break into tv.

    • Definitely thinks he’s the next big thing. His talk of making women feel special just sounded hollow and insincere, what I ‘heard’ was I know how to manipulate women and I’ll play any role that I think will work with them.

    • I wonder if he’s playing to be the next Bachelor. There’s an $200,000 pay packet right there.
      Or Bachelor Paridise where the only criterion is to look good half neked.

      • That is the funniest towel I’ve ever seen – I love it.
        As I’ve said before , Blake might want to be the Bachelor but as with Sam, people loved Richie and Matty J in the B’ette and only turned off them in their respective stints as the Bach. Both Sam and Blake might think everyone has loved them this season but they are both deluded morons.

  26. Why Blake, Apollo (nice but too young), Jarrod or Stu when James was available?
    Blake is a player. Stu is a player. Jarrod is OTT and possessive. Apollo not only too young but doesn’t want kids. James….sweet, nice guy.
    Sophie will eliminate Jarrod & Apollo and then choose one of the fake players in the end to go with her fake eyelashes and other fake parts.

    • Stu said to Sophie ~ “Trust me”

      When someone new says that to me, it makes me suspicious.

      (sound of Stu being flushed down a toilet)

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