Bachelorette Straya – Thurs

TV Blurb says: Sophie takes one lucky suitor on a New York-themed date. At the cocktail party, one Bachelor makes a wild accusation, while a game of Truth or Dare leaves Sophie speechless.

Hmm, ok, who do we think the tool is who makes a wild accusation? They all seem like such level-headed chaps …



  1. I gotta be honest, I’m not really enjoying this season much. Like, at this point, I’m watching because there’s nothing else on while I’m having dinner, but that’s about it.

    Sure, the guys are total duds (with maybe two exceptions. Out of cast of twenty. Fail, channel 10), but even Sophie. Like, I’m just not getting Australia’s apparent love affair with her. When I look at this “real” Aussie character, all I’m seeing are plastic lips and a face that wouldn’t move in a ground zero nuclear detonation. Or how she spoke about guys falling in love with “her image” which is why it’s never worked out before. Um, what image exactly?

    I’m just being cranky after a rough day, I suppose, but I’m really not getting it, at the moment. Like, any of it.

    And for the love of all that’s holy, Sam, get a haircut.

    • The image Sophie seems to be going for on the rooftop date is The Joker. Or is it a panda with lipstick? Her false eyelashes and his designer beard are mingling.

      • The heavy eye-shadow is actually really distracting. It’s probably mostly the fault of the Bachelorette make-up department, but still. It’s like, wow. That’s not good.

    • Yeah, Windsong. It won’t get rave reviews. Next time, they might stick to the format and get a genuine Bach/ette, or at least a few decent looking candidates, not a bunch of droobs.

    • I’m struggling as well. I’ve been enjoying watching Sophie because she really is telling it like it is. Her facial expressions have been hilarious!
      But considering how obvious it is which guys are actually in with a chance, I’m kinda getting bored of it!
      And I really don’t know how much more of jarrod I can put up with!

  2. I would prefer an unknown as The Bachelor or Bachelorette. No more ex contestants.

    But now many want to go on the show to get a profile. I see many of the ex bachelorettes do nothing except posting on instagrams and get freebies

  3. Jarrod is a red as a beetroot over his maths.

    He said he did Yr 10 but went like it was Yr3

    The vineyard’s in safe hands.

  4. So not only is Jarrod terrifyingly creepy and possessive … he’s also worryingly bad at simple mathematics.

    My gosh. I’d like to check the finances of that vineyard …

  5. It makes me concerned about the standards of our education system.
    Those men were pretty hopeless at Maths !
    Not that Sophie was any better.

  6. Osher: Congratulations Ryan, you’ve won the spelling bee!
    Sophie: Fuck.

    Not to play devil’s advocate, but I kinda think he had a point, at one point in the conversation, where he said that he just didn’t know her yet. That’s the nature of the franchise, isn’t it? You can’t expect people who spend a fraction of their time together, to quickly develop really strong feelings.

    Having said that?

    Watching Sophie just fire him on the spot (and then listening to him swear his head off as he skulked off-camera, proving why Sophie was right to dump him)?


    Two douches down, one to go.

    That was surprisingly satisfying.

    • Ryan goes from normal to Hulk angry in a heartbeat. They clearly weren’t a match and she was sensible to get rid of him. And what an f’ing hypocrite to storm off swearing but I don’t like a girl with a potty mouth.

    • I don’t watch the Batchelor/Batchelorette, I’m only watching because I like Sophie. Is that the first time someone has been sent home straight away during a date?

  7. Osher: Sophie felt she had no choice but to send Ryan home.

    I imagine the restraining order she took out afterwards also wasn’t optional.

    • Back to his job in “contruction”~ if he can face the onsite blizzard of bullying he’ll cop.

      At least the girls on The Bachelor didn’t piss on their competitors trinkets and projects. Pretty juvenile stuff to do it, or lose the plot over , like Jarrod.

    • I’m with you Windsong. That hair trigger temper is such a warning sign. I’d been thinking during the James date how some of the men walk away and will be inundated with nice women who want to date them and then there Ryan, Jarrod, Blake, and Sam who any woman with a half a brain cell will run a mile.
      Also why did they make out as if Ryan just wasn’table to fall in love when it was clear they weren’t suited based on what came out of his mouth.

      • At the end of the day, Ryan was just an asshole. And it’s not much of a question why he has trouble meeting women. Sophie made the right call.

        Blake at least seems to have a sense of humour about the whole thing, and you know I have a soft-spot for Sam, but at the moment, Jarrod is the one who is bothering me the most. SHUT UP ABOUT THE $#@&ING POT PLANT YOU CRETIN.

  8. I had to laugh at the preview for next week’s episodes, when the pot plant once again becomes a topic of conversation … and even one of the Bachelors (Mack?) rolls his eyes and groans, “not the bloody pot plant again”. Heh. Yeah, we’re with you, big guy.

  9. The tyre changing was just the start of it , the pot plant mystery has pushed Jarrod right over the edge.

      • I thought the Army was supposed to do that. I guess they’ll take anyone these days.

        Ch 10 probably couldn’t afford to do it.

      • Remember when Sophie said on the Project that one of the guys who made a good first impression but he turned out to be the biggest tool she’d ever met?

        We thought it was Blake or Sam … but is anyone else thinking that she might actually mean Jarrod?

        • Night 1: Blake was my pick
          Night 2: Sam was my pick
          Night 3: It’s got to be Jarrod.
          If she’d said one was psycho definitely Jarrod. But douche is more suited to Blake or Sam.
          Jarrod’s reaction to the pot plant was OTT but if Blake pissed in the pot it was very immature, furthermore urine is full of urea so he was really fertilising it (though probably would be too much for a just sprouted plant).

          • I’m still leaning towards Blake, but surely she’s having second thoughts about Jarrod, right now.

  10. I don’t know if anyone sabotaged his pot plant but it was funny. Lighten up Jarrod. I am sure Sophie would rather see that you had a sense of humour than you were an anggry, cry baby. C’mon, seriously, even when I have stayed women together, there was some harmless practical jokes.
    If I was those guys I would get in and plant a mj plant while he was sleeping. 😂😂😂😂Or a grape vine if that was too terrible. Jarrod sure makes a good soldier. Piss him off and he’ll shoot. Maybe that’s his problem. Maybe his soldier mates kept sabotaging his plot.

  11. I’m enjoying this season because these guys are so weird.
    Please tell me this is not normal. I would worry about the future of Australia’s gene pool if this is all the girls are dealing with. Perhaps this is an opportune time to discuss Australia’s immigration policy.
    And apart from that, thank goodness she sent Harry home. This photo gave me a real fright and even made Sam look good.

    • Not in my wildest dreams could I call that normal. He seems confused about which decade he’s living in. Was he obsessed with Paddle Pop Lion as a child?

      No man cave for this guy, he’s got a man salon. He lets his hair down and it lets him down.

  12. Dear Windsong, I know there is something odd about Sophie’s face but wooden isn’t one of the issues. Her face every time Jarod talks is as clear and as expressive as a bell.

  13. Jarrod has signed up to be tormented for life. In facts pranksters are probably peeing on his vines right now.

      • Ryano was given a verbal biffing about the first meeting when he told Sophie her tastes in music were shit and that he could change them. Every drop of awkwardness was wrung from the footage. Sounded like The Wiggles were his favourite band.

        Ryano’s dress and swearing codes were highlighted and his expletive ridden exit held up to Ch 10’s light of disapproval..

        The little greying, gap toothed fella didn’t have much comeback. I guess he’s too thick yet to understand what he signed up for.

        If there’s ever a tele biography of a young Jimmy Barnes, Ryan could do the job.

  14. How much longer is Jarrod going to be there? He needs to take his pissy pot plant and go home. Can’t do basic maths but then neither could the other guys in that group. His vineyard must be failing because he can’t grow anything and he is probably very bad at finances.
    At least douche Ryan is gone.

  15. I was picking up some groceries in Woolies this morning, and I saw that all four of Australia’s regular weekly gossip mags had Sophie Monk on their front covers.

    Funny thing is, Woman’s Day always tends to go with shocking betrayals as their narrative of choice, so that front cover had Sophie telling us that, “I know who betrayed me!” I laughed, but I didn’t bother reading it.

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