Bachelorette Straya – Wed, Oct 11

Tonight on Bahelorette Australia: Sophie invites all the boys around to hers for the “perfect night in”, complete with animal onesies. (Just as well she gave Ryan the boot or he would have flipped out over the onesie). On the single date, Sophie and a lucky Bachelor board a luxury cruiser and sail around Sydney Harbour.



  1. The dolphins got the call up for Sophie and Stu’s date.
    I don’t know about their chemistry, seems a bit forced. I think all his money is what makes him attractive to Sophie.

  2. Blake thinks he is a younger version of Stu. Yes, Blake may be better looking but he had nothing compared to Stu. I really dont like Blake. So full of himself.

  3. I dont mind Stu once I can forget about his worth. He doesnt have the looks but I thought he came across quite nice.

    • Funny, I find him quite nice looking and at least he is a grown up. I’m really struggling with how immature some of these boys are. Sam acts like an ill-bred 12 year old.

    • Compliments can make a woman suspicious. Oscar Wilde said this more than a hundred years ago.

      Shutup and play yer guitar, Mack.

      • No wonder she let him go. That really just sounded like he was a fan who’d won a backstage pass. And he seemed sweet enough, but yeah, I don’t think he was there for the same reason that Sophie was.

    • Now it is a 2 man race. Stu or James. But Jarrod may sneak in. Sophie keep saying she wants someone who wants her 100%. Jarrod gave her 150%

      • “Jarrod, sweety, we need you to operate at about a six. You’re currently operating at about four hundred.”

        • Jarrod’s next level up from Pepe le Peu.

          Sophie can’t whinge that he’s afraid to his emotions…..

    • In media interviews Sophie does keep defending him saying Jarrod isn’t like that at all, but I just can’t imagine they would give that full on creeper storyline to the winner.
      Also whenever anyone says they think it’s Stu she keeps saying people will be surprised, but that seems to be the line they all use to make us keep watching, so who knows!

        • Yes, but is Jarrod offering up producers too much material so they can give him a bad edit? He creeped me out all along. I guess he just reminded me of all the wrong people. I don’t like his face.

  4. “Is it a rabbit or a bear?” More than I can bear.

    Tonight on Family Feud, someone reckoned a rabbit is a native Australian animal. Cringe.

  5. You see the look on Jarrod’s face as he was sitting there on the couches, while everybody else was just goofing off and having a good time?

    Geez Jarrod, you’re the only person in the world who could get an aneurysm from chilling on a couch. Maybe pull back a little, big guy. Just a little?

    • Someone tweeted ‘no man in history has ever looked so angry & murderous while wearing a giraffe onesie’. With a picture of him with the reddest face.

  6. The slumber party just typifies everything wrong with this season, doesn’t it?

    Sophie’s here to meet a long-term romantic partner, and the show’s lumped her with a bunch of petty little teenage boys. I’m with Stu on this one, the Blake/Jarrod fight was just kind of embarrassing to watch.

    • I’m finding it difficult to maintain enthusiasm because there are just too many douche-bags, psychos, weirdos and thirteen year olds and far too few decent men to choose from. I can’t believe Luke got the flick ahead of some of these morons. I’m so with BDD re the “…duds, beige imposters and…Jarrod.

    • I only tuned in to see the rose ceremony tonight. I am asophie fan but even that doesn’t make up for the duds she has to choose from.

  7. This whole show is embarrassing but the problem goes right back to the original gene pool. How could they not have found a better selection of bachelors? Or maybe a level of maturity automatically precludes you from applying for The Bachelorette.

    • I reckon any genuine ones heard it was Sophie and went: yeah but nah. Hopefully if they go back to nonentity Bachelorettes they will get fewer show ponies

      • I can’t believe they wouldn’t have thought, “Too old and a celeb (which makes it kind of fantasy), but hey, it’s 15 seconds of fame”.

        I bet few of them watched CA, so don’t know much about her. BTW, she would be great on IAC. She would probably win it.

  8. There are too many lemons and Sophie struggles to make lemonade. I’m Escaping to the Country. I can’t take it seriously when producers hearded a bunch of rams from their local bogan watering hole.

  9. Yeah, Luke going home was a shocker. Meanwhile, Blake and Jarrod are still here? Someone make sense of that.

    I actually did like the moment at the slumber party where Apollo and James were playing with their stuffed bunny rabbits together. That was so sweet and just adorable. Damn it Apollo, why aren’t you a decade older?

    And, actually, was it just me, or did Blake sound pretty drunk during the slumber party?

    • “Blake and Jarrod are still here? Someone make sense of that.”

      I think the producers want a bun fight to erupt, which would be good for ratings and maybe a bonus, longer term for Jarrod.

      Blake’s a rotten villain and Jarrod’s pretty pure of heart.

      • Apparently she purposely kept a few douches around just to keep the guys guessing. (And because a producer was in her ear telling her to do so!)

  10. I think Sophie was wise to cut Mac loose – the real life woman could never have lived up to his schoolboy dream girl image of her. Having said that what the hell are Blake, Sam and Jarrod still doing there?
    Seems, I’m not the lone ranger – I just read your comments WIndsong and BDD. And I agree BDD Jarrod is not evil just OTT.

    • He had difficulty stating the qualities he liked about her. Caring, nurturing and beautiful, beautiful, and more beautiful. He was stuck on her “beauty” and her as well as her “blondeness”. I think Sophie is attractive and cute but not beautiful.
      Jarrod is ultra OTT.

  11. Wow, she couldn’t have picked a worse day for a cruise on the harbour. It was miserable & cold.
    What a nasty shit Blake is. Making snide comments when Jarrod was trying to tell his story about his item from his childhood.
    How funny did they all look in their onesies. No penguin one though.
    Poor Mack. He was so overwhelmed he was tongue tied & kept repeating himself. I felt bad for him but a relationship with him would never have worked. She wants someone equal to her, not putting her on a pedestal.
    Judging by the promo she looks like she kicks someone else out. I wonder who it is.

      • I hope so! I find him equally as horrid and immature as Blake and is juvenile comments (such as Stu needs to pee because he’s old) are not entertaining. As a teenager I’m sure I thought 40s were old age but by the time I was in my 30s I well and truly realised my 40s were well on the way.

  12. Home Town visit is next Thurs. So 3 will be sent home in the next 2 episodes. Will see AJ, Sam and Blake going home.

    • It’s most likely.

      I think it’s a fair bet that final two will be Stu and James. AJ and Apollo will also last the distance. And everybody else falls away from there.

  13. I thought Luke will get to Top 4. He was dumped unceremoniously. I think Sophie found out something about him and was not shown.
    Also he is milking his 15 secs of fame by saying he didnt see that coming and blah blah blah.
    I dont think Luke was into Sophie. Not a match. He is the Zen guy into meditation etc etc. Sophie smokes. I dont think he likes that bit he does like the publicity for his business

  14. I have worked out with the behaviour of Jarrod. He made himself memorable (in a negative way). If he gets to Top 4, we will be shown the beautiful vineyard and retreat and mission accomplished.

  15. Who do we think is getting booted from the rose ceremony and who do we think is getting the 2nd date?
    I think Blake or Sam get booted from the rose ceremony and 2nd date is Apollo or Sam.

    • Yeah, I saw the preview on FB before, where she throws someone out of the rose ceremony.

      That seems pretty drastic. I want to think that Sam, while fond of teenage humour, learned his lesson after last time (and they haven’t really shown him devolving back to that), so I’m hoping it’s not him (like, if she knew he wasn’t the one, she just wouldn’t give him a rose, and not bring the whole ceremony to a grinding halt to throw him out).

      None of the other guys are too obnoxious … except for, obviously, Blake and Jarrod. I’d have to think that it’s Blake. He just comes across as a drunk buffoon.

  16. This is all a bit boring – it’s hard to tell who she will end up with. Stu, with 4 children, happy to relocate – I dont think so. I almost think James is too nice for her, so in a way I hope he doesn’t win. Jarrod, as we all know, is a real worry. What a fuss about a bit of blankie, he’ll be lucky to find someone when he gets booted.

    • I read this morning that Stu is massively-wealthy (like, we’re talking millions and millions), which is interesting.

      Apparently Jarrod is really rich too (it’s the winery. Hopefully Jarrod isn’t doing the finances and pays an accountant).

      • Stu family business is worth around 500 millions. Yes, he is the kind of bloke for Sophie.

        I dont think Jarrod is that rich. He is only working in his parents vineyard and retreat. Owners of the vineyard are Tom and Ann Morris. Ann is his mother.

      • On the encore today, Sophie said~”All of these guys are really kind”

        Blake and Sam are dead set reptiles.

        All the money in the world might not help poor Sophie, if that’s her take on these gice..

        I recall Jarrod’s family being wary of gold diggers. The publican will be au fait with an iron clad pre~nup as well.

  17. Second date might be Sam because of the stupid double delight, no rose on date and then booted from the rose ceremony.

  18. Now I am thinking the guy that Sophie said was great initially but turn out to be a douche could be Luke.
    I dont think Sophie have any interest in Sam or Blake. They were kept for entertainment value.
    Luke was a potential and he got a single date quite early in the season.

  19. It really would have been good if we’d seen the behaviour that led to Luke getting the boot. Blake was so rude to the others during the “sentimental stuff from home” part that Luke must have done something pretty unpleasant or as LP said Sophie found something out (maybe that he’s an actor).
    I’m trying not to look at tonight’s comments to avoid spoilers.

    • I had that thought myself actually. Like, what did he do that Sophie went on one day with him at the start of the season, and that’s it?

  20. Luke didnt do any interview today whether on radio or Tv. He is another egoistic guy who cant accept that Sophie is not into him. He still thinks he Sophie should have kept him. He ‘appeared’ to be so heartbroken on SM. Another 15 secs of fame

    • He was on Vyle and Tackie Ho this morning wasn’t he? I’m sure i heard Tackie telling Luke she was convinced he was the winner.

    • I gotta experience how many times Blake says “like”` Like, all the time , like.

      How sleazy is he?

      • Like really sleazy!
        Jeez I wish I’d seen LP’s warning earlier. I spend more time groaning at the TV than I do watching it.

    • He didn’t piss into plants, wolf whistle when Sophie appears or swear. Always smiling. What a loser.

      • James was so lovely, he’ll be inundated with lovely women who will appreciate him.
        Blake is not just immature in the way he acts, his manner of speaking is very much that of a teenage boy and it’s not just the “like” every second word.

        • I’ve just realised it’s finishing each sentence on an upward inflection,
          I find it really annoying. And phrases like “I’m super confident …”

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