Bachelorette Straya – Wed

Tonight on Bachelorette Straya, Sophie takes one lucky Bachelor for a day of old-fashioned romance. Later, the group date sees the intensity taken up a notch in an ultra-competitive game of bicycle polo.

I guess they are saving the intruders for the end of the episode. Jarrod’s head is going to explode!



  1. Dressed up like a 50’s siren made Sophie look so much older than Apollo. She looked like his mum.
    Sorry. Ouch . . . just saying.

  2. It’s such a shame that Apollo is so young. It really is. Because he’s one of only about three guys in the mansion who’s actually a decent person. It’s just he’s about half her age. If Apollo could maybe fast forward a decade or so, my gosh, Sophie would’ve already proposed. Not that I blame her, because that man is *fine*.

    • Yeah. When the intruders showed up? If you could looked closely, you could see the wavy heat lines radiating off him.

      Gosh Jarrod, be *less* creepy.

  3. Okay, for reals. How funny is it watching the younger guys squirm uncomfortably when the four older guys showed up?

    And that one guy (who’s only 39) is already a grandfather? Holy CRAP. They start early in his family, apparently? Damn.

  4. The younger guys make the older guys like they are ready to go into a nursing home. Except for Stu, they are around Sophie’s age. So is Sophie their grand mother??? Rubbish from these young guys especially from Blake.

  5. Why does she keep saving Ryan? Seriously Sophie, he’s not even a good-looking douche (like Blake), he’s just a tool. Get rid of him!

    • Possibly Sophie’s being pressured to keep Ryan, Jarrod and Sam because watching them fail and exposing their douche like qualities is so entertaining. I mean watching a bloke searching for love get all bent out of shape about changing a tyre, making a courtship display out of it and imploding….no vineyard is worth that, right?

      • Yep they’re definitely keeping these three for their commentary and to view them tripping over their own feet. I think Sophie would’ve ditched Ryan the first night if possible. Every time he receives a rose he wears this smug smirk like, ‘yehssss, of course Sophie has chosen me. You’d be a fool not to. Only a matter of time before I’m the last one standing.’ He expects it and wld say it’s her loss if he wasn’t chosen.

  6. i haven’t finished watching yet but oh my god – those boys are such insecure babies it is almost painful to watch.

  7. Jarrad is waaaay to full on and territorial. He seems like the type of dude who would simmer away about something until he exploded in a fit of rage. If he saw you talking to another bloke he’d probably burn his house down. Surprised he didn’t get Sophie’s name tattooed across his chest after the first night.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen blokes like Jarrod on TV~ 48 Hours I think it was.

      He sees you talk to or look at another bloke, then you’re buried in the vineyard.

      If changing a tyre or seeing some older blokes get out of a chopper can make him snap, what price a relationship?

    • Yes my advice to young players is always: “At the first sign of irrational jealousy, get out of there as fast as you can because it’s only going to get worse.” Not funny like BDD’s 48 hours comment but sound advice like the rest of his comment.

  8. No wonder Stu Landry (?) is the tipped to be the winner because honestly there’s really slim pickings among the originals. I was glad to see her finally ditch nosering, frosted hair guy (whose name i didn’t bother to learn) because he added nothing of interest to proceedings. I can understand her ditching the older guy that left – he seemed to be searching for his lost youth and that’s not what she wants.

    • Brett? aka there’s something about Mary fringe dude always bothered me. He always seemed to be trying so hard to be cool that he came across ice cold and completely bored and disinterested. When she had to cut 4 guys tonight the first one that came to mind was him. Asked by the optometrist how he’s going he replied ‘just coasting, going through the motions’ and I thought you’ll be coasting right on outta here mate. And using the word motion is a bit of an exaggeration. There’s quite a few boys here who seem to be more interested in hanging out with the other guys in the mansion and bumming around than acknowledging Sophie’s existence. Bingham was in this club and I remember that while he was the last to receive a rose in one ceremony he almost groaned when asked will u accept? Yehhhs ohhh-kaaaay. Can I get back to me batty boys now?

      • Verily most of these boys would rather stand around a keg than Sophie and would prefer an end of season footy trip to a single date.

        A Bachelorette drinking competition would be good entertainment. Last one to spew gets the single date.

        • I give Sophie credit for her juggling puppet show last night. And what a gentleman Appollo was that his big, chunky hands didn’t stray into her D cups to do a bit of juggie juggling.

  9. Oh my God, 2 of the intruders were nearly bald & the other one had a full head of massive hair. And they were the same age.
    That Stu Landry is Craig Landry’s brother. I didn’t make the connection till I saw a Tweet about it.

  10. I finally got to watch again. I am liking Sophie. I don’t like any of the guys’ looks so it will only come down to personality and maturity.
    The originals acted like a bunch of worried cry babies when the vets arrived.
    She needs to ditch Sam just for his hair. He looks like Worzel Gummidge.

    • Too funny Daisy. 😂😂😂😂😂
      Glad u were able to watch. It was a good episode.

  11. Stu Landry is still married although he has been separated from his wife for about 4 years and divorce papers are filed and being finalized. He and Luke will probably be 2 of the finalists and possibly James or maybe AJ (LP, he reminded me of Matt Moran, too.)
    Apollo too young even though he acts mature but then who knows. Maybe he’s not too young for Sophie.
    Jarrod is extremely irritating and continues to be OTT and obsessive. Hopefully he along with Sam, Ryan & Blake will be eliminated soon.

    • Oh great. Too young. Too stupid. Too arrogant. And too married. He’s too much like the Hulk for me, but because he is well behaved, she could ask if Appollo has an older, unmarried brother. Or perhaps he could pull one out of his hat.

  12. Not much choice for Sophie. Luke (I dont warm to him), Stu and James could be last men standing. AJ seems like a fun guy. But it takes a special woman to be with a chef. Chef work long hours. No night life. Not compartible with Sophie’s lifestyle..

    • LP – Agree with you about dating a chef. It’s a bit of a misconception that being married to a chef is a good thing. Long hours are the norm, and it’s a very high stress job. They almost NEVER cook at home.

      I was under the impression that Stu’s last name was spelled Landy not Landry? Over at DM it’s spelled Laundy. I’m confused. I googled Craig Landry and it came up as both Landry and Laundy.

    • I agree, having heard similar opinions. My chef friend used to make Moonshine at home in his kitchen. Knockout juice. He’d tell me chefs were either drug addicts and/or alcoholics. He’s not a chef anymore. Long ,unsociable hours. Hot in summer.

      I do have a few chef stories for a rainy day.

  13. I have a couple of chef stories. 15 yr old and 13 yr old sons using my new battery operated peeler to shave a tennis ball, and my egg slicer to slice a peach.
    And buttering bread BEFORE putting it in the toaster.

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