Bold and the Beautiful – Oct chat

Thank you to TBATB correspondent Daisy for her ongoing recaps:

As promised, here is the B&B update for October/Novevember. There are a lot of weird things happening at the moment. Perhaps it’s a full moon in LA. Shelia the Shedevil has gone all Dorian Grey. Her portrait seems to have evil powers. Cherrrleee is playing with fire hanging out in her apartment. He better get out of there before Shedevil uses his hair and bones for an incantation.
Katy and Wipes have a stomache churning thing going on. Wipes is using his usual technique of wearing the girl….or woman down, by pressuring her until she gives up and marries him. The only difference this time is Katy isn’t dating Liam. So that’s a fresh approach for Wipes. Bill is sure to express his disgust when he finds out his ex wife is dating his son.
Behind the scenes this week, Thomas is off renewing his relationship with Caroline and Douglas, the miracle talking child with the voice of a middle aged woman. It would have been smarter if writers had recognized that babies don’t usually talk so eloquently on the phone. Anyhow, that leaves Sally and the Spectras on hold, and no doubt they will soon hatch a plan to win Thomas back from the not-so-terminally ill Caroline.
Maya and Zende are being positioned by writers for some hot and heavy, while Nicole swans around in terry towelling with Rick. She managed to give up her maternal urges pretty quickly and signed her baby over, choosing to get back into modelling. It should be fun to watch how the Avant sisters’ love life plays out. But whatever happened to Sarsha. She needs to come back and stir the pot.
In the meantime Brooke and Bill, and Liam and Stephie are doing something B&Bers never do; settle into a quiet, stable marriage. Of course that won’t last.
Bravo to Eric, the most forgiving man in the world because Quinn “touched something he didn’t know he had” (that’s what happens when you can’t see over your belly), and he and Quinn are back together. But they are heading into rough seas as Shedevil is just getting warmed up. Won’t Pammy give Cherrrleee what for.
Now for the ttv nominations; and the categories are; scariest villain, most insipid, face you most want to punch, person you most want written out, sexiest and I suppose we should include a best actor and actress category, and worst actor/actress.
Happy viewing and may your B&B wishes come true.



  1. It seems only fair to nominate the entire cast for worst actor category. Since we have to choose.

    Best Actor ~ Quinn
    Worst Actor~ Liam

    Thanks daisy

  2. Couldn’t nominate Best Actor
    But plenty for Worst Actor
    – coconut
    – RJ
    – new Dahla
    – Sheila

      • πŸ‘Arjay is asking more questions than the Head of Security. He is nosier than Pam.
        Stephie and Liam kissing and the entire family bursts in at once. All at once. 😐

  3. I think Brooke is the scariest villain. She does Ms Innocent so well. They are the scariest. After her; Shedevil.
    Maya has the face I want to punch. Maybe it’s the grinning. There are runnerups for πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ, and they are Nicole, Coconut, and Arjay, but you can’t go past zombie like Nicole.
    Grammy is the one I want writers to have run over by a bus, or crushed under some bolts of fabric.

  4. Why doesn’t anyone burst in whilst Wyatt and Katie are kissing – must be the only door that closes.

    I reckon Liam is on to Bill’s evil ways …..

    • Oh, yeah, Sara. The only door with a lock? πŸ˜„ BTW, wouldn’t anyone lock the door if they wanted to have a sneaky office pash?
      Wipes has his hair pushed back again, so we can see his disappearing thatch.

  5. Katie hates it that Queric are back together. She’s at it with tearing Wyatt’s face off again.

    Liam now knows about Bill’s big lie. Caroline’s back in town. Bill’s reassuring~ “We’re all dying”

    Liam’s already blabbed to Steffy.

  6. Oh damn. I was hoping Eric would walk in on Sheila throttling Quinn. Oh well, one more case for the Hungry Detective.
    I wonder ifthe lady in red from the portrait will haunt Quinn.

    Pedantic detail: Caroline saying to Bill, “What did Sally ever do to you?” Well a lot really, as he is a major shareholder in Forrester and she robbed them of millions of dollars worth of designs. I guess the writers forgot that.

    Anyhow, Caroline continues to struggle with her conscience, and loses. Quinn struggles with Shedevil, and wins.

  7. Magazines in the supermarket indicate there could be happenings to come that we can’t yet imagine – does that make sense?

    • We can’t imagine how bad they’ll be.

      I don’t want to imagine them. Don’t tell me, Ridge and Brooke will get back together.

      Eric will play the piano.

      The Detective will eat a sandwich.

  8. I am guessing dead Shedevil will rise from the portrait and walk up the stairs to sleep between Eric and Quinn. Then they will get the voodoo nutcase who painted her portrait (because Benedict Cherrlee Arnold knows who she is) to perform an exorcism to command Shedivil to get out and return to the portrait. Given her track record of leaving when told, she will ignore the exorcist.
    I suggest they do like in the bible, cast her into a herd of pigs, in this case Grams and watch her hurl herself over the Forrester balcony.
    Actuallly the exorcist will have to command her back into her own portrait. If I am right, drinks are on me. 😁😁😁 I am only guessing.

  9. Well, who would have guessed, Sheila now in residence. What a mess, wonder if they have a daily as miraculously all the broken glass etc was cleaned away. So few cast members I’m surprised they aren’t doubled up in disguise to play other parts! More ructions to come – and I feel sorry for Sally.

  10. Oh no. I don’t know which is worse; Shedevil installing herself at Forresters, or Grams dancing. I suppose it doesn’t get worse than Eric idiotically letting Sheila move in. Hey Eric, ever heard of hospitals. I guess we ar now in for some very long malingering aka malongering.

  11. Who’s this doctor, James is it, who got Shevil’s witches britches in a knot?
    I was thinking that Quinn should hire an evil, spy nurse. It takes a lot to get rid of Shedevil, and she had the cheek to say Quinn didn’t knock.

    • Sheila used to be married to Dr. Whatsit and now she’s blackmailed him(he’s a junkie) into giving Eric a false diagnosis…. so that the she~hag is going to be staying awhile. The portrait will be going up soon. Room service for Sheila.

      Eric is paranoid about the LA media getting hold of the FC mansion living arrangements. The doc will blab for sure.

      • Eric didn’t even bother with Quinn’s side of the story, and Quinn didn’t try to let him know Shedevil barged in and attacked her. Now I have my fingers crossed for the evil tide to turn back on Shedevil and her witchdoctor. But I guess they will have to do their evil worst first, and make two voodoo dolls. Watch out Quinn. Don’t let Shedevil get your hairbrush.

        • The fabulously wealthy Forresters won’t bother with installing surveillance cameras , in spite of the shootings, assaults, trysts etc that occur on a weekly basis at home and work.

          Charlie can’t do it on his own.

  12. Daisy and BDD you are funny! It seems that Sheila is going to be around for a while – but why are LA doctors so weird and criminal looking – like the one Ridge went to see and who was then killed in a traffic accident. I’m afraid I had to resort to the newspaper whilst Wyatt and Katie were at it – she was his stepmother ffs! You are right, why didn’t Quinn tell Eric that Sheila attacked her and tried to throttle her – the script writers need a bit of a shake up. I read that Quinn (Renee) broke her ankle so perhaps wont be around for a while.. But still we watch!

    • Thanks Sara but it always takes two to be funny; without someone to laugh you’re just whistling in the wind. Both sides need a sense of humour so don’t underestimate your funny.
      I’m a dag and always joking, but I have lots of friends who laugh and I value their sense of humour that they can laugh.
      As for B&B, yep, those writers are truly messing with our heads. And yes, why didn’t Quinn explain. She could have even lied and made it sound worse if she is so evil.

  13. Oh Katie, you must take the spare key off Bill otherwise he will spring you and Wyatt. Doesn’t Bill realise that Will is at boarding school?

    • Katie and Wyatt cavorting in their fake LA tans in bed might have been bold…but it sure wasn’t beautiful.

      Someone hit Eric with a sledgehammer and knock some sense into him.

    • Bill has never lived there, so why does he have a key?????
      Katy and Wyatt need to think about the time slot and cool it a bit. Are they trying to outdo Quidge for sexual tension. Has Katy had practice making home videos.

      Wipes had a stiletto to the gut;”No you aren’t perfect in the sack”.

  14. I must say, I don’t usually like Brooke but she is going in tbere like an American pitbull, so she has my vote this time. Go Brooke, break that Doctor till he speaks. She should wait until he is outside Shedevil’s (Eric’s) bedroom before she gives him her sexy xray glare and makes him crack.

  15. Wait until Bill finds out Liam stopped the Spectra building from burning to the ground. Liam has forgotten who pays his wages. Sally has wasted no time getting over Thomas. Stephie won’t be thrilled that Liam is getting lukewarm with Sally.

  16. My mum reckons the maintenance man at Spectra was Potsy. I think she’s potsy. I think she is thinking of Richie’s redhead friend.

      • I told her that I was going to take the credit. 😁 But I don’t think Potsy. More like Richie’s red headed friend.

        Quinn, Quinn, Quinn, stop giving Shedevil more excuses to stay. Why didn’t she just get her phone out and video Shedevil dancing around. Noooo that would be too easy.
        And let me see, Sally. Will cousin want to pay to repair Spectra building, or take Bill’s offer? I can’t feel sorry for Sally, after she stole Forrester’s line.

  17. Sorry for repeating myself. I have some very pleasant meds for my neuralgia. 😊😊😊😊 Who was it who sang, “It’s all too beautiful”. Small faces.

  18. Finally, Eric has a lucid moment. Sheila’s been chucked out, but for how long? She has a real problem with that portrait.

  19. Looking forward to the eviction, but yes, none of their doors lock. Shedevil will be back like that sticky spider web or tree sap that you can’t get off your hands.

  20. Oh dear. Recap, recap, recap, group hug, outraged, self righteous Liam, and “I’ll be baaaack” Sheila. For a cunning villain, Quinn is really useless at pointing the finger at Shedevil. The best part of tonight was Shedevil getting the boot. She left without taking any luggage, not even a toothbrush or her undies. Surely she hadn’t been wearing the same pair for the whole time. Pretty sure Quinn hasn’t been lending hers.

    • Now I’m wondering where Sheila has been toileting, because she’s been stuck in that room, which didn’t appear to have an ensuite. She could have snuck out to Eric’s outdoor shower.

      I really thought Shedevil would have fooled with Eric’s prescriptions but yes, with no locks on the doors, who knows what will happen next.

  21. Oh Daisy, so right! Why didn’t Quinn tell Eric that Sheila tried to kill her first! So Sheila leaves, with nothing except feathers in her hair. Where will she go with no money, no clothes. Don’t worry, she’ll get Dr James to look after her otherwise she’ll dob him in.
    And Liam has cottoned on to Bill’s evil, well more evil, ways. I think we are in for some interesting times. Perhaps the pie eating cop will be sent in to investigate possible arson?

    • He’s still busy trying to investigate Coco and RJ’s text messages from the crash.

      I figure Sheila will enlist Charlie to help get her foot back in the door, along with the junkie doctor.

  22. If Shedevil was incapcitated, who gave the sponge baths, brushed her teeth, yes, toileted her, and changed her undies? Not an issue apparently.
    Shedevil didn’t need to knock Quinn out with a pillow then. And since she left immediately, did she leave in her pyjamas. Still she could have stopped by the outdoor shower.

  23. Shedevil has gone…but only long enough to get some fresh undies and her toilet bag…and to threaten the room service guy; yet another one on her payroll.

    Why oh why did Bill tell boy scout Liam of his evil deeds. Does this mean Liam will have to give up his Calvin Kleins for Target?
    Please excuse the reflection…no I don’t mean my lattice. I mean Liam’s deep though.

    • Liam wasn’t very deep today, he turned lying by omission into an art form. He’s doing his evil father’s bidding for now.

      Shutup, RJ.

  24. Nuttin’ to see here tonight, folks, except everyone rallying around the thief who recently stole $millions from the Forresters because ….what did Brooke say? “One was a blight on business, the other was a blight on the human”. Or something like that. The Forresters are incredibly forgiving, and surprisingly very close to their thief, as they all rallied around her.
    Brooke remains blissfully ignorant of her big crime boss hubby’s evil doings. The perfect crime boss wife.
    It won’t be long before Bill snatches the family sword from Liam’s throat. Or will wimpy Liam, who is horrified at living off the proceeds of crime, snatch it off first? After all, Bill made it clear that it wasn’t his first offence.

  25. How awful did Caroline look on today’s episode. Those tight red silk shorts and Heidi blouse were horrible.
    Great acting by Sally. I’m growing to like her character. Quinn and Caroline are my favourites in the show. The men, no one I like, apart from Thorne.

  26. Well, well, well. And the Oscar goes to Liam! I was hoping it wouldn’t be too long before the truth came out. And Lt Baker even turns up with some aides. Can’t wait for next week. But …. Charlee! Get some balls mate and call Sheila’s bluff – she’s such a psychopath that no one will believe any story she tells. And how come Charlee isn’t in the opening credits like everyone else. What will Brooke do when she finds out – is this Ridge’s great opportunity ….

    • Maybe Cherrlee, wants to remain undercover.
      Don’t worry about Bill. He already broke Deacon out of jail.
      All the cast who should be in jail for serious crimes, as far as I know:
      Stephanie for killing Allee and throwing the tyre iron in the bush
      Quinn for a couple of murders, attempted murders, and assaults
      Bill for crimes too numerous but including throwing Ridge from a helicopter,
      Sally for grand larceny,
      Katy for threatening to shoot someone,
      Taylor for breaking into a medical office and stealing records,
      Coconut for texting and driving,
      Most of them for fraud..pretending to be actors.
      I am not expecting Bill to go to jail, as no one else has, but if he does, he is oily enough to slip through the bars.
      Mind you, I would love to see it. He’d have a gym, an office, his own suite, conjugal visits, and the wardens shining his shoes and bringing him champagne and caviar.

        • Now little Lord Fontleroy can go live off his wife because daddy won’t let him burden his conscience by taking dirty money anymore. Liam wants the butter but not the bread it’s buttered on.
          He was on fire with righteous indignation, and fire and brimstone tonight. He must have been watching evangelical tv. But not Creflo Dolllar, because he would have said, “Liam, God wants you to have that money”.
          As for Cherrlee. Yes. He needs a kick up the bum. And Shedevil wanting to protect Eric, by pushing Quidge into a squidge.
          Is it just my imagination or are Quidge really hot togetherl I’ll get a pick later off how good Quinn looks but atm pops had STAN on.
          Anyhow, I know he’s a devil, but I am tean Bill atm, because everyone is acting like it’s Saint Sally.
          And Brooke is making a great gangsters moll.

  27. Great episode last night. May just have to watch the repeat on Monday morning. They all earned their acting fee on the episode, well apart from Wipes , Sheila and Cherlee. Was Pam cooking up more lemon bars for prisoner Bill? MIA at Forresters

    • I think I know why Pam wasn’t warching Charlee and Shedevil. She was probably too busy listening at the door to the ceo office. (But producers weren’t going to pay her for it). BTW is Liam authorized to call a Forrester meeting?

  28. Just like they all forgave Sally and are rallying around her, one fashion season after she robbed them of millions worth of designs, and as they have all forgotten everything Quinn has done, I suppose soon they will all forget everthing Bill has done.

      • Oh, so that’s how it’s done. Where is that rewind button when I’ve eaten that chocolate bar. I bet there are a lot of annoyed B&B viewers after that. Not me. I don’t like that Sally got off from her fashion heist, so call it karma.

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