General chat – October

No Survivor and no Block, so I’ve been watching some US TV: Outlander, Halt and Catch Fire (amazing show – do watch it if you have access to downloads) and Grey’s Anatomy (yes, I know – I’m still hanging in there). Add to that some GBBO and a splash of House Hunters International on 9Life.
What’s everyone else watching?



  1. Kicking off with a good comedy; Nathan for you. It’s one of those straight faced tongue in cheek comedies and I am told some of it is “inappropriate”. You can get S3 on STAN but not sure how to get S1 and S2.

  2. Hmm, picking up something from the last chat regarding English grammar… I am surprised that children are not taught their own language’s grammar in school. In Germany you spend countless hours of learning grammar rules, write tests regarding the grammar rules etc. We have tons of rules, exceptions…

    That being said, I always screw up the “ABC and me…. ABC and I….”. It’s just weird to me. 😉 I just use I when it is followed by a verb, and hope I am right. Like “You and I should go dancing tonight” as you will not say Me should go dancing tonight.

    • It’s idiots in curriculum here who come up with stupid ideas that grammar wasn’t necessary. The result; people who can’t speak or write correctly.
      And don’t get us started on pencil grip. Younger people and children hold pens like they have a degenerative disease of the hand.

      • I had nun wif a ruler smashin’ me fingers if I didn’t hold the pen right. Youse no what I mean. I seen some violent nuns.

      • Oh, this is oil poured into an open flame… Lots of Brits in our company including my boyfriend, hold the cutlery or pens like pitchforks. Imean, what is wrong with them? I never saw that in Germany or France… It looks like those people have no coordination at all. But in general, the lack of common knowledge (and often common sense) is appaling regarding my colleagues. When Kohl died, there was a picture of him with another man on a newssite. My boyfriend asked… Who is that bald guy with the blob on his head? I am always amazed and then think: Even though German schools get trashed a lot, thank god it isn’t as bad as UK schools…
        I am left handed but got forced to write with my right hand – thanks mum… And even though it is not natural for me I hold the pen properly. Same goes for cutlery with my left hand.

  3. I’ve been preoccupied.
    My non overweight, non smoking, normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol – you’re getting the picture? – husband had open heart surgery last Friday.
    All went pretty well, especially considering it was a fairly recent thing that we discovered he had quite a few (5) arterial blockages and was at immediate risk of heart attack! So a quadruple bypass was required.
    It’s a genetic condition, so our teenagers will need to be screened later in life, but it’s over now and he’s home from hospital. Lucky to have found out. We were doing some genetic tests because our son has an (unrelated) heart condition and a super on the ball cardiologist probed further and did additional tests.

    Anyway, I am going to get quite bored watching him breathe and he can’t do much except sit around and take gentle strolls, so we need to find stuff to watch!
    Looking for recommendations for a good series. Probably nothing too difficult or demanding / definitely easy viewing required. So I think Scandithrillers might be too much!

    But I’ve still been watching survivor -adoring it and annoyed that rugby league has pushed it out on Sunday.

    • Woh, Brussell, that’s huge. I hope your hubby recovers quickly and completely. You sound a bit like me when Woolif was sick. I’ll be thinking of you, because it’s not easy being the carer.So what kind of shows do you like? I watched all of Thirteen in one night. It’s a bbc thriller. I liked Younger. It was 4 seasons of watchable romantic nonsense. At the moment we are watching Parks and Recreation.

      • Thanks Daisy. It’s s very tiring activity. I can’t get over how sitting around at hospital -primarily bored yet punctuated by extreme panic and worry – can be so tiring!
        We like thrillers, Brit crime, comedy (Frasier is our very favourite show ever), period dramas, shows like Longmire, the Blacklist and Breaking Bad. Normally scandi but reading subtitles seems like too much concentration!

        • Bonne courage to both of you. Especially that your kids are doing alright! I know from my sister how much it weighs on you if your kid probably has a heart condition. My tiny little, now 4 year old niece is a regular at check ups to see if her heart is doing alright. 🙁

    • I know how you feel Brussellsprout. Mr LP had open heart surgery 4 years ago. He got the aortic valve replaced.
      You will get there. Slowly but surely he will be as good as new.
      I supervise exercise classes for people who have cardiac condition. Many have bypass done and elderly but they all do very well in the gym. Exercise is the best medicine.

      • That’s very interesting LP. I must look into those. He is very fit and strong (80kgs and 188cm tall) so will go beserk sitting around a lot. He would enjoy a class like that. One of the hospitals we considered for the surgery had classes.

        No one believed he was the bypass patient as he didn’t look at all like the usual ones and was quite a bit younger (first time I’ve thought of him as young, as we are both in our 50s!) than most other patients.

    • If you like Longmire, I watched some sort of Indian (as in Native American) police drama that was calm and enjoyable.
      And best of luck with everything. Watching is hard work.

  4. Guys, I need to know something. Is it common practice in Australia and possibly UK, that a real estate agency is taking around 3 yo 4 % of the property purchase price as earnest deposit to schedule a visit?

    • Very unusual- certainly not done for regular houses. My husband is a real estate agent and they would never do it -the more the merrier!

      It might be something done in high end real estate to make sure only serious parties go look?

      • My sister is interested in buying. And the agency taking care of the sale is British. I suspect they want a deposit because they have to travel to Germany in order to show her the house. Which is not really cheap, I guess the agency wants to limit the risk that they have all the expenses and the potential buyer doesn’t show up. I asked my sister to get more clarification regarding the deposit.

  5. My computer died the other day. I am sending this comment from my recently – acquired smart phone. Anyone watching Wake In Fright? I watched last night, enjoyed it but think John Grant character is incredibly gullible and should stop getting pissed because someone hands him a bottle of booze. Think I can see where the plot is going. Not a bad show overall. May have new computer up and running in a few days, need larger buttons to type on.

    • I gave it a shot, but ultimately it just annoyed me. I sat through an hour and a half of awful people making awful decisions, and they were too busy being edgy and intriguing to bother telling the audience anything. I just got sick of it and gave up.

      • I guess that guy is only the tip of the ice berg. 🙁 I nearly laughed out loud, when Kate Winslet stated she is oh so shocked regarding those allegations, but at the same time does a movie with Woody Allen. Same with Meryl Streep, playing the oh I am so shocked card. But supported a petition regarding Roman Polanksi to enter the USA without getting arrested. That hypocrisy in Hollywood is disgusting.
        Anyway, glad he finally got caught and kudos to those women making it public. I hope they can now rid themselves of the guilt and shame they felt for such a long time. It is never the fault of the victims, he was the predator. He used the power and his money to keep them quiet, most likely also threats to ruin their livelihood. It is quite common that even when you reject the advances, a guy like him still gives you an opportunity to even have more power over you.

        Just hope they start going after the pedos in Hollywood as well. I read about Bryan Singer years ago and it is totally sickening. One could say it’s only rumours. But there were rumours about Weinstein for years and turns out, they were indeed true.

    • I like the Murdoch Mysteries, too. It’s funny when Murdoch comes up with crime solving techniques which weren’t really discovered until many years later. Also fun when they feature famous people such as Harry Houdini, Alexander Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla, etc.
      Anyone watching “The Orville”?

  6. Yes, the kids and I love when William helps someone invent the telephone, plane or electricity. And we are like, “Who knew he helped Edison?”
    I save them for the kids because they think it’s funny and playing whodunit.The actors must have a lot of fun remaining poker faced.

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