New shows from Seven and ABC

Some new shows from Seven.
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And the ABC is revamping ABC2, branding it a comedy channel. Which it sort of was, already, but now it’s official.
Kids’ programming will end half an hour later, at 7.30pm (shhh – don’t tell my five year old!).
Tom Ballard (who used to host a reality TV panel show for the ABC) now gets a regular gig with his own nightly show.
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  1. I don’t think it was wise of ABC to put a label like that on what has traditionally been a bits-n-pieces channel. Like 7Flix they will now be constantly under scrutiny for meeting or not meeting the brief. I don’t have a problem with a rebranding, as nothing seems to just be numbered anymore, but why not choose a more generic name. 9Gem, 9Life, 9Go all managed to give a catchy name without boxing themselves in to a specific genre.

    • Urgh, Bookaboo annoys me. I’m much more of a Hey Duggee kinda gal. Which reminds me, Mr 5 was recently excited about a new Toyland Detective show on ABCKids. Turns out it’s Noddy. He’s nowmsome kind of you sleuth. What the hell!?

      • I think Bookaboo is funny. His “a story a day or I can’t play” is a bit bratty, but I enjoy his reactions to the guests reading a book with their different voices. And my dog would definitely be that sort of diva if he were a rockpuppy. I don’t watch many children’s shows, only if I fall asleep on the lounge and wake up around five. Noddy the detective did not pull me in at all, more like wtf, Noddy?

          • Canadian? I thought they were English! Just shows how little attention is paid at that time of day :). Bookaboo’s descriptions and intros of the guest readers are always a little sarcastic. Probably why I like it. I’ll check out Ben and Holly.

          • Oops, Von – you are right. Must have just been a Canadian guest when I watched.
            Meanwhile, Mr 5 is now addicted to the remake of Duck Tales. He does a credible Donald Duck impression

    • Unoriginally, I am a Peppa Pig fan.
      i just love, at the end, all the cast throwing themselves on the ground laughing. It never gets old for me.

    • Unoriginally, I am a Peppa Pig fan.
      i just love, at the end, all the cast throwing themselves on the ground laughing. It never gets old for me.
      *sigh* I know.

    • I watched this in excutiating pain because the story line and scene set-ups were so improbable and yet, at the same time, clichéd. But I watched it until the end. And I will probably tune in again next week. Go figure.

    • Forewarned is forearmed. Ta,Maz

      Of course, I expect Ch Ten to have Dr.Phil, Judge Judy and Bold And The Beautiful. Life would not be worth living without these.

      Less of those afternoon cooking shows with failed Ma$terchef contestants would be great. Cheap and nasty.

  2. BDD, is that woman “chef” in Adelaide’s shop still going strong? (you know, the one that you loved so much) i cant recall her name

    • I suppose you’re talking about Rose from Ma$terchef.

      Juz has eaten there at her family affair cafe style eatery and gave it the thumbs up. Whether it went belly up like the family’s original business, I don’t know. I haven’t seen Rose on tv for a while now. The cliche queen.

      I remember how bullet proof Rose was in aliminations, after scuttling her teams in challenges. “We gotta hustle, gice”, as the team sinks like the Titanic.

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