1. Was the mismanagement of budget storyline real? For a couple that was portrayed as cash strapped they certainly have not curtailed their spending. The judges were impressed by the outdoor kitchen and of course they (Darren) swooned over the $5000 heat lamp. It is a well designed low maintenance garden.
    The landscapers Garden Constructions did Will and Karlie’s garden last year. https://gardenconstructions.com.au/projects/the-block-2016/

    9.5 9 9.5 28 (-1) =27 for the lack of cubby

  2. Skanky teabag? Yes, people Shaynna makes a big deal of the Twinning teabag . Leaving it in the cup is not how you serve tea, scoffs Shaynna. Yep, because teabags are a crucial deciding factor is purchasing a home.

    The judges hate the solitary corner and believe the spa belongs to another decade. They wasted the $4k.

    They also need screening plants.
    7 7 8 22

  3. The judges feel that RG have placed the aesthetics of the garden over the functonality. It feels like a courtyard in a boutique hotel and it focuses on the couple not the family. (Cut to Jason’s smirk for the next bit). You have taken a turn and limited the buyers for your house.

    The judges hate the wall and don’t understand the fire wood niche with the gas heating. They are castigated for not having a outdoor dining space which is an ‘absolute must’ at this price point.

    8.5 8 9 25.5

  4. Darren waxes about how the shipping container exterior plays off the colourbond exterior .

    The garden is beautifully laid out and they are the only team to have designed the garden with the cubby in mind. (Except the judges don’t know what the point of the ‘bus stop’ is for).

    Then Neale utters the unthinkable, “It’s been done with so much love”. Noooo. Love is the province of cooking shows. ” It is very human”. As opposed to what???????????????

    10 9 10 29

  5. Dave Franklin designed it. Enough said.

    10 9.5 10 29.5

    Just one thing because we are a horrible person. Elyse’s exuberance may be , ahem, delightful compliment to her youth but that behaviour will be deemed ugly as she ages.

  6. Elyse’s physical behaviour is very immature for someone in their way 20s.

    The shipping container used as a pool seems like a great cost saving idea, however, why not line them in a light coloured blue fibreglass or whatever it is they use, as the black lining just makes the water appear dark and creepy. it’s a lagoon waiting for it’s creature!

    • Wasn’t there an article about former school mates that said Elyse was part of a group at school that thought being dumb and funny was cool?
      It is really grating and she seems to play up to it a lot as though that’s her thing. But you can see the effort behind the eyes. And the more she does it, the more her boyfriend withdraws until there wont be anything more that a screech and a black hole standing next to each other.

  7. Elyse’s physical behaviour is very immature for someone in their early 20s.
    The shipping container used as a pool seems like a great cost saving idea, however, why not line them in a light coloured blue fibreglass or whatever it is they use, as the black lining just makes the water appear dark and creepy. it’s a lagoon waiting for it’s creature!

  8. I can’t believe the rubbish about the spa. Of course, if you live in a cooler climate a spa is the best option, far more logical than two ugly above-ground tanks. Nothing nicer on a cold Melbourne night than to hop into a beautifully hot spa with a glass of something special. The judges just showed snobbish prejudice against anything not “on trend” – where “on trend” means impractical and likely to disappear in less than a year.

  9. Darren swoons over that ugly $5000 outdoor heater. LOL
    More laughs with Shayna obsessing over a teabag as if that really effects the sale of the home. BTW, I leave my teabag in my cup all the time but I’ll be sure not to do that when Shayna comes for a visit. 😉

  10. What is the deal with the studios above the garage? If I rent it out on AirBnB, I’ll have people looking at me in my spa or pool or garden!

  11. Thanks for the summaries Maz.
    I saw a comment elsewhere about shade, none of these backyards have any shade really.
    Also clearly the cubby houses were only plonked in the back yards to make sure they didn’t lose points – i only saw JE’s cubby house on Fri night!

    • They have plenty of shade. The back yards face west. Those hideous garage/studios will provide ample shade. Especially in winter!!

    • Clearly j&s are not network favourites. I don’t blame them for not paying until the job is done properly. Why would you pay for work that’s not done correctly, trades need to be accountable and do the job they are being paid to do.

      • If they were unhappy with the work why didn’t they let the plasterer know at the time the work was done? Plasterer is to be blamed for shoddy workmanship but J&S are to be blamed for not getting after the guy to fix things.

  12. The Schlock is so scripted. As if nobody noticed RG’s electrical issues earlier. RG have been staying in that house and work has been done for many days with those problems supposedly existing.
    Why don’t they inspect the rooms and areas when they are completed instead of waiting to go through the entire house?
    Not surprised that JS’s & HC’s homes have the most issues.
    RG turning smaller garage into a game area…I think a work out and/or work area would be better.
    I don’t think families with young children will be buying these homes. They will probably be purchased by couples with older children or investors.

    • The RG electrical issue was a debacle designed to hobble them as they seemed to be the team well on track to finish. They also know that if Georgia is not comfortably cruising towards the finish line she gets stressed and starts crying.

      • How about the tape they put over the electric panel and the sign on the door that the house is unsafe so do not enter. Just more faux drama. Were they also trying to give Ronnie a chance to show off his table tennis skills? 😉

  13. Josh and Elyse have won the Domain Cover. Elyse demonstrates once again she has some mental health issues. She is rough as guts and behaves inappropriately.

    RG won the Alice Walkabout. Think it was more a sympathy win for last week’s blackmail.

    Clint, really is stupid. Scotty tells him don’t rely on Jason. What does he do??

    Seriously??? How many times is the Block going to bail them out???

    • RG had the better 2 car garage with the installation of storage. If one is to spend millions of dollars for a house built in storage in the garage should be included. I am surprised no one else did that.
      IMO, the studio should have a kitchenette or at least an area for a microwave, refrigerator and coffee/tea maker.

    • Yes, I’m surprised none of the couples have put a kitchenette in. Should definitely have skipped the pool and kept the money for a kitchenette.

      • On Whirlpool the issue has been raised. The theory is that they didn’t get planning permission for it to be self contained.

        The houses are probably overcapitalised anyway.

      • Considering none of the couples have even suggested it, i kinda guessed as much.
        I keep forgetting that all the furniture comes too, so even with all the faults you could at least try to sell some of it off to recoup some costs to fix up areas you don’t like.

  14. So Clint’s house has a million defects. This is after they were told to switch their builder in week two and decided not to? I’ve let Mr 5 watch a little of The Block (not the Jason being a arse bits) and it’s interesting, he loves all the aerial shots of builders on the roof and close-ups of diggers, and falls about in hysterics ever time Elyse does a stupid dance or whatever.

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