The Block finale – auction time

Finally, auction time is here. The finale is listed to run from 7-8.30pm, so I reckon in tune in about 8pm and you’ll actually see some bidding.
It will be interesting to see how they go, as one of the last times The Block did houses it was a flop sales-wise. Remember in 2011, when Josh and Jenna’s house was passed in (shortly after he’d proposed to her on TV). Rod and Tania and sisters Amie and Katrina’s places were also passed in, making Polly and Waz winners by default (the Hannah and Clint of that season).
The following year the teams all walked away with decent winnings, including Dan (now Foreman Dan) and Danni and Brad and Lara.

Montage: Flashback to the houses being moved … building work .. reminder Jason is a dick … end montage.
Then they go all poor man’s Top Gear, with aerial shots of a house removal truck facing off against a security van for possession of the reserves in locked suitcases. The suitcases are old because, you know, character homes.
The contestants are called before a panel of Scotty, Shayna, Alice from Domain and some other woman.
Several minutes are spent watching the contestants trawl through old junk in the cases. Before we learn what the reserves are, we get to-camera pieces from everyone saying how high they are.
And, without telling us what they are, it’s time for auction order.
Other chick is a real estate expert with excellent diction who speaks about awk-shun clearance rates. Alice says she think Josh and Elyse should go first due to buyer interest, then Jason and Sarah.
Shayna agrees J and E should go first because the losers from it will then bid on other houses.
Shayna says Ronnie and Georgia’s House has become niche because of the pool. The editors are loving cutting to Georgia’s resting bitch face. So should go third. Sticks and Wombat fourth and Clint and Hannah last – and she reminds them last place has won before (from my memory, Steve and Chantal).
Everyone seems cool without except R & G and S & W both want third spot, under their agents’ advice.

Whatever happened to the old days of jumping into a pool to retrieve a brick which determined the pecking order? Nine must be really worried about non-sales. There is a lot of talk of getting the order right so buyers who miss out will move on and bid on the next property.

They are at an impasse so Ronnie suggests showing the reserves to add to the discussion, but S and W aren’t keen. Even Jason supports Georgia that they should show the reserves. And hell freezes over. R and G step outside for a little rant. It ends with a coin flip and Sticks and Wombat win, getting third spot.

Jason then suggests they all show reserves.
R&G $2.62m
S&W $2.52m
H&C $2.52m
J&E $2.62m
J&S $2.62m
Interesting – I expected the two end houses to be significantly higher. I’m not surprised Georgia was shocked they had reserves on par.

Cue montage of the contestants getting primped for the auction and R&G doing a spontaneous McCafe run. Oh god – how many times do we need to see Jason doing his stupid “make it rain” money mime. It is weird to see Josh with a man bun, while Elyse has grabbed her Nan’s kitchen curtains and turned it into a top. Wombat is the only one not in a suit. Josh is not wearing shoes … what the … Not even a pair of thongs? Isn’t that a safety hazard? Where’s Keith when you need him?

Bidding starts on J&E’s house and they tell Scott there has been interest of up to $3m. Buyer’s agent Frank is there in a spiffy white and navy tartan jacket and he’s bidding. There is steady bidding and Frank seems keen. It passes the $3m mark in what seems a swift fashion, but who knows with the edit.
The other contestants are watching it all from what appears to be Ronnie and Georgia’s studio office, as a pink jumpsuited Shelley narrates.
It goes for $3.067 million to that other buyer’s agent who used to do walkthrough, Greville. $447,000 profit made.

More “make it rain” from Jason. Urgh. Sarah is on trend with her dark green blouse.
Scott reveals the buyer of Josh and Elyse’s house is non other than Melbourne local Hughesy (who was involved in the food-tasting challenge some weeks back).
Shelley is trying to remind us J&S are “Aussie battlers”. J&S’s auctioneer reminds everyone there is no pool or spa, which is a bonus. Buyer’s agent Nicole, another regular, is bidding against Frank on this one. I’m wondering if whoever misses out on this one will then not bother with Sticks and Wombat’s and just hang out for Ronnie and Georgia’s. Nicole gets it for $3.007m. So Josh and Elyse are still winning.

Again, Frank and Nicole are bidding, plus some bloke at the back. They hit $130,000 profit quickly and that’s it.(Bear in mind S&W are not a couple, so it’s not as big a prize when split. Still, much better than previous years where the reserves weren’t even met.) Has Sticks had his teeth whitened or were they always that blinding? Sale price $2.65m to Nicole. I reckon Frank is waiting for R & G’s house. The boys bravely pretend to be delighted. The other contestants – and Shelley – are a bit teary.

Georgia starts in tears – she’s freaking out, What are you worried about, Georgia – you know you’re a sure thing for a future All Stars. Frank loves making the opening bid, doesn’t he? The skinny, dark-haired bloke who was bidding on Sticks and Wombat’s vote casts a bid. We stall fairly early without reaching reserve. Scott tells them to pass it in rather than scrabble for a few thousand dollars, but the agent wants to restart the auction. Scott overrules him and R&G agree. Everyone seems shocked it’s been passed it, especially Nicole and Shelley. Nicole starts arguing with the consumer affairs monitor about the way it abruptly ended but apparently it’s all above board. I’m sure it will sell for a decent price via negotiation. I do feel sorry them. Clint and Hannah must be packing death. The agent comes up to say Frank’s top negotiated offer would give them $105,000 profit. Nicole pops up to see R&G and presents a top offer of $161,000 profit. R&G are fairly pragmatic and take it. Does this mean Frank will buy Clint and Hannah’s house?

It’s a noticeably smaller crowd and again it’s Nicole and Frank. Boring – I wish more people would bid. We stall at $2.5m. Cue sad music. Argh – I can’t watch Clint’s sad eyes. But then it sparks up again and we get the rising crescendo, so you know it’s going to be ok. Frank has it at $2.615m, which is $95,000 profit. Hannah stoically declares she is happy.

And that’s where my recording cuts out. So, as expected, Josh and Elyse sell for top dollar and get the $100,000 winner’s prize. Bit of an anti-climax.

So, who will be watching The Gatwick season?



  1. This was on Instagram:
    mgrhandmade@georgia_stockton The Block auctions are NEVER live. Always done one day before the televised auction. The auctions started approx 12.00pm midday Saturday. I believe J & E went first (auction order).

  2. Okay the annual auction order pantomine has begun. Geez could the sponsor be Prosegur?

    Special guest star Mc Cafe.

    Someone is a very frustrated in their directing career.

  3. The auction order is decided by the production (sans the rigged coin flip).

    Auction Order & Reserves

    SJ $2620 000 (2nd)
    RG $2620 000 (4th)
    HC $2520 000 (5th)
    SW 2520 000 (3rd)
    JE 2620 000 (1st)

    No, those reserves are not typos. Three got the same. How is that fair on RG?

  4. The ad breaks are killing me.

    Nice house, pity the idiots disrespect it with hats on indoors. Wombat, Sticks, Josh…not a brain between them.

  5. SW: Sold $2,650.000 Profit $130,000

    Ooh the auctioneer just said the boys put 3-6months in.

    Not looking good for RG (or HC).

      • How was Shelley’s pep talk to the others when J & S went off for their Auction.
        “Let’s no forget they’re battlers, been doing it tough to finish their home for 10 years, no matter what you think of them, let’s wish the best for them” blah, blah, vomit.

  6. Hannah has a heart attack upon learning that the property is passed in.

    Nicole is now arguing with the Victorian equivalent of Dept of Fair Trading.

  7. It’s just crazy to assume that in one auction event there’s going to be five bidders with up to $15 million to spend. It’s greedy that they have five contestants instead of the usual four and also the reserves can’t be right. It bugs me that the screech and the black hole walk away with half a million.

  8. We don’t understand how the reserve of RG’s house was formulated. In the past, they stated that the reserve was based on the unapproved value. On that basis, how on earth could a middle home be comparible to two end houses.

    It must be galling for the other teams, that the team who played the producers came second. Expect to see that repeated for Gatwick.

  9. Recap is up. That was a bit meh, really. Maz, a big thank you for your recaps throughout the season. Go get yourself a McCafe latte ….

  10. I think, at last, this is where I bid the Block farewell. I cannot be bothered watching next year.

    I am sick and tired of seeing the lazy, loathsome, complacent, contemptible, “victims” go home with the most of the winnings. Jason and Sarah good luck back in your workplaces gaining back all the respect you lost during the making of this show.

    I always liked Ronnie and Georgia and cannot fathom why oh, why they chose the middle house (even if there was a safe inside) and am flummoxed as to how their Reserve was set at the same value as JS & JE.

    • I didn’t watch last season and only turned back in because it was character homes. Think I’ll also sit out The Gatwick. Meanwhile, Family Food Fight looks like it could be a bit of lighthearted fun.

    • Despite what Georgia thinks, their house was only going to attract a niche market. Other than the black anything but room, it probably was pretty neutral inside. But they really buggered up the exterior (both front and back of the house) i think. Sure a darker house might be selling well, but i’m sure that is new houses, not character homes.
      Also given house quick they finished each week, i suspect closer inspection would have revealed some not to great workmanship.
      Having said all that, i don’t understand how their house was valued at the same as Houses 1 and 5.

      • We have noticed over the years that WA teams (insert any reno show) seem to prefer dark colours. We were at a Home Show recently and the SA/WA rep holding out the product’s colour range said that the SA buyers tend to choose from the light colours in the range but the WA buyers without a fail always pick the darkest option. We tend to overlook the disadvantage interstate teams have when trying to style for a particular market particularly against local teams.

        This is where the judges fail to help the teams. They tend to make snide/tweetable comments (looking at you Darren) or obtuse comments (the Buyers Advocates are still not forgiven for the comments made to Chris & Kim) without been more constructive about what is needed or expected in the Melbourne market.

        Where we live, we have seen houses painted that dark but they have generally gone with a white trim. The problem with a dark colour it shows up every imperfection.

        Did RG have a (local) landscaper?

        We think RG went in with a strategy based on what they understood the Block to be on past seasons. They didn’t expect the Keeping it North alliance (the other two teams were too weak to be allied with) and JS absolutely taking the piss out of the competition. They couldn’t change tact and were literally hemmed in.

        JS. Did we miss a whole section about JS’s budget’s woes were resolved? We don’t understand how you could spend $50k on a heating system that no other team could afford. Win very little but after going home a week have no trouble with multiple trades and no expense spared on furnishings thereafter. Last season when Dan & Carleen went over it was added to their reserve. Surely, JS’s reserve should have been higher than JE?

        HC-some fatal mistakes made in layout and ripping out the heritage features that were left in the property. We would have commissioned leadlight windows.

        Gatwick. The vibe seems to be ambivalent. Bad karma property??But yes, we shall be watching. We understand it will be eight apartments? Six teams then?

  11. OMG dirty dee’s all over again. What’s the bet that Ronnie and Georgia call fowl and are in the next all stars show because they didn’t win the amount they wanted.the best team won and I am just disappointed that R and G came 4th and not 5th. Arrogant bastards.😤

    • Why the hate for RG? Granted, RG’s social game was woeful but they didn’t sabotage anyone.i.e. JS.

      JE weren’t exactly good sports either. They threw a tantrum every single time something didn’t go their way. And Josh’s behaviour was such that production through Scotty told him to be nicer to Elyse.

      Technically, RG did come last as their house didn’t sell at auction and was passed in.

      • Why the “hate”? For me, more dislike as the worst of choosing between five choices. The sense of entitlement was the thing that got me the most – expecting everyone to give way for them – the attitude that their job was the most important. Also, the proclamation that they weren’t here to win friends and then all the tears because they had not been friends to anyone and therefore noone was inclined to reciprocate. Crowing over everyone when they finished early. Really, just people who I wouldn’t be able to cope with in real life.

      • Don’t hate them. Just didn’t like them much. They were very arrogant. However wasn’t a fan of any of the other teams. Sticks and Wombat were the best of a bad bunch. Was surprised they wouldn’t show their reserve, not like them, but that was their choice.

    • I’m with you. Didn’t watch the show (and don’t need to now – thanks juz), but just satsified that the pompous pair didn’t get the return they expected from their bland B&W house. Glad to see H&C get some return for their hard work, despite the underdog status all the way through. Nice couple. And apart from Elyse’s juvenile behaviour, I really liked them as a pair, and am pleased they won.

  12. I don’t know whether this a set up by producers. Ronnie and Georgia should have had a lower reserve price. All that bullshit that their house was for a niche market.
    Doesn’t seem fair on the middle houses. . . and if Dave Hughes did buy JE home then he paid too bloody much! More fool him.

  13. That was not an auction. It was a farce. Just have some buyers’ advocates with representing unknown people, probably all investors. Then there’s the illogical reserve for RG. Didn’t expect them to win but didn’t expect them to have same reserve as 1 & 5. Also how did JS get all of their bills paid. I would have thought they still owed $$ and that would be attached to the reserve.
    The beginning with the security guards, old suitcases and junk in the suitcases was unnecessary.
    This season was bad and I’m guessing that next season will be even worse.
    JS earn $387,000 for being lazy whiners.

    • Gatwick will be bad as there are no consequences for breaking the budget and walking out half way through the build.

      • This season set a precedence for that kind of stuff. Maybe they need to come up with stricter rules as well as changing the hosts and the judges.

        If they ever do individual homes again they need to design them with larger living areas: kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. For the price of these houses those should have been larger. The backyards should have been larger, too.

  14. I think this season more than any the couples really got caught out trying to impress the judges and not the buyers.
    I’m sure its easy to say going in, but I think you really need to take advice from estate agents that know the area, rather the judges, two of whom (Neil and I’m sure sure Darren) don’t even live in Melbourne.

  15. I read a comment somewhere else that The Block is no longer a renovation show but a real estate show. I think that is so true. It is now all about the market, the area, what the real estate people think. And now, nobody else bids except Nicole and Frank who have become pseudo-stars of the show.

    That’s OK if the viewers accept that, but I find it a bit boring.

    • The speech therapy failed.

      If she must insist on a media career then let it be Postcards. The rest of Australia need not suffer through her screeching.

      Elyse should take heed of Beyonce’s song. He just isn’t into you.

  16. Elyse really bothered me. I found her screeching, flirting and general carry on nauseating to watch.
    I hope she doesn’t end up on my tv screen in other shows.
    P.S. Josh is not proposing anytime soon. He holds all the power in the relationship.

    The Gatwick will be interesting viewing, room reveals only and not the general manufactured drama.

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