The Block – studio/garage reveal

Apparently there are a few perfect scores tonight.
The Block airs on Nine 7-8.30pm.

The open inspections were on in Melbourne today – a chance for a bit of cross promotion for Nine. Family Food Fight starts Monday, October 30, so I guess that means The Block finale is the night before.



  1. $cotty~ “What an outstanding effort you’ve done”

    How dumb is $cotty?

    On top of his “caval~ary” last week. How did he ever win a Gold Logie?

  2. Josh and Elyse ball their eyes out as they didn’t win. Over entitled millennials. Go cry over your smashed avocadoes while you sell your $1.4 million home

    Unlike the other teams, JE completed the stairwell. The chandiler is too tight for the space. Ridiculous is the word overused tonight. Don’t think that word is hip with the kids.

    The judges are speechless. They like the door, their beautifully mismatch style, etc.

    The only criticism is the shower screen is too short and the bathroom will be wet.

    10 9 10 29

  3. The judges love the ceiling treatment. Name drop sponsor’s (Velux) name.
    Darren describes their style as rustically charming.

    Their ensuite is consistent with their first bathroom and they are the only team with underfloor heating.

    10 9 10 29

    • I was just thinking how boiling that room
      Would be in summer, with all the skylights. How would you ever sleep at dawn? Or do they have some kind of automated blinds?

    • The skylights have automatic blinds. But honestly no point putting the skylights in if you would need to have them covered half the year. Although lying in bed looking at the stars would be fun, or walking up on a rainy Sunday morning and watching the rain would be nice too!
      The day i visited The Block was a top of 16 degrees in Melbourne, I noticed how warm and stuffy ALL, the studios AND master bedrooms, were, the moment i got to the top of the stairs. Might be different if you lived there and could keep a window slightly adjar, most of the time, but I reckon you would definitely need the air con and / or fan up there.

      • Hi Erin – the houses on tv have a flimsy feel to them. – was that your impression as well or did they feel solid.
        What other impression did you have walking through the Block – what about the garden and pools?

      • Hi Bolders,
        I wrote a couple of BIG posts about my visit here:
        To save repeating myself, definitely check out those posts, as I went into a bit more detail of each of the houses etc and feel free to ask me about anything else you would like info on ๐Ÿ™‚
        But to briefly answer to your questions here, structurally, i think the houses would be fine (although the floor boards in SW hallway did feel uneven), its just the finishes, and if I’m paying big bucks, I’d want the place feeling pretty schmick! The houses looked well lived in – I’ve been describing it as like an Airb’n’b or (dare I say) Stayz, house you hire and you can tell hundreds of different people have stayed in the place and marked walls, and scratched the tiles and no one has every really properly fixed all those things up. In particular, the floor tiles in SJ master, look terrible and almost need to be replaced, most of the houses had painting stuff ups and the stairs up to masters, also scuffed and scratched.
        The pools are a waste of money, time and space, as SJ didn’t have a pool or spa, you can really see how big the yards with pools could have been (had they not put pools in). RG yard, have also wasted even more space by not designing the stairs to the pool efficiently (spiral stairs that go around the pool would have been a better use of the space) and the extra walls around the garden are unnecessary (the walls and pool are all set at least a metre in from the boundary fence, not a great use of the space at all). HC could have also done with a better backyard layout too. My tour was with Greville Pabst who is a buyers advocate often seen on the show – we asked about the pools and if they would add value, he said that because the houses often end up being rented, they might actually devalue the house, as they are expensive and timely to maintain.
        I really liked the studios, they were probably my favourite rooms of all the rooms this series.

        • Hi Erin – thanks so much . I will definitely look at your previous post.
          It’s odd that the buyer’s agent said they would likely be rented. That to me implies that it would be a investor who is going to buy them.
          A waste in my humble opinion.

        • You are welcome Bolders, it is great to have people to “talk to” about it, as most people in my “real life” don’t really care!
          Greville said, given that they come furnished, it often means that they are often bought by investors. Plus, your every day buyer looking for a family home is usually scared off by how (perhaps not so) well the houses have been made. Of course being that this series is houses for the first time in a few years that might make a difference.

  4. Effectively RG win because Shaynna loves their armadillo print. The judges think you can run your empire out of the space. The lack of pitched roof gives it a more human feel. They also have no door.

    They like the tiles but there are a few execution errors.

    RG are the only team to fit out the garage.

    10 9.5 10 29.5

  5. Hannah and Clint have not divided the space. The judges feel that they have a nice big open space. They have gone with a mid century vibe. It is very hard to fault but Shaynna isn’t feeling it.
    Judges are impressed by the tile choice but the toliet holder is in the wrong space.
    9 8 10 27

  6. The judges feel that this studio is the ‘icing on the cake aka ‘cherry on top’ for their house. The space is really happy and has a lot of natural light.
    The judges love the tiles and it would be beautiful if finished with grout. JS blame their trades for not finishing. They were there until 4 in the morning. What more do you want???? Oh and the deliver of Freedom at the crack of dawn.

    8.5 8 9.5 26

  7. Noooo way should R&G have won over J&E, IMO. R&G almost filled a room with furniture. J&E space was beautiful with heaps more work.
    Note to overrated wanker judges – Non-designer peeps can imagine rooms other than how they are staged. Pompous pricks

    • The win was orchestrated to create a tie for the most room wins for a season with the decider next week. JE will be gifted the win next week as youth equals virtue.

      To be fair to RG they did add storage to the garage something no other team did.

      The producers have had it easy this season spinning storylines. They know Josh and Elyse throw a tantrum everytime they don’t win. Ronnie & Georgia have tempers and are prone to spit out the ‘they are dead to me’ line which just fuels the social media hate of them.

      Jason is a complete vindictive loser. Wombat has a creepy crush on Elyse and will do anything for her. Hannah and Sarah are the mean girls.

      Gatwick may as well be renamed Melrose Place as the cast will watch this season and know that bad behaviour is in.

    • JE’s space looked so much nicer. Beautifully styled and felt comfortable & luxurious. However, RG installed storage cabinets in the large garage and created a play area in the one car garage although I think that would have been better as a workout and/or hobby/craft area. No one else did that. Perhaps if JE had done the same they would have won.

    • Those finishing details they are having a go at RG for, are an issue in everyones house. And I do wonder what the houses look like after the public open for inspection yesterday!
      They also woulnd’t have had the last minute rush if they had started on their room 3 days earlier than they actually did!
      Also someone must have spoken to the powers that be at Freedom to ensure they got their furniture delivered in time.

    • Jason should just keep his mouth shut. Blaming the tradies for the space not being finished was unfair. How much work did he do/has he done? He should thank his tradies for staying on the job, working long hours and being willing to work for a pair of self-righteous a$$es.

      • I remember them being told that other teams had started tiling when they had yet to finish waterproofing. So, a) prep your bathroom earlier and b) donโ€™t do floor to ceiling tiles when time is tight.

  8. The first hour is dedicated to Josh and its not fair rant. They are so petty (please, please do not give them a post Block media gig). JE are guaranteed front yard win as they have Dave Franklin.

    Elyse continues to sqawk her way through the episode. It will be a rude shock for her when she is no longer sexually attractive.

    Georgia has decided to turn the rest of her time of the Block as a showreel. If they were smarter they should be angling for an Australian Flip or Flop.

    Usual storyline with the other contestants. Wonder how JS’s builder feels been blamed for their tardiness throughout the season. Interestingly, they did not show the other teams doing the underfloor installation.

      • I am finding her childish, over reacting, shoulder thumping the person closest to her, squarking, grunting ways very embarrassing to watch. She’s perfect for still photography only – no microphones .๐Ÿ˜.

    • “I busted mah balls” – how many times does 9 have to air that little gem?
      Is that the new thing now: girls expressing effort by referencing their balls?

      Is Josh really into blokes?

  9. I’m off to Bali tonight so will be missing the finale. I look forward to all news on here.
    Upside – I won’t pull my ears off cause I won’t have to hear G burst into ‘song’ at every chance. Cheers ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I guess you won’t be purchasing the upcoming “Songs from the Block” album with solos by Georgia. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Did she have dreams of becoming a music star? BIG FAIL

  10. Was tonight the night the Block jumped the shark? After a season of oh so subtle product placement, $cotty intones that the contestants will ‘audtion’ for their own post Block media opportunities. Of course, Elyse is deemed a natural.

    In the ongoing non romance between Elyse and Wombat, Elyse waxes Wombat.. Shall Veets be buying space next year?

    Sarah is too tired to think straight and the house is two tonal. You need to do more than one coat people and not in the middle of the night.

    Sticks and Wombat play the ‘nice’ guys again. It is a competition, people.

    More blah, just cut to the auction, pretty please.

    • I just have to ask why. Why did they need to show Elyse waxing Wombat? Had to fast forward through that as well as most of this filler episode, but the waxing was the worst!

  11. This week is the first time in years that I have watched whole episodes, and I have to say that if I had watched a whole season of Ronnie and Georgia, I would be cured of The Block forever. I find them unbearably obnoxious.

  12. So much carry on . . It tests all my patience to get to the front house reveals.
    Switching channels in frustration!

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