1. Aaaah. I’m in Perth and forgot to record it. I suppose I can stream it tomorrow.
    Hopefully, I might be able to watch here, tonight.

    • Whyyyyyeeeeee did that young guy help him find the idol? And I’m not even there and I could see it was the well.

  2. I soooo don’t get helping someone completely clueless to not see the well symbol. Wouldn’t you have searched like mad with him where he thought it was and then immediately gone off and scooped up the real idol? What was helping the douchebag about?

    • That’s what I was thinking. He should have looked with him on the raft & then gone off by himself to the well & found it.

    • I put it down to a natural instinct to just be nice. He was probably kicking himself about ten seconds later when he realised that it would have been more advantageous to be sneaky. I, too, hope young guy (Cole?) can retrieve the situation and use it to get rid of the idol-holder.

  3. I’m not super in love with this Survivor yet. Hopefully once Australian limps to a not exciting climax I might get more into this.

    • So is the young guy who was with him smart enough to turn around and blindside pain in the arse, to get the idol out of the game? Pain in the arse will be gunning for young guy but I can’t see anyone on the tribe going along with him yet.

    • I usually LOVE US Survivor, but I am finding this one meh so far. Perhaps because there are so many alpha males with similar personalities? And do they all get waxed before the show? They all have that gym junkie fake physique, whereas at least Locky, Henry and co looked naturally athletic.

    • I find only six in the tribe to be less interesting – it is quite easy to pick who is going to get everyone offside straight away. I understand why they do it though, because these players are just so much more skilled at the game that they have to give them nowhere to hide.

  4. DH and I were speculating what might happen if the producers let the three-tribe format go all the way until only two people were left in a tribe. I felt in this ep that some of them feel safe because they know the tribes will be switched fairly quickly.
    What if they ran it down to two left, and then inserted the remainders into the other tribes? Would be interesting to see how that worked.

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