Bachie in Paradise cast

The first few names of the cast have been released.

Tara, Keira, Davey, Michael, Apollo and Laurina are headed to paradise for another chance at love. Soon.

Posted by Bachelor In Paradise Australia on Thursday, 9 November 2017

Will Keira and Laurina clash? I’m sure casting hopes so.



  1. Michael sticks in the memory, for being a dickhead.

    The only person I like there is Laurina. Meatloaf never said one out of six ain’t bad.

  2. I don’t remember most of these contestants.
    I have find memories of Laurina. Doesn’t she have s long term boyfriend? Or is that not part of the criteria.

  3. They must be getting a pretty good incentive to be on this as I recall Tara commenting in most of her media rounds that she wasn’t keen to do reality tv again in a hurry.
    And hopefully this now rules out Apollo for the next Bachelor, he seems like a nice guy but I don’t think he has enough of a personality to last a whole season as The Bachelor.

    • They all attempt to “connect” and feel “chemistry”.There’ll be chopper rides and abseiling and some sort of Osher understudy/ Grim Reaper type joining up the dots..

      It’s probably not going to work at all. It’ll be more like Wanker In Hell. Of course, I’ll watch.

    • Thanks BDD. i’m pretty sure Osher is hosting this too. And yep, think i’ll be watching as well.
      Thanks for the link LP. Looks like a couple of marriages and kids from US seasons, so there is hope.

  4. I don’t even know who half these people are.

    In other news, there’s a pop culture convention in Brisbane tomorrow, and one of the guests is Apollo Jackson. I don’t think he’d be signing autographs (I imagine the fandoms for Superman and the Bachelorette are somewhat different demographics) but he might have a magic show on or something. Ooh, maybe he’ll be dressed up as Superman. That’d be worth the price of admission…

  5. Some of these rtv celebs are recycled like a hobo’s undies. I don’t mind the really talented getting other work, but if you are on the rtv circuit, let’s face it, you might not be getting other offers.

  6. In other news, I got to see Apollo Jackson doing his thing today. Old school trick, he was put in a straight-jacket and hung upside down with a harness, and escaped in like a second.

    The whole thing just seemed like an excuse for Apollo to take his shirt off. But nobody minded. Like, nobody.

    • I saw something like that on Vikings last night but the bloke didn’t escape and died, burnt and bloodied, dumped into a pit of snakes after being hung above flames. No immunity idols to be had. I had a nightmare afterwards.

      The “magic” of television. I’d like to see Apollo get out of that one.

  7. Rumour that Jarrod will be on Bachelor in Paradise.

    Filming starts soon. Rumour to be filmed in Bali.

    So far, I cant see any of the named ‘celebs’ hooking up. Only one that may find love is Tara.

    • i just read on DailyFail that Jarrod has flown to Fiji!
      Not really a Jarrod fan but kinda interested to see what he would be like in BIP.

          • Isn’t Sophie compering? Perhaps i misread, but probably Jarrod hoping to win her over. Cant see him with any of the girls mentioned – they’d eat him alive.

          • That was for Love Island i think Sara, similar concept to BIP. However i have seen an interview Sophie did online The Huffington FB page,l ast week, and she said she wasn’t doing it.

  8. This show is playing out in the mags and online. My guess is that there will be nothing left when it all actually goes to air. Literally.

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