1. I’m still watching. The shouting never bothers me. Mute button.

    The show is truly awful. Next level awful.

  2. Me too! I’m quite enjoying it actually. The first episode I struggled a bit with all the shouting but I must have got used to it.

    I’m enjoying the judges not including any of the three hogs and not hovering telling them to ‘push’ or ‘boom boom shake the room’, to ‘hero this or that’ but we must have a few Masterchef fans amongst the contestants as the word hero has slipped through a few times-especially with Rosa. There’s no mind *#ck ‘are you sure about that?’ (although I do like hearing some commentary in a separate room), no manufactured characters such as the ‘villain’ everyone loves to hate or the pukey overly PDA couple, the mandatory gay couple, etc, etc. Frank could probably tone it down a little. I thought the Sharouks would grate but it’s ended up light hearted and a bit like listening to some of the Lebanese characters on Fat Pizza. MOST importantly there is no ‘it’s critical/ life threatening/ dire if I don’t win this competition’. No dream, life’s ambition and all the rest of the cock n bull.

    The last food show Tom was in was quite good as well. Then there’s Hayden..but he seemed a bit more alive with Tom absent, so maybe he was starstruck or royal struck.

    Is it just me or did one of the Sharouks feed a fellow Sharouk some raw mince to taste the flavours on the Sunday night cook off?

    A lot of food being made that I’d like to taste from most of the families so that’s always a plus (with the farmers I thought it must be one of the first times their produce has been ‘respected’ unlike the normal butchering and wastage we see on MC or MKR).

    • I too thought that was raw mince, then again I might have been too distracted dry retching.

      Tom Parker Bowles is alright, agreed. I don’t listen to the other three.

      Lucky First Dates is on tonight or I’d watch again…plenty of encores on the weekend.

      • Good chance it was given they like to cook everything last minute.

        Yes and now TPB has gone awol. He said I cant take the screaming, I’m out.

      • I will watch FD…if I am still awake. I am teaching Indonesian, science and drama.
        Indo is easy. Drama…what can I say…I watch Bold & the Beautiful so I nail that.
        But Science…..well I have never asked myself, “Why is it so?” I only care if it looks good, or is fun.

  3. I’m watching during ad breaks but will tune in for elimination each week. I like TPB, he used to be on Market Kitchen (UK). Watched the last two Instant Hotel eps. Very channel seven casting – purely for conflict.

  4. I was looking for First Dates. I found Come Dine and then I couldn’t find it again. So to bed after an Escape 2 the Country. Shropshire.

  5. Oh my God, I couldn’t believe none of them would cook their lamb except that one team. Everyone else was soooooooooooooo slow getting it in the oven. Then the Sharouk sisters took it apart & started again. I felt her sisters frustration. So funny Matt screaming in the other room for them to get it in the oven.

  6. It was interesting that almost everyone had ‘perfectly cooked’ lamb given they all went in the oven at vastly different times. Matt said the Gibaldi’s was perfectly cooked (which is the only one that looked properly cooked to me-but I dont tend to like my meat still moving) except the mushrooms shot out the sides and yet the Sharouks lamb was also cooked perfectly which went in the oven probably a good hour later (or so it appeared).

    This episode was a challenge for the viewers watching. I liked the cake challenge but this was hard viewing-it was peek through your fingers covering your face watching someone else’s work getting wrecked.

  7. I also cant understand how they all managed to get the lamb cooked when they put in the oven with less than an hour to go. Smell something fishy.

    • Yes LP, I thought it too (about being given extra cooking time). None of the lamb was bleeding which it would’ve been if they’d whacked it out of the oven in that short time with no rest. Guess it wouldn’t look good if there was no food to taste at the end.

  8. It was excruciating watching people from non-English speaking families obviously struggle to interpret the recipe. In some ways I think the Italian team has a slight advantage in these challenges as the daughter gets to direct traffic in the kitchen as she reads aloud the recipe book. I’d happily eat their potato galette, though

  9. The Italian dad is a bit over the top. Maybe editing though. I’m warning to the butler sisters. They are funny and likeable despite their high buns and lurid lipstick.

  10. Can’t believe I just saw the dad from the orange team “the Shepard’s” for the first time.
    My initial impression of this team was that the mum looked like a jail warden and the daughter had ridiculous instagram eyebrows.
    Judgement aside however, the mother seems gentle, fair and knows her stuff. Also she is genuine when congratulating other teams. As for miss eyebrows I see now she is just young and heavily impressionable re eyebrows, but more importantly is sufficient in the kitchen. I initially wrote of the Aussie teams but they are doing well.

  11. Ps jus
    I think Italian dad speaks duet well English. He speaks all the time havnt heard hubby speak once. I worked in an Italian restaurants for 10 years, they play the “no English card” a lot, when necessary. Why not.
    My children are half Greek so please don’t think I’m being racist towards wogs. I have plenty of experience.

  12. Ps jus
    I think Italian dad speaks quiet well English, but not when it’s convrnirnt.He speaks all the time havnt heard hubby speak once. I worked in an Italian restaurants for 10 years, they play the “no English card” a lot, when necessary. Why not.
    My children are half Greek so please don’t think I’m being racist towards wogs. I have plenty of experience.

  13. Oh my God, how could they ruin that beautiful egg dish by putting yoghurt & raw chilli & garlic on it? I love garlic but not raw. Ewwww

  14. I saw this for the first time yesterday afternoon during replay. I quite enjoyed it except for the noise! Love the judges, pity they couldn’t move to Masterchef! Watched some of it last night and I agree Carole, couldn’t believe what they did with beautiful poached eggs!

  15. I’m really not a foodie, so very quickly got over over most of the reality tv food based shows, but am enjoy this for a bit of a light hearted show, when there isn’t much else on. I am liking the the emphasis on home cooking – Matt didn’t like the technique one of the sisters was trying with the rhubarb last night and kept commenting that they wouldn’t do that at home.
    The sisters do make me laugh. They seem to do the media rounds alot, so suspect we will be seeing them in the show right to the end.
    Yoghurt, raw garlic and chilli on the eggs?! No think you!
    Think it might be the kids party tonight – whoever is serving up brussels sprouts to kids is brave!

  16. Matt Moron: “It’s got all lollies in it!”

    I’m having trouble telling the chef from the children.

    The shrieking Sharouks are wearing me down.

  17. Ok so I expect the next fad on MasterChef next year will be naked cakes. Sounds like what happens when you haven’t made enough icing.

    • I’d never heard of a naked cake. I was watching on and off last night and was wondering why the cakes were not properly finished. I don’t care how moist or luscious a cake is, if it doesn’t have icing, it ain’t a good cake.

      I can’t get into this show. I think it’s because I’ve had enough of watching people chew.

      • Naked cake is the new trend at the moment.

        I actually like it. When you have 3 layers of cake filled with fillings, you dont want the outside covered with a thick layer of cream.

        The other new trend is the smash cake

    • I expect this show features naked ratings, too.

      I’m watching and feel as flat as a pancake after it finishes.

  18. Hayden Quinn is being hailed a “superchef” on today’s promo. Far as I know , he’s a Ma$terchef creation and not a real chef. Big difference.

    A “food adventurer” , I think it was the other week.


  19. He he he. Watching with the subtitle,I got the producer asking the Sharouk ‘are you happy with it?’
    Why is the producer on the kitchen?

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