General chat – Nov 25

What’s everyone up to this weekend? I took Mr 5 and Nanna to the beach (Adelaide has beautiful clean beaches that are great for kids – tiny waves!).
And now we’ve ordered pizza and I’m catching up on the Kylie Kwong episode of Family Food Fight.



    • Thanks. You obviously have a special artistic gift.
      And thanks Juz, for the new thread. I haven’t watched much TV lately so I don’t have a lot to add to the threads, but I am enjoying following the response of viewers to Outlander S3. You would think that following threads of a show you are not yet watching would spoil things, but I really enjoy the extra anticipation – the delayed gratification. That said, hurry up with the box set, people, please!

  1. I’ve been hearing stuff about Don Burke for years.

    No surprise at all that he’s finally being investigated.

    Oo~roo , garden guru.

  2. I have always heard that he was an unpleasant man but not a sexual harasser. It made it difficult to watch his show.
    I have only heard the general stuff, no details, but it sounded like heavy duty bullying to me. So no comparison to Harvey Weinstein.

  3. In the light of material about Burke coming out, I’m amazed that a husband, boyfriend, father, brother, work colleague hasn’t beaten the shit out of Don Burke…..and used him for compost.

  4. If I had sixpence for every bloke, and even a girl, that grabbed my boob in the 70s….well I would have at least Β£2 sixpence.
    I just hope that the rush to join the offended females doesn’t provide cover for the rapists and pedophiles. I saw a woman who said a man once ” lunged at her to kiss her”. Every bloke on B&B lunges. Anyhoo, I think we will hear of a lot more blokes with dirty hands, and not just gardeners.

  5. I want to bring a charge of sexual harrassment against the boys at uni for singing a very inappropriate song. Now how did it go again…..? They were indeed evil times. You could even buy your sexual harrassment; priests on the toilet, bawdy lps (who’s parents didn’t have “and the hairs on her….), and barbeque aprons with female breasts (quick, burn that hilarious apron). A bastard is a bastard if he is a bully and uses his power. But you can’t bring in a law then prosecute in hindsight.
    Oh, and guys used to wolf whistle at me and I liked it.

    But guys who abused their position are pigs. Depending on which position πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Is Benny Hill dead? Bet they wouldn’t air that now. Yikes. Even the Goodies might be crossing the line.

  6. I know I was bullied by a surgeon or two in the operating theatre when I was a student nurse in the 80’s. Come to think of it , was bullied by a few charge nurses as well. No HR in those days. We just had to harden up. Have never been sexually harassed but did get the wolf whistles from tradies in my twenties and thirties,

    Abusers in the public eye, better watch out. Hope Don Burke has a good lawyer.

  7. If it helps, my auntie met Don Burke once and said he was really horrible. But she did like going down to the wharf and meeting sailors. πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—
    She wasn’t shy and wouldn’t have been put uff by a grab from a grub, as long as you had a good delivery. She was a cheeky devil to the day she died.

  8. I just read an article on Burke. Seems like he was the Benny Hill of Gardening Shows. Girls couldn’t bend over to water their petunias with him around. He will forever now be Dirty Don.

  9. Meghan and Harry? Any wagers how long it will last?

    Don’t think she really knows what she is letting herself in for.

    Her siblings really need to learn to the value of discretion.

  10. Anyone watching Instant Hotel? There are some very delusional people on that show. Wonder how many were MKR rejects…looking at you Mickey and Shay.

      • They didn’t drag the end out. Quick to the point and on to the next show.
        Probably won’t be back next year. πŸ™

        Yep, some parents should not have free range to name their children.

  11. If I was ever going to have a toy boy…which I won’t…but if I would be that young rapscallion, Harry. He is so adorable. Although the royal family might find my family a tad lowly, and crazy. Does that make me sound like Don Burke? Maybe more like Rolf Harris.

    • There are a lot of ppl on fakebook and twtr wanting it to fail. I don’t see why. It would be lovely if they were solid.

    • I don’t want it to fail or succeed, I just couldn’t care less. It’s a freak show.

      Just the opinion of a “commoner” who’s sick of the media shoving it down my throat.

      • LOL, it brings some glamour and colour to my drab life. 😜 It’s all I have now that Don Burke has fallen from glory. 😜 All I need to hear now is that Prince Charles was very inappropriate with Camilla while he was still married to Diana, and that Harry might night really be his son, to just, well lose all faith in celebrities altogether. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        Thank goodness for ordinary people on Dr Phil and Judge Judy.

      • Thank you for the kind words, Brusselsprout.

        When I think of all the times I’ve played the Burke’s Backyard theme , not to mention Michael Jackson and Rolf Harris songs in primary schools , it makes me tremendously proud.

  12. “Authorities conducted a thorough search of Burke’s backyard~ all they found was a lot of dirt and a soiled reputation””

  13. Now Geoffrey Rush is in the frame. They have ruined Dustin Hoffman for me when it came out, he grabbed more boobs than Mrs Doubtfire’s. There will be no men left in Hollywood or TV. It will be like Shakespear in reverse. Women playing men’s roles. Bwaah aaah aaah aaah. But I hope the real criminals don’t fly under the radar, in the rush to out every bottom slapper. It’s a feeding frenzy out there now. I bet there are a few men wondering whose bum they grabbed 20 years ago.
    I bet they are burning their old records of rude ditties. We had those at home. No wonder we were disfunctional.

      • I never heard of him until today. I think we are all wondering who’s next. Even Bill Clinton wouldn’t surprise me. πŸ€’ Hey, are you allowed to use a position of power to make a young intern pick a button up off the floor?

      • This morning Maggie and Harry were watching that animal show Harry something. They will be devo if the finger of sexual accusation points at Doctor Harry. If that happens they might have to change to Bondi Vet.

    • Who tipped off the journalist??

      It said it had been asked by a News Ltd journalist earlier this month whether it had received a complaint alleging inappropriate behaviour by Mr Rush while he was employed by the company.

      “STC responded truthfully that it had received such a complaint,” it said. “At the time the complaint was made, the complainant requested that the matter be dealt with confidentially, and did not want Mr Rush notified or involved in any investigation. STC complied, acting in the interest of the complainant’s health and welfare.”

    • I think you are right, Daisy, that real crimes will be ignored while every woman rushes to whinge about minor incidents. I would also like to see the nasty little power games that women play against men outed – as if it is only men who can be unscrupulous and use sex as a weapon of power.

      • I was watching the George Lazenby story last night, and where he came across a sleazier than most, if you were around in the early 70s, and part of a hippy scene, surfer scene, drug scene, you might recall it was a time of “sexual freedom”. I think there is a differentiation that should be made between rape, underage, drink spiking/ and he made a pass at me and I didn’t like it, I had sex with him because he offered me a part in a movie. The line has been blurred allowing the real bastards to mill in with the crowd. I knew a couple of sleazy devils in the 70s, but no girls went near them. And lots of guys hit on girls and we did like it. It wzs fun in those days, not sexually inappropriate behaviour. But it is true that the “sexual revolution” did carry a very different attitude to sex. Yeah Baby.

  14. And now they’re talking about how Harvey Weinstein corrupted the system by buying Oscars.
    We all knew Shakespeare in Love was a crap movie. And it absolutely confirmes that our Cate was robbed.

  15. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Woolif had an embarrassing moment today. He takes the special needs kids swimming at his school, and today while in the pool, his wife’s (me) undies were floating about him in the pool. They had attached themselvesto the velcro of his boardies, and then come adrift in the water. Luckily he’s the one who gets embarrassed, not me. I just think it’s a good way for his colleagues to get to know me.

      • Tomorrow I might slip my bras into his lunch box. I have to thank my mum for all the times she embarrassed us growing up. I am now immune. But Woolif isn’t. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        I wonder if I could be had for sexual harrassment. Or just harrassment.

      • My home economics teacher would be ashamed of my laundry skills. I failed to separate the delicates. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        I am just picturing Woolif being in the pool and seeing my undies float past. He is easily embarrassed and doesn’t find things like that hilarious, so he probably left the disabled kid to save the undies.
        Killing myself laughing.

    • Poor Woolif!! But great story Daisy πŸ˜‚
      Are the undies still in the pool? They aren’t in the photo.
      Maybe the pool boy will have fun skimming them out. Another keepsake. At least they are semi cleaned by the chlorine this way, unlike the ones flung at rock stars fresh off the flesh.

      • It’s their school pool. Not a big public pool. Pretty sure Woolif would have quickly tried to hide them Calorie by scooping them up and putting them in his pocket. Not sure how he explained to the other staff members why he had my undies tucked in his pants.

      • I was in a race at a school swimming carnival and shit and bugger it if my budgie smugglers didn’t start sliding right down in the business end of the race.

        I was literally trying to save my own arse.

        Had to hoist them up half a dozen times while driving to the wall. Only two or three hundred people watching.

        • I went swimming one day, year 6 I think, and forgot to bring undies (I had worn my bathers under my uniform), I didn’t know what to do. My bathers were wet and already wrapped in my towel. I wasn’t a flasher in those days. 😜 I went back to school and home knickerless. I was very nervous climbing the steps to get on the bus. However, happy to say, no one ever knew. Except my family when I got home.

          The moral. Always remember to pack your undies. πŸ˜„
          And Dave. I was always 3rd last, with or without a wedgie.

  16. I once won a round of Would I Lie with my family when I claimed to have done a ballet performance, no music and in my petticoat in year 5 in front of my whole class and thought nothing of it.
    I will leave you to guess. 😁

  17. These are from Woolif”s vines but we aren’t sure what they are. Any help? We has been thinking boysenberries.

    • They look like blackberries to me. I won’t swear to it. As you may appreciate, I came from a generation that was raised by neglect.
      We used to go picking them when I was a child. Not many made it to the pot.

      • Thanks, Bobi but I later found out boysenberries. They are going on the table for family dinner sweets tonight in a make your own meringues.

        I sleep ate 3 meingue shells last night. This morning I noticed I left a trail like Hansel and Gretel.

      • A boysenberry is an aggregate fruit. It is a cross between a raspberry, a blackberry, a dewberry and a loganberry (wiki).
        Who knew? Now I do.
        My parents weren’t trying to poison us after all.

  18. We are having lovely cool weather after a hot spell so Mr 5 and I baked banana bread with chocolate. Or perhaps I should say chocolate bead with banana!

  19. There has been yet another accusation of sexually inappopriate behaviour and it occured in the late 50s. It comes from Lamb Chop.

  20. Oh dear. I amtrying to make a scientist, but he could be a Russian foreign agent.
    Inside the top of his head, which looks like a hat, I have made a brain…or walnut.

    • Definitely Russian. Or Polish. Fiddler on the Roof?
      Does he have to be a scientist? The lab coat is not long enough to be a scientist.
      But cute.

  21. Dr Phil is a real bastard. The way he says, “Siddown” in a bullying voice. If I needed mental treatment, and some of you might say I do, I wouldn’t go to a psych who bashed me. Yes, that woman was out of order today, but I suspect the witness for the prosecution had trouble minding her own buisness. She looked pretty satisfied like a cat who had trapped a mouse.

    • Littlepetal, and anyone else, did you see the guy, Oober, on Sunrise thise morning who set up a fake restaurant called “The shed”, and sucked ppl in to buying rubbish food by getting his friends to write fave trip advisor comments?
      We went to an African restaurant in Aix, in Paris, and it was so bad in every aspect that it was ridiculous. And yet, when we later check TA, he (I say he because it was basically one guy and his microwave, in a stinky, musty room) had an average of 4 stars. Some reviews gave him 5. I don’t have time to tell you how ridiculous it was, but after he had heated our dinner, he sat next to us and silently read a newspaper while we ate. That was weird.
      Also we laugh when we travel at how many ppl have TA awards in their window, in France, but even more so in Vietnam. Even a tiny, scrappy hardware store had a TA award of excellence. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • NT News is behind a pay wall with that link. I could get in to NT News via Google, but couldn’t find that story.

      However, if contestants were chosen for how hateful and offensive they could be, I don’t think I’ll be watching much. That abhorrent deckie from last season confirmed that a show is not that entertaining if its effect is to leave me angry and annoyed.

    • My friend from Canada was just commenting how much harder it is to do all the end-of-school year stuff at the same time as Christmas. Of course, the northern hemisphere do end-of-school mid-year.

      Personally, I like it despite the extra work. I love knowing that from Boxing Day everyone is on hols for weeks and the cricket is on!

      • I like that the end of school year and Christmas cam close this year, as it did when we were kids. I hate when Chrissie is about 2 or 3 weeks into hols and the kids can’t have the whole hols to enjoy their new bikes, pools, bathers etc.

  22. Woolif is out of any helping for a while after he sliced off the tip of his finger making Caesar salad last night.
    Bobi, yep.

    Wind up with pottery ladies and one man today.
    Working on Igor.

  23. Did anyone watch this season of Chance (Hugh Laurie) ?
    Bits looked good, other bits meh, pity i missed a few episodes so I can’t really judge if its worth following

    • I didn’t because the reviews put me off. The moment the reviewer says “the new Breaking Bad”, I’m out. If I wanted to want Breaking Bad, I would watch the actual Breaking Bad. Why would I want to watch a pale imitation. I have better things to do with my time.
      Pssst *whispers very quietly* – school holidays make me grumpy.

  24. “Every time I drink I break out in handcuffs”

    So saith “Brandi” on today’s appalling Dr.Phil.

    Dr is on his high horse.

    • lol
      Why do the Americans have such appalling names. Brandi, Candy, Kim, Kloe ….. (heh, heh, heh).
      We are on a sugar high in this house.
      All shows with adult themes are out for the foreseeable future. I am really not complaining because some a quite good; just not on high repetition. Anyone into Odd Squad? And you’ve gotta love those Bananas.

        • Haha, for the sugar high. My Christmas sugar is hidden in the back of the fridge so I’m not tempted before Monday.

          Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and
          Happy Your Holiday to those of you who celebrate something else. And happy very-long-weekend to everyone.

      • With this woman, they could have named her Brandi, Whisky or Johnny Walker. She was only 42 but on her way to winning a Jocelyn Wilderbeast competition.

  25. I nearly got run over yesterday by an idiot going way too fast. Not in a sled but a very fast ,expensive car.

    My last words ever may have been “Jesus Christ!” as I desperately jumped for the kerb. I’ve already experienced a miracle. Jesus is the reason for the season. I saved a possum from being run over earlier in the week. No karma for that.

    Peace and safety over the break to you all.

    MKR Jan 29 I think.

    • You’ll probably go to the head of the heavenly queue calling out Jesus. It’s probably like saying “Open Seasme at the pearly gates. Who knows what could have happened if you hadn’t save Poss. Glad ‘Mr Have Jaguar and Aint afraid to use it’ missed and you live to amuse us another year. Just keep saving possums.

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