1. That reward didn’t look very hygienic. All eating off the same plate. How funny one after the other finding the clue on the bottom of the plate. Then Ryan hid the plate.
    This time Lauren got an advantage.

  2. I liked Desi, but as she was hitched to horrible Joe, I wasn’t sorry to see her go. A better result would be Joe gone, but his closest ally is the next best thing.

    I was wondering if Lauren was going to shoot herself in the foot by not voting, and saving her best ally, but as it happened, Ben was safe.

  3. I’ll be really glad to see both Cole and Joe go. Cole seems the type who seems to thinks he can get by on “looks and charm” (though his personality is so abhorrent that I can’t see either in him) and he is just way too entitled for my liking. I laughed at the suggestion anyone would think Cole would play his idol (that he doesn’t have) for anyone other than himself – he’s way too selfish
    I didn’t mind Desi but as daisy said she hitch her wagon to Joe.
    I’d like to see Ben or Lauren win. Ben because of his service and Lauren because she seems tough and smart but not too smart. It was a good plan for her to share the knowledge of her advantage with Ben, seals their alliance without actually giving away too much.

    • I am totally on board with you JB.
      I cannot BEAR Cole. I find him completely charm-free – in fact the opposite of charming! He is just awful. I find his arrogance and entitlement breathtaking. His table manners appalling. His selfishness overwhelming. I dislike him way than Joe who just isn’t even pretending to be a reasonable person, so I’m quite okay with him.
      I don’t mind Lauren either – I think Ben will get knocked out so I guess I will have to stick with her! I quite liked Desi too, but I totally agree about hitching her star to Joe damning her.

  4. Now I can’t endorse this as a teaching method, but I think Cole needs a smack on the back of the head.

    And probably the rest of the diners for not being suspicious that a bowl of spag was served on a napkin. No one thought that was weird? And Cole puts it back on the plate, instead of hiding the plate as Ryan did, and anybody else would have done.

  5. Finally caught up with this season, gotta say, I’m finding it hard to get into, but I think we’ve been spoiled by the past few seasons.
    I do think its funny they all think Cole has the idol when Ryan already had it!! (And kinda think Ryan deserves it since he bothered to actually hide the plate!)
    And when when when, will these people learn not to tell people about their idols or advantages?! I kinda get wanting to tell one person, but then you can’t control who they then tell!
    Agree, would like to see Joe and Cole gone ASAP!

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