1. Great to see the women do so well in the ball and hoop challenge – a variation on the challenge we’ve seen on the past two seasons of Australian Survivor.

  2. We had that challenge on our Survivor. They copy catted us.
    How hilarious they got to eat Outback Steakhouse. But no pavlova. How un-Australian. But oh boy those steaks looked yummy. For a minute there the way Jeff was talking I thought there wasn’t going to be a merge feast.

  3. We didn’t see what beer they were drinking. I hope it was a Tooheys or Victoria Bitter or other Aussue brands & not budweiser

  4. After teaching all week, minding kids on weeke ds and a funeral, I will have to watch later. I can’t wait…but I have to.

  5. Is Outback Steakhouse Australian? I presumed so from the show, but I have never heard of it – is it a pretend Aussie restaurant only in the US? And what is a Lava cake thingy? I thought they meant the pudding with the chocolate oozing, but this one had something on top.

    Very funny to hear Jeff say that the challenge was brand new to Survivor. I saw it and thought “oh, not again…”

    I wish that Ben had a better poker face at TC. I think that idols and rumours of idols possibly didn’t deliver the result that was intended last night.

    • You picked it Fijane, Outback Steakhouse is a totally US owned business that is mainly in the US however there have been a few ‘restaurants’ in Australia thought not all have been financially viable concerns and I know at least one Aussie one closed some time ago.

  6. I enjoyed that episode. I’m not sorry to see Jessica go because it might weaken the chances of my two least favourite” Cole and Tony.
    Tony wasn’t thrileed he had wasred his idol. 😂

  7. So I finally got around to watching last week’s episode and maybe I’m being biased but the US contestants seem to be provided with a lot more food than on the Aust version (or at the very least more variety) but seem to be a lot more wussy about going without and are generally more food focussed (though that could just be because they’re showing Cole being a selfish, greedy pig).
    In fact, the US contestants generally seem to me,to be more wussy than the Australian ones.
    Having said that I do like the faster pace of the US show. The mix up of tribes then the merge following so quickly keeps the contestants on edge and doesn’t give them the chance to form real multi- person power bases.
    What a great strategy to take out Jess and at the same time get Joe to use his idol because like daisy my least favs are Joe and Cole. Cole is so dumb it drives me crazy. Jess seemed sweet but I’m glad I won’t have to hear about her virginity anymore. I would like to think someone’s virginity or lack thereof (or general sex life or lack thereof) wouldn’t be a topic of discussion on the Aussie version simply because it’s not interesting and no one else’s concern. In HHH we’ve heard Jess mention it at least once an episode but it seemed like it was her major topic of conversation.

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