The Bold and the Beautiful – Nov thread

Thank you to TBATB correspondent Daisy for her latest installment:

October was a big month for Bold and the Beautiful. The world was turned up side down at Spencer Publications than back again, then on its ear as righteously indignant, spoilt boy Liam launches a company coup from his father because his dad is unworthy to run the company. To be fair Bill did railroad Thomas and Sally Spectra’s love affair with lies that Caroline is dying, and he did hasten his purchase of the Spectra building by sending a capable electrician from Happy Days in to start an electrical fire. But other than that, Bill has kept his nose pretty clean. Will Bill survive Liam’s company take-over? I am thinking the worm may turn yet again and Liam will end up running to Forresters to become a top fashion designer… a week. In the meantime Stephanie has given Liam a few withering, long-suffering looks that said, “Just leave it alone, Liam”.
It’s been quiet at the Avant camp but now Nicole, Maya and little what’s her name have returned with the baby cooing, “Mama” at Nicole. Maya needs to come up with a plan to stop this immediately, and drive a wedge between mother and daughter, so instead of simply staying and looking after her own kid, she tells Rick to exile Nicole and Zende to Paris. Not to shabby an exile.
Shedevil Sheila is still chasing after Eric and believes that all she has to do is remove Quinn from the frame. Literally. Will she succeed in throwing Quidge back together or will Cherrlee manage to actually behave like a security guard and boot her from the premises. So far it seems, Cherrrlee’s view is; “In for a penny, in for a pound”. Perhaps Sheila has taken a couple of Cherrlee’s curly grey’s and put them in a voodoo doll.
Brooke has been quiet lately. She’s either off selling kaftans, or been home watching Robert de Niro and Al Pacino movies, so she can adjust to her new role, married to the mob. Brooke now has an excuse to dump Bill, unless she sees herself making intimate visits to the jail.
But not sure that Brooke and Ridge are ready to reunite. There may yet be more unrequited sizzle to squeeze from Quidge.
Coconut and Arjay have pulled their heads in since nearly getting arrested, and speaking of arrests, did the producers have to pay the Gumshoe Gourmand for the recent episode since that was only a dream?
Bets on Thomas staying with Caroline; and by “staying”, I mean lasting two weeks. Can hard-nut Sally win back her rich sweetheart?
It seems like November is going to be full of adventures, scheming, twists and turns as the fashionably pampered of LA work through the challenges of getting through one day without a fire, a murder, a fashion line heist or a stolen baby.
Cheers soapers. Over to you.



  1. Again, you are wonderful Daisy xx Did you notice that Sarsha is resident in Paris!! Looks as if Maya is back to her evil ways.

    • Thanks, Sara. No I was wondering what happened to Sarsha. I miss her. At first she was a biatch, but then Nicole was so pathetic that I was rooting for Sarsha. (Iknow her name is Sasha, but I have to add the ‘r’).
      It’s funny how fickle I am about who I am barracking for. It can turn on a $2 coin…because I don’t have a dime.
      Liam has become so evil I think Alfred Hitchcock must have taken over the writing. 😁😁😁😁😁😁 Come on Liam. Hurry up and make cozy with Sally. πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

      • Nicole will go crazy in Paris, forcing Zende into the open legs , I mean arms of Sasha. Tango In Paris is on the cards. Old interfering ,Mr Avant can’t be far way , either.

        Maya’s annoying me a great deal. Why no shots fired at her?

        I expect Liam to wimp out pretty soon. Thanks for the analysis,daisy. I found some psychobabble about age/ Eric’s forgiveness, I’ll explain soon.

        • Ha ha ha. Selfish Maya, who jumped up and down about Sarsha and Zende, now doesn’t give a toss, fig, damn or (what else doesn’t she give?) that she is pushing Zende and Sarsha together, if it meets her agenda.
          And naughty boy Liam threatening his dad? I look forward to seeing the backlash. Liam might end up in an office in the basement, like Thorn. But I think at first writers might let him have Bill’s desk for awhile, although he won’t be able to fill Bill’s shoes….or trousers. 😁

  2. How come Carter and Bill’s evil lawyer never sleep with anyone????? Bill’s lawyer could sleep with Katy, or at least the horrible secretary. Poor Carter has had to pleasure himself since his ill-fated affair with Maya. That’s a looooooooooong……..time.

  3. Liam grew a pair as Bill likes to say and has his father over a barrel. Dollar Bill has been shoved aside.
    Good story line but I wish they would get rid of Sheila, she has just become annoying.
    Can Rick and Maya move to Paris as well , they won’t be missed at Forrestors , oh and take Coconut and RJ with them.

    • Why hasn’t Cherrrlee confided in Pam, and why hasn’t Pam sniffed out his little collusion with the devil? She surely would walk into his office from time to time to bring a cup of tea and some lemon bars….and talk about everyone’s rmantic relationships.
      Cherrrlee is supposed to be keeping the building secure, not watching two canaries trapped in mine. Q: who will fart in the confined space first. My bets on Ridge.
      And Cherrleee.

  4. I hope this Paris thing blows up in Maya’s face.

    Bill’s hit the bottle and is offering Brooke a long holiday. Ridge needed some throat lozenges badly today.

    • I knooooow. What is Ridge smoking? Mind you, the last few mornings I got up and sounded like Ridge.

      Yes. May Paris be Maya’s Waterloo.

  5. Bill has given Liam an unexpected knuckle sandwich. He’s on the canvas, bruised and bloody. There ain’t no second prize.

    Great idea considering Liam’s recent bout of amnesia. Bill’s like a cornered LA rat, teeth clenched.

    This was no Prodigal Son routine.

    • And Liam is vegetarian.
      B&B said, if we had to pay trainers to teach Quinn and Sheila to fight, they want to get their money’s worth.

  6. It was a real punch. Now Liam is giving Spectra the building site. He got brain damage.

    Sally and Liam will get it on soon.

    Brooke and Ridge could be back on soon.

  7. Bill might not be boss anymore but he could kick his leeching son out of the waterside home he gave the little scoundrel.
    But I can see that Bill has a more cunning plan and it involves Stephie. Bwaah aah aaah aaarson.
    It’s about time Brooke moved on, but wow, she is the wife every man wants. “You have been very bad but don’t need to tell me about it. Giggle”.

  8. Well, Brooke isn’t so wonderful. Off she goes to tell her ex, and husband’s enemy, all his private business. I am sure Bill would be thrilled. And Liam not only signed on the Spectra building. He signed his divorce papers with, “No one needs to know”. Bill planted the seed in Stephie’s head, Sally and Liam hugged, Thomas let Sally down, and now Sally and Liam share a secret from Stephie. This shouldn’t take long. I wonder if Liam deducted the millions Sally stole from Forresters from the deal.
    Oh and ha ha. The fireman saying, “No structural damage, but be careful”. Firstly, wouldn’t that be up to a structural engineer, not a fireman still loitering around. And it would either be safe, or not. Not it’s safe but be careful.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. And all the while this is going on…..Shedevil and Cherrrlee are probably still in the spy room, and Pam hasn’t even gone to look for her boyfriend.

  10. Woolif is barracking for Liam and Sally. I m barracking for Bill. No telling where the fickle finger of daytime soap popularity will land but we are still friends. 😊

  11. I’m on the Woolif train, too.

    Slept through today’s ep. I’m a loser. I’ll become a designer at FC.

  12. Woolif will be very happy that he has your agreement. I am looking forward to the fall of Liam. And Sally still annoys me because she’s a thief. Sorry…was a thief.
    I know, I know, Bill is Satan.

    • I know you’re barracking for Bill. Today he has to eat an awful lot of humble pie…even admitting he is a bastard. Brooke’s dressed like the whore of Babylon and Bill’s not noticing, his libido has been crunched by his failed plan.

      • It’s more “not barracking’ for Liam, the entitled ingrate, or Sally the grand lacenist who all the cast sympathise with. If it has to be Bill who does the dirty work, so be it.

  13. Brooke thinks what Bill did about the fire was “vile”. She’s mad that he’s keeping secrets from her. Rocky road ahead….and not the chocolate variety.

    Wyatt and Katie are at it like rabbits…..but I think hell get bored soon.

    • Looks like Brooke will stand by her man/arsonist but she’s still half in/half out the doorway. He’s a “criminal”

      Ridge will be circling like a hoarse throated vulture soon. Destiny and all that LA jazz.

  14. I saw a magazine cover saying that Brooke is currently halfway been Bill and Ridge. I thought, okay, last I checked she was with Bill and wasn’t Ridge getting it on with his crazy hot young mother-in-law?

    • It is probably his step mother(Quinn) but since Ridge is adopted, it’s just all too confusing. Technically, they didn’t really get it on ( they wanted to, shower and sauna frisson galore) but everyone in LA believed that they did. Ridge could have used the Bill Clinton excuse.

  15. After Bill had Ridge tossed from a helicopter, one might have assumed that Bill was a criminal. Brooke is probably wondering if this can be her excuse to run to Ridge. But Ridge is still playing tootsie with “I miss what we had-Quinn”.

    Buuugggh. Still watching. Please can Wipes and Katy hurry up and break up.

  16. Woo hoo. Have a house full of kids so I will have to watch later when they are in bed. Miss 10 could probably handle Coconut and Arjay but not saxophonists Katie and Wipes, and certainly not Quidge.

    • It’s all clean, except for Brooke running away from Bill in her hooker ware…..into the arms of guess who. There’s some more serious violence between Quinn and Shedevil, who just manages to stash her portrait/shrine in time. The word “bitch” features. Lots of objects thrown before the cleaner comes in, mistaking it for an LA tryst.. Flashbacks of her marriage to Eric.

      Charlie rolled over like a puppy for Quinn.

      Great episode. You’ll love it.

  17. Oh come on Brooke. You didn’t know Bill was evil when you married him? She so indignant but she knows that he had Ridge thrown from a helicopter. She knows he did that awful scam on Katy when he pretended to go back to her and he cheated her out of everything. And she knows he cheated on his wife…even to the point of building a secret love nest. She knows (because she helped him) that he let Katy think she was losing it.
    But I love the way they have taken it up a notch with the passionate brawling. Liam gets punched in the face, Quinn and Shedevil go at it again. And now Brooke puts on an 80s style Vic Secret and lets rip on Bill. I miss; when she ran straight into Ridge’s arms…yes Sara…Bridge….was she still wearing her Vic Secret, because she left without getting changed.

  18. We need a name for Steffi and Bill and one for Liam and Sally.
    Can’t take Brooke seriously with that awful hair and methinks Ridge has been to the tanning salon

  19. Doesn’t take Dollar Bill long to start getting even. It must be like kissing a wax figure at Mme Tussaud’s.

    RJ the relationship counsellor.

  20. Brooke to Ridge, “Who said I am leaving Bill?”
    Translation, “I have only stopped for a cuddle”.
    Arjay, “Dad, you know what this means? You and Mom can get back together. And by the way, is Santa real?”

  21. Now that’s the walk in I have been waiting for. It had to happen with Sally making regular visits to thank, and hug Liam, for his generosity. Splain that Liam.
    And Wipes and Katy are keeping that sax player in work.

      • Katy and Wipes didn’t need to get down and dirty. Now they just need the cheesy sax playing to give us the message.

        Bill pleaded with Brooke to come back, but she has her standards.

        • Hoping to see it all in the morning repeat.

          Dull jazz for Eric’s soporific serenades and cheesy Kenny G sax for Katy/Wyatt. L. A. for you.

          I’m glad for captions always.

  22. RJ~ ” I promise I’m not trying to match make”

    These writers are not beating about the bush.

    How tight are Sally’s pants today?

    • A gorilla can see that RJ definitely is trying to match make(again)

      Speaking of gorillas, the face off between the two L.A silverbacks of sleaze Ridge and Bill was fun.

      Has Eric died? Where is he? I need some of his piano “music” to help me sleep.

  23. Ridge was having fun winding up dollar Bill.
    That hair on Brooke looks ridiculous.
    RJ the teenage relationship counsellor. Is there anything this prodigy can’t do. Run companies, mentor new staff, organise meetings – he will be designing the next Forrestor collection at this rate.
    If Steffi gets anymore plastic surgery, her lips will explode!
    Wipes and Julian being detectives on the computer! First time I actually saw them do any work!

    • Wipes has forgotten all about Katie now he knows 50 million of Bill’s money has been “donated” by Liam to $pectra. He’s lol~ ing. That’s lamenting out loud.

      “G” stands for “gift horse”, Wyatt.

      Someone pour Bill a double scotch.

  24. It’s a crazy mess at Forresters. Brooke told Arjay that she has learnt how to hang onto her money. Given she came to the party as a waitress, I think she means hang on to her ex’s money.
    Stephie is seeing red, and that’s just the colour of Sally’s hair in Liam’s arms.
    Eric has gone missing. Wipes and Katy are no longer having sex, just listening Kenny Gee. Thanks for the education on cheesy sax.
    I’m loving the craziness.
    Yes, Dave. Bill and Ridge are doing the mating call of the Silverback. Ha ha. You thought I was going to say Ridgeback.

  25. Missed today so will try and catch up tmw. Getting bored with all the shenanigans- especially rj’s heart to heart with brooke or ridge. Big pic in the supermarket yesterday – screaming out Brooke and Ridge. Personally I like Ridge but in the real world wouldn’t trust him one inch.

    • RJ gave another nauseating pitch today.

      Right at the end,(as usual)Bill was starting to get violent, squeezing Brooke’s hand and threatening her not to take her wedding ring off.

      Showdowns between Steffy/ Sally and Wyatt /Liam. Wyatt and Liam are terrible actors. But we know that.

      Let’s get back to Quinn/Eric/ Shedevil stuff. Grams and Charlie.

  26. I was thinking Arjay should go on Dr Phil. He seems to be suffering from abandonment issues.
    Yes, Bill gave Brooke a firm clench. I am also waiting for Quidge to get back into a clench.
    Wyatt is on the scent of the Sally/Liam affair. I think it was the $50 million gift that made him suspicious.

    Speaking of millions; I watch the bidding for the da Vinci today. Bloody hell there were several people bidding in the hundreds of millions, not just one. Then it goes for A$527 million. Now I do like da Vinci but I couldn’t help being pissed off that there are people who could spend that and still go home and buy a yacht. And the libs put us hundreds of millions of dollars debt into the pockets of Australian taxpayers so we can make overseas donations. I say f**k, you’re asking the wrong people. I’m all for giving…what you have, not what you don’t have. But hey, our grandkids can spend their lives paying it back.Imagine the interest.

    • Oh dear. We couldn’t have little Will at home. “Mommy, what’s that music?”

      I hope he doesn’t grow up saying, “Mommy, Daddy, you two should be together”.

      • ” Mommy , who’s shooting at our house?”

        I watched it again this morning. just to savour Liam and Wyatt trying to act.

  27. I think tonight might see the crumbling of Stephie and Liam …I hope. If Wipes wasn’t busy playing Kenny G, he could have swooped. But it will be more fun to see Bill and Stephie. Retribution: bwaah aah aah aaaah.
    Anyone notice big shot Liam looking a little nervous at the mention of Bill returning. He hasn’t considered his black mail tactic is now null and void as he has implicated himself.

  28. I have visitors so will have to wait until monday am replay. Steffi is close with Bill so perhaps some swapping around of partners.

    • I think most of my visitors are fans of the B&B, Sara. If not, they enjoy a larf.
      I would have recommended the whole family (B&B not mine…well mine too) go on Dr Phil, but after that nasty outburst that Dave sent the link for, I wouldn’t even send Shedevil to him. Calling his ‘patient’ a narcissistic bitch is worse methodology than Taylor breaking in to a doctors office to steal Brooke’s records.

      I have been to pottery three times this week. That’s all the therapy I need.

      • I’m a bit embarrassed to admit to watching – it’s a real guilty secretπŸ˜‚ I had a friend who only watched the abc – so she said- but got caught out a couple of times by mentioning something on a commercial channel. Here’s another secret, I also watch neighbours!

  29. Bill’s been dumped. The ring is off. Helicopter scene thrown back at Bill with interest.

    Now RJ , Brooke and Bill are a threesome. What a surprise.

    I make visitors watch B&B, usually with captions. It’s only half hour , mostly ads and news updates.

    More Kenny G.

  30. They haven’t noticed yet, but Will is a missing person. Wipes is busy so that leaves Stephie to take up with Bill. Bill is going to enjoy twisting the Spencer sword.
    Brooke is between men. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Brooke’s between men? Do you mean she’s currently single, or that she’s literally sandwiched between two men right now? Neither would surprise.

      • Literally sandwiched; and that’s how she likes it. Like a club sanger.
        They always leave with a; “Never can say goodbye, wo wo wo, never can say goodbye” . Bill should keep that ring handy. She’ll be back.

  31. Well, I caught up on Friday’s ep this morning – nothing changes. Too much Wipes and Katie. RJ looking serious as he’s hoping his parents will reunite. So Ridge and Eric are now OK – was thinking that Brooke has children with both Eric and Ridge, does she have any with anyone else. Glad she’s given rings back to Bill, they were pretty ugly.
    So many tears from Brooke – is there someone behind the camera with eye drops, surely she’s not such a great actress that she can produce “glistening eyes” on cue.

  32. Oh Liam is digging himself a hole. First the building, now the architects and builders. And I am just waiting for Sally to call him down to wherever it is that the architects are located. That’s a given. Liam has gone from saving the world to focussing on a pet project.
    And btw, Sally’s poofy blue, striped shirt was awful. Liam needs to buy her a new one. He’s enjoying all of his knight in shining armour appreciation from Sal. I think it’s making him horny baby.

  33. Oh oh. Did you hear the bit of tell-tale sax when the ep closed with Bill and Stephie tonight? Bill has a friend with sax benefits.

  34. What’s Steffie done to her eyebrows. Not long now until Bill gets her into the bedroom – I think they had a whirl a few years ago. Anyhoo, Stephie is leading him on.

    • I didn’t notice the eyebrows. I was noticing Bill’s beady eyes when Stephie said he would find a woman who deserved him. And I was singing, You’ve got a friend….the Randy Newman version, not the James Taylor version. But damn…no sax tonight.
      Now that Wipes is in the know, Liam has gone from, “Mind your own beeswax” to “Come join me and share the heat when I inevitably face Dad’s fury”.
      And Brooke told Ridge she needs time. I am guessing she means a day or so. She must have really loved Bill because she hasn’t cried. I think Bill, Ridge and Brooke should all move in together. It would save on removalists. Brooke could just hop from Bill’s bedroom to Ridge’s. But she might find Stephie in with Bill and Quinn in with Ridge. There would be a lost of congestion in the hallway.

    • It was much the same as yesterday…no sax…more hand holding. Liam looking slightly nervous but still a cocky young lad.
      Wipes suggested if he didn’t likethe way Daddy did business that he could return all his ill gotten gains such as his house, car, tailor made suits. Bill is licking his lips at delicious revenge being within in easy reach with his Easy Rider.

      • I caught up this morning. Wyatt is making me sick. Since Steffi’s eyebrows have been mentioned, I found myself staring at them. They’re big.

        Brooke’s in Australia , selling her kaftans, had her cut a bit shorter.

  35. Yes Wyatt shocking acting – over the top. I thought Steffi’s eyebrows looked like caterpillars! Bill’s ultimate revenge – get Steffi into his bed. Bill has such evil, piggy eyes – well suited to the part. I think there is a repeat of the Family Feud episode coming up soon.

  36. Really Katie, you’ve got to learn to lock the door – too much rootin’ and tootin’ so you didn’t hear Eric calling – now wait for the s–t to hit the fan.
    Who tf is Mateo and where did he come from all of a sudden. I reckon we can expect things to happen between him and Sheila. Good camera work to keep Quinn’s broken leg out of view (she broke it a few weeks ago so I read) and Ivy seems to be getting very thin – at least the mid-Pacific accent has gone!

  37. I love it that Wyatt and Katie have been caught…twice. Eric and Sheila. Ha ha. Kenny G can’t help you now.

    I think Sheila will use Mateo for a spy to wreak havoc at Forresters. Who knows where he came from, definitely not an acting school.

  38. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Not bloody Shedevil again. And why didn’t Eric say, “No,Shedevil. You haven’t changed. You are still stirring up trouble”. And how is it Eric’s beeswax who Wipes and Katy kiss?
    When Wipes groaned at Katy’s music selection, he was referring to all the Kenny G stuff.
    Shedevil is going to get Quinn into the shower with Mateo. Seduction 101; the pool boy.
    BTW my drugs are working. I had a party to go to tomorrow night and I told Woolif tonight. Now poor Woolif is eating Hungry Jacks instead. I wonder if I can just sleep in my party clothes.

    • They should just put on the Kenny Gee and he might leave, although I reckon Eric likes a bit of Kenny between the sheets. Quinn probably prefers Guns and Roses and Ridge, some Deano. It’s almost December so I will make it a topic for our Dec thread; what does each character like per amoure. So get your thinking caps on.

  39. Wel, well. So Mateo is a masseur. Quinn hurt her back. And Mateo’s mum needs an operation. The stars are alligning. If Mateo agrees to this, he has the IQ of a top security officer.

  40. I am so over Sheila. When is her contract over?
    Eric is a bit of a busybody. . wanting to know all the romantic details from wipes and Katie.

    • I have a song for Sheila…please sleep on the subway darlin’. I want her gone too. I wish she would take a country drive with Coconut.

  41. Wipes was “looking for Katie’s contact lens” with his tongue down her throat…

    Not even senile Eric bought that one.

    • Aaah. You are onto something Dave. Wipes could have told Eric his wig got caught in Katy’s bra strap while they were redoing her upholstery.

  42. Shaswizzle. Who was that grizzly bear eating Stephie. Or was it a wooly mamoth. Too bad he sheared it off. He could give it to Wipes for a rug. Or save money by carpetting a corridor.
    I have to admit, Stephie has a point. Sally has been good at finding rich boys to give her freebies and cash.

    • Grams had a point, too. A Forrester will change partners like normal people change underwear.

      How long before Dollar Bill and Steffi get it on?

      • Give it a week. But I think Bill is already up for it.
        I look forward to some fine acting from Liam when he discovers his wife is pregnant to Bill. 1. I am just hoping. And 2. Wouldn’t a child between Bill and Stephie look like a hairy troll.
        Ooo. And what will Brooke say when she discovers her stallion has moved to another paddock.
        Coincidentally, I am just watching Escape and in Somerset horse hair is used to makethe woven cloth for royal chairs. So Stallion really should be saving his clippings.

  43. Supermarket magazine shelf tells me that it’s all Brooke and Ridge. Also xende is now starring in another soap so I don’t know if that means Nicole has gone.I can’t stomach Sheila any more I’m afraid😠

    • On the top of my list I want gone is Grams, then Sheila. But actually first Sheila because she is in it more. Grams is just an extra like Sol and what’s her name? Oh yeah, Darlita. How the hell did Coconut get a role, or wooden Nicole? They can’t act really good like Cherrrlee or Pam. πŸ˜‰

  44. Oh Liam, your Dad’s boots are too big for you. What have you been thinking?
    I predict we might see Bill and Stephie, and Liam and Sally have cliffhanger kisses tomorrow.
    Bill grabbed Stephie’s hands in a wrench, reminiscent of his goodbye clench with Brooke. Go Bill and Stephie, but please….without the sax. Leave that for Wipes and Katy.

  45. Gee, Eric’s “trust” speech worked wonders on Mateo. Eric will forgive almost anything, so who cares?

    I’ve caught up after missing two episodes. So much hasn’t happened.

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