Family Food Fight renewed

Channel 9 has announced Family Food Fight will be back in 2018.
Who’s happy (besides me)? Is there anything you would change about the show?
I reckon they need to ditch a judge. And perhaps fewer challenges with fancy pants dishes – the home cooking is where it shines.



  1. Anna didnt bring anything to the show.

    Forget about following a recipe and agree with ditching fancy challenges

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    • I think it’s a couple of nasty trout pouted blondes I’ve seen previewed in the wee hours.

      They must be next level ar$eholes to be chucked off this show, which has fallen to scraping the bottom of humanity’s barrel when casting. If “thanks lutz” won’t do it , what will? Welcome to Caustic Kitchen 2018.

      Can’t read that Tele piece link without subscribing but thanks anyway. Juz.

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  2. I only watched bits and pieces of the show, but thought it was all right. Maybe they could ban the phrase “I’m really worried that…” dish didn’t go in the oven soon enough, there’s too much sugar, the sauce is burning, she forgot to add salt, et cetera, which seemingly was said by at least one judge over every meal. But then miraculously whatever-it-was turned out fine.

    I agree that if the format is left at home cooking, it is better.

    • I like that idea Juz.
      As long as they keep the back to basics format i think it will do well. No extra teams, keep it a friendly comp etc.
      Agree ditch a couple of judges!

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