The Bold and the Beautiful – Dec chat

Thanks again to TBATB correspondent Daisy for her recap:

All I Want For Christmas.
Well I have all my teeth, so, Dear Santa,
1. I would like Shedevil gone, promptly and finally. I would be happy for Charlie to accidently shoot her. She is too annoying.
2. Grams gets written out with perhaps a heart attack…no wait…falls from the top floor of the new Spectra building. Or the newly designed elevator plummets, taking Grams with it, but landing on Sol. Why not.
3. Quinn slips from Mateo’s oily grip, and Mateo is exposed as being Shedevil’s pawn. Really, the groundsman fondles your naked wife? BTW, there is a guy coming to clean our windows on Saturday…..πŸ€”
4. Liam goes too far with Sally who has already confessed her interest. Perhaps Sally could buy a new bed and ask Liam to help her try out the inner springs. He does so, just out of generosity but Stephie walks in and rejects their claims of innocence. In Liam’s effort to save the world, he seems stuck on saving the corny, sassy redhead.
5. Stephie finally gives Liam the flick, citing his ridiculous obsession with Sally. Stephie runs to Bill, and Liam realizes he has lost his one and only love. Liam, Liam, Liam. You should have known. I still haven’t given up on Stephie having Bill’s baby. That would make Liam it’s uncle? I think. It does get confusing. But never mind. It will get sent to boarding school at 6 weeks.
6. Sarsha and Zende get forced together and Nicole kidnaps …whatever that baby’s name is. Rick and Maya finally admit they were selfish and asked too much of Nicole.

Oh and my big wish…the Forresters skip their chummy, ski jumper Christmas episode. We know they won’t so my second wish is that they invite Mateo and Sheila. So instead of Charleee shooting Shedevil, she can get electrocuted by the Christmas lights on the Forrester tree as she hides behind it to spy on Quinn.

Now I know I have just written a lot of silly nonsense and haven’t done the show justice. But I still might tick off my wish list as it happens over December because after all Santa, I have been nice not naughty.
Viewers, any requests for Santa? Any predictions for December.
And I was thinking about signature songs. I have one for Arjay; Daddy’s home.
One for Coconut; Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel.
Ridge; anything from Joe Cocker because it’s in Ridge’s range.
Sheila; Crazy. 😊😊😊😊😊

And my favourite Christmas carol is….you know it….it starts with Please. Yes. Johnny Winter’s Please Come Home for Christmas. 🌲🌲🌲🌲



  1. Where will Ridge hang his Christmas baubles without a permanent address?
    Will Mateo be invited to help trim the Forrester tree?
    Will it be the discovery of a curly red hair that sends Liam to the dog house?

  2. For one awful moment I thought Quinn was going to succumb to Mateo! He’s a creepy sod with creepy eyes.. And where does Sheila get $200K from to pay him. Wish she would disappear with her portrait. Bill is such a spiv.reepy

    • Hmmm. Good question. Alimony? She might have learned from Brooke, who recently said that she knew how to come out OK from every divorce.

  3. I slept through today’s episode and will try to catch it in the morning. Thanks for the December commentary , daisy.

    Hoping that Santa will bring the cast an acting coach for Dec. Although Charlie was good the other day harassing Shedevil about noodle pushing at that snake pit the Forresters go to.

    I noticed the theme music for Eric and Quinn is more smoky clarinet now than the Kenny G sax for Wipes and Katy. I thought Quinn would fall for that sleazy masseur but Mateo doesn’t know tequila will bring Quinn literally undone.

    Sheila’s $200,000 must be a bluff, she couldn’t have saved it jail.

    Liam got his Christmas punch early this year, from his father Bill.

    Wasn’t everyone a no show at Eric’s Xmas party last year? That was memorable. All that food went to waste.

  4. Ha ha, Dave.
    I think Shedevil offered to pay Mateo after she becomes Mrs Eric Forrester. I think Mateo hasn’t considered his odds. His bread can be buttered by a rich old man who made him head of the household shrubbery, or a mad woman living in a pokey hotel room.

    He’d be better off buttering up Eric and Quinn.

  5. Bill gave his best speech to try and win back Brooke but we were all left dangling waiting for her response. The determined red, watery eyes and pursed lips suggested no, so perhaps it will be yes. Either way, that ring is ugly.

  6. Gee, that’s too bad, Dollar Bill. We got to relive the skimpy lingerie/original dumping scene.

    Destiny for Ridge~Divorce for Bill.

    Still, I wanted Bill to punch Liam again. He seems hell bent on cuckolding his son. Bill wants maximum damage inflicted.

  7. Bill is going to take Liam’s big boy pants off and give him a spanking. Liam will soon be going “Waaaaah!” I wonder if Bill will be as forgiving as Eric.

    • Sara, all of their “whotsits” have been in so many whosits that we have lst track of who’s an uncle, nephew or brother.

    • Wyatt has currently got his wotsit in Bill’s ex wife’s wotsit.( Kenny G muzak plays)

      I’m missing Nicole, Zende and Maya. Not really.

    • She probably thinks “Don’t come a knockin’ if Kenny’s a rockin’.”
      I certainly wouldn’t walk in on someone if they were playing Kenny Gee.

    • We can see that Quinn isn’t a Kenny G fan. She found Katie’s door , not to mention what else open. People in LA leave their front doors open all the time while fornicating inside, I guess. Great acting from the outraged Quinn.

      I think she’ll be dirty on the sniggering Eric for withholding his knowledge of the Kenny G shenanigans.

      Mateo should have kept his mouth shut. Nosy ground keeper.

      Brooke takes credit for raising RJ into the little creep he is.

  8. Katie will never learn to lock her door.

    After Deacon, Sheila have wandered in and caused havoc on previous occasions..

    • Exactly what I thought. Gossiping with the janitor not for the CEO of an international company. Mateo will be in his will before too long.

    • Now I think that ship sailed after Eric installed a massage table, come pap smear table for his pool boy, cum, gardener, cum, masseur, cum elecrtician, cum gynecologist.
      I think Eric has reached the stage where he could walk in on Matteo with his head between Quinn’s knees, and Matteo would tell him to wait outside for the results. Eric would apologize and leave.

  9. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Maya to Brooke, “Ending your marriage couldn’t have been easy”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Brooke still loved Bill, it was just the choices he made.( Sounds like something Dr.Phil would say~ ” I don’t think you’re a bad person~ you’ve made some bad, toxic choices”)

      So that door is open. After Bill is done with Steffi.

      • Oh yeah, Dr Phil. Brooke just doesn’t want to reward behaviour she doesn’t want. I don’t think ANYONE in B&B has ever broken up with someone with out adding the Whitney Houston line; (big voice) …and I I I will always love oo ooo ooo.

  10. Wohhh. Eric telling all the family dirty laundry to Matteo. He must think Matteo is also a family councellor. Or a laundress.

  11. Matteo really is the man for all jobs. Puts the handy in Handy man, β€œYou’re not alone Quinn, I’m here” , as he puts his grubby hands around her.
    Maybe Matteo should be installing automatic door locks on Katie’s bungalow.

    Xmas wish list for characters to not return in the new year:-
    Sheila, Grams, Sol, Darla, Maya, Nicole, RJ, Coconut

    • He puts the HAND in handyman. Not only he’s all ears. But no brain. Why work for a lick and a promise from a penniless crazy woman in a tiny hotel room when you are already working for a gullible tycoon?
      I hope you get your Christmas wish Lola. They are all good choices.

  12. Oh Pam, your mouth is as big as Charlee, too much gossip about the family. And how does a new waitress get to sit and gossip during her shift. Can’t bear to watch the machinations of Mateo

    • Pam was a disappointment how easily she aired dirty Forrester laundry for Sheila’s benefit. Sheila should have been fired for her slack work ethic.

  13. Eric’s finally realizing that Quinn is crazy (like everyone on this show)~ but he needn’t have barged in on the massage.

  14. I was half listening to Days, and tbe Young & The Restless today whilst making Christmas shorts 4 all the grandkids. They sounded dreary.

    My sister said the shorts looked like the Von Trapps. πŸ˜‚

  15. OMG B&B is going around in circles. It didn’t take Eric long to turn on Quinn. He knew she was crazy when he married her. And Katy isn’t exactly functional sleeping with her son in law.
    And PAM!!!! What are you doing. Go make some lemon bars. And Mateo must be an evil sod. He’s really got the hang of this villainy.

    • Surely Mateo will be hung when he leaves his phone lying around, with all those incriminating texts on it. Eric’s good at picking up phones and snooping through them.

  16. Brooke!!! When you steal a woman’s husband, you don’t run to her afterwards for tea and sympathy.
    Also, when you ran around behind your sister’s back with her husband, even to the point of letting her think she is crazy and driving her to drink, the guy who committed arson isn’t the only devil. You’re no angel.

    Other than that, today was pretty myeh. It must have been a day off for Eric, Quinn and Shedevil. The highlight might have been Stephie’s lips which matched Dorothy’s ruby shoes.

  17. More Kenny G today. Wipes and Katie try to convince each other that they’re “normal”.

    Bill’s lawyer is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    • And then Katy & Wipes laugh off being normal to suggest they are funky. No Wipes, you are a dag, with a sad track record with the ladies.

      I am hoping Bill kicks Liam out on the street, not because Bill is a good guy but because Liam is being a fake good guy. He could have said, should have said, ” Dad, it no longer behooves me to live in your house and take your dirty money.

      I reckon we will soon hear, “Waaah, waah”, from Liam.
      As for Quinn, she really has lost her way. Time to cut her losses I think. Eric doesn’t even look out for her. He should tell her to calm down, and kick Mateo back to trimming the outdoor bushes.

      • I can just see Bill fuming~

        ” Is this the candy assed son I raised that uses words like “behooves”? . Where’s my Scotch?”

    • I’m beholden to watching part two of today’s Dr.Phil for some parent/child conflict. Yesterday was high voltage viewing.

      Wyatt is so desperate to follow in Bill’s footsteps , he’s having sax with his father’s ex wife.

      • Boom. Boom. Dave. Sax with his father’s wife. Wucka, wucka.

        Yep, that “oppositional defiant” girl is off to pony camp. She might fall in love with 18 year old ranch hand. The current boyfriend wasn’t too sharp.

  18. I wonder when Bill’s big seduction will take place – I’m away next week and suspect I will miss it – but look forward to Daisy and Dave commenting! Then Steffi will get pregnant and won’t know whose it is!! Any drama that will distract us from Mateo (he;s no actor) and Sheila. Whenever I go to a physio or chiro I don’t strip down to nothing like Quinn – Mateo is very unprofessional as we know!! Dave, not only is Katie his father’s ex wife, she’s his ex stepmother and Will is a half brother!! Disgoosting!

    • Very disgoosting, Sara.
      I was saying, “No Bill. I want payback. I want Liam told to find his own house now. And a new job. I am sure he coild find his inner fashion designer. And Bill could move Wipes into Liam’s ols office, so Katy would sneak in and out, until one day Bill goes, “Where is all that sax playing coming from?”
      Of course, Liam wouldn’t be on the street in rags. And eventually he and Bill would probably restore their relationship, but a little bit of arse-kicking would have been fun. Liam did look genuinely scared yesterday.
      I am hoping Bill was bluffing and still plans to crack onto Stephie, but that might require Sally Spectra.
      I wonder if the writers remind Bill to pull the plug on his architects working for SS. She won’t be happy her golden goose got cooked, well plucked. The cooking might still yet come. And Witchy Poo Grams will have something to say about it too now doubt. sol will say, “Never mind Sally, we don’t need a young tycoon to prop up our company. And Duh-la will say, “What typhoon?”

      Sara, have a groovy holiday. Spoil yourself. 😊😊😊😊

      • I slept through Liam’s rare convincing performance it seems.

        Enjoy your holiday, Sara. We’ll keep you updated on every rivetting moment.

        I’m a big fan of saxophone music. This cheap , plastic bilge on B&B just doesn’t pass muster. It’s a new genre~ “sucksaphone”

  19. Thank you for holiday wishes – I’m only away for four days so have one more day to watch for the seduction – Monday. Today was a load of old cobblers and Liam fell for it hook, line and sinker. I thought Steffi looked particularly unattractive today! I had to look away when Mateo was doing the massage – he’s particularly unpleasant, jumping to Sheila’s command – does she really think she’s going to be the next Mrs Eric after what she apparently did in the past – I’ll have to google it as I have no idea. Wonder if Ch10 closes the programme down for a while over Christmas and New Year. I’ll let you know what I find!

  20. Pathetic Liam. Bill’s bs speech brought Steffy to tears as well. Isn’t she CEO of the mighty Forrester fashion empire?

  21. I hope Eric marries Shedevil. Serves him right, and we can expect the marriage to last no longer than Brooke’s to Bill or Eric’s to Quinn. In fact you could be trapped in a sauna, or caught in a burning building longer than a Forrester marriage.
    They would be the only marriages where the wedding might take more time than the marriage.

  22. Bit of tittle tattle. tells me that a young Greek Prince will be appearing on the show – doesn’t explain what part he will play. More interesting is that his aunt Princess Theadora has been a member of the cast for a few years playing that dumb secretary Alison!

  23. Thanks Sara. I never look at spoilers but that’s not a spoiler, just a juicy bit of news. And Princess Theadora! If they are Greek royalty, they must be related to Prince Philip. His history, especially that pertaining to his mother Alice is really interesting. She had a very, very painful life.

  24. Mateo’s been fired for groping Quinn.

    Eric tells Shedevil to butt out about Quinn at the restaurant. “Our marriage is as solid as it’s ever been”, as if that is saying much.

    Steffy is very jealous of Sally Spectra Liam and Steffy have swallowed Bill’s speech hook, line and sinker.

    • It sounds like it’s goiing to be a fun episode. Bill is doing everything bar tying Liamm to the railroad line. I suppose that is still to come. Perhaps he willtie SS to the railroad and Liam will rescue her again.

  25. Mateo has dropped Sheila into it, trying to save his own skin (and his cruisy job at FC) Furious Quinn.

    Sheila spends more work time bad mouthing Quinn to Eric. Eric’s had a gutful, he’ll find out about the massage gone wrong soon.

    Q Knows about the “portrait” now

  26. So glad that Quinn didn’t succumb to Mateo and that Sheila is in the poo. Again, sitting and chatting with customer, surely as a newby she’s just a junior waitress. Didnt hear music today, just watched subtitles.

  27. Wow Sara and Dave. I look forward to it. Shedevil has been trying to get inthe sack. Instead she should be getting the sack. No tips for her I think. I have one. Shedevil, I want you on Dr Phil. How funny that would be.

    Mateo can’t possibly save his own bacon, after working for the devil, especially in trying to sedude Quinn. At best, he should be banished to pruning roses. Out of Quinn’s bed and back to the rose bed.

  28. Mateo: ” I’m a good person, really”. Mateo, accepting an offer of a bribe to seduce your boss’s wife after they have treated you well says you aren’t.

    • Mateo~ “I’m a gullible, sleazy, dumb arsed chunk of beefcake who can’t spell “Forrester”, really”

  29. Nasty Eric and Quinn set the Shedevil up……unless that was all one fantasy sequence. Entertaining, whatever it as.

    The portrait did go over the mantel.

  30. L
    Oh no, portrait over the mantle must have been part of a dream sequence surely!
    Hope eric is working with quinn here. God, its so hot and humid in qld.

  31. Well we could trick you couldn’t we Sara;
    Mateo slept with Shedevil for $200 000. Not really, but yes, the portrait made it into pride of place. Quinn and Eric savoured their revenge like a glass of fine wine, or a Snickers bar on a hot melty day. Eric’s acting that he was acting was excellent. He almost had us fooled.
    But in reality, the payback was less of a “bitch” and more of a “Na na na na na”. It wasn’t a very good sting for someone who threw Ivy in the Seine, and kidnapped Liam. Quinn has lost her touch.
    It finished at the point where Shedevil realizes she’s been had, so we haven’t yet seen her spin and explode like the Wicked Witch of the West. There might be a few more broken champagne glasses tomorrow arvo.
    Or maybe the portrait will do a Dorian Grey.

    • At least Sheila got a free martini out of the sting.

      Can’t wait to see her meltdown. Didn’t think kindly old Eric went in for this kind of mental cruelty.

      • Perhaps it was Eric’s fault that it was such a lame sting. Here is a better one.
        Eric invites Shedevil over. Tells her to go upstairs to his bedroom and wait for him in the bed. Cherrrlee springs out from under the covers and says, “You owe me”. Then she hears voices in the ensuite, and it’s Quinn & Mateo. She calls Eric to say, ” See what I caught”, like cat who kills a bird. Then all the Forresters enter and say, “Surprise. April fool”. Still too lame???

        • That’s a show stopper compared to what the writers came up with.

          Eric’s acting didn’t help.

          “Your psycho portrait” from Q was good.

          Cheap step ladders at FC.

  32. Just thinking. Was the portrait of sheila above the mantle the one she had done recently or was it a previous one that Eric had hidden in the cellar.

    • Now that would have been sweet revenge. Like a woman on First Dates who lets you pay for the meal then says, “Ah nope”.

  33. We don’t know if Mateo is going to be fired yet and lookout for Katie’s purple lingerie in the Kenny G scene. Those awful orange LA tans clash with the underwear, these people are designers, right?

    Sheila didn’t get to take her portrait home, wherever that is.

    • Victoria’s Secret probably had a line of “specials” on sale. I hate that cheesy kind of lacy, racy nylon underwear. I prefer Cameron Diaz wears Spiderman briefs. But I guess they don’t do them in the Forrester lingerie range.
      My favourite is cotton boy legs so that I can wear them around the house and tell Woolif they are shorts. (Grumble..”Can’t you wear clothes”. Reply, “Don’t you like it?” It’s my new summer suit”.

    • LOL Sara. Your “You two are terrific”, popped up at the same time as my undie tales”. I will presume you didn’t mean my way to keep cool and comfy in summer.

      • He doesn’t know about Wipes being dazzled by his ex wife in gaudy lingerie yet. Would Bill like Kenny G? I don’t think so.

        Ch 10 is letting us down by putting on cheap cooking shows instead of B&B next week….so there won’t be much to tell you about, Sara.

  34. Appalling acting from Liam and Wipes. Welcome back to reality, Liam….. Bill’s realty reality. Hell, we’ll just relocate Spectra. Sucked in, Liam.

    Next Bill will try to get Brooke back.

    Brooke is wavering as usual and being verballed by stupid Steffy, starts to see the “gentle” side of Bill. Hold those divorce papers. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

    Grams reminds Sally how she’s crushing on Liam. Who designed Grams’ outfit? If it’s Spectra, I fear for the future.

  35. Katy’s purple velvet bras from 2 night ago, look like they still have her breasts in them. Say brrrreasts. It sounds funnier.

  36. Well managed to catch up on a couple of episodes – computer hopeless, but tablet and phone OK – how desperate am I! Eric was very convincing and Sheila really fell for it didn’t she! Will watch one more episode to see what happens next. Katie’s underwear was a shocking colour and they are getting quite bold – wonder when they will ‘come out’.to Bill. .Perhaps the programme will be back next week.

  37. Just checked tv guide and we are back Tuesday – am for replay and return in the afternoon. Don’t know what’s happened to Monday but when has the tv guide been correct.

    • Ch 10 have been airing a “holiday message” from the cast, featuring Eric, announcing that they’ll all be back on the 9th. Perhaps I’ll watch the encore in morning, as if one remembers what happened in the last episode.

      Haven’t missed the syrupy Kenny G scenes.

  38. Princess Stephie’s jaw drops lower and lower as Sally Spectra brings her up to date on the things Liam has omitted to tell her. Stephie gets all jealous about the lame pinup of Liam on the wall. Hey, it was Grams’ idea, says the hot for Liam Sally. Sally’s jeans are tighter than a camel’s arse in a sandstorm. Liam’s only human.

    Big chest beating contest between Bill, Liam and Wyatt. Their silky acting skills take up almost the entire show. Liam is outvoted/ torn a new one by Wyatt and Bill.

    Liam vows to stop Bill demolishing the Spectra building. He lost his bargaining chips when the recording of evil Bill was erased.

  39. Remind me again what Bill has taken from Sally. She didn’t own the building and the guy who did was paid for it. She lost designs but then she stole millions of dollars worth of designs so she has broken even there. All she has to do is move and Bill will foot the bill for that. But Liam is fighting for Sally as though he is unicef and Sally is a starving child in a village in Bangladesh.
    And if she is going to pinch someone’s hubby, she should at least have the decency to not villify the wife.
    Sorry, but I am already invested, and I am going to be cheering for Stephie atm. But I am an rtv fickle pickle so next month I might be rooting for Sally. (I tried not to say rooting, but it needed saying).

    • Bill did ghost write that terrible review of the Spectra show.

      Well, it’s almost 4.30. Time to take in the rubbish. Some new opening credits or am I dreamin’ ?

      • That’s true. But Sally hasn’t come off too badly because Thomas gave her a $million or something. Anyhow, I want to see the sit in with Grams on the wrecking ball.

  40. All about Spectra/Bill /Sky again. Now Liam thinks he’s Ghandi. Peaceful protest v Dollar Bill’s Wrecking Ball.

    Grams got killed in a Clint Eastwood movie I watched last night. Why can’t that happen here?

  41. My supermarket mag shelf tells me that there are sexual tensions with Brooke, Katie and Steffi. I was in a hurry so didn’t get to read the article!

  42. Well Liam, way to ruin the mood. Stephie comes out all 😍😍😍😍😍 And Liam turns her steam to a cold freeze. You idiot, Liam.
    “Hey Liam, wanna have fresh after shower sex”
    “No I have to pack cheese sandwiches and a sleeping bag and get over to Sally’s”
    It will be Koombaya by torchlight at Spectra’s tonight.
    And I wonder where Stephie will go to vent. πŸ€”

  43. Over the weekend I will send in a January update. But keep commenting in the meantime. Cheers you happy B&Bers. πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
    May you get more sex than Brooke, more money than Bill, more support from rich playboys than Sally, and more forgiveness than Shiela and Quinn. Oh and more brains than Arjay and Coconut.

    • Getting a strong coffee together for today’s offering of bilge. Only 14 minutes till showtime and I’ll be in LA.

      You’re right. Liam was such a fool to reject Stephie’s shower offer. Stephie will literally debrief at Bill’s lair/office.

  44. Oh $hit. Dollar Bill is going to blow up the building. Explosive demolition. What’s the bet Liam and Sally et al are in there? This will be some Spectracle. You’d think it was the Titanic sinking.

    Liam’s off to the sit in like a rat up a drainpipe.

    • Holy shirtballs Batman. You aren’t allowed to blow up a building without a 30 day notice to evict. I know that from watching Judge Judy. But this is LA.

      • With Dollar Bill, it’s a thirty minute eviction notice. Now he’s flexed his muscles by turning the power off. Grams won’t be able to toast marshmallows with the other “revolutionaries”.

        Liam might get an unexpected blow job from his father.

  45. Dollar Bill is in hysterics when he hears about the sit in. It’s an imploding demolition, correction. Bill’s tradies are already there.

  46. Bill suggests Liam should get a Peace sign tattooed on his arse. Gotta laugh at that one. It could turn into a “s*it in”

    Bill’s ashamed that his son is a stupid hippy. He looks crushed as Liam exits.

  47. Well Stephie turning to Wipes? It’s almost as good as her turning to Bill. The consolation is the pending girrrl fight between Stephie and resident doormat girlfriend, Katy. Katy hasn’t even had time to come out as Wipe’s lady lurve. Is there a sax number titled Lady Lurve?

    • It’s symbolism from the writers, in cahoots with wardrobe department . The producers know that like Tom Cruise , Sol never has or ever will win an Oscar. Mission Impossible for both of them.

  48. Stephie says her marriage is “rock solid”. That’s why Liam hung up on her.

    Only Charlie and Pam have that on this show……and Charlie was putty in Sheila’s hands.

    Liam gives a heroic speech . It’s like The Alamo.

  49. Harrowing piano and cello as we have Spectra glory days flashbacks.

    Stephie’s off to the sit in. She’s gonna find Liam and Sally alone. Boom. You bastard , Bill.

    Rock solid in LA.

    Bill’s gonna blow up Stephie. Woops No it’s Liam

  50. Should check your text messages, Dollar Bill. Liam and Sally have been in the building when Bill blows it up. What was the Spectra building looks like a war zone. Superman would struggle to survive the blast.

    Bill said~ Nooooooooooooo! Fade to black.

    Dynamite episode. Boom boom.

    Hospital beeps ahead.

  51. Oh my, they’d really have us believe that’s the end of Liam and Sally!! I’m quite sure they are somehow quite safe, gone out the back door probably. Where were all the security men, barriers etc to keep people well out of the way and how easy was it for Bill to get permission to demolish a building in the middle of a couple of others – we haven’t heard or seen him greasing any palms. It’s getting boring. I did notice that Bill referred to his pre-schooler during the week, so that rules out Will coming back as a fully grown teenager,

    • All good points, Sara. And they missed the 30 days notice to evict. And why would Darlita risk her life?
      Liam’s fail was not kidnapping young will and tying him to a desk inside the building and sending a pic to Bill. Actually it could have been a desk or room elsewhere but Bill wouldn’t know that. Oh Liam is such an amateur. All he needed was to stage the room and send pics.

      If Sally and Liam were in that building and survived, I will think they have moved into the supernatural genre. The dust alone would have killed them.

  52. Liam and Sally are trapped under a load of rubble. Sally looks dead, but we know what will happen. Liam is coughing his guts up with the dust. Some of his best work.

    Bill has gone in against advice to look for Liam. Stephie followed him.

    Typically, Bill is blaming his lawyer.

  53. As if ffs! How could anyone survive that debacle. The dust has miraculously cleared away and rescuers, and Bill, allowed in immediately. They must think we are very gullible, time for new writers.

  54. Liam and Sally get lovey dovey under 300 tonnes of concrete. This is what you call a crush.

    They kiss twice as the ruins threaten to fall. Fade to black.

    • Yeah, I thought for sure Stephie was going to have an asthma attack. No gas masks in LA?

      Then there was the portrait of the Spectra matriarch in the smouldering ruins. What is it with portraits?

      No fatalities so far, just romance. Will Bill tread on the slab sheltering Sally and Liam?

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